Are You Like Luke Skywalker Or Han Solo? Take The Test!


Well, we're now three months away from The Last Jedi releasing in theatres and trying to change our views on the Sequel Trilogy.

Maybe that's an unfair way to start this, especially given that The Force Awakens really wasn't a bad movie (it may even be better than Return of the Jedi, although that's a conversation for another day), but we as Star Wars fans need more than J.J. Abrams rehashing the same plot threads from the first three movies. We need some of our new characters - Rey, Finn, Poe, and even Kylo Ren - to make us want to be invested in them the same way we were Luke, Han, and Leia.

Then again, as long as we don't get cartoon rabbits stepping in the poopie and intelligent characters making awful decisions, we should be alright.

Today, we're going to think back to a time before the Sequel Trilogy and instead focus on the good old days of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Remember when people wanted to be like these two? Now, one is probably still falling down the remnants of Starkiller Base and the other is either a destroyed version of his previous self or is going to take on the Yoda role and wind up dying in episode 9.

Or, Mark Hamill will show off his Joker voice with Luke. Either way works.

As with our other smart quizzes, there's no real spoilers here to worry about. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and don't get stabbed in the chest by Kylo Ren.

Question 1

You have to fight Darth Vader. How do you defeat him?

You've stumbled into a trap where, to no one's surprise, Darth Vader is planning on killing you. As he ignites his crimson lightsaber, you know you have to act fast. How would you defeat him?

Question 2

You run into an ex-Jedi on a far-off planet. How do you recruit them to your cause?

When scouting a forgotten planet in the Outer Rim, you run into a lightsaber-carrying, older warrior. As it turns out, they fought in the Clone Wars and survived Order 66, but want to remain hidden from the Empire. What do you say to convince them to fight with you?

Question 3

You hear a rumor Emperor Palpatine is leaving Coruscant. What do you do?

One of the Rebellion scouts has informed you of a rumor he's heard in his travels: Emperor Palpatine, who rarely leaves Coruscant - or Imperial Center, as it's now called - is boarding a shuttle tomorrow to go...somewhere. The scout doesn't know where, but he does know of the rumor Palpatine is leaving. What do you do?

Question 4

You've been asked to interrogate an imprisoned Darth Vader. What do you ask him first?

Somehow, the Rebellion managed to capture Darth Vader and you've been tasked with interrogating the Dark Lord of the Sith. What is the first thing you'd ask Vader?

Question 5

When searching a planet, you find an abandoned droid factory...

Over 20 years after the Clone Wars, plenty of relics and reminders from that era still remain. You happen to stumble upon one in the form of an abandoned droid factory belonging to the Techno Union. Apparently, the Empire must have either forgotten to destroy this place or simply never knew about it. What do you do about the droids?

Question 6

Boba Fett proposes a partnership. What do you say?

It's rare to get transmissions from those not in your contact book, but you know the sender all too well in this case. Boba Fett, the notorious bounty hunter that's chased you down more than a handful of times, proposes a partnership to take down an Imperial executive currently serving as the Empire's interim leader.

Question 7

You need C-3PO and R2-D2 to do some surveillance. How do you do it?

There comes a time where one is going to need to use C-3PO and R2-D2 in some form, even if the former is a bumbling comic relief character (but still so, so awesome - I don't know how anyone thought the Rogue One droid was better) and you can't understand the latter. Needing to use the droids to find information about a mob boss, what do you do?

Question 8

Tusken Raiders have kidnapped several 'innocents' from Mos Eisley. How do you get them back?

The Tusken Raiders are again being savages, this time kidnapping several 'innocents' from the Mos Eisley cantina. We use 'innocents' loosely because if anyone in that bar has a clean legal record, it's likely not staying that way for long. How do you get the people back?

Question 9

You're given your own Rebellion battalion. Where are you making your base?

As of late, your leadership has been enough to inspire other troops to the point where you're given your own Rebel squadron. Knowing you're going to need to find a planet to settle on, which of these four would you pick?

Question 10

After settling on the planet, which of these four tactics would you prioritize?

Well, you've made your planetary base, but did you make the right choice? Here's a better question: of the four tactics below, which are you going to prioritize? You know all too well what happens to bases that aren't prepared...

Question 11

Darth Vader has found your base. How do you take care of him?

Darth Vader has done what he always seemingly does: find a Rebel base, bringing the entire 501st Legion with him. How do you deal with Vader and his troops?

Question 12

Two seedy Duros - who were previously arrested for insider trading - ask to join the Rebellion. What do you do?

During a brief stay on Tatooine, you run into a pair of Duros brothers who, after being arrested for insider trading and other, smaller, crimes, want to join the rebellion. What do you tell them?

Question 13

Which of these prequel planets do you like the most?

The Star Wars prequels definitely introduced more planets than they probably needed to, but why not show off the wonderful CGI that ruined any chance of those movies having a story? Which of these planets do you like most?

Question 14

What is your favorite color?

While this is a basic and cliche question, colors can tell you a lot about someone's personality. Which of the following colors do you like best?

Question 15

You need one of your friends to break you out of Imperial custody. Who do you pick?

This is pretty self-explanatory, but keep this in mind: if the person is caught, Lando Calrissian will be executed. Who are you picking to do this as quietly and efficiently as they can?

Question 16

You crash land on an unknown planet that hosts an unknown race? What do you do?

Your ship has taken way too many hits from Imperial fighters, making you crash on a planet they were supposedly investigating. What you find is...unexpected, as it's an entire culture unknown to the Core Worlds that treats outsiders with immediate disdain. How do you handle members of the race coming to arrest you?

Question 17

You have to use a weapon that is not your own. What are you using?

Simply put, you've lost your signature weapon - Luke's lightsaber or Han's trusty pistol - so you have to use one of the following four ones. No, you can't choose to use the other's weapon. Which gun are you picking?

Question 18

You decide to explore the ruined Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Where are you going first?

In the mood for a history trip, you and some soldiers explore the destroyed Jedi Temple on Coruscant, which actually is in pretty decent shape over 20 years later. Where's the first area you go to explore?

Question 19

Your ship has been stolen. What are you stealing to escape?

Some nerf-herder has stolen your ship. Not good! You have several other ships you can potentially steal, however, but they all come from the Empire. Which are you taking for your own good?

Question 20

What do you think was the Jedi Council's biggest downfall?

Really, the Jedi Council cost themselves the Clone Wars and the entire Order for many reasons, but what do you think was the biggest reason? And no, casting Samuel L. Jackson to play Mace Windu is not part of the reason.

Question 21

In his sleep, you hear Darth Vader mention "Padmé" and you immediately tie that to Padmé Amidala. What do you do?

Enough precautions have been made to where Vader is able to sleep...albeit with many armed guards, including you, in the room. At one point, you hear him mention "Padmé" several times, the same name of the former Naboo senator who went missing after the Clone Wars. When Vader awakens, what do you ask him? This is some fantastic art by Kirk Reinert, by the way.

Question 22

Which of these Star Wars video games series do you like most?

I can't quite see Luke Skywalker or Han Solo playing video games - well, maybe a younger Luke on Tatooine - but we sure did. Which of these is your favorite series?

Question 23

Which of these original trilogy planet did you like best?

With the exception of maybe Yavin 4 because of how little we knew about it, each of the planets from the original trilogy remain extremely memorable today - and, honestly, even Yavin does too for older fans because of its importance in the Expanded Universe. Which of the following planets did you enjoy most whether it be for the story, the design, etc.

Question 24

Which of the Original Trilogy movies is your favorite?

There's a serious case to be made for the original trilogy of Star Wars being the greatest trilogy of all-time. If you had to pick a favorite, which would it be? Note: the "Star Wars" answer refers to A New Hope, but I like to call the movie its original name.

Question 25

Who do you like more? Han Solo or Luke Skywalker?

Man, imagine how heartbreaking Return of the Jedi filming sessions would have been like if Han had actually died? Which of the two do you like more?

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