Are You An Avatar: The Last Airbender Expert? Prove It!


While cartoons were originally created as a source of entertainment for kids, there are times when a writer will craft a show that can appeal to both children and adults. Very seldom do these shows exist, but the standout example of this is Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The show has been gone for quite some time now, but its impact on culture and the animation industry has not ended. The show told a gripping narrative that had elements of light-hearted comedy while still holding deeper themes. It was a testament to what animation could be and has gone on to inspire other deep shows like Adventure Time and even spawned a continuation called The Legend of Korra.

The series itself took place in its own fictional world, and as you might expect, this led to a lot of backstory and interesting tales regarding these characters. Despite having only three seasons, there is a lot of depth to Avatar: The Last Airbender that likely won't be recreated anytime soon, as fans of the series will tell you. Due to its depth and popularity, we'll test the real fans in the audience.

How well do you know Avatar: The Last Airbender?

Question 1

Which Character Was the Only One To Have a Last Name?

A bit of a minute detail in Avatar: The Last Airbender was the fact that many people didn't have a last name. Many of them were simply addressed by their first names only. However, there was one character in the series who had a last name. That said, it was only there because it served as an element to the story to help push it along as well as give a particular character a bit more depth. Who was it?

Question 2

Avatar Kyoshi heralded from which nation?

The Avatar is a being that is continuously reincarnated after they die. Like most things, the Avatar follows a specific life cycle. In each life, the Avatar is born in a different nation. Avatar Kyoshi was an Avatar who preceded Aang. She was rough and didn't take crap from anybody. While she wanted to bring peace to the world, she wasn't afraid to make the tough calls when the situation required it. She was even hated by people hundreds of years later for her deeds.

Question 3

What was Sokka's sword made from?

In the final season of the show, Sokka began to feel like he didn't contribute to the team. Everyone had bending except for him. While he was fairly resourceful with a boomerang and his brain, he felt like he needed to do more. Because of this, he took sword lessons from a master in the Fire Nation. Encouraged to be creative and witty, Sokka not only learned to master the art of the sword but brought in his own material when crafting it.

Question 4

Who killed the Moon Spirit?

Everything in the Avatar universe exists in balance because of the spirits. They protect the world by upholding certain structures. In the case of the Moon Spirit, it held together the cycle of the moon in order to give the Waterbenders power during the full moon. However, when the Fire Nation invaded the Northern Water Temple, there was one person who got the sinister idea to kill the moon spirit in order to stop the Waterbenders. Luckily, they got their comeuppance.

Question 5

Who nearly killed Aang?

The problem that the Fire Nation faced when dealing with Aang is that he would simply be reborn is he was killed. Because of this, they had to wait until Aang was in the Avatar State in order to take him down, as it was the only way to guarantee the Avatar would stay dead. During the second season of the show, Aang ran into the Fire Nation, who tried to take him down. When he went into the Avatar State, one of them took the opportunity to strike him with lightning.

Question 6

Who was Sokka's love interest at the end of the show?

Sokka is a ladies' man. His suave nature and tendency to laugh at just about anything persuades him to pursue a beautiful woman when she presents herself. Over the course of the series, there were a few young girls that he had his eye on, but one that really stayed with him and joined the team at the end of the show. She was captured but he eventually broke her out of prison so that she could be free to fight once again.

Question 7

Aang and Katara always loved each other.

The romance between Aang and Katara is one that fans of the show were easily able to cling to. After all, Katara was the first person that Aang saw when he opened his eyes in the Southern Water Tribe. From there, the two became inseparable, even sharing some exciting character moments along the way. When the conflict became more severe, realizations were made between the two of them that strengthened and tested their relationship at the same time. Yet, it all came together in the end.

Question 8

Who taught Aang his final lesson in the show?

Because of how young Aang was when he became the Avatar, there were many things he had to learn while journeying across the world. When the show began, he only knew how to Airbend and hadn't even begun his Avatar training. Because of this, many bending masters or other characters in general taught Aang many lessons as he learned to accept his destiny as the Avatar. Even near the end of the show, Aang was still learning knew things about what he could do.

Question 9

Who invented Metalbending?

Earthbenders are some of the strongest people in the Avatar. Because of this, the Fire Nation had to come up with a way to contain them. They ended up placing them in metal containers to make sure they couldn't escape. However, this problem proved to be temporary, as a particular bender learned that metal was composed of materials that existed in the Earth. It allowed them to learn to manipulate the metal, break out of all cages and help bring down the Fire Nation.

Question 10

What animal did the Earth King keep as a pet?

Because of the unique world of Avatar, the writers spent a lot of time creating unique animals for the show. As opposed to being their own creations, these animals were simply combinations of pre-existing animals that we know and love. There were things like an Armadillo Bear, Sky Bison, and so much more. However, these animals were still treated like the animals that we keep as pets. Even the Earth King himself had a beloved animal that he kept with him.

Question 11

Who was the leader of the Dai Lee?

Ba Sing Se was a massive city. Just like many massive cities in our world, it was controlled by a force that sought to manipulate it. This organization was known as the Dai Lee. These warriors were the personal guards for the Earth King and Ba Sing Se, but things got a little more hectic from there. The leader of the Dai Lee desired to hold Ba Sing Se for themselves, and used the Dai Lee to accomplish his goals.

Question 12

Did Fire Lord Ozai die?

Throughout the entire narrative of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fire Lord Ozai was the main antagonist. He was the one controlling the Fire Nation and looking for ways to conquer the rest of the world and destroy the Avatar once and for all. Numerous people died because of his actions, and it was Aang's job to face him once and for all. At the end of the series, we got to see the brutal fight between Aang and the Fire Lord, where he had to make the ultimate choice.

Question 13

What was the name of the last episode?

Something as small as the title of an episode can't seem all that important in the grand scheme, right? Not necessarily. The title of an episode, similar to the title of a chapter in a book, can communicate specifically what's going on as well as set the stage for a powerful event that's about to occur. Avatar happened to be great at this, using episode titles as a way to invoke emotion before the footage rolls. Perhaps the best title, in my opinion, is the last one.

Question 14

What was Sokka's fake name in the Fire Nation?

As Team Avatar progressed through both the Water and Earth Nations, it was eventually time for them to go undercover in the Fire Nation. Naturally, they had to come up with certain disguises in order to not be caught. As you might expect, Sokka was the one who took it the most seriously of the bunch, yet injected enough comedy to make it perfect. His name was ridiculous, as was his overall performance when interacting with other people in the Fire Nation.

Question 15

The technique to redirect lightning was invented in inspiration of which type of bender?

Only the greatest Firebenders in the world knew exactly how to bend lightning. It comes as a result of splitting negative energy and all that mumbo jumbo. Either way you look at it, it's a powerful and unique trick. As far as the Firebenders knew, there was no way to properly defend oneself from lightning. However, General Iroh began wondering about ways he could do it. By traveling throughout the world, he eventually found the proper inspiration to invent lightning redirection.

Question 16

What was General Iroh's nickname?

General Iroh is a peaceful yet well-experienced member of the Fire Nation. Despite the fact that he lost the throne to his brother, Iroh still managed to have numerous adventures and learned many things. There were even times where he came across some powerful creatures that he either learned from or defeated. Because of this, he was given a special nickname that he used to teach Prince Zuko a lesson or two or strike fear into the hearts of those he used to know.

Question 17

Who took the persona of the Blue Spirit?

The Blue Spirit was a legendary warrior in the Fire Nation, at least that's what the stories said. In the first season, the character actually showed up to mess with Fire Nation soldiers, but was there with its own agenda. As a matter of fact, the Blue Spirit worked tirelessly to break Aang out of a Fire Nation prison and fought off many Fire Nation soldiers. After being struck with an arrow, though, the Blue Spirit fell, leaving Aang to discover its true identity.

Question 18

Finish this quote: "Brave soldier boy, comes marching..."

Very seldom to stories ever give in-depth looks at the lives of the villains to make us care about them. Yet, with the little we knew about the Fire Nation, we actually pitied them to some extent. There were many soldiers who died on the frontlines, including someone close to General Iroh. In honor of those who lost their lives, Iroh would often sing a little song. He sang it throughout the streets of Ba Sing Se. It started with "Brave soldier boy."

Question 19

Who was the King of Omashu?

The Earth Kingdom proved to be the second strongest force during Avatar: The Last Airbender. They had not one but two powerful cities that were guarded with expertly crafted walls and guards. One of them was Omashu- the first Earth Kingdom city that Aang and his friends encountered. Unfortunately, Aang encountered some problems with the king of the city. This crazy Earthbender challenged Aang to some specific and weird challenges. What's even weirder is that it all ended with the King asking Aang to guess his name.

Question 20

Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin were best friends.

As the previous life of Aang, Avatar Roku decided to teach the young Airbender many things about being the Avatar. Along the way, he gave the protagonist a story regarding how the 100 year war began. Along the way, he revealed some interesting secrets about Fire Lord Sozin as well as himself. Being the one who started the war, Sozin came in direct conflict with Avatar Roku at times, which eventually led to the downfall of many lives as well as the entire Air Nation.

Question 21

What did Sokka want to call Master Pakku?

When they traveled to the Northern Water Tribe, Aang and Katara got excellent training from the man known as Master Pakku. After having some conflict amongst each other and the Fire Nation, Pakku decided to leave and travel to the Southern Water Tribe, where he would reunite with many of his old friends, including Sokka and Katara's grandmother. After seeing Team Avatar once more, Pakku announced that he reignited his engagement to their grandmother and they were to be married.

Question 22

Hanna was the only person Katara bloodbent.

While in the Fire Nation, Katara came into contact with a woman known as Hanna. At the same time, a nearby village was being plagued by someone known as the puppetmaster. It was discovered that these two plots were connected, with Hanna revealing that she was a Waterbender who unlocked the most powerful technique: Bloodbending. Katara had to fight her in order to bring an end to her reign and ended up bloodbending the old woman. After that, she became terrified of the art.

Question 23

Where was Earthbending learned from?

Each bending art has an origin, and none of them were people. As it stands in the Avatar universe, bending was a learned art that could then be passed on through genetics. As far as the Earthbenders go, they learned the art from something that moved the Earth on its own. By watching this occurrence over and over, they eventually discovered how to do it themselves. Toph even learned how to Earthbend from observing how it was done this way.

Question 24

What celestial event causes Firebenders to lose their power?

While the Avatar series made the Firebenders frightening due to a celestial event that could spike their power up to over 9000, there was another event that would take their abilities away. The day of this event was learned by Sokka, who then grabbed together many of Team Avatar's friends to plan an assault on the Fire Nation. This event also allowed Zuko to go to his father and call him out on his crap. However, the Fire Nation knew the plans of Team Avatar.

Question 25

Who was Aang's mentor as a child?

Aang was barely in the double digits when he buried himself in ice. However, in his time in the Air Temple, he still had one friend who made him feel like a normal kid. This particular friend of his taught Aang to have fun and that not all leaders make the wisest decisions. What's even more exciting is that this mentor was also a close friend to one of Aang's past lives. Unfortunately, Aang would never see his friend again after running away.

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