Are You Secretly In Love With Nick Viall Of The Bachelor? Take The Quiz!


Do you have a crush on the most recent Bachelor, Nick Viall? Or maybe it is more than a crush, and you are secretly in love with him. There may be only one way to tell: this quiz. You will test your knowledge on all things Nick, from his experience over the years with The Bachelor franchise, to knowledge of his former lovers, to the choices he made on his various shows, and even his past and his family. Only a person who is possibly in love with the man would know all that and more.

Nick was a controversial Bachelor, mostly for the fact that he had already had so many shots at love on reality television before being cast as the 21st Bachelor. Bachelor Nation seemed divided on this decision, with half being sick of the villain-turned-heartthrob, and the other half going weak at the knees and rooting for him. I am guessing if you are going to take this quiz, you belong to the latter group. So let's see just how head-over-heels you are for Nick. By answering the following 25 questions, you will see for yourself if you are obsessed- I mean, in love- with the handsome Nick Viall.

Question 1

How many times has Nick appeared on Bachelor shows looking for love?

The answer to this question has stirred up quite a bit of controversy surrounding the franchise's 21st Bachelor. It had been rumored that Luke Pell or Chase McNary, two of Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher's rejects, were going to get the part, but at the last minute, it went to Nick Viall. Some were happy because they are Nick fans, but some were starting to tire of Nick, who has appeared on more of the franchise's shows than anyone else thus far. Either way, Nick was a total surprise choice that not many saw coming.

Question 2

How many women has he proposed to (on television)?

Before Nick ever pulled up to the Bachelor mansion on his first-ever experience with the show, he had already proposed to one woman he'd found love with sans cameras or intense dates or rose ceremonies. He did, at one time, have the ability to meet and fall in love with a woman without the help of The Bachelor franchise, but sadly that engagement did not last. Now, Nick has proposed to more women than just her, and he has done it very publicly.

Question 3

What did Nick keep and wear (even on other dates) from his first one-on-one date with Vanessa?

For Nick and Vanessa's one-on-one date early in his season of The Bachelor, they got to do a totally cool activity that not many people can say they've done on a date. The date, coupled with their dinner and flowing conversation afterward, proved that they had some serious chemistry. All in all, their date was fun, cute, and serious all at the same time, and watching it back, it is clear that they had something special even then. So what item did Nick keep from that special night and even wear on dates with the other women?

Question 4

Where is Nick's hometown?

Nick's hometown and its surrounding areas have been featured on several episodes on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, both when he appeared as a contestant and as the lead. He grew up in the Midwest, and actually managed to find himself a few ladies that were from cities or towns not too far away from his hometown. When he was The Bachelor, the girls did not exactly love visiting his hometown, however, because it involved getting down and dirty with some farm work.

Question 5

What sport did Nick excel at in high school?

Nick graduated with the class of 1999 from Waukesha North High School. He excelled in his chosen sport, and even continued his athletics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee . He comes from an athletic family; his sister Maria played basketball for UWM and was inducted into the Bud K. Haidet Hall of Fame. Several more of his siblings also made the paper over the years for their various athletic achievements. His past as an athlete was heavily touched on during any visit made to his hometown on the show.

Question 6

Where is Nick's fiancee Vanessa from?

Vanessa's hometown is an important part of her and Nick's relationship, because it is far away from where he lives. So, like most Bachelor couples, the two need to decide where they are going to lay down their roots. Problem is, both have significant family ties in their respective cities, as well as their jobs to think about. Vanessa, as we saw on her hometown date, works in a school for children and adults with special needs, and she really seemed to have a bond with them.

Question 7

Who did he call out for sleeping with him in the Fantasy Suite if she wasn't in love with him?

During one live (and especially awkward) After the Final Rose episode, when it was Nick's turn to face the woman who had rejected him, he did not intend to make things easy on her. The audience was stunned when he flat-out said to her regarding their Fantasy Suite date, "If you weren't in love with me, I'm just not sure why you made love with me." Although the Fantasy Suites are pretty much known for being the time for the couples to hook up, it is rare that a participant is that forthcoming about what they did in there. Then again, the man had a point.

Question 8

What does Nick have a degree in?

Nick attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and graduated with a Bachelor's degree. Unlike a lot of men and women that go on The Bachelor looking for love, Nick actually maintained a decent day job before becoming the famous reality star and model he is now. Before appearing on The Bachelorette, he was working in Chicago as an account executive at Salesforce, which is a company that helps other companies grow. Nowadays, he seems to be much more wrapped up in all things reality television, however.

Question 9

Where did Nick propose to Vanessa?

The Bachelor franchise spares no expense when it comes to the faraway and exotic locales that the love-seekers travel to and get engaged in. The set-up is always elaborate, romantic, and very beautiful. Nick's proposal to Vanessa took place in a log cabin lit with candles, with a fire crackling in the background. There were bearskins, and chandeliers, and lanterns. It was very romantic. Having jet-setted all over the globe in this season and seasons past, can you remember which country Nick got down on one knee for Vanessa in?

Question 10

His drink of choice is...

It is said that a man' drink of choice can say a lot about him. Elite Daily even claims that it can tell a woman a lot about what he will be like in bed (although Raven Gates made it pretty clear for us what Nick is like in bed). Elite Daily says that guys who drink Glenlivet, for example, are "old souls". "They can handle a grown-up drink. They can also handle you in the bathroom." If he drinks gin and tonic, however, he is "about as adventurous as a doorknob". Tequila means he'll be a "wham-bam, thank you, ma'am." And so on and so forth.

Question 11

On his two seasons of The Bachelorette, Nick came in ____ place.

Nick became famous not only for trying his hand at love so many times on the different Bachelor shows, but also for the fact that he ended up in the same exact place on both his appearances on The Bachelorette. That place, it can be argued, is the very worst position to be in when you are fighting for the one you love. Poor Nick found history repeating itself with Kaitlyn after the nightmare had first occurred with Andi. Luckily, neither of these experiences deterred him from continuing to try.

Question 12

Who did he infamously have sex with even before the Fantasy Suite date?

The Fantasy Suite happens when the Bachelor or Bachelorette is down to three contestants. It is truly the first time the couples have a chance to talk (or do anything) without the cameras in their faces. Essentially, this means for some people that it is the first time they can truly relax in the whole process. Most have sex in the Fantasy Suite, but some use the time to genuinely get to know one another. In one season, a couple had sex long before the Fantasy Suite dates- and pissed off everyone else to no end. One of those people was Nick, so who was his partner-in-crime?

Question 13

Which man was Nick's rival for both Andi and Amanda?

There was one Bachelor contestant that stood in the way of Nick and love not once, but twice. In Andi's season of The Bachelorette, he was Nick's main competition, and ended up beating Nick in the end. A few years later, he and Nick were both on the beach in Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise, and lo and behold, they fell for the same girl again. This time it was Amanda Stanton, who liked Nick until this dude showed up. She chose him too, just like Andi had.

Question 14

How many siblings does Nick have?

The size of Nick's family has been the source of much talk in the Bachelor world, mostly when his hometown comes up, or appearances are made by any of his family members. And since Nick has been a part of so many of the various Bachelor shows (including most recently being the star of one), his family came up quite a bit. So is the talk of the town that he was an only child? Did he have a freaky amount of siblings? Or something in between?

Question 15

Who was Nick's Dancing With the Stars partner?

Like many Bachelors, Nick joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars when his season was over. According to critics, he was not the best dancer in the world, making his professional dancing partner's job a bit tougher. But behind closed doors, Nick was blaming his own partner and ex-Bachelor Chris Soules for his DWTS loss. How, you may ask? According to Nick, his partner did not give it her all since she had just given birth, and he felt that he was facing backlash over Chris' recent arrest.

Question 16

Who gave him the First Impression Rose?

Nick can clean up nice when he wants to, and back in 2014, he wined and dined one Bachelorette well enough to receive her First Impression Rose. This rose is the very first one given out of the season, and whoever receives it is usually met with jealousy and envy from the other contestants. The rose lays on the table in the center of the cocktail party on the very first night, until the Bachelor or Bachelorette decides whom he or she wants to give it to. The recipient will be safe from elimination that night at the Rose Ceremony.

Question 17

Who did Nick fall for in Paradise?

Paradise is always full of half-naked women sipping drinks on the beach, and looking for love. Of course, they are all sexy as hell and (usually) single. It is any man's fantasy scenario, and one that last summer, Nick had the pleasure of experiencing. Although he flirted with a lot of the girls and had an initial thing with mom of two Amanda Stanton, there was one lady that caught Nick's eye above all others. Their relationship remained relatively low-key until the end, when they broke up (some speculate he dumped her to become The Bachelor).

Question 18

Who did Nick make out with in the bouncy castle?

In one of Nick's most cringe-worthy scenes of his season, one contestant took it upon herself to rent a bouncy castle (you know, the kind for kids birthday parties), and then invite Nick in for a little make out session in plain view of all the other disgusted women. This girl and Nick rolled around in the castle, kissed, giggled, and made everyone (including viewers in the comforts of their own homes) uncomfortable. It upset Vanessa so much that she even confronted him about it.

Question 19

Which contestant hooked up with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding?

An interesting contestant of Nick's showed up on the first night with a dirty little secret... she had already hooked up with him! The two had met at Jade and Tanner's wedding and hit it off, but when she declined to give him her number, they went their separate ways. Nick could not get over the fact that this chick suddenly wanted to date him when he was The Bachelor, when she'd had nine months to call him since they'd met, but never had. She pretty much looked like a fame-seeking fake, and Nick saw right through it and sent her home within the first few weeks.

Question 20

He said that what Andi Dorfman wrote about him in her book is ____.

Josh Murray was none too happy with how he came across in his ex-fiancée Andi Dorfman's book, "It's Not Okay." In fact, he denies all of the bad things she wrote about him. But what does Andi's other man, Nick, have to say about it? He was heavily featured in the memoir too, since he was her runner-up. Some may remember Josh and Nick having a conversation about the book on the beach last year on Bachelor in Paradise. Do you remember Nick's stance on it?

Question 21

How was his entrance onto Kaitlyn's season unique?

Let's be honest: most entrances on the first night of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are unique, from wearing fake teeth, to bringing a grandmother along, to wearing a fake baby bump, to wearing a wedding dress, to wearing a pig nose, to singing karaoke, to even slapping The Bachelor in the face- nothing is unexpected when it comes to trying to stand out from the crowd on the very first night. But Nick had befriended Kaitlyn online prior to her season, so how did he make his entrance?

Question 22

Who was Nick's runner-up?

When all was said and done in this latest season of The Bachelor, Nick was left with two amazing women standing, and an incredibly difficult choice. No matter how sure one can be, if you have strong feelings for more than one person, it is natural to second-guess yourself when it comes to choosing the woman you intend to make your bride. We know he picked fan fave Vanessa in the end, but who did he reject that day? Which girl left with a broken heart?

Question 23

What article of clothing does Nick really, really like?

Nick does seem to have his own unique sense of style. At times, he apparently loves to wear bowties, while at other times he is all about the blazers. Many have taken note of his keen eye for fashion, including when he "rocked grey better than Christian", sported his black leather jacket time and time again, and even when he looked oh-so cute wearing a beanie. Nick is no stranger to dressing to impress, and there is one clothing item in particular that he seemed to have a special affinity for.

Question 24

Who did Nick's parents warn him could be "too much his usual type"?

The parents of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette always get to meet the final two contestants, but in some rare cases, they even get to meet some contestants earlier in the season, like when Nick brought Raven to his little sister Bella's soccer game during a one-on-one date with her. Obviously, Nick and Bella's parents were there, and so they met Raven. And In Chris Soules' season, Jade got to meet the 'rents in a similar situation long before the final two. So which woman did Nick's parents think is too much like the type he usually goes for, that has not thus far worked out for him?

Question 25

How old was Nick when he was The Bachelor?

Nick is not the oldest Bachelor ever, but he is far from the youngest. To put things in perspective, Jesse Palmer was 25 when he was The Bachelor, Ben Higgins was 26, Juan Pablo Galavis was 33, Sean Lowe was 28, and Jason Mesnick was 32. But Season 6's Byron Velvick was 40, and Brad Womack was 35 the first time he was The Bachelor, and 38 the second time. So where does Nick fit into all of this? He lies somewhere in the middle.

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