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When the idea of a group of six friends living in New York as first being shopped around as a television series, no one could have ever predicted how successful it would become with audiences. People fell in love with the various characters and the show made all of its cast members into Hollywood A-listers. All of the former cast members have gone on to do other things, from more television shows to appearing on the silver screen. Although the series was first released in 1994, it ran for an astounding 10 seasons and continues to gather new fans with its rerun episodes.

While everyone seems to have their own favorite characters on the show, it's hard to deny that the main focus of the series revolved around Ross and Rachel's relationship. Since the very first episode of Season 1 of Friends, the show got fans to root for their love and each new season just kept the hope alive. Yet, Ross wasn't just part of the show because of his romantic connection with Rachel. The Ross character had a number of personality quirks that made him perfect for the series and people loved to see his humorous snafus. He was highly intelligent, professionally successful and very caring towards his family. He was a loyal friend and was repeatedly someone that the others could count on during tough times. While he may not have been the flashiest of the characters on the series, there's no denying that he was crucial to the overall series. Whether you consider yourself a fan of the series or just Ross, himself, check out our quiz and see if you can truly test your knowledge.

Question 1

What was the name of the trophy that Ross and Monica played for?

When Ross and Monica were younger, they had an intense rivalry when it came to everything. Monica is famous for being super competitive and Ross wasn't a pushover by any means. While most people watch football on Thanksgiving, there was one Thanksgiving during the third season when the gang decided to play football together. Monica and Ross were on opposite teams and it became a bit tricky to try and construct a team out of their gang of friends. Rachel wasn't athletically inclined and Chandler and Joey were having a competition of their own in order to win over a date with a nearby Dutch beauty. The winner of the game was going to get the coveted trophy that Ross and Monica used to play for when they were younger. What was the name of the trophy that Ross and Monica played for?

Question 2

Who was Ross' sibling in the cast of Friends?

One of the reasons why the sitcom, Friends, was so popular was because of the amazing chemistry within the cast. The idea of this great group of friends getting into mischief, seeing themselves through trials and tribulations, and evolving through life was a concept that couldn't be realized without this incredible cast of characters. Much of the storyline of the series had to do with the romantic hookups between the friends in the cast but there was one pairing that had a different sort of relationship. While they were all close, there was a sibling duo that really put some truly hilarious scenarios into the mix. Ross had a sibling that was part of the cast. Who was Ross's sibling in the cast of Friends?

Question 3

How many pages was the letter?

Throughout the tumultuous relationship of Ross and Rachel, the two seemed to be constantly fighting over their own particular point of view. After the two had been separated for awhile, Rachel decided that she still wanted to pursue a relationship with him. Ross was dating one of Phoebe's friends at the time but when Rachel let him know that she still had feelings for him, he promptly ended his relationship with Bonnie. Yet, she wasn't just going to completely forget about the problems they had while they were dating. Rachel wound up writing him a letter, detailing what she felt went wrong with their relationship and how they could move forward. She basically wanted him to take full responsibility for the demise of their relationship but Ross didn't initially read the entire letter because it was so long. How many pages was the letter?

Question 4

What was the name of the martial arts technique Ross was trying to teach Rachel and Phoebe?

When Rachel and Phoebe expressed a desire to learn some self-defense techniques, Ross jumped in and tried to showcase some of the skills he's picked up over the years. The entire gang made fun of him for his confidence in a martial arts technique that he swore would really make a difference in allowing the girls to take care of themselves. Later, he tried to test their abilities by giving them a fright but it didn't wind up exactly how he'd hoped. Yet, the funniest part of the episode was the fact that he constantly brought up the name of this martial arts technique and paired it up with a hand gesture that made it look utterly ridiculous. What was the name of the martial arts technique Ross was trying to teach Rachel and Phoebe?

Question 5

What happened at work that finally made Ross snap and be put on administrative leave?

While Ross always seemed like he had a stable life in comparison to some of the other characters on Friends, he wasn't always a picture of responsibility and stability. After a particularly difficult time in his life, it seemed like he was on the brink of losing his mental health. There was an incident that happened at work that made him completely break down and it caused people to wonder whether or not it was a good idea to have him continuing to work around others. He was forced to take a leave of absence and he was put onto a probationary period before he would be allowed to return to work. What happened at work that finally made Ross snap and be put on administrative leave?

Question 6

What was the name of the monkey that Ross used to have as a pet?

During the early episodes of Friends, Ross had a pet that wasn't exactly the typical New York city animal. This white-throated capuchin monkey was part of the gang for awhile and created some humorous scenes. It was inevitable that animal control would try and capture him but he wound up having a pretty great life. Ross thought that he would spend the rest of his days living a cozy life at the zoo but that wasn't the case. Instead, he wound up becoming an animal actor, which is actually quite funny since he was already an animal actor on Friends. Ross was ultimately reunited with him while he was filming and the reunion was sweet. What was the name of the monkey that Ross used to have as a pet?

Question 7

What was the name of Ross’s first wife?

When the Friends series first started, it was already revealed that Ross' first marriage had dissolved. The two had met when they were both quite young and Ross though that they would have a great life together. However, she wound up realizing that she was a lesbian and later married her longtime partner, Susan. The actress that played Ross's first wife was changed from the first season but fans didn't seem to mind Jane Sibbett or Anita Barone playing the character. She became a big character in the series and was often featured as having a good relationship with the rest of the cast. Her marriage to her partner was also featured and it seemed like Ross finally came to terms with her lifestyle. What was the name of Ross's first wife?

Question 8

What was the name of Ross’ child he had with Carol?

Although Ross was no longer in a romantic relationship with his first wife, Carol, that didn't mean that he wasn't going to be the best father he could be to their child. He was with her in every step of her pregnancy and even got a little jealous when Carol's partner, Susan, got to have a much closer relationship with her during the entire process. Ross and Susan continued to have a strained relationship for quite some time but he seemed to finally get to friendly terms with her in order to have a healthy family relationship for his child. After Carol had the baby, Ross continued to have a great relationship wit her and their child. What was the name of the child that Ross had with Carol?

Question 9

What was Ross going to do in order to prove his devotion to Rachel in order for her to come with him to the work function?

When Ross and Rachel finally started having a romantic relationship, they weren't always the best and loving couple. In fact, there were many instances that involved them getting into fights and squabbling over small things. In one instance, Ross was angry that she wasn't getting ready fast enough for a work function he needed to go to and she became upset. She proclaimed that she wasn't going to go and Ross ended up profusely apologizing to get her to change her mind. The entire group of friends got involved and someone threw out a suggestion that he could prove himself to her by doing one particularly disgusting action. What was Ross going to do in order to prove his devotion to Rachel in order for her to come with him to the work function?

Question 10

What was the costume Ross wore to the Halloween party?

When the group held a Halloween party, fans loved seeing the cast in different costumes. It was obvious that Rachel, Monica and Phoebe would look phenomenal in whatever they wore. Yet, the male cast didn't exactly have the best costumes to choose from in order to impress the guests. Ross chose a costume that seemed like it was homemade since it wasn't exactly a typical costume anyone would see at a Halloween party. The people at the party mocked him and said that he went to the party as "doodie" but the antennas should have given it away. There was one person at the party that knew what his costume was but it didn't help the other people from continuing to make their japes. What was the costume Ross wore to the Halloween party?

Question 11

Who was this Cassie character to Ross that was portrayed by the actress Denise Richards?

Throughout the Friends series, there have been a number of celebrity guest stars that have been featured in various episodes. Fans loved seeing Rachel's sisters come and go from the series and even Brad Pitt made an appearance as one of Ross's friends from childhood. Yet, the episode featuring Denise Richards was a favorite for many fans because of how she was portrayed. Richards was shown as an impossibly beautiful woman that could even entice the women of the series. When she would flip her hair and move around, the camera put it all in slow motion and it seemed to hypnotize anyone around her. Ross was captivated by her as well. Who was this Cassie character to Ross that was portrayed by the actress Denise Richards?

Question 12

What was the name of the English woman that Ross became romantically linked with on Friends?

Throughout the Friends series, Ross had a number of romantic relationships. While fans were constantly rooting for him and Rachel to wind up together, their love wasn't always perfectly aligned. When Ross met a beautiful woman from England, they wound up having a whirlwind romance that ultimately led to him asking her to marry him. The two became engaged and it seemed like she was a great match for him. Yet, the relationship wound up having a myriad of problems that showed a side to her that wasn't exactly favorable. This was probably the best for fans since they didn't seem to want Ross to be with anyone besides Rachel but it caused a huge heartbreak for Ross. What was the name of the English woman that Ross became romantically linked with on Friends?

Question 13

What was Ross’ job?

There were some cast members in Friends that didn't exactly have jobs that were easy to understand. When the group began competing on who knew each other the best, there was one question that really stumped Monica and Rachel. They simply couldn't remember what Chandler's job was and it made the audience wonder whether or not Chandler's job was ever revealed on the show. Yet, Ross had a job that was stated since the very beginning of the series. He actually had a really romantic date with Rachel at his workplace and it wound up becoming a sexual encounter that lasted until the morning. The two woke up with a bunch of little kids looking at them but that didn't seem to ruin the moment. What was Ross's job?

Question 14

What did Ross do to get "Ugly naked man" to give him the apartment?

One of the biggest criticisms the Friends series had was the fact that their apartments were incredibly big, considering they weren't making much money and it was New York City. Yet, all of the characters were able to evolve to the point where the lavish New York apartments didn't seem as unbelievable. Ross was a respected paleontologist that became a university professor and could afford to be a contender when he realized "Ugly naked man's" apartment was going to be available. It was right across from Monica and Rachel's apartment and was really great on the inside. Yet, Ross wasn't the only one that was interested in the apartment. People were sending "Ugly naked man" presents in order to gain favoritism and even Phoebe threatened to get the apartment if he chose to pass it up. What did Ross do to get "Ugly naked man" to give him the apartment?

Question 15

What did Ross do that completely ruined the ceremony?

When Ross became engaged to Emily Waltham, they hadn't actually known each other for very long. Their whirlwind romance seemed like a fairytale in the beginning but it soon became very clear that they hadn't worked out all of the details before walking down the aisle. They weren't on the same page of where they wanted to live and Emily had major jealousy issues regarding the friendship he had with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel. Yet, the two went ahead with their wedding and the whole gang (except for Phoebe) went to England to celebrate their love. There were a number of problems that happened prior to them walking down the aisle but the major issue happened during the ceremony. What did Ross do that completely ruined the ceremony?

Question 16

What was Ross preparing to do in the video that Rachel never knew about?

Although there were a number of times when fans wondered whether or not Ross and Rachel would ever get back together, there was a video that showed a tender moment from when they were much younger and it completely changed everything. Rachel had been at the point where she didn't seem like she was ever going to want to start a romantic relationship with Ross anymore and Ross seemed to have given up all hope. Yet, the gang found a video from when Monica and Rachel were in high school and it showed a tender moment with Ross that made Rachel look at him in a whole new way. After the video ended, Rachel ran to Ross and began kissing him. What was Ross preparing to do in the video that Rachel never knew about?

Question 17

Where was Ross and Emily's honeymoon going to be?

When Ross mistakenly called Emily by the name of his ex-girlfriend during their wedding ceremony, Emily didn't immediately storm off. Yet, the reception was a complete bust and Emily wound up sneaking off. Ross couldn't get her to respond to him and it became unclear whether or not he would be able to work things out with her. Rachel had traveled all the way to London to profess her love for Ross but that wasn't the best idea. Ross was completely distraught over the hurt inflicted on Emily and he didn't know whether or not she would even agree to go on their honeymoon after the botched wedding ceremony. Ross and Rachel were going to go together but then Emily showed up at the airport. Where was Ross and Emily's honeymoon going to be?

Question 18

What was the name of Ross' bald girlfriend?

Throughout the series, Ross has had a number of different girlfriends and they haven't all had the best timing when it came to Rachel's feelings for him. There was one, in particular, that seemed to be in the way of Rachel finally letting Ross know that she was ready to make things work between them. This girlfriend was introduced to Ross through Phoebe since she was one of Phoebe's friends. Rachel seemed fine with it until she realized that she was stunningly beautiful after letting her hair grow out. Rachel ultimately convinced her to shave her head again and it didn't really go over well with Ross. Yet, Rachel was able to gain his forgiveness once she revealed that she only did it because she still had feelings for him. What was the name of Ross' bald girlfriend?

Question 19

Where did Chloe work?

One of the biggest arguments between Ross and Rachel revolved around a dalliance that he had with a short-haired beauty named Chloe. Ross and Rachel were going through an extremely difficult time in their relationship. Rachel seemed to want some time apart from him and Ross took that to mean that they were no longer together. While Joey and Chandler were competing to get Chloe to notice them, it was Ross that she ultimately took to bed. There were a number of different factors surrounding their conflict since Rachel clearly stated that she wanted to take a break from their relationship. Ross was also feeling hurt from thinking that Rachel had broken up with him but completely regretted sleeping with Chloe in the morning. Where did Chloe work?

Question 20

What was it that Ross saw through the window?

When the apartment for "Ugly naked man" became available, there were a number of people interested in scooping it up. Ross was one of many potential new tenants and he even became "Naked Ross" in order to gain his favor. Ross ultimately got the apartment and it was extremely convenient for the whole gang to get together. Monica used to make it a habit of "borrowing" things from Ross's apartment (and swiping any extra cash she might see laying around). However, the proximity in the apartments wasn't always a great thing. While Ross was touring his new apartment with the boss at his work, he saw something that horrified him through his front window. The outburst made it seem like he wasn't exactly quite ready to return to work. What was it that Ross saw through the window?

Question 21

Who did Ross marry during a drunken night in Las Vegas?

While all of the cast of characters in Friends had their own personality quirks, Ross started garnering a reputation for being the one that always got divorced. The series made a joke out of the terrible situation of Ross being unlucky in love and the storyline made for some truly humorous moments. Ross dated a number of different women and it can even be difficult to recall all of his failed marriages. During one occasion, Ross went through a night of heavy drinking and woke up in a fog about the previous night's events. It turned out that not only did he have permanent black marker all over his face but he also got married. Who did Ross marry during a drunken night in Las Vegas?

Question 22

What was Ross' costume?

Although Ross may not have been able to make it work with his first wife, Carol, he never neglected his duties as a father to their son, Ben. Ross constantly had interaction with his son and he refused to move to England because he didn't want to be that far away from his son. During one holiday season, Ross thought it would be great to teach him about the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, since he already knew so much about Christmas. However, it was hard for Ben to get excited about it since it would mean that he would essentially not have a Christmas. He didn't want to disappoint his son so he set out to get a costume but he wasn't able to get the one he wanted. He made the best of things by using it as a way to teach Ben about Hanukkah. What was the costume character?

Question 23

What was the name they ultimately chose to give to their baby?

There were so many twists and turns in the relationship between Ross and Rachel, with the biggest shocker coming when Rachel discovered that she was pregnant. The series strung out who the father was and they even tried to misdirect viewers with the mysterious red shirt. Yet, both of them made it seem like having a baby didn't mean that they would instantly be back together. Audiences were thrilled to hear that they would be having a baby together because that meant that hope was still alive for their relationship. When the baby was born, both of them started to feel themselves stirring about trying to make it work for the new bundle of joy. What was the name they ultimately chose to give to their baby?

Question 24

Where was Rachel going when Ross proclaimed his love for her in the airport?

It seems like the entire series of Friends had an underlying plot regarding Ross and Rachel's relationship. The flashback scenes from their younger years showed just how long Ross has actually been in love with Rachel and it only made their relationship even more endearing. When fans knew that the series was ultimately going to come to an end after a whopping ten seasons, the burning question in people's minds was whether or not Ross and Rachel would ever get back together. They already had a daughter together and it seemed so strange that these two people couldn't make it work out. During the two part series finale, the two were on completely different mindsets about where their relationship should go. This was intensified when Rachel was about to accept a job in another country. Where was Rachel going when Ross proclaimed his love for her in the airport?

Question 25

How did Chandler say that Ross died?

Chandler and Ross have been friends for quite a long time but that doesn't mean that they don't have a bit of competitive nature between them. They also aren't opposed to playing a few pranks or two, even though they have often gone a bit too far. When Ross became a member of his college alumni site, Chandler thought it would be funny to post, "Ross has sex with dinosaurs." There was a bit of back and forth between the two of them but Chandler definitely got the last laugh when he posted that Ross died. Ross felt that it really wasn't a funny prank because no one even seemed to care that he died. There was a mock memorial service so that people could pay their respects. How did Chandler say that Ross died?

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