Are You Secretly In Love With Meredith Grey? Take The Quiz And Find Out!


If you're a big fan of Grey's Anatomy, then chances are you're secretly in love with the show's protagonist, Meredith Grey. What's not to love right? She's beautiful, funny, smart, and a brilliant surgeon. You might not want to admit it, but you've been captivated, ever since March 25th, 2005. Yep! It's been that long. Grey's Anatomy is about to go into its 13th season. It's ABC's longest running, scripted primetime show that's still currently on the air and it's ABC's 2nd longest running altogether. It's entertaining and the cast is always interesting. Meredith Grey might not be the only surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but she's certainly the glue that hold it together.

So, let's say you are secretly in love with Meredith Grey. How would you know? All it really takes to be secretly in love with Meredith Grey, from Grey's Anatomy, is to know everything about her. Every detail of her life story. What makes Mer tick? You don't have to be all George O'Malley, crazy about her. You don't have to be McDreamy, Christina Yang, or Alex Karev! You'll still know about her dirty little secrets. That's right! All the little details, that nobody else remembers. Meredith Grey's life, work, friends, and yes, even her relationship woes. Everything...

Okay, now let's get down to business. Are you secretly in love with Meredith Grey? Take the quiz and see for yourself!

Question 1

What college did Meredith Grey graduate from?

Meredith's college years came long before her internship at Seattle Grace Hospital. So, you would've had to have paid close attention to know this one. Although, it was mentioned a time, or two. She graduated, despite drinking and partying her way through. This sweater is perhaps, one of the biggest clues of all. It has the university's name on it, although it's been blurred out. However, if you are secretly in love with Meredith Grey, you'd easily remember the little details like this one.

Question 2

Who was Meredith Grey's "person" from season 1-11?

Meredith's first day as an intern was sort of rough. She found out that her one-night stand was one of her bosses. She was running late because of the one-night stand, and she had the toughest resident for her superior. The one good thing that she gained out of that first day was a friendship that would last years. This was her #1, tell everything to, bff, but they were too dark and twisty to call themselves that. Instead this was her "person".

Question 3

Meredith once mentioned being the female lead, in an 8th grade play? What play was it.

There was a specific book that Meredith had to read for her English class in 8th grade. Her teacher, Mrs. Snyder, offered extra credit if they would act out the roles. Meredith ended up reciting the female lead, alongside a popular boy. The other girls in her class were jealous, although, Meredith felt the leading lady was an "idiot". She felt that love was a choice, not about fate, and that the leading lady's death could've been avoided had she just chosen her mate more carefully.

Question 4

How many surgical interns has Meredith Grey slept with?

Meredith has difficulty keeping her scrubs on. Much like the majority of the surgeons, residents, and interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. At one point in time, she was the broken queen of one-night stands, after all. She kicked off the show by sleeping with her boss, (before she even knew he was her boss), of course. Then there was the patient who conveniently popped up at the hospital "broken". Aside from these "flings", Meredith has also slept with a couple of other coworkers. How many?

Question 5

Why did Mark Sloan hit on Cristina Yang?

This question might not seem like it's related, but if you really know everything about Meredith Grey, then you know it does. This was after Preston Burke left and before Owen Hunt. You see, it was Derek who put Mark up to asking her out. For years there wasn't anyone more important to her than Cristina. Plus, Derek knew what a douche his best friend was. So, Why would Derek want, or feel that he needed to do that? That's what you know.

Question 6

Who dubbed Meredith and Cristina "The Twisted Sisters"?

It was in the 6th season that someone from Seattle Grace Hospital, finally came up with the perfect name for Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang's twisty and dark friendship. The pair became known as this not only on Grey's Anatomy, but also in articles, and even fan threads. They became known as "The Twisted Sisters" from that point on. Even Derek Shepherd said himself, that it "fit". So, who was it that first came up with this perfect name for the besties?

Question 7

Did Meredith Grey like Alex at the beginning of her internship?

Meredith and Alex Karev have had a confusing friendship throughout the past 12 seasons, of Grey's Anatomy. They've shared friends, albeit, not best friends, but they did share Izzie from the start. In fact it was Izzie who realized that there was more to Alex, from the very start. Then, there was that time that Alex snitched on Meredith and kept her from getting Zola. Of course, Meredith and Karev are really close these days. He sort of became Meredith's "person", ever since Cristina left. However, did she like him in the beginning?

Question 8

Why did Meredith push Derek away at first?

In the beginning, Meredith and Derek's relationship couldn't have been less awkward, or confusing. Really they didn't have a relationship at all. Derek was supposed to be one of Meredith's one-night stands. She even tried to explain that to him as they were getting dressed the morning after. "We don't have to do that thing" Meredith says in an attempt to skip the getting to know you part that comes after. However, running into him as one of her attendings at the hospital was the last thing that she expected. Yet, she still pushed him away.

Question 9

How old was Meredith Grey when her father left her mother?

Every Grey's Anatomy fan knows that Meredith has daddy issues. Although, only someone who loves Meredith would remember how old she was when those problems started. Meredith's mom wasn't exactly the most loving mother. She spent all of her time on her career, and what little time she didn't spend becoming an extraordinary surgeon, she spent having an affair with Richard Webber. To make matters worse, her dad left her mother when she was little. Meredith never knew until later that he had at least tried to be a part of her life. How old was Meredith when Thatcher left?

Question 10

What did Meredith do to upset George, after she cried during their awkward sexual encounter?

Everybody remembers how awkward and upsetting Meredith's encounter with George was. The whole situation was messed up! Meredith was having a tough time, meanwhile, George was trying to work up the nerve to tell her how he felt. The pair's problems seemed to clash at just the wrong time, place, and moment. It was the perfect recipe for disaster. George told Meredith how he felt, right as she had been dealt the final straw in seeing her dad. They hooked up and she cried. This left George humiliated enough, but there was something else afterwards that embarrass him even worse.

Question 11

Who was the only person that Meredith told about her first pregnancy?

Meredith found out that she was pregnant, just as Gary Clark came to the hospital to get his revenge for the death of his wife. He was in search of the new Chief of Surgery, Derek Shepherd. Meanwhile, he was shooting every other surgeon that crossed his path. He finally found Derek and shot him, but Cristin began working to save his life, despite being told not to at gunpoint. Before this dramatic day got so crazy, Meredith had shared her secret with only one person. By the time the day ended she had miscarried. Who did Meredith tell?

Question 12

What does Meredith's mother, Ellis Grey, say to her in her near-death experience?

Meredith was deeply hurt when her mother, Ellis Grey, said that she woke up to find out that her daughter had turned out to be "nothing but ordinary". Ellis' words threw Meredith's usually dark and twisty world, into an even darker, downward spiral. She was grabbing bombs in chest cavities, and allowing herself to drown, rather than swim, when she fell into the water at the dock. She actually died. Yep, you probably thought you lost her, when she had her near-death moment. What did Ellis say to Meredith in her near-death experience?

Question 13

What score did Meredith Grey get the very first time she took her intern exam?

Tests suck, right? Especially when you've got family drama, boy/girl troubles, or whatever else is on your mind. Of all people, nobody knows this better than Meredith Grey, or the people who love her. She's seen so much pain as a character, but that's also what makes her so intriguing, and Grey's Anatomy so interesting. So of course her stepmother, Susan, just had to die of hiccups, before her intern exams. Plus, her dad came and slapped her, beforehand too. What did Meredith score?

Question 14

Why did Meredith think she wasn't able to conceive a baby naturally with Derek?

Remember that crazy hospital shooting? The one where Derek was shot. That was when Mer lost her first child. The trauma caused it. After Meredith's miscarriage, she hid her feelings about the loss for a while, before coming clean about her miscarriage. As a result, she wasn't cleared by the hospital psychiatrist to do surgery. When she did grieve, her and Derek decided they were ready to officially try again. Why was Meredith told she couldn't conceive on her own?

Question 15

What does Meredith Grey do to help Richard Webber with his wife, Adele?

Meredith has always been known to bend the rules in order to keep those close to her safe. That's a big part of why we love her so much. She doesn't just see things in black and white. She sees feelings. That's why she tried to help Izzie, when she cut Denny's LVAD. It's also why she insisted that everybody help Alex study for his exam. Oh! Let's not forget when she felt sorry for the guy getting executed, William Dunn. It was no wonder that she would risk everything to help Richard with Adele.

Question 16

What did Meredith enjoy doing on her first date with Finn Dandridge?

Meredith had something good going for her when she met Doc's vet, Finn Dandridge. That was back when Izzie had her knitting to avoid one-night stands, and men in general. (Especially ones with wives, who fail to mention them.) Ah, Derek wasn't too happy about this relationship, himself. Probably because he knew that Finn was more than a one-night stand. In fact, he was marriage potential. This was apparent for two reasons; one was that they never slept together, two being that she loved their first date, which was?

Question 17

Which option best describes Meredith's panties that Derek put in his pocket at the prom?

While Izzy was getting ready to find Denny dead, Meredith was busy making googly eyes at Derek over Finn's shoulder. Those googly eyes locked and next thing you know, Meredith and Derek were escaping their significant others, to get it on elsewhere in the hospital. If ever there was a time that you didn't love Meredith Grey, it would've had had to have been at this time. Not only did Meredith break Finn's heart, but she also became the dirty mistress that she claimed she wasn't.

Question 18

What did Derek use to spoil Finn's date with Meredith?

Nobody knew how to woo Meredith better than Derek. That's why it was evident that he was secretly in love with her, despite the fact that he didn't even realize this himself. So, if you can remember what it was that Derek used to steal Finn's date with Meredith from him, then chances are you're secretly in love with her also. Unfortunately, Finn only had horses to birth. Whereas Derek could offer her more at that moment. What did he se to pull Meredith away from her date with Finn?

Question 19

Why did Derek's mom say that Meredith was "the right one"?

Meredith was on pins and needles, when Derek's mom came to visit. She explained several times that she's not the kind of girl that mother's like. Izzie tryed to help her be more bright and perky, rather than all dark and twisty, but Mer wasn't too far into her act when she caved and explained as much to Carolyn Shepherd, herself. However, Derek's mother did like Meredith. Just before leaving, she gave Derek something that she never offered to him when he married Addison. She also told him that Meredith was "the right one". Why?

Question 20

What part of Africa is Meredith's adopted child, Zola from?

Zola Grey Shepherd first came to Seattle Grace Mercy West with the other children for Alex's Africa Project. She had spina bifida and was only 6 months old, at the time. Derek held her once, and she immediately stopped crying. He told Meredith that he wanted to adopt her and she agreed, as they had already been discussing a child, but hadn't had any, yet. Meredith and Derek almost didn't get granted the adoption when they temporarily separated. What part of Africa was Zola from?

Question 21

Which hospital did Meredith choose to accept a job offer from, following her medical board exam?

Meredith made it through some tough times as an intern at Seattle Grace, and as a resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West. So, much had happened there both good, and bad. When it came time for the medical boards, Meredith and Cristina were both fiddling with the possibility of leaving. They had received good offers and both passed their boards. Meredith almost didn't pass because she had the flu, remember? Derek said he was with Meredith, that wherever she wanted to go they'd make it work. Which hospital did Meredith choose?

Question 22

Why does Meredith stay in Seattle, after taking her medical board exam?

Meredith and all of the other residents make it through their boards with a pass. Well everyone except for April Kepner (who was too screwed up, after sleeping with Jackson Avery). Meredith and Cristina were ready to go their separate ways and leave Seattle Grace Mercy West, but then something happened that changed most of their lives forever. A select group boarded the plane to separate conjoined twins when the plane crashes. The group ends up badly hurt and stuck in the wilderness. After surviving, Meredith fails to leave Seattle. Why?

Question 23

Following the plane crash, Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang came up with a nickname for the hospital. What was it?

After experiencing so many painful memories at the hospital, Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang came up with a nickname for it. They had good reason. Each had lost a pregnancy. Cristina lost Burke and became free again, after helping him through surgeries that won him an award. They lost George, and went through cancer with Izzie. Derek was shot and then broke his hand after the plane crash, where they also lost Lexie, and eventually Mark Sloan. Is there any other hospital out there, that has had more trauma brought upon it's own staff? It obviously deserved a name, right? Only what was it?

Question 24

Based on Meredith's results from Bailey's gene mapping test, what are the odds that Meredith will get Alzheimer's Disease?

Meredith has always been worried about getting Alzheimer's Disease and forgetting who she is. She even had it included on her post-it note wedding that Derek would love her when she gets old, smelly, and forgets who she is. He told her he'd remind her every day, if that were to happen. So obviously, it made sense for Meredith to be one of Miranda Bailey's first patients, when Miranda gets her genome mapping lab. Meredith's gene mapping could tell her how much of the Alzheimer's gene was passed to her from Ellis. What did they find?

Question 25

Which of these has always been one of Meredith's biggest foreseeable fears?

Aside from getting Alzheimer's disease from her mother, Meredith only had one other huge foreseeable fear. This one had to do with Meredith's own childhood fears, her career, and her family. She was worried about it before she and Derek adopted Zola, while they were discussing having a child on their own. She was still worried about it, during and after Zola's adoption. This fear has even followed Meredith after the births of Ellis, and Derek. Only someone secretly in love with Meredith Grey would know what this fear is?

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