Take The Quiz To Find Out If You're A Vampire Or A Werewolf

Would it be better to live as a vampire or a werewolf?

Well, as a vampire you would have a few things going for you. You're immortal and forever young which is a bonus, but on the downside the only thing you can consume (and must consume) is blood. That means no more takeaways for eternity and that sounds like hell. Also, you can't go into the sun (for fear of exploding, melting, or glittering, depending on what movie you watch) so that means no more beach days, hikes, or tanning. Just think how depressing a lifetime of dark nights would be!

So perhaps it would be better to be a werewolf then? If you like your steaks extra rare and prefer to eat them at sunny BBQ's, then it certainly would be! In exchange for changing into a hairy beast every now and again (possibly at will or possibly at the sight of the full moon), you get to enjoy all the comforts of being a human the rest of the time. And you get to enjoy a long life but not a depressingly eternal one. Sounds sweet.

Have you ever wondered whether you'd be a vampire or a werewolf? Take our simple quiz and find out!

1What's your favorite smell?

Smell is one of our most important senses and it's more powerful than you think. Smells can warn us about dangers in our environment and even evoke strong memories. Which of these would you say is your favorite smell?

2Rate this movie: Van Helsing

If you have a bug infestation, you call an exterminator, right? And if have ghosts, you call the Ghostbusters, correct? But who do you call when the issue is pesky blood-sucking vampires? Well, that's easy, you just need to find the vigilante monster hunter Van Helsing!

3Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Would you say that you are an extrovert or an introvert? Extroverts enjoy socializing and being out and about, while introverts are generally shy and prefer spending time alone. Each one has its perks and drawbacks, so where do you fit in?

4Would you rather read or watch a movie?

Some people love to read. For them, relaxing with a good book is like heaven on Earth. Others might not enjoy reading as much. They prefer to experience stories through the movies and there's nothing wrong with that! What is your preference?

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