Are You An Expert Gamer? Test Your Knowledge!


Remember a time when people who played video games were heavily looked down upon? I still do. However, that was ages ago. Now those who play games have exploded into their own culture of gamers. Just about everyone who plays any sort of video game is placed into this category, and while that's great for the most part, it does have some problems.

Firstly, not everyone who plays games could be referred to as a true gamer. There are plenty of people who just shell out money for a Call of Duty season pass every year and try to wreck noobs in online Death Match. Those people aren't real gamers by any stretch of the imagination.

Secondly, this makes it even more difficult to realize who the expert gamers are in the crowd. There are those who have a genuine passion for the industry, play all kinds of games, and increase their knowledge as a result. That's the crowd we're appealing to today. We want to know who are the real gamers in the mix - the old, worn MadCatz controllers if you will.

Are you one of these expert gamers? Then get ready to test your knowledge!

Question 1

Who was the first Pokemon designed?

Bulbasaur Pikachu Charmander and Squirtle from Pokemon

Pokemon took a lot of skill, precision, and time to get right. The creator of the game went to work crafting all of the designs for the different creatures. According to some art for Pokemon Red and Blue, the first one designed was the Pokemon that wouldn't be available until later in the game. This is quite interesting too, as one would expect the first designed Pokemon to be more significant in the overall narrative of the franchise. It's not.

Question 2

What was the game bundled with the GameBoy at release?

Of all of the games Nintendo had in their library, it was a particularly popular game that they decided to bundle with their first handheld device. The game was already well-known among crowds, and the company felt that if they were able to put it into their new system, it would make the GameBoy much more desirable. As you know by now, the move worked and Nintendo's first handheld was a smash success. From then, they've been the kings of handhelds.

Question 3

DC has had some pretty great games, but one title was heralded as one of the worst games ever. What was it?

It's not secret that DC has screwed up their movies recently. However, their games have been quite excellent thus far. We're hot on the heels of Batman Arkham Knight and are anxiously awaiting the release of Injustice 2. Yet, DC wasn't always this successful with their video games. They had a number of really bad titles, but none were more so insulting than a particular one that came out many years ago. There isn't a single soul who loves the game.

Question 4

Which of these shooters includes bullet drop and vehicles?

Ever since titles like Call of Duty hit store shelves, so many developers have been trying to create the ultimate shooter game that will bring in crowds of people every year to buy the next release. Each company takes a different approach to this, and there was one game that tried to make the genre as realistic as possible. Incorporating elements you would find in real life, such as bullet drop physics and driveable vehicles, many regard it as superior to all of the rest.

Question 5

Which of these games has NOT been remade?

Video game remakes have become increasingly popular in today's time. First of all, they capitalize on the nostalgia that many of us have in regards to these classic releases. On top of that, it's extremely enticing to see our favorite games as a kid structured with today's processors and graphics engines. Because of this, numerous video games have been remade over the years, but that doesn't mean they all have. There are still several popular games that have yet to be remade and we're wondering why.

Question 6

Which of these characters was NOT a fighter in Super Smash Bros.?

Smash Bros, which started as a celebration of Nintendo, has quickly evolved into a love letter for the gaming industry. Featuring characters from Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and SEGA, it seems there are no limits to who can be in the game. However, one character that has yet to see a spot on the roster. Despite how big they are in the gaming world, there seem to be no plans for their inclusion. Hopefully that changes if Smash Bros comes to Nintendo Switch.

Question 7

Which of these games is a MOBA unlike all of the others?

Most MOBA games play from a top-down perspective and force you to use your mouse to move around your character. One MOBA, on the other hand, breaks that convention. Through the use of a keyboard or controller, you are in full range of your character in a third-person perspective. It's a new dimension that makes the game feel vastly different from its competition and is one of the reasons why it's so popular. It single-handedly put the developers on the map.

Question 8

Games based on movies are usually really good.

Movies are super fun to watch, and we have a lot of great memories with them. Because of this, when a game comes out that is based on a movie, there can be a lot of excitement as a result. It would essentially be like you controlling the main character in the film. At face value, this sounds like an awesome proposition. As with all things though, reality can be different from a promise. Where do movie video games stand?

Question 9

Finish this phrase: "SEGA does what..."

Back in the day, Nintendo and SEGA had a brutal rivalry with each other. Nintendo had the SNES and SEGA had the Genesis. The two were constantly at war with one another, and this included how they advertised. SEGA launched a campaign that spawned a phrase that directly attacked Nintendo. Unfortunately for them, SEGA were the ones who eventually dropped out of the console race when they tried to market the Dreamcast to the public audience. They still haven't quite learned their lesson.

Question 10

One game series is known for its brutal difficulty. What is it?

We all know difficult games. There are titles like The Lion King and Ghosts N Goblins that will really put your skills and patience to the test. However, this formula for difficult games has actually continued into the present with new titles that have become infamous in the long run. This isn't because they're bad games by any means. Instead, it's because that they are brutally difficult games that force you to always think on your toes and never make a mistake.

Question 11

Which of these games revolutionized the parkour system?

Parkour is one of the most interesting and unique aspects of human exercise. However, not everyone is able to do it, which is why some developers have taken the crusade of implementing it in their video games. Titles like Mirror's Edge give you the sensation of leaping from building to building. But there is one game above all others that completely revolutionized the system and made a lot of noise as a result. It has even spawned a few sequels of its own.

Question 12

Which console first introduced the D-pad?

One aspect of video games that has become an industry standard is the D-pad. This part of a controller allows for precise movement in four directions. While it may seem like a necessity nowadays, it was once an absent feature. Consoles and arcades figured that the best method of control was a joystick and separate buttons. Yet one company decided that they could do better and create something that would be much more comfortable for the players at home and then some.

Question 13

Which of these developers was accused of lying about their game?

There are many games that stir up a lot of hype among the crowds. Because of this, there are many expectations that have to be met when such a talked about game eventually gets released to the public. However, there have been times when games fall so short of the expectations set by the developers that people have even accused them of lying. One company, in particular, was almost sued due to claims of false advertising. Talk about brutal right there.

Question 14

Soul Calibur and Tekken were made by the same company

Of the fighting game genre, Soul Calibur and Tekken are two of the most beloved. Tekken takes the martial arts approach, having people of all different fighting styles come together and beat the snot out of each other. Soul Calibur instead has people use different weapons fighting each other (typically different kinds of swords). These two games are worlds apart in terms of style, combos, and structure. Is it possible that they could've been made by the exact same company?

Question 15

Which of these games created its own genre?

One fairly old game was a platformer at face value, but its mechanics and structure gave its own genre (which was named after it). This genre isn't like most platformers and emphasizes exploration over completing levels. These games also encourage you to backtrack with newfound abilities so you can get to new areas and secrets. It's a formula that has proven to be excellent in other entries. It has also inspired other developers to play their cards at the genre and create some unique experiences.

Question 16

Shrek has led to many games being made. Which of these is not one of them?

Shrek, for some reason, likes to parody Nintendo's best franchises. It started with Mario Party, moved on to Super Smash Bros, and even made its way to Mario Kart several times. On top of that, Shrek games have been created for many platforms, but since the franchise has ended, that number has slowly been dwindling. There are some games on the iOS store that spoof other great franchises, but not everything has been done with the character. Perhaps we'll see more of these games when Shrek 5 comes out.

Question 17

Hotel Mario and Link: The Faces of Evil were terrible games. Which console were they released on?

There was a time when every company wanted to play their hand in the gaming industry. Many obscure companies gave it their best shot. However, with all of the competition, they needed a new angle to get people interested in the console. They made a deal with Nintendo to use their characters, and that resulted in one of the greatest disasters in gaming history. Both Hotel Mario and Link: The Faces of Evil were panned, and company responsible bowed out of the console race.

Question 18

Nintendo inadvertently created the PlayStation

The PlayStation turned out to be one of Nintendo's biggest competitors. When Nintendo was creating the N64, they decided to continuously use cartridges. However, Sony was insistent that discs were the route of the future. Needless to say, the PlayStation gave Nintendo a run for their money. But is it possible that they could've avoided this altogether? Could this point to one of Nintendo's worst business decisions in history?

Question 19

Which feature was the Xbox One not going to have when first announced?

There were a lot of poor decisions made by Microsoft when they announced the Xbox One. Among them were weird ones like the console always had to be online and it always functioned with a Kinect. Because of this, many people mocked the company and even Sony took the opportunity to make stabs at them. The PS4 could easily support a feature that was strangely going to be absent from the Xbox One. Thankfully, the company went back on that choice later.

Question 20

What number is Valve afraid of?

For those of you not educated, Valve is the company that created Steam. They also have their own games that they've developed. However, there's a running gag that they are afraid of a certain number due to the format that many of their games follow. They, as a matter of fact, haven't released any big games in several years, instead relying on the solid titles they have in their library. We're still waiting for any new announcements and have been waiting for many years.

Question 21

Before mobile gaming took off, these were the precursors to apps...

One style of game used to be all the rage. It was all the fun of a quick NES game without all of the frustration of having to put in a disc and wait ten years for something to load. These games ranged from incredibly interesting to completely terrible. However, their lasting impact formed many of the smartphone apps we see today. Some of them have even made the jump to the mobile market, making us wonder why we ever played those archaic versions in the first place.

Question 22

How many versions of the Nintendo DS are there? (doesn't include 2DS or 3DS)

Nintendo is known for perfecting their handhelds over the years, which results in a large history for them. When the Nintendo DS came out, it notable had some problems in function and design. The company then made the product sleeker with various upgrades. From that point, the company decided they could make more money by adding more features into their console. This is a strategy they have been doing for a long time and are continuing with their 3DS models today.

Question 23

Which of these games had you controlling an army using the drums of war?

The PSP was a bit of a niche console in the wake of systems like the DS. That being said, there were a lot of interesting and popular games that came out for the system. One series stands out in particular. You are in charge of an army of soldiers. Instead of moving them around conventionally, you have to give them different commands through the drums that you hit to a beat. The series became extremely popular and was a highlight of the PSP.

Question 24

Which of these indie titles was originally a Kickstarter project?

Kickstarter games are usually fairly unreliable. Remember how excited everybody was to get their hands on Mighty No. 9? People flocked to support that project and we got a lackluster product. The same can be said for Yooka Laylee. However, one game released in this format that was anything but disappointing was a little title made by a developer that knows what they're doing. It is a prime example of how Kickstarter can benefit a project and make dreams become reality.

Question 25

What was the first video game?

Because of the long history of video games, it's extremely difficult to pinpoint what the first one was. The art began with mechanized pinball machines that slowly evolved and advanced. The first video game created was many years ago by somebody who was intelligent far beyond their time. It was a version of tennis that utilized a simple structure and visual style. This concept would then be built upon and added to in the future. Most agree that it was the first real video game.

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