Are You An Aquaman Franchise Expert?


Aquaman gets a bad rap. We don’t know who started it, but we can say with assuredness that poking fun at this aquatic hero was popularized in today’s culture by the TV show The Big Bang Theory. In one episode, Kunal Nayyar’s character, Rajesh Koothrappali, is told that he could be Aquaman for a costume party, to which Raj replies: “I don’t want to be Aquaman. Aquaman sucks!”

And it should be noted that this particularly embarrassing display of whiny behavior would continue for some time, almost becoming some sort of a refrain for the episode as a result.

Since then, people have been beating down on this character relentlessly, as though it were somehow cool, even though many of these defamers don’t really know anything about him. Heck, when reimagining Aquaman’s character for the all-encapsulating New 52 reboot, Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prada felt they could have Aquaman connect with today’s culture by making him the butt of everyone’s joke in the comic, a pastime that Green Lantern, of course, participated in. (Heck, even people who Aquaman took the time to rescue from some major calamity would later utter some snide remark about how lame he was, after it was made apparent that they were safe from further harm.)

But all of that aside, Aquaman is really one of the most badass characters in comic book history. That’s why we’re glad that Jason Momoa is portraying him in the DC cinematic universe (because he, too, is amazing). Sure, Jason may not look like the blond-haired, ultra-suave hero, but he definitely radiates Aquaman’s inherent manliness.

Anyway, it’s because of this Aquaman-bashing fad why we created this particular quiz; we want you to take it and find out just how awesome Aquaman is. Let’s have a bet. If you don’t get a good amount of these answers right, then you have to admit that Aquaman is hella cool. And if you do get a lot right, well, then congrats.

Question 1

What Happened To Aquaman's Son?

When Aquaman became the new king of Atlantis, more important characters began joining his inner circle. One of them included Garth, a character who later became Aquaman's sidekick. And with that new position came new designations. Yes, that's plural. Garth first went by Aqualad and after that, was known as the Tempest. Another character who became a big part of Aquaman's life was Mera, a Queen from another dimension, whom Aquaman eventually married. They had a son together whom they named Arthur Curry, Jr. What happened to Arthur Curry, Jr?

Question 2

What Did Charybdis Do To Aquaman?

At some point during Aquaman's reign, he soon came across Charybdis, a madman who was once a terrorist for hire before becoming an aquatic super-villain. During this iconic confrontation, Charybdis did quite a few horrific things to Aquaman, one of which involved him stealing the superhero's ability to communicate with sea life. But he did something else that caused Aquaman to become slightly unhinged and especially more aggressive, leading to the superhero succumbing to strange prophetic dreams. It's also what Charybdis is best known for.

Question 3

What Happened After Koryak Convinced the People of Atlantis to Follow Him?

When Aqualad disappeared to take on a mission by himself, Aquaman was joined by Dolphin (who is not an actual dolphin at all, and was actually a surface child). Together, she and Aquaman fended off an attack from Apokolips, among other things. During the "Return of Thanatos" storyline, she and Aquaman returned to Atlantis after Aquaman's illegitimate son Koryak was able to convince the population of Atlantis to follow him on an exodus of the city. What happened when Aquaman and Dolphin got there?

Question 4

After Thanatos Escaped A Parallel Dimension, What Did He Do?

When Aquaman was pulled into a parallel dimension by Thanatos, he was pitted to fight against Thanatos by the rulers of said dimension. Of course, Aquaman won because he's, well, Aquaman. The problem was that he refused to kill his vanquished enemy. The rulers didn't really care for that answer. In fact, they decreed that Aquaman would have to remain in their world until he became evil. Meanwhile, they allowed Thanatos to leave and return to Earth. What did Thanatos do upon his return?

Question 5

Where Did Aquaman and Kordax Fight?

During the Hunter/Gatherer War, Aquaman was able to muster up an army of various heroes and allies and lead them against the alien race, the same species whose name the war was actually named after. However, Aquaman had to fight against an enemy that he wasn't expecting: one of his long-lost ancestors, Kordax, who'd been awakened from antiquity by Koryak and was originally imprisoned for the many crimes that he had committed. Where did the final battle between Aquaman and Kordax occur?

Question 6

How Does The Battle Between Aquaman and Manta Turn Out During Infinite Crisis?

Aquaman was incredibly busy during Infinite Crisis. The superhero was first drawn into the fray when Spectre attacked Atlantis, an assault that was so successful that the Atlantean people became refugees, fleeing to Sub Diego. This soon led to Aquaman's allies having to defend the city from the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Next, Aquaman was dragged into a battle (known as the Battle of Metropolis) where he fought both Bane and Headhunter. And then, finally, Aquaman finally went up against his arch nemesis, Manta. How did the fight turn out?

Question 7

What Does The Voice Tell Arthur Joseph Curry To Do?

Arthur Joseph Curry debuted during the One Year Later storyline. (If you want to get really specific, it was in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40.) At the beginning of the story, Arthur is swimming downward, and after hearing a mysterious voice asking him his name, the voice then tells Arthur to get in a battle of epic proportions between King Shark and many other sea creatures. Before the voice reveals itself to be the Dweller-in-the-Depths, the voice (which you now know is the Dweller-in-the-Depths), tells Arthur to do something.

Question 8

Who Was The Zombie That Was Resurrected in "The Blackest Night" Miniseries?

In "The Blackest Night" miniseries, a certain corpse was reanimated and, upon its resurrection, went on a murderous rampage as some sort of zombie-like creature. This "zombie" sought the aid of Mera, Tempest and the Black Lanters Tula and Dolphin and, with their help, murdered Garth. The shock of what this zombie creature did ended up extinguishing the Red Lantern Rage in Mera's heart. While a good thing, it also caused it to stop beating. (And that's not good.) Who or what was this reanimated corpse originally before it died?

Question 9

How Does Aquaman Deal With Pirates At The Beginning of the "Brightest Day"?

At the beginning of "Brightest Day," Aquaman and Mera try to reconnect. However, Author, due to his time as a Black Lantern, is both cautious and fearful of entering the water. When Aquaman is finally able to summon up enough courage to venture back underneath the waves, he and Mera end up getting caught up in a rescue mission. More directly, the dynamic duo try to save certain people who are being attacked by pirates. The mission, however, doesn't go over that well. At the end of it, both he and Mera are shaken up over what Aquaman's powers were now capable of. What happened?

Question 10

What Was Aquaman's Major Problem With The Justice League In The New 52?

Aquaman teams up with the Justice League during the DC Comics reboot, The New 52, wherein he participates in many missions, including Darkseid's invasion of Earth (during which, Aquaman, as well as Wonder Woman, are able to temporarily blind Darkseid by stabbing him in the eyes) and their dealings with Graves, an author who was once saved by the Justice League and writes a book as a result, but later becomes obsessed with their destruction. All of these missions, caused instability within the Justice League. What was Aquaman's main point of contention?

Question 11

What Foe Did Aquaman First Fight At The Beginning of The New 52?

During Aquaman's first main story arc during The New 52, the aquatic hero faced a particular foe that he ostensibly exterminated in order to save innocent hostages by triggering an underwater volcanic eruption. These creatures had ventured up from deep within the depths of the ocean and wandered up to shore in search of food. However, they weren't just looking to feed themselves. They wanted to feed their queen because their race was dying. What was this new enemy that Aquaman had to face?

Question 12

Why Do Black Manta and Aquaman Hate Each Other In The New 52?

During Aquaman's investigation to find out the truth behind why Atlantis had sunk, his Batman-esque detective skills lead him to Dr. Stephen Shin. But, unfortunately for the superhero, he doesn't have time to obtain that truth. Ya'Wara, Jaguar Goddess of the Amazon, suddenly appears and tries to murder the doctor, who she believes was the reason for someone else's death. After Aquaman is able to stop her murderous tirade, Ya'wara warns Arthur that the Others, his former team, is being hunted by Black Manta, a conversation that soon unearths the true meaning behind Aquaman and Black Manta's hatred for each other.

Question 13

What Happens To Those Who Are Unfortunate Enough To Be Banished in Atlantis?

In the first Justice League/Aquaman cross-over event in The New 52, Ocean Master declares war on the surface world. Who can blame him? US missiles were launched near Atlantis. Of course, Aquaman tries to halt his war plans, but things start to go south when the Justice League arrives. A confrontation ensues, which leads to the Ocean Master banishing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. And the word "banishing" is a little too positive. It's basically a death sentence in Atlantean law. What does this "banishment" entail?

Question 14

Who Are We Introduced To During The Epilogue of "The Throne of Atlantis" Storyline?

In the epilogue of "The Throne of Atlantis," we see a certain cast of old Aquaman characters reintroduced, the Sea Devils, a team of non-superpowered adventurers, who are trying to stop criminalized whalers from hunting and killing the lives of the scared singers of the ocean. They aren't doing that well. It's only after Aquaman and his Atlantean guards come to the rescue and conjure up a whirlpool of waves that crash down onto the ships of the cold-blooded killers that the is day saved. When Aquaman is prosecuting the whalers, we are introduced to a new character who verbally attacks Dane Dorrance, the leader of the Sea Devils, for disrespecting Aquaman. Who is that person?

Question 15

Who Stole the Atlantean Weaponry?

Aquaman later goes on a giant investigation to solve who stole Atlantean weaponry and sold them to the highest bidders. He first speaks to Tula, Orm's half-sister and leader of a unit in the Atlantean army called the Drift, who suggests speaking to Vulko, a former Atlantean adviser who is incarcerated. After finally finding out who was ostensibly responsible, Aquaman, complete with an Atlantean entourage, attacks the alleged perpetrator's ship, who is kinda onboard ... and by that we mean via video-link. Who is he?

Question 16

What Makes The Dead King So Awesome?

Aquaman ends up meeting a very interesting character when searching for Mera, after she'd mysteriously disappeared, following an attack on Amnesty Bay (an assault that came with a snowstorm). Luckily, the aquatic hero was able to quickly figure out where to go next because a snowstorm had somehow manifested in the Bermuda triangle, and as we all know, it shouldn't snow there. When arriving in Xebel, he found Mera's capture: 'The First King of Atlantis' or the Dead King. It's at this point in the story when we find out what Aquaman knows about The Dead King. How? Because the King is vain and asked Aquaman what he knows of him. Besides being Atlantis' greatest ruler, what did this dead guy do that's so awesome?

Question 17

How Does Aquaman Create A Distraction For Mera To Get Away From The Dead King?

Aquaman does a really intensely badass thing after he rescues Mera from the Dead King. But he first had to rescue her. He did this by breaking the ice construct that was holding Mera. And then they run. Err, swim away. While they are being chased, Aquaman wants her to free her people. But the only way that she can do that is if he provides a distraction for her to get away. How does he try to distract the Dead King, who's in hot pursuit?

Question 18

What Is The Truth About Aquaman's Ancestry, According to Vulko?

After the battle over Atlantis, which involved not only the Atlanteans fighting against the Scavenger's army, but the Dead King and his Xebel warriors later joining the fray, Aquaman loses consciousness from the strain of telepathically reaching out to Topo. While that could mean certain death for many, Aquaman is a comic book superhero and therefore lives by a certain set of rules. He later wakes up ... a whopping six months later ... to find Vulko, who tells the truth about Aquaman's ancestry. What did Aquaman learn?

Question 19

Which of the Seven Treasures of Atlantis Did Aquaman Use Against The Dead King?

To defeat Atlan, also known as the Dead King, Aquaman needed to retrieve the most powerful of the Seven Treasures of Atlantis. When Aquaman obtained the artifact, he confronted Atlan. A battle of epic proportions ensued. The skirmish ended with Aquaman pushing himself and the Dead King into an open lava vent, melting the vengeful and maddened revenant along with the artifact into molten slag. (And don't worry, the aquatic hero was able to pull himself from the lava flow to safety.) What artifact did Aquaman use?

Question 20

What Monster Was The Long-Lost Protector of Atlantis?

During the "Resurface of the Past" storyline, Aquaman ended up battling against a creature that was thought to have been gone forever, a monster that was once Atlantis' protector. When fighting against the creature, Aquaman tried to make telepathic contact with it, but all he was able to accomplish was getting swept up in its own memories. This was unfortunate because Aquaman had to kill the massive beast before it caused more havoc (and it was doing quite a bit of that). What was the beast?

Question 21

How Can Aquaman Perform These Amazing Abilities?

Aquaman has a great range of incredible abilities due to a certain something that was given to him. Some of these amazing skills include: controlling water on a massive scale, such as splitting colossal tidal waves, dehydrating anyone he touches, performing an instant KO (where "KO" signifies death), changing the shape and density of a body part into a weapon, shooting jets of steaming-hot water, healing abilities, creating portals to different dimensions, nullifying magic ... and more. How can Aquaman do these things?

Question 22

How Can Aquaman Utilize Planetary Water Bodies?

There are three accomplishments that Aquaman was able to achieve because of a certain ability that only he can perform. In one instance, the city of Atlantis had actually risen from its watery grave and Aquaman had to lower it back beneath the waves (which he did, by the way). Next, he merged with the anti-entity of the Water Bearer known as the Thist, an effort that almost dried up all of the oceans on the planet. While dangerous, Aquaman merged with the Thist again during the "Brightest Day" storyline when he was tasked with finding Jackson Hyde and finding a way to incarcerate Xebelian prisoners who'd just escaped from captivity. How could Aquaman utilize planetary water bodies in each instance?

Question 23

How Can Aquaman Sense The Primal Emotions of Aquatic Creatures?

Even though it's unclear whether Aquaman is still able to perform this incredible ability, in early renditions of the DC continuity, he, in addition to Swamp Thing and Animal Man, could sense the primal emotions of aquatic creatures (and even catch sight of what were seeing). Heck, he could even reach out to land-dwelling animals, but only if the animal's brain possessed certain marine elements that had been passed down hereditarily during the course of that species' evolution. What did Aquaman have to do in order to channel this power?

Question 24

Who Retrofitted Aquaman's Harpoon-Tipped Hand?

Aquaman's retrofitted harpoon-tipped hand possessed a multitude of uses. It could fire the spear end along a cable line (and the line, which could be energized, was powerful enough to restrain angels and a charging Superboy), spin like a drill so Aquaman could burrow through the surface of the Earth, and cut through powerful opponents, including the Power Ring and the Deep Six. Who made the retrofitted harpoon-tipped hand? This version came before the one that was crafted from indestructible liquid smart metal, allowing Aquaman to control the harpoon directly with mental commands. It could discharge powerful energy blasts, transform into various weapons, and be used as shielding or armor.

Question 25

Who Forged The Trident of Poseidon?

The Trident of Poseidon allows Aquaman to control and channel the power of the storm, in addition to a plethora of other things. When welding the weapon, he can generate tsunamis, call down lightning from the heavens, conjure ice, cause earthquakes, teleport anywhere (including plants) by using water as a medium) and fly. And if the Trident gets a little too heavy for our aquatic hero, Aquaman can have it shrink to the size of a short sword. Who or what created such a magnificent weapon?

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