Are You A Rick Or A Morty?


Rick and Morty started its life as a very dark, very sexual parody of Back to the Future that not very many people got. Then it was developed into a sitcom for Adult Swim that was still a little rough around the edges, but it featured the characters that we now love. It was an odd choice for Adult Swim's bid to program a genuinely popular mainstream show considering what they've decided to show in the past (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Too Many Cooks), but they knew what they were doing. They knew that audiences would fall in love with these two flawed, at-odds interdimensional travelers. Now it's pulling in 2 million viewers a week, about the same as many shows on broadcast networks with primetime slots, which is a testament to the appeal of Rick and Morty's very specific blend of fucked-up humor, graphic violence that comes out of the blue, and genuine deep philosophies on life and modern society. But the appeal of the show, really, at the end of the day, comes down to its two yin-and-yang lead characters: mad, alcoholic scientist Rick and his whiny, hormonal grandson Morty. So, which are you? Answer these questions to find out!

Question 1

Do you think that school is important?

Morty's math class in Rick and Morty

Morty is not a good student. He's barely ever in class as his grandfather Rick frequently pulls him out to take him across the space-time continuum for a wacky adventure. And when he is in class, he doesn't pay attention and he can't answer any of the teacher's questions, that is if he's even awake to realize they're being asked. But do you think that a school education is important for your development in life?

Question 2

What do you do when you experience heartbreak?

Heartbreak is never an easy thing to overcome. You're basically left with two options. You can keep your chin up and think to yourself, 'It ain't over 'til it's over,' and maybe you'll get them next time. Or you can sink into deep depression and despair. Which do you do?

Question 3

Are you easily traumatized?

Let's say you find yourself having completely messed up the world in an irrevocable fashion, so you have to go to another dimension that's pretty much the same as your original one except in this one, you die. You then bury your own corpse in the back yard and go into a house that looks like the one you live in, except it's not really that one. Would you be traumatized or would you not let it faze you?

Question 4

Do you like the other versions of yourself?

If you could travel between dimensions (maybe you can, I don't know), and you met a whole bunch of versions of you from different dimensions, you would either be excited because it's a bunch of you, or you would hate them because you're the most 'you' version of you there is. Which are you? Do you like the other versions of yourself?

Question 5

Do you drink?

The popularity of alcohol is interesting. It destroys us and eats away at our insides and we know exactly how it does it, and yet we continue to drink. But some people don't. Some people have sworn off the stuff, either following a destructive phase of addiction or simply as a personal choice. So, do you drink?

Question 6

Are you true to your word?

You either lie and deceive and cheat people, or you're up front and honest with them. Frankly, the lying and cheating works out very well in some cases in episodes of Rick and Morty, but that is by no means a justification of immoral behavior. So, are you true to your word?

Question 7

Which catchphrase do you like best?

A lot of cartoon characters have catchphrases. Bart Simpson has, "Ay caramba!" while his dad has, "D'oh!" Brian Griffin has, "Whose leg to you have to hump to get a martini around here?" (although he uses it less these days). Bender has, "Bite my shiny metal ass!" There's even a catchphrase in Rick and Morty. Do you have one?

Question 8

Are you an optimist?

Optimism is an important quality to have. That big thing that makes you happy could be right around the corner. Of course, it might not be there. So, are you an optimist?

Question 9

What part of your body do you think with?

Obviously scientifically, all thoughts are processed by the brain. But as the old adage goes, it's possible sometimes for some people to think with a different part of their body, when their judgment is clouded by the release of a certain hormone. Which part of your body do you use to think with?

Question 10

Do you believe in love?

For a show about scientific discovery (kinda), there's a lot of emotion in Rick and Morty, and particularly the emotion of love. Rick has some kind of tragic backstory involving Beth's mother, Beth has her ups and downs in her marriage to Jerry, and Morty has an undying crush on Jessica. So, do you believe that what humans call love is simply a chemical combination that compels us to breed or do you believe that love exists?

Question 11

Do you like the music of Elliott Smith?

Tiny Rick crying

The music of Elliott Smith is melancholic and sad, but the important thing is that, as all great music should, he makes you feel something genuine. He died tragically young at just 34 from stab wounds to his chest. The coroners could not determine whether or not the wounds were self-inflicted. Do you like his music?

Question 12

Are you into schadenfreude?

In other words, are you a sadist? Do you just love to watch others fail? Does it make you happy to use others as a stepping stone to bigger and better things? Do you even keep these memories around to replay for sport? Are you only happy if another being in pain? Be honest now!

Question 13

Do you have a foot fetish?

If you're going to have a fetish, a foot fetish is probably one of the best to have. It's relatively common, and not all that weird (well, in relative terms). Even Quentin Tarantino has one. But do you?

Question 14

Do you think superheroes are cool?

Maybe you buy into the recent fad of superhero fiction or maybe you're tired of the same old tropes: the tragic origin stories, the weak and underdeveloped superpowers etc. So, do you think superheroes are cool?

Question 15

Do you like to party?

You either like to party or you start fretting over the ring stains on the wooden coffee table and the trash being left on the floor. Which are you? Would you be the party pooper or the wallflower or maybe you're the person who is just too cool for parties altogether!

Question 16

What is your best friend like?

The company we keep says an awful lot about us. Even if you aren't like your friends, the sort of people you choose to keep around you let other people know what you find acceptable. It might be a good idea to vet the people you choose to spend your time with. So, what are they like?

Question 17

Do you like the movie Inception?

Inception was a huge hit upon its original release in 2010. It was Leonardo DiCaprio infiltrating dreams, so of course it was going to be a huge success. But there's a slim hipster minority who don't like it, either because they think it's stupid or because they think they're being cool by going against the mainstream opinion. Do you like Inception?

Question 18

Is it awesome to turn yourself into a pickle?

I'm Pickle Rick!

The only reason anyone would do it is because they could. Is that just confusing or is it awesome?

Question 19

Do you know a lot about the Gear Wars?

If you don't, boy do I envy you! If you haven't ever had a three to four hour long lecture about the gear wars, you are certainly in for a treat. The drama, the strategy, the history of it all is absolutely breathtaking and definitely not worth condensing, ever. So, have you heard of them?

Question 20

Are you a leader or a sidekick?

You can lead the way, either as a lone wolf or as the head of a team of two or more, or you can be a loyal follower, doing the bidding of the former. Which are you: leader or sidekick?

Question 21

Do you like The Bachelor?

A lot of people don't like reality television. But a lot of people do, otherwise it wouldn't still exist. One reality TV show is The Bachelor, and it's one of Jerry's favorites as he eagerly awaits the finale to see who the chick will choose. But are you a Jerry who likes The Bachelor or are you cool?

Question 22

Do you care about your family?

It's a deep question. Do you? Keep in mind that just because you care about them doesn't mean you like them and it certainly doesn't mean you'd ever do anything to endanger yourself for them. But still, are these people you are about deeply or are they just the biological matter that had to exist before you did?

Question 23

Why are you on the run from the law?

These days, that could be for saying something negative (God forbid) about the President on Twitter. Or it could be for a big international arms deal you pulled off. It could be anything. Are you wanted by the government?

Question 24

Does your kindness sometimes cloud your judgment?

This could be when, say, your grandfather sells a gun to a hitman, so you rescue his target, but then the target turns out to be a genocidal murderer who wants to bring your species to its annihilation. And to save him, hundreds of other innocent people are killed in the process.

Question 25

Do you like to get schwifty?

Because it is a thing. C'mon! Take of your panties! Sh*t on the floor! Everybody who's worth anything is doing it. C'mon! Peer pressure, baby! Anybody who isn't getting schwifty in the next ten minutes is banned from adventures for two weeks.

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