Are You Rick Grimes Or Negan?


Welcome to All-Out War, another arc from The Walking Dead that's likely going to result in the majority of survivors making it to the next arc.

Fine, I'll try not to be cynical about All-Out War because by this point, I think more people are interested in the Rick Grimes/Negan dynamic than they are who lives and who dies. Either you're still on Team Family's side and believe that Rick is the better leader...or, believe it or not, you've come to appreciate Negan's way of thinking and have come to accept he may be a better long-term option than Rick.

If a zombie apocalypse comes, most people now say they'd want to be Rick or Daryl Dixon, but what about you? If the apocalypse hits and the living dead start to walk, would you be more like Rick or Negan?

Unlike our other quizzes, this is more of a personality quiz, so make sure to answer honestly and think about any lessons The Walking Dead has taught you over the past seven years. You don't have to worry about true spoilers for the show here, although plot points will be indirectly referenced in the form of questions here; we won't tell you who kills ___, but a similar situation  may be a question.

If you're ready to see whether you're holding the Colt Python or a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, let's do this!

Question 1

You run into an ex-friend of yours...

As you're scavenging a small town, you hear footsteps and see an old friend of yours, one you haven't seen since a bad breakup three years ago, is looking for supplies as well. Both of you have small groups, but there are enough people to where if one person is killed, the other group will be slaughtered in seconds. You know getting rid of them isn't going to be easy, so what's your plan?

Question 2

One of your group members has been stealing pills

Medicine is a rare commodity in the apocalypse, which gives you justifiable reason to be beyond angry when you find out one of your group members - someone you welcomed in a couple of months ago - has been stealing pills. While they're common painkillers you can find most places, they still betrayed your trust. How do you deal with them?

Question 3

You stumble across a car with supplies

As you and another group member go hunting, you hear what sounds like an engine by the local ravine. Indeed, you come across a pickup truck smeared in blood, guts, and riddled with bullets...but still containing supplies that include guns, ammo, medicine, and food. Normally, you'd just scavenge the leftovers, but the engine is curiously on. What's your plan?

Question 4

Scout vs. the home front

Zombie herds are fun, right? Well, one of your best scouts - and someone that's been with you for as long as you can remember - contacts you on the radio to let you know he's run into a herd. If you leave now in a car, you should have time to save him, but you recently encountered bandits in the forest. Do you risk making the community exposed to save one man?

Question 5

You have your choice of shelter

After needing to evacuate your last camp to a forest fire, you and your scouts have found four viable safe havens...but each carry risks. One of your scouts suggests a hospital full of medicine and zombies, while another mentions a school with heavy gates and emergency supplies, but an exposed back. You've fallen for a historic mansion where you can be self-sustaining, but also lack more modern amenities and are far from civilization. Finally, there's a baseball stadium still stocked with enough supplies to last years, but lacking true living space. You pick...

Question 6

You stumble across an armory. Pick your new weapon.

After having to escape your last camp, which is probably still burning, you're in need of weapons. Luckily, the police station in town still has a fully stocked armory, complete with official law enforcement weapons and those that belonged to criminals. Keeping a gun on you wouldn't be the worst choice, but what are you picking?

Question 7

One of your members dies on the road. When you're asked to speak at his funeral, you...

There comes a time in the apocalypse where if you're making stupid moves, you're probably not long for the new world. On a group supply run, one of the group's younger members - a former frat brother that has the group divided on his personality - nearly gets another member killed trying to get a necklace for a girl he wants to impress. In the process, he alerts a zombie to his presence and gets bitten, leaving you to put him down. When you're asked to speak at his funeral, you...

Question 8

You find out one of your group members lied about their background

Does what someone did before the apocalypse matter? Well, when you get to talking with one of your survivors after months of knowing them and they admit they lied about who they were before the outbreak - they were still once in the army, but they also served a prison sentence for manslaughter - you're left with a choice. Which are you doing?

Question 9

Your group's leader is sick...

For months, you and your group have followed an older man as your leader, but he reveals something to you one day: he is dying, likely of cancer returning. Not wanting the group to know of his illness and not wanting to feel pain, he tells you that you're now the leader and that he wants you to kill him. What do you do?

Question 10

You learn how to get rid of zombies...Do you risk your own walls to ensure more trade, or do you protect yourself?

Good news! With your walls currently being repaired, your main engineer has figured out a way to keep walkers away from your settlement by creating a scent-carrying item that will make them avoid your colony. However, the main direction the walkers would travel in leads them to a settlement you trade crops and animals (cows, chickens, etc) with. There is only one version of the item. Do you risk your own walls to ensure more trade, or do you protect yourself?

Question 11

Someone in your group has been stealing supplies

Another stealing question? When the world ends, there are going to be a LOT of people battling the urge to take the supplies they need even if it means hurting other people. When doing an inventory check, you realize that someone has been stealing food and ammo. Which of the following trusted people do you ask first? Note: your decisions will carry to the next question.

Question 12

The person you talk to gives you an answer...

Well, it turns out the person you talk to knows who's been stealing supplies...or at least, they think they know. They saw the group's resident mechanic taking supplies, putting them in a Cadillac outside the community, and overseeing someone else come to take a look inside, but it was too dark to see anything else. The ex-convict recommends killing him, the mother asks you to make him leave, the hunter/tracker suggests putting him on trial, and the "team mom" simply suggests doing more investigating. Which do you do?

Question 13

Searching a town, you see someone in a prison suit. What do you do?

Early in the apocalypse, you heard prisons were recruiting inmates to fight the zombies, but you didn't believe it. When in a small town, you see someone in a blue prison jumpsuit patrolling, but not looking to cause any harm. He's armed, but with a baseball bat as opposed to a gun. What do you do?

Question 14

You come across two dogs in the woods. Both seem friendly. What do you do?

If Hurricane Harvey reminded us of anything, it's that when the world goes to crap, we're content leaving man's best friend behind. When going hunting in the woods, you spot two dogs - neither of which are known for being attack dogs - drinking from a ravine. Because you're loud and dogs hear all, they turn around, look at you, and their tails wag. What do you do?

Question 15

Which of the following 'forgotten' jobs would you want from someone in the apocalypse?

In large part because of The Walking Dead's emphasis on leaving the world behind, we've tended to look at certain jobs as being useless for when the apocalypse comes. Below are four such 'forgotten' jobs and while they may not be as directly impactful as a farmer or an ex-marine, they all have certain benefits. Which are you picking?

Question 16

Where do you hide in the storm?

You're currently on the road when one of your hunters returns and tells you there's a deadly storm about four miles out. There's four places in the immediate distance you can hide in, but think wisely. There's a school and a Wal-Mart two miles away, but both are surrounded by zombies with more probably inside. On the other hand, there's a barn and a cabin six miles away, meaning you'd risk getting caught in the storm but you'd also be going to zombie-free areas. You're picking...

Question 17

You discover one of your group's women is cheating on her husband. What do you do?

When checking the snares one night, you hear moaning and come across one of the group's women cheating on her husband, the engineer, with the hunter. Though they've been arguing lately, you believe marriage is still marriage and that this could lead to turmoil inside the group. What do you do?

Question 18

You and a scout are scavenging a motel when you hear a woman surrounded by zombies. What do you do?

On a run into town, you and one of your scouts look into a motel-turned-refugee camp at the start of the apocalypse...meaning everything soon went to crap after. As you search the kitchen, you hear screams outside to see zombies going after one unarmed survivor. If you shoot her, the zombies will come your way, but if you let her get eaten, you'll have more time. You COULD risk saving her, but there's also a chance she'll get bitten. What do you do?

Question 19

During a fight with bandits, one of them - while still alive - bites your arm.

Bandits suck. When you encounter some on the road, you take care of them after they attempt to mug you, but you run into an issue when one bites your arm. Because you're not wearing short sleeves, the mark is easily visible and can probably be confused for a zombie bite. What do you do?

Question 20

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Apocalypse

You rescue a priest, but his praying and refusal to fight is annoying people. However, he's also one of the few people in your group that knows advanced medical procedures. Are you willing to risk his passiveness now to save people later?

Question 21

One of your group members has survived an amputation...for now.

Zombie bites are no fun, especially when you wind up having to amputate someone's arm off. They're still alive as of right now - unconscious, but alive - but you're also using a good chunk of medicine on them. The arm they lost is also their dominant hand. Should you put them down?

Question 22

What is your favorite color?

Colors are important and can tell us a lot about someone. What is your favorite color?

Question 23

When the apocalypse begins, where are you going first?

The world is ending and you need to find a safe place quickly. Your local major city is setting up refugee camps, but you're also roughly a three hour drive away from family. There's a set of cabins in the mountains not far from you, but you'll need supplies and there's a mall nearby. Where are you going first?

Question 24

Which of these rules is not among the first ones you set for your group?

Groups need stability and as the leader, you set up rules, jobs, and more. Of the following below, you choose to omit this from the rules either because it's not important or you trust your people not to do stupid things. Which do you feel comfortable leaving off?

Question 25

Currently, which one do you think is a better leader?

We're currently seven seasons through The Walking Dead and All-Out War is about to begin. As it stands right now, who do you think is the better leader: Rick or Negan?

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