Are You A Spider-Man Franchise Expert?


What with so many Spider-Man movies entering the fray these days—including the yet-to-be-released Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is the second, not first, reboot of the franchise overall with Tom Holland, as well as the momentarily alluded first rendition, The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Russell Garfield—we just had to create a Spider-Man-centric quiz.

While there are many reiterations of the web-slinging hero in the realm of comic books (which you can clearly deduce by the few examples we shared above—and there are more where those came from), all with subtle and overly conspicuous changes alike, what stays constant are the major story arcs that permeate the franchise as a whole.

We felt that the best way to find out just how well you know Spider-Man was by quizzing you on said major story arcs. The questions are prepared in order, and begin with the “Death of Gwen Stacy,” and go on through the “Secret Wars,” “The Symbiote,” the “Birth of Venom and Carnage,” “The Identity Crisis,” “A Death In The Family,” “The Civil War,” and up to “Superior Spider-Man,” to name a few.

After naming all of these story arcs and sagas, it’s definitely remarkable to realize that all of this amazingness can be attributed to one ostensible, albeit iconic moment, way back in the day in 1962, when Stan Lee allegedly saw a spider climb a wall, giving him the idea for this comic book character. Since then, Spider-Man has continued to transform the comic book industry, beginning with when Peter Parker became one of the first heroes, if not the first, whose interminable flaw as a human being ultimately culminated to a tragic ramification: the death of Gwen Stacy. And his stories haven’t stopped surprising us since.

Let’s see how good your “Spidey Sense” is!

Question 1

How Did Gwen Stacy Die?

The end of the Silver Age brought about one of comic's most devastating moments. With full knowledge that Spider-Man was Peter Parker in disguise, the Green Goblin figured out his number-one weakness (you guessed it, Gwen Stacy). The Goblin's diabolical plan involved capturing Gwen Stacy in order to lure out the web-slinging superhero. And it worked. Spider-Man came swinging to the rescue and the two fought. Even though Peter was sick at the time, Spider-Man was able to defeat the Goblin. Despite being beaten, the Goblin was able to kill Gwen Stacy. How did he kill her?

Question 2

What Hero Did Spider-Man Team Up With to Defeat Sin-Eater?

Even though Peter Parker is a superhero, he hasn't been able to save everyone, including his good friend Jean DeWolff. His murderer was the criminal Sin-Eater, a former police detective who quotes the Bible to justify his murders. Determined to capture Sin-Eater so that no one else would die at his hands, Peter Parker knew that he had to capture him. But Peter knew that he wasn't going to be able to do it alone. Spider-Man ended up teaming up with another superhero who just so happened to hold a grudge against Sin-Eater.

Question 3

How Did Kraven the Hunter Momentarily Defeat Spider-Man?

After Peter Park returned from his much-needed honeymoon with the lovely MJ, he found himself caught up in one of the most traumatizing events that he would ever experience. (At least Peter had gotten some well-deserved time off first before it happened!) Waiting for Peter at home was Kraven the Hunter, a mercenary who was -- surprise, surprise -- once a famous big game hunter. Kraven, utterly obsessed with regaining his honor that his family had lost. And the only way that he could do this was by vanquishing his greatest nemesis ... Spider-Man. How did Kraven try to defeat the web-slinging hero?

Question 4

What Did Kraven the Hunter Do With Spider-Man's Body?

After shooting Spider-Man in the head with a rifle, Kraven had a few choices of what he could do next with the body of his arch nemesis. For those who are familiar with this particular superhero's story will undoubtedly know that the answer to our question can be found on the cover of the issue wherein this particular insanity took place: "Kraven's Last Stand." The cover art of said issue (and, in turn, the answer to our question) was done by the incredibly talented Mike Zeck.

Question 5

How was Carnage Born?

After Spider-Man completely humiliated reporter Eddie Brock, who had accused Sin-Eater of being a certain person, by identifying Sin-Eater's true identity (an identity that was completely different to the person whom Eddie had publicly stated was Sin-Eater), Eddie became infuriated with the web-slinger, partly because of the humiliation he endured on a professional level but more so because he later lost his job as a result. Eddie later bonded with the symbiote and became Venom. But how did Carnage come into being?

Question 6

What Happened To Peter's Parents When They Returned?

Peter Parker went for one hell of a "ride" on a crazy emotional "rollercoaster" when his parents suddenly became a part of his life again. The reason why they had been gone for so long was because they had been abducted by the communists. After Peter had gone through the emotionally draining experience of learning to love his parents again and even went so far as revealing his identity as the web-slinging hero known as Spider-Man, something terrible happened. What was it?

Question 7

Who Is This Guy?

The Clone Saga was a a controversial story arc for many fans, seeing as it saw the return of the Jackal-made copy of Peter Parker. After spending many, many years traveling the world because he felt as though there was no place in New York City, this character eventually came back to meet Peter. The two originally fought, but they soon were able to work out their differences. Heck, during the time in which Peter had ostensibly lost his powers, this "clone" took over as Spider-Man. What was this character's name and what was his superhero alias?

Question 8

Why Did Peter Parker Decide To Stop Being Spider-Man?

Norman Osborn -- proving that he is and probably always will be the perpetual rock in Peter Parker and Mary Jane's shoe, also known as life -- began a ritual known as the Gathering of the Five (wherein each member became blessed or cursed with power, knowledge, immortality, insanity or death). As a member, Norman, not breaking out of character, attacked and kidnapped Peter. While that's horrible and all, Peter ended up finding out something profoundly intense, so intense that it soon led Peter to "quitting" as Spider-Man.

Question 9

Who Took Peter Parker's Place as Spider-Man?

Peter was living the life he always wanted. Or, at least, the life he thought he always wanted. He bought a new apartment, where he lived with his aunt May and wife Mary-Jane. Even though Peter was now working at a science-center (and no longer swinging around, saving the day), he found himself struggling with not being a superhero. But then something happened. A new Spider-Man suddenly appeared on the scene. Who was the person who took over as the Amazing Spider-Man?

Question 10

What Crazy Thing Did Norman Osborn Do in "A Death in the Family"?

After breaking out of jail, guess what the Green Goblin does? That's right. He confronts Spider-Man, and a battle of epic proportions ensues. At first, it seems as though the fight has reached a stalemate until Norman does something intense: he stabs Peter in the shoulder with a freakin' pipe! But rather than finishing him off, Norman does something crazy: he tells Peter that he always considered him as a member of his family. And, no, we didn't give away the answer. Later, he tries to convince Peter to actually become the heir to his family. But, as you can imagine, it didn't work. But that wasn't the "crazy" thing he did. So what "crazy" thing did he do?

Question 11

How Does Aunt May Find Out That Peter Parker Is Spider-Man?

The enigmatic and overtly strange Ezekiel knows all! Little did Peter Parker know that in meeting this mysterious stranger, it would lead to aunt May finding out that he is Spider-Man. It all begins when Ezekiel tells him something disturbing: he knows that Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Ezekiel also relates a foreboding future: a powerful enemy known as Morlun is out there, somewhere, and will try to kill him. Insanely enough, Spider-Man finally encounters Morlun. But how does this lead to aunt May finding out that her nephew is Spider-Man?

Question 12

Who Helped Spider-Man Subdue The Riot At The Raft?

Even though the Raft, located off the coast of New York on Rikers Island, is a high security island prison for the worst super-villains, that doesn't mean that things can still go wrong. And things do go wrong. Horribly wrong. Electro, the electric human dynamo, is able to orchestrate a riot, one so emphatically chaotic that Spider-Man is unable to to subdue all the inmates on his own. He needs a little help. What superhero or superheroes helped Spider-Man thwart Electro's plot?

Question 13

What Intense Thing Happens to Spider-Man Before He Accepts "His Spider Side"?

At the beginning of "The Other" storyline, Peter discovers that he's suffering from an unknown disease that's killing him. What's worse, even the best scientific minds in the Marvel Universe can't even figure out what's wrong with him. After he finally accepts his fate, Peter Parker is attacked by none other than Morlun. During the fight, Morlun does something really intense (and immensely gross) before he beats Spider-Man into submission, to the point that everyone believes that he's been killed. What does Morlun do?

Question 14

Why Does Spider-Man Leave Iron Man's Team during the "Civil War" arc?

During the "Civil War" arc, Spider-Man ends up joining Iron Man's team, which Tony Stark rewards him for doing by giving Spider-Man an iron spider suit (Spider-Man even starts donning a completely new Spidey outfit). As a member of Tony's team, Peter decides to go all the way and accept the Super-human Registration Act, a bill that deals with sacrificing civil liberties to promote the nation's safety. Spider-Man gets so caught up in his patriotism, that he goes as far as revealing his identity to the public! Why does he end up leaving the team?

Question 15

What Criminal Hired The Sniper Who Shot Aunt May?

When Peter Parker is on the run due to the ramifications of the Civil War, a sniper ends up shooting aunt May, an attempted assassination that causes May to fall into a coma and in critical condition. All of these atrocities culminate to Peter "going" to a place where he's never been. Spider-Man dons his black costume and goes on a rampage to find his aunt's shooter, one that eventually leads him to Riker's prison. Who does Peter find who hired the sniper?

Question 16

What Deal Does Spider-Man Make In Return For Aunt May?

After Peter's aunt May is shot by Kingpin's sniper, Peter obviously becomes desperate to save her and will pretty much do anything to accomplish this, which soon leads him to making a deal with Mephisto. In it, Mephisto says that he will save his aunt, as well as restore the secrecy of his identity as Spider-Man, but only in exchange for something in return. The resulting "trade" marks the beginning of what is known as the Brand New Day era. What was the condition that had to be met in order for Mephisto to save aunt May?

Question 17

What Was The Cause Behind This Specific Storyline?

During the "American Son" story, Spider-Man was forced to stop Norman Osborn by infiltrating Stark Tower. Spidey also had to resort to broadcasting a video of Osborn conducting horrible experiments on the internet as well as join Captain America in intercepting Osborn's Siege on Asgard. The aftermath of said story marked what is now known as the dawn of the Heroic Age, a time in which Spidey finally becomes a member of the newly formed Avengers. Why did Peter have to do these things?

Question 18

Who Did Spider-Man and Invisible Woman Kidnap To Infiltrate Avengers Tower?

Who did Spider-Man and Invisible Woman kidnap and imprison so they could infiltrate Avengers Tower? To help jog your memory, they ambushed this person in an alleyway and caught him in an invisible force-field. During this time, Bullseye was too caught up in an extremely important endeavor to take part: he was picking and eating a bogey. Later, Spider-Man posed as this person by donning a special suit made by Reed Richards, which allowed Peter to appear like him/her with the Venom symbiote.

Question 19

What Did Kaine Say At The Beginning of the "Grim Hunt"?

In the "Gauntlet" story, Spider-Man is forced to fight against classic foes, battles that were all in the effort to bring back Kraven the Hunter. While this nefarious deed wasn't achieved during the "Gauntlet," it was accomplished in the "Grim Hunt," the latter of which begins with Peter answering a loud knock at his apartment door, whereby he finds his estranged clone Kaine, beaten and bloodied. What is the last thing Kaine says to Peter Parker before he passes out?

Question 20

What Does Spider-Man Do To Help Him Take Down Phil Urich as Hobgoblin?

During the "Big Time" story arc, Roderick Kingsley is murdered by a crazed Phil Urich who takes up the mantle of the Hobgoblin and takes on on the mission Kingpin initially assigned to Kingsley, which involved stealing a metal called reverbium from Horizon Labs. Turns out, Peter not only worked there, but the day in which Hobgoblin started this new mission was on Peter's first day at the lab. After their fight (which results in Hobgoblin stealing the reverbium), Spider-Man does something to prepare for their next encounter. What does he do?

Question 21

How Is Spider-Queen Defeated During "Spider-Island"?

During the end of the "Spider-Island" story, wherein the Spider-Queen and Jackal work together to transform the people of New York into spiders so that Spider-Queen can rule the city, she and Madame Web are both reconnected to the Web, thus turning Spider-Queen into a Spider-Goddess! Before this spidery amalgamation is defeated, Peter cures many people at once by connecting with the antennae on top of the Empire State Building and Mary Jane fights off the spider-like creatures attacking them. But then what happens?

Question 22

What Illusion Does Mystery Create During "The Ends of the Earth" Story?

At one point during "The Ends of the Earth" storyline, Silver Sable, Spider-Man and Black Widow, set off to Doc Ock's manufacturing plants, where, upon their arrival, they encounter -- and beat -- Sandman. Thanks to his position, Doc Ock was able to make the following request to the nations: to capture Spider-Man, an endeavor he also called upon his minions to do, in addition to "taking him down." Once Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Silver Sable reach the main base in Romania, they see an illusion created by Mysterio. What was it?

Question 23

What Did The "Pale Man" Do At The Beginning Of "No Turning Back"?

While "having a good time" at MJ's, Mary Jane's Club, Carlie calls and tells Spider-Man to come meet her somewhere because she had witnessed a "pale man" doing something horrible. Upon hearing what Carlie had to say, Spider-Man was able to connect two and two together and went after the culprit: Morbius. As you might expect, a fight ensued between the two rivals, but it quickly ended after Morbius told Peter that he'd already accomplished the goal he was trying to achieve (the pursuit thereof involved performing the aforementioned "horrible deed"). While Spider-Man was able to put two and two together, can you? What was this horrible deed that this "pale man" ostensibly did?

Question 24

How Does Andy Maguire Become Alpha?

It all began when Andy Maguire, a teen outcast, was participating on a school field trip at Horizon Labs, where, of course, who else but Peter Parker was holding an experiment. Due to Tiberius Stone not liking Peter, he sabotaged the experiment, an act that would later transform Andy into Alpha. Andy was later examined by top superhuman specialists and they discovered that he had energy projection, flight, super speed, super strength and force field. The catch, however, was that he could only control one power at a given time. What happened to Andy at the lab?

Question 25

Who Is Superior Spider-Man?

In the story the "Dying Wish," a new character known as Superior Spider-Man comes into being. This character is able to defeat the Sinister Six, earning him public acclaim; tries to convince the Vulture to give up a life of crime and then, upon failing to do so, brutally blinds the Vulture in a vicious fight; develops thousands of "Spider-Bots" that patrol the city; and executes escaped killer Massacre publicly, all within the sub-story "My Own Worth Enemy." Who in the heck is Superior Spider-Man?

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