Are You An Apple Or An Android?

Are you having a hard time deciding between Apple or Android? That's ok. This debate parallels the early 2000's one of PC or Mac computers. It's tough to know what's best. Both Apple and Android are operating systems built for smart phones or touchscreen devices. They both have application hubs where you can get the latest games or other necessary apps that make your life easier.

Apple has cornered the market with the ubiquity of their products (iPod, MacBook, iPhone, iTouch, AppleTV) that are exclusively controlled by them. The range of these products was an unprecedented marketing move. If you had one Apple device it pressured you to get another so you could have the unified experience. Android is Google's response to Apple iOS. However Android software is sold to quite a few phone makers, so they vary in quality. This also means you can have greater choice as a consumer-- it's less one size fits all.

While Apple has the range of uniform products, Android has Ok Google, which some say hugely outperforms Siri when it comes to just about everything. With the holidays coming up which one will you be queueing for? Answer these lifestyle questions and we'll reveal if you're more of an Apple user or an Android user.

Question 1

Which style best defines you?

It's all personal. Whether you prefer your apartment decked out in all the cool stuff you found in the vintage sale, or whether you want a clean, empty space. Do you dress in plain colours or do you have a sick superhero t-shirt to show off?

Question 2

Would you ever join a cult?

There can be some good things that come from strong sense of belonging. No seriously, you'd have a lot of similar subjects to discuss with your peers. And you'd all be using the same jargon. Cooler than it sounds.

Question 3

You go to McDonald's. What do you order?

Though McD's started off life as a burger joint they now offer several other appetizing alternatives. They even put a spin on some of the national cuisines of the country where they are located. So what would you opt for?

Question 4

What musical instrument did/would you play?

If you grew up in a musical household odds are your parents got you into music lessons pretty early. You know, just to see if you'd be a prodigy. What instrument did you stick with? Are you thinking of picking up an instrument now?

Question 5

Which sounds like a cooler place to spend a year?

It depends what you're looking for in a vacation or travel year. Are you looking for a massive city with some cool historical traditions? Or are you looking for somewhere close to the beach and San Francisco?

Question 6

Which do you use your phone most for?

Both Android and Apple devices mark a shift in how we use our phones. What would you do without your handheld computer? You couldn't listen to music, check a map, or take photos. In the future will people even have landlines anymore?

Question 7

You're going to a movie with your friends. Which do you go see?

Some friend groups only prefer to see the scariest films on the big screen. Others will only go out if it's to support a director they like. When do you find yourself shelling out money to go to the movies?

Question 8

What sorts of cafes do you prefer?

Minimalist plant filled cafes have been popping up everywhere around the world! At least according to my Instagram feed. Where's your preferred place to have a coffee and work? Or do you prefer mom and pop owned makeshift cafes?

Question 9

Do you speak to your phone often?

Some people insist on using Siri for every little task, from setting an alarm to checking the weather in the morning. They find this voiced artificial intelligence comforting. Others prefer to use a muted AI that sends notifications.

Question 10

What sports are you into?

Which professional level sport do you find more captivating? Maybe you like the fast-paced and high scoring environment of the NBA. Or are you more drawn to the strategy and grace of the UEFA Champions League and World Cup?

Question 11

Do you check your email on your phone?

Several tech sites rate one of these smart devices as more intuitive for checking email on. Of course, it depends which device you are most accustomed to, but do you use your phone often for email?

Question 12

What kind of coffee do you order?

Are you a fancy coffee guy or do you prefer your caffeine straight up? Some people are all about the latte designs or alternative milks like soy, almond, or cashew. How do you prefer your coffee?

Question 13

Which season do you prefer?

With pumpkin spice lattes transitioning to gingerbread, you know that winter is coming. In that cold grey time ahead what seasonal memories will you cherish? Running around in green pastures and jumping in fresh water? Or taking long colour filled walks?

Question 14

How often do you update your operating system?

Apple seems to prompt you about this nonstop-- they come out with a new OS every other week. While most smash the "remind me later" button, it's nice to have the option to update your stuff. Or would you prefer that interfaces never changed?

Question 15

What pizza are you going for?

The internet is divided on whether pineapple is appropriate on a pizza or not. Some (fruit haters) think it has no place, but they obviously don't understand complexity of flavour. When you're getting pizza delivered, what kind do you want?

Question 16

How often do you charge up?

Some people are constantly on their phone. Yes, smart phones provide a range of functions but that doesn't mean you should act like a Kardashian. you bring your charger everywhere? Or do you charge only every few days?

Question 17

What's a good first date idea?

It's hard to know how to ask someone on a date but it's easier if you propose an activity to do together. Kind of cuts the awkwardness. Have you ever asked someone to join you in one of these things? Which most appeals to you?

Question 18

Which pet do you prefer?

Sooo cute! Most people are pretty divided on this question, if they like dogs they have a deep hatred for cats and vice versa. Maybe that's because they're supposed to be "enemies." Who knows.

Question 19

What is your preferred winter accessory?

Depending on where you live sometimes both of these things are necessary. But which is first to come out of your winter wardrobe? Do you like the nice splash of colour your scarf gives you? Or the useful protection of gloves?

Question 20

Do you use the fingerprint scan?

The fingerprint scan is an unlock screen option available on iPhone and some Androids. Some Android models are beginning face-scan to unlock your screen. These technologies are very cool, but some people wonder if it's safe to have that much personal information stored on a phone. Hmm..

Question 21

What are you more likely to read?

Lot's of people are into horror novels and true crime these days, and maybe it's because it's just so exciting, even in a book. There are those who prefer non-fiction or fantasy though. Many of the iconic shows that are blowing us away these days were based on books and comic books.

Question 22

When is your birthday?

When were you born? Is the weather OK around your birthday, or do you live in a relatively temperate place? It's really only a shame if your birthday was during the summer holidays because then you couldn't celebrate it at school.

Question 23

Coke or Pepsi?

People are pretty particular about which sodas they like. Obviously America's favourite will always be Coca Cola. But if you went to a diner and all the fountain drinks they offered were the two below, which would you choose?

Question 24

Do you take a lot of photos on your phone?

Do you even have an Instagram? iPhone camera quality is consistently good whereas Android varies from model to model. But, Google Photos gives you unlimited free storage. Might want to think about that, Apple.

Question 25

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

If your answer is you didn't have breakfast this morning (you should!) just respond with what you would most likely have. People typically have morning routines because it's too early to think and change things up. Which food plays a part in yours?

Question 26

Do you have a ring tone or do you use vibrate?

Some people have pretty dramatic ringtones. They can actually be kinda fun. Obviously you'd need to turn your phone on vibrate or silent when you're in a meeting/at the movies. But what's the normal setting?

Question 27

What beer would you reach for?

Nothing better than a nice brewski with friends after a long week. What bar will you head to? What beers do you totally beeline towards? If your response is you don't like beer you shouldn't have a smart phone.

Question 28

Which phone was yours back in the day?

It didn't get much cooler than these two phones back in the early 2000's. With Razr you had the revolutionary T-9, while Sidekick gave you a whole keyboard! We won't ask about Blackberry because those were all about emails.

Question 29

What is the destination to your dream vacation?

Are you outdoorsy or more of a city person? Or maybe your ideal vacation is just to sit on the beach and feel the warm sun on your skin. Whatever your dream destination is, it probably goes right along with your personality since you're you!

Question 30

How old were you when you got your first computer?

Obviously we're talking about personal computers here. How old you were when you got your first one is likely to demonstrate whether the model was your choice or your family's choice. So, how old were you? Was it a hand-me-down?

Question 31

Which singer do you prefer?

There are so many amazing new musicians being discovered every year. Do you find yourself listening to the same albums every year? When's the last time you searched around for some new music on the net? Chances are if you look you'll be bombarded with it.

Question 32

When's the last time your phone needed technical support?

It's a pain when your phone breaks and you have to track someone down to fix it. The positive for Apple here is that they have one centralized location where you can get everything fixed. Even if prices are a little steep.

Question 33

Which show do you prefer?

Ok yes, very different things, we know. But if the sad reality was you had to choose only one to watch until the end, which would you choose? The epic war of white walkers and dragons in Westeros or the 80's mystery of a young boy gone missing?

Question 34

Choose a fast food restaurant.

The ad above was truly hilarious advertising. Your choice between these fast food places is entirely subjective, just like your choice of an Apple brand or an Android brand. While some people will argue about which is objectively better, your preference matters most.

Question 35

How much storage do you need?

Are you're worried about having enough available storage space on your physical device? Android lets you change the battery and add an external storage capacity. Since Apple is more focused on minimalism it doesn't offer this feature.

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