Are You A Real 90s Kid? Name These Popular Films Of The Decade!


For some reason, people born in the 90s have been taking to social media and posting about how they have fond memories of TV shows, toys, commercials, and more. What the purpose of this is, we have yet to find out. We simply know that it exists.

One thing that isn't mentioned frequently when discussing "90s babies" is the movies released during that decade. There were tons of hits and classics that came out during that period, as well as some unsung winners. Movie buffs will be able to tell you what they are, but what about the 90s babies in our audience?

After all, if you were really born in the 90s, you can remember watching these movies as a kid, and if you can't recall them, then you were likely born in some other decade (the 50s perhaps?).

All joking aside, let's see if you can name the popular films of the 90s.

Question 1

Which movie is this?

When the entire world is convinced that you're guilty of a crime, you'll be going to prison for a long time. This film stars a man who claimed to be innocent of his crimes. Unfortunately, he was given two life sentences despite this. In prison he befriended a man who "knew who to get things", and the two of them slowly began hatching a plan of escape. The entire plot took 19 years to effectively put together, and the tension never lets up.

Question 2

What was this movie?

Delving into the mind of a psychopath is never an easy subject to tackle, but it's one that this movie handled extremely well. Following an agent as she is trying to hunt a killer, she is assigned to interview one of the most notorious murderers in crime history to gain an insight into how criminals think. The film is described as a horror piece but doesn't rely on jumpscares or cheap tricks. It makes one think, feel vulnerable, and wonder about their own sanity.

Question 3

These kids starred in which movie?

Child acting is hit or miss, and having a host of children carry a movie is a risky move as a result. Thankfully, they pull it off in this classic hit. Telling the story of young boys who play baseball and get into all sorts of trouble trademark for their age, there is a heartwarming and relatable story in this movie. The way they react and respond to things in the world is reminiscent of our own childhoods, and we couldn't be more understanding.

Question 4

This scene is from which film?

A group of scientists, who were so focused on their capabilities rather than logic, managed to collect some old DNA of long extinct dinosaurs. Then they went through the tedious process of recreating these ancient lizards from scratch, and everything became much more interesting from there. All of the dinosaurs were sanctioned off to an exotic island, where one man planned to use these beasts as a means of inviting tourists from all over the world and making tons of money.

Question 5

What was the name of this black and white film?

The Holocaust is never a subject that's easy to tackle, but filmmakers brave enough to explore it have always done so with reverence and excellence. The film stars a wealthy man who notices the terrible lives that many people are living due to the Germans. He decides to employ them in his factory as a means of saving their lives and does everything he can to protect them. It's a powerful film that showcases human emotion at its finest while bringing light to a man who deserves much recognition.

Question 6

Which movie is this?

Bill Murray takes the lead role in this disturbing yet comedic piece. It structures itself on the premise of living the same day over and over again, something that you'll see a lot in TV and other films. However, this movie did it first and did it well. While the time loop is often used for comedic effect, it later takes its toll on Bill Murray's character, as he often contemplates killing himself just so that he can get the madness to end.

Question 7

These detectives starred in which movie?

Two detectives are tasked with bringing down a killer who is slaughtering people he believes committed great sin. From there, we get an enthralling tale about how one demented person can take his ideals so far. Following the pattern of his kills, the two detectives end up becoming pawns in his game and merely help to further his agenda. The killer manipulates them and gets the upper hand numerous times, to the point where we're left on the edge of our seats.

Question 8

Who is this man?

Sometimes a story doesn't need to have elaborate set pieces, mind-bending action, or even a star studded cast. If you can tell a story, get people to think, and do it all well, then you've done something right. This film stars a man who recalls his entire life story and how far he has come despite his low intelligence. Having been all over the world, he now longs for a simpler life and was renowned for running for years and years.

Question 9

This boy was featured in which movie?

"I see dead people." That's the classic line from this film. It follows a boy who is troubled by being able to see dead people and talk to them as well. He visits with a psychologist who is equally as disturbed as the boy. However, being an M Night Shyamalan film, it progressed as expected until the very end, where a major twist was unveiled. This film put Shyamalan on the map as a director and made him renowned for his trademark twist.

Question 10

These two characters appeared in which movie?

Quentin Tarantino has created a lot of great films in his time, but the one that put him on the map was this piece of work. The movie was heavily praised for the many risks it took in storytelling. For starters, it took place out of order, showing different events as opposed to telling a story from start to finish. The film was also extremely self-aware and appropriately blended smart dialogue with brutal violence. This was a movie that couldn't be missed.

Question 11

What was the name of this animated classic?

Disney had no shortage of popular films in the 90s, and this was one of their best. Featuring a young prince who was hunted by his jealous uncle, the movie had many themes of love, betrayal, and discovering who we are. It had many memorable songs that people still sing today (and actually moved the story forward), and they were each set to a masterful visual style. There would be no Disney films quite like this one, but it's fine with us because it still holds up today.

Question 12

This kid was the main character in which movie?

When it comes to Christmas movies, this is always a solid one to watch. It doesn't hit people over the head with themes about the true meaning of Christmas while making it interesting enough to watch out of season. It features a young boy being left behind while his parents go on vacation. Unfortunately, some criminals are trying to break into his house at the same time. Unleash the vicious traps, slap stick humor, and cringy dialogue that we all know and love.

Question 13

Which Film Starred a Cowboy and a Space Man?

What if the old toys you kept as a child actually had a mind of their own? That's the premise of this kid friendly film. Starring a cowboy with a lot of heart and love, his world is turned upside down when he comes in contact with a space man and is removed from his owner's home. They go on a massive adventure (relative to their size) that sees them escaping death and learning about friendship along the way. It's a classic tale.

Question 14

Which horror movie is this?

If you don't like found footage movies, then you can point fingers at this project. Taking a different approach to the horror genre, the indie filmmakers wanted to make the experience feel real, and so they made it seem like a character was actually filming what was going on. The movie also had an extremely small budget, but despite this, was released to critical acclaim. People everywhere in America quickly knew the horror story called The Blair Witch Project and loved it.

Question 15

Which movie features this classic character?

Time travel is never an easy concept to understand, but thankfully, this movie uses it as a catalyst to tell its story rather than the driving force of the plot. Some extremely important people are targeted by a deadly robot from the future. It's then that another robot from the future is sent back to protect them. Featuring all kinds of dark themes, breakneck action, and cheesy one-liners that you would expect from a movie in the 90s, this film has it all.

Question 16

Which movie is this?

Each war film does something different to distinguish itself from the crowd. The one pictured here depicts soldiers rethinking the entire invasion that they're about to undergo. Then, for the remainder of the film, we are shown a giant battle unfold. Being an adaptation of the Battle of Mount Austen, this movie is given weight by having a foundation in reality. Like most war movies, it doesn't shy away from the drama, pain, and tragedy of being out on the battlefield.

Question 17

Which war film is this?

A woman had four sons in the war. Three of them were stationed together, but an attack killed them all on the spot. After the government realized that the woman had only one son left, they decided that they had to go and retrieve him from the front lines to ensure that he would not encounter the same fate. The movie that follows was heralded by graphically depicting the horrors of war, showing blood, violence, and the reality of what's it like to be inches from death.

Question 18

Which movie is this?

When scientists send a transmission out to the stars, they receive a response years later. Unfortunately, the responders are not a friendly sort and take to destroying all of the landmarks on the planet. Featuring UFOs that are much larger than anything depicted on screen before it, there's a lot of scale and scope with this film. Granted, it's quite cheesy and ridiculous, but that's part of the territory. It does, however, feature one of the greatest speeches in cinematic history.

Question 19

This man appeared in which film?

Revenge is a powerful tool, and it's the driving force of this movie. A young boy's father and brother are killed, but he is quickly moved to a different location. He grows up and marries a woman he loves, but after she fights back a rape attempt, she is publicly killed. At that point, the now grown man leads a group of Scots to take revenge. As his crusade becomes more advanced, the English army continues to oppose him. However, more Scots join his revolution, and one of the greatest wars in history unfolds.

Question 20

What movie is this?

When Jim Carrey is heading a movie, you know you're in for something a bit ridiculous. In this film, he takes the role of an authority of sorts but has all kinds of quirks that push people away from him. Yet, his goofy attitude, animalistic nature, and love for comedy make him all the more charming at the end of the day. While it's not the most beloved film created, there is a lot of fun to be had with it.

Question 21

Obviously Star Wars. Which one is it?

After George Lucas created the original trilogy for Star Wars, he decided to rewind time and create the prequel trilogy. The first one in this saga starred Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor as Jedi Knights. They are caught in the middle of a war between Naboo and the Trade Federation, and it's up to them to bring a stop to it. However, it's also revealed that there are sinister forces at work, slowly pulling the strings to bring an end to the Jedi Order.

Question 22

Which movie features this character?

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp used to create dark yet brilliant movies, and this flick is further proof of that. Depp takes the role of an artificial person who has blades for hands. Despite everyone's distrust of him at first, they quickly realize how kind and intelligent he is. Unfortunately, there are those who don't trust this strange man and plots are made to discredit him and his image. The events that follow lead to a heartwarming story about a man that no one understands.

Question 23

These two girls starred in which movie?

Believe it or not, this was a work directed by Peter Jackson: the man who would later tackle The Lord of the Rings. This movie was one of his earlier projects. It follows two girls who become fast friends and begin warping reality with fiction. What made the movie such a success was how disturbing it portrayed the relationship between these two. At the same time, it was effective in making us question what was real and what was concocted in their minds.

Question 24

These characters were featured in which movie?

What if everything we live is fake? That's what this film proposes. After machines take over a society where everyone lives in an insane VR world, it's up to a group of freedom fighters to try and set things straight. They learn how to use the system to their advantage, but all the while, are pursued by the villainous AI in the real and virtual worlds. The movie was heavily praised for using stunts and visual effects that had never been done before, like slow motion dodging and backgrounds that continuously change.

Question 25

What is the name of this film?

This movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet told the historic tale of a massive boat of which was said, "Even God couldn't sink the ship." Unfortunately, pride comes before a fall, and there was a catastrophe that caused the ship to collapse. Due to the fact that everyone thought the ship wouldn't sink, there weren't enough life rafts for everyone on board, so most of the men died while the women and children were saved. What does this have to do with the two people you see? Watch the movie and find out.

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