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Popularity is important in all walks of life. The benefits tied with this status are desired by many. The idea of being popular is often associated with leadership, dominance, and admiration. Popularity does not only stem in children and adults, but it also extends into old age. Are you actually popular?

Why do we want to be so popular? It is because of the power we gain from it. Having confidence in yourself will aid in bringing you popularity.

Through media such as movies, being popular is often a central goal of characters. Movies like Mean Girls will display characters like Regina George as their stereotypical representation of what it means to be popular. Popularity can come in many different forms and there is an abundance of stereotypes to represent them. The captain of the football team, the high school cheerleader, or the bully of the playground can often appear as popular in movies.

Many people consider themselves popular when they are actually not. In this quiz you will answer a series of questions which will determine how popular you actually are. If you think you are in fact popular this quiz will reveal the truth.

Have fun with this popularity quiz.


Question 1

Do you binge-watch Netflix regularly?

Binge-watching Netflix is an activity that is becoming increasingly popular for reasons we cannot comprehend. Somehow it has become socially acceptable to binge-watch your favorite Netflix specials during sessions that can span longer than 5 hours. Binge-watching Netflix by yourself is a certain way to alienate your friends and put your relationships on hold. This doesn’t mean binge-watching should never be done, but if you did it last weekend and the weekend before that, then you probably aren't popular.

Question 2

How often do you stalk people on Facebook?

Popular people are not the ones stalking others on Facebook; instead they are the ones being stalked on Facebook. People will frequently stalk popular people just to get a glimpse of their life. It is best to avoid stalking people on Facebook because you are not making any progress towards popularity. If you message these people and speak to them, then that’s great since social interaction on social networking will earn you points for popularity. So quit trolling. Do you stalk people on Facebook?

Question 3

Were you popular in high school?

High school popularity is not an indicator of being popular. It is for the most part about whom you are today and not the past. Sure if you were exceptionally popular in high school you may know what it takes, but plenty of people lose popularity post-high school. They can lose popularity from gaining excessive weight, losing contact with friends, changing their personality, moving to another country, or many other reasons. This question also applies to current high school students.

Question 4

Do you complain about your life?

Popular people don’t sit around complaining all day. They push to make positive changes in their life. By making positive changes others will cherish their presence. People who complain don’t accomplish anything and instead find reasons to hate their life. Through complaining and hating their life, they don’t become popular and may even become more unpopular. Positive changes can be as good as exercising, doing well in school, practicing good hygiene, or cleaning your bedroom. Do you complain about your life or make positive changes?

Question 5

Are you the spotlight of attention at parties?

Popular people get invited to a ton of events, including parties. While at parties, these people become the spotlight of attention. Other people will be attracted to their energy and love to be around them. Their spirit is witnessed by others who make it a priority to have spoken to this person by the end of the night. If you are a person at parties who hangs out near the television and doesn’t interact with other people then you shouldn't consider yourself popular.

Question 6

Do you send messages on your cell phone throughout the day?

If your phone is exclusively used as a fancy scheduler or for playing games then you are likely not popular. Popular people’s phones go through overload during the day. They will send and receive an abundance of text, photo, and emoticon based messages. Some of these messages are from text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many other ways to send messages. If you have a close relationship with your friends they will contact you as much as possible.

Question 7

Do you go on dates?

Maybe you have been asked out on a date or several, yet this won't mean anything until you actually go on a date with a person. Through a relationship you can easily expand your popularity through the friends of the people you date. Dating is common activity done by popular people since they are sought after by others. You don’t have to go out on a lot of dates, but if you don’t go out on any dates you may not be popular.

Question 8

How do you eat lunch?

One of the best indicators of whether or not you are popular is to address your lunch seating habits. Who you eat with will help determine which side of the popular spectrum you land on. If you eat alone and nobody sits beside you then you may smell and be not liked. If friends sit beside you frequently at lunch, then you may be popular. In this modern era, the criteria for popularity have become much more stringent. Having a few friends won’t cut it. You many need 1000s.

Question 9

How good are you at remembering people's names?

How could you be popular if you don’t remember the names of your companions? A common trait of popular people is that they have a strong memory when it comes to remembering other’s names. If someone didn’t remember your name then you may have a bad first impression of that person. If you had a long conversation when you first met, you could even feel slightly awkward around this person. Popular people are often highly skilled at remembering names.

Question 10

How many real friends do you have?

Having lots of friends is one of the best indicators for you being popular. Friendship is a mutual concept and both people involved have to like each other. If not then you are just a follower, don’t have many friends, and therefore aren’t popular. There are also pretend or fake friends. Fake friends rarely see you or talk to you and only contact you for reasons other than friendship. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot a fake friend, but it is easy to identify a good friend.

Question 11

How many friends do you see regularly?

Having friends you see regularly is significant. Many people are currently unaware that they have lost friends since they haven't stayed in touch with them. It is important to frequently stay in touch with friends. Physically seeing them is also very important. There are cases of people who get lost in a CyberWorld and think they have many friends when in fact they are losing grip of reality. Stay in touch with your friends so you can maintain relationships.

Question 12

How many social media platforms do you use?

In the modern era of popularity social media is a necessity. If you want to connect with your friends then social media will allow you to do this on a wide scale. No longer do we have to spend Friday nights huddled beside a rotary dial telephone hoping our long time friend since Junior High School will call. Now we can contact thousands of friends in an instant. These forms of social media include: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more.

Question 13

Which of these characteristics best describe you?

Popular people have many similar characteristics. These characteristics are contributing reasons as to why they are popular in the first place. People can be born with them or develop these characteristics on their own. People will usually judge you based on who you are and not by what you look like. Which of these characteristics best describe you? More than one answer could be correct and will consider you more likely to be a popular person.

Question 14

Are you happy?

“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.” Pharrell Williams was on the mark when he made the song “Happy”. True happiness is what many will chase their entire lives. Happiness spreads quickly and can be caught like a cold. This is why people will subconsciously attract towards others who are already happy. Unhappy people can be seen as repulsive. If you present yourself as happy and smile often then you will be taking a step in the right direction towards becoming popular.

Question 15

What did you do last weekend?

Popular people practically live for the weekend. The weekend is a time for popular people to enjoy themselves after a lengthy week. For those who work on the weekend, this question can apply to any days off that they may have. Popular individuals do enjoy relaxing, but they try to keep their schedules as full as possible by being active during the weekends. Since they are so popular, people will send them invites to events which help fill their already crammed schedules.

Question 16

Do you frequently buy new clothing?

Clothes can define you as a person and many people will judge you based on your clothing. Of course you should dress however you want, but if you want to be staggeringly popular you should buy new clothes often. People who wear smelly or ripped clothing are giving people reasons not to like them. If you have an old, tattered pair of jeans in the back of your closet, that has been your favorite for years it could be time to let it go.

Question 17

Which of these is your best characteristic?

Popular people have many similar characteristics. These characteristics are contributing reasons as to why they are popular in the first place. People can be born with many of these characteristics, but also they can develop them later in their life. Which of these characteristics best describe you? More than one answer could be correct and will consider you more likely to be a popular person.

Question 18

Do you have at least 1000 followers on social media?

So you finally set up a Twitter account and are heading towards popularity. Did you really think this would bring you close to popularity? Popular people on social media can have tens of thousands and sometimes millions of followers. At the least, you will need 1000 followers on a social networking platform such as Instagram or Twitter. In order to obtain an excess of 1000 followers on a social media platform you many need to consider using platforms frequently and posting weekly. Shouting out to other people on social media will help increase your followers.

Question 19

Which of these characteristics best describe you?

Most of the time people will like others based on the type of person they are and not the way they look. People who judge someone solely on appearance are people you want to avoid. Certain characteristics will make people like you more and others will deter them from you. The sad truth is that no matter how hard you try, not everyone is going to like you. This shouldn’t bring you down or make you feel bad since there is always another friend you can make.

Question 20

Do people like you or your possessions?

If you are a spoiled kid who owns a hot sporty car, a beautiful cabin in the woods, or a personal speed boat which you take all you friends on, then you may be a person who is liked solely for your possessions. This is a rare scenario, but sometimes people can hate the person but loves their car. Friendships like these are not healthy and should be discontinued. Make sure people admire you for the wonderful person you are and not your stuff.

Question 21

Do people compliment your hairstyle?

Sometimes people grow tired from looking at you and want to see some change. Although this is a small factor towards popularity, persons who switch hairstyles from time to time will be more popular. Hairstyles can be trendy and others can be timeless. If you have a haircut which doesn’t receive compliments or ever get noticed by anyone then it may be time to change hairstyles and possibly barbers. Hopefully you haven’t had the same hairstyle since you were a kid. Do you receive compliments on your hairstyle?

Question 22

Which of these best describes your attitude?

When a group of friends are together there is often one person with a poor attitude who never wants to do anything. This member of the group is commonly the unpopular person. This may sound bleak, but the truth is that people with poor attitudes are often despised. Having a great attitude is a sure way to earn some friends. If everybody wants to go to the movies then there is no purpose in being negative about it.

Question 23

How good are your listening skills?

If you have a short attention span and hate to listen to other people then there is a good chance you aren’t popular. It is varying with different types of people, but a large portion of people don’t enjoy hearing others talk (all the time), and instead want to be listened to. If you don’t have good listening skills then many people will consider this as a reason not to like you. It's not too late to further develop listening skills since from practicing you can effectively learn to listen.

Question 24

Has someone expressed interest in dating you before?

Part of being popular is having everyone want to date you. Popular people are quickly noticed when they enter a room. A characteristic of popular people is they are often highly attractive and for this reason they are desired. Although this step isn’t necessary all of the time, most of the time it is. Don’t feel bad if your answer is “No” to this question, but just know you may not be popular. Has another person ever asked you to go on a date or expressed high interest in dating you?

Question 25

Which of these characteristics describes you best?

And so we come to the end of the popularity quiz. If your world, as you know it, hasn’t been turned upside down by now then you should proceed to answer this final question and receive your popularity rating. Try not be too disappointed by the results since it is only a quiz. This question contains different characteristics. Each of these characteristics will help determine how popular you are. Which of these answers most accurately describe you?

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