Are You A Freak? How Well Do You Know AHS: Freak Show?


Many critics didn’t think showrunners of AHS, Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk, could pull off a horror show that could become an international sensation. No offense to the show “Glee,” which Murphy and Falchuk collaborated on, but that program wasn’t exactly in the horror genre for television. Murphy and Falchuk have proved all the naysayers wrong and AHS is arguably the greatest horror television show to come across the tube.

The first season, “AHS: Murder House,” debuted in 2011 and the series has become bigger and more famous each year. Using an anthology blueprint, each season is fresh and new to the audience. Although the characters and location change, the actors from the previous season usually stay on. From “AHS: Murder House,” to “AHS: Coven,” to “AHS: Roanoke,” the series gives the fans new storylines and memorable characters, something other shows haven’t tapped into yet.

Fans have witnessed ghosts, vampires, witches, sociopaths, crazy doctors, and even alien abductions on this show. Maybe that’s the best feature of the series, it touches on all the things that go bump in the night. In regards to “AHS: Freak Show,” it received positive reviews and helped the show get renewed for another season. It’s 2017 and season 7 is on its way, but let us take a time machine back to 2014, when “AHS: Freak Show” was one of the hottest series around.

Question 1

This Season Is Set In What Decade?

Although AHS started off in a modern setting, many of their seasons have taken place well into the past. The vintage feel gives the show an extra creepiness and “AHS: Freak Show” doesn’t disappoint in that department. If you’re having a hard time remembering, try to think about the show’s mise-en-scene, which is all about the arrangement of the scenery and stage properties. This includes wardrobe, props, and of course, location. One thing we can tell you, this show takes place during the dying days of freak show events.

Question 2

Which State Does The Show Take Place In?

The show lets the audience know the date and location at the beginning of the first episode but if you forgot the state, then this question might have stumped you. AHS has taken their stories all over the country, after all, the program does have the word “American” in the title. So this story could have taken place in any state, however, there are many subtle hints in the show if you don’t remember the first episode. Think about the accents, location sets, and even the weather in the show.

Question 3

The Season Mainly Took Place In Which Setting?

What makes AHS so great is the main location set for the show. Whatever place it may be, the location has a deep importance to the season. It’s as if the location is its own character and is just as important as all the other stars of the show. If this question has you stumped then maybe you need to watch some more of AHS before continuing on with the quiz. The show has an unmistakable location so you’re welcome for the softball question.

Question 4

Which Actor Plays Bette And Dot Tattler?

Better and Dot Tattler may be the most unique character to ever come to life in the AHS saga. Maybe for the first time in television history, the lead protagonist has conjoined twins syndrome. You’re not just getting one personality with this character, you’re getting two, which had to be very challenging for the crew. Bette and Dot have three kidneys and two heads but the show also touches upon the two hearts in their body. You think you have it rough with one of your siblings? Try being attached to them 24/7.

Question 5

What Was The Name Of The Character Played By John Carroll Lynch?

Who remembers that weird period of time last year when random clown sightings were making the rounds in the mainstream media? We’re not saying AHS was an inspiration for these random clown sightings but stranger things have happened in life. Clowns have always had the double edge sword with children. Either they absolutely love them or fear them. Freak Show does a great job of bringing back the scary clown that haunts your dreams. Lynch doesn’t speak much in the show, however, his acting was still superb.

Question 6

What Season Number Is AHS: Freak Show?

Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, “American Horror Story” was a breathe of fresh air in the horror genre for television. The show isn’t always about blood and jump scares but rather deep storylines and character devolvement that keeps you coming back for more. Instead of using the dominant television format of episodic or a series, this show uses the anthology scheme. If you don’t know what an anthology series is, it’s presenting a different story and set of characters for either each episode or season.

Question 7

Which Character Does Lily Rabe Reprise In Freak Show?

This season broke the anthology arrangement when several characters from previous seasons returned. “Freak Show” doesn’t have this character in every episode but you can find Rabe’s appearance in episode 10. Rabe would have her first major television role in 2011 when she earned a spot on the very first season of AHS. Her great performance and command on screen have made her one of the more popular actors of the series. She has played a character in each season but hasn't been confirmed for this year.

Question 8

Neil Patrick Harris Makes A Special Appearance As Which Character?

In 2014, fans of the show find out the charismatic Neil Patrick Harris was almost hired to appear on the very first season of AHS. The amount of press for this passed opportunity happened because Harris finally got to work on the show as a special guest appearance. Harris, along with his partner, David Burtka, both made appearances on different episodes in “Freak Show.” Although the couple regretted not signing onto the first season, there’s always a chance for a lead role in the future.

Question 9

Which Actor Made Their AHS Debut On Freak Show?

AHS does a great job bringing in new talent while keeping the talents everyone loves. Several actors made their AHS debut in “Freak Show.” This actor absolutely knocked the socks off and received overwhelmingly positive reviews for the performance. Fans got an unexpected treat from this performance and the actor has been involved in the series ever since. One of the best villains to ever be in AHS, this character is hated by pretty much every fan that has a heart.

Question 10

Which Character Wasn’t Inspired By Real Circus Acts?

“Freak Show” brings about a conversation that was needed to be discussed decades ago when real life freak shows were attractions for the public. People with disabilities during those times didn’t really have a voice or a community that would defend their rights and privileges as a human being. Many of them would voluntarily join because of the bond they shared with their colleagues. Practically every character in the circus is inspired by a real person. Although freak shows are over with, the debate about how we treat the disabled is as prevalent as ever

Question 11

Which Actor Has Only Appeared In AHS: Freak Show?

The great thing about an anthology series is you can see your favorite actors take on fresh roles with each new season. So even if they get killed off in season 2, they’ll be around for season 3 and so on and so forth. AHS does such a great job with casting that it’s almost impossible not to bring back actors for different roles. If you’ve only seen “Freak Show” then you’re out of luck trying to figure out this question.

Question 12

How Many Episodes Does AHS: Freak Show Have?

Having the right amount of episodes for a particular show is like "Goldilocks and The Three Bears." Having a limited amount of shows could be too cold or having too many shows could be too hot. You want to get the number just the right so the fans aren’t burned out and want more. The first season of AHS had 12 episodes but will let you know they changed the total amount since. If you’re a diehard fan, you won’t need any luck to figure this question out.

Question 13

Which Character Doesn’t Survive AHS: Freak Show?

One thing is for sure about AHS, your favorite character will probably die. Whether they die and become a vampire, ghost, or move to a different dimension, no one is safe in any season of AHS. That’s the beauty of the show, the fans really have no idea how things are going to end. With an anthology series, you can always bring back that awesome actor who struck gold as a certain character so it’s a win-win for everyone. You get to see a character die but the actor will most likely be working the next season.

Question 14

Who Does Bette and Dot Tattler Marry?

Bette and Dot Tattler just wanted to be normal and happy. The conjoined twins share pretty much everything, including their three kidneys and four lungs. The dynamic relationship between the two may never have been done on television before, making this character one of the more memorable characters in the series. Towards the end of the show, the sisters marry someone, but who is it? Could it be the protagonist or maybe the antagonist? If you remember the last episode, you probably weren’t disappointed in the outcome.

Question 15

How Does Finns Character Die?

Finn Wittrock would put on an unbelievable performance as the main antagonist Dandy Mott. The handsome and wealthy aristocrat has a flawless appearance on the outside, however, on the inside, he’s deformed and truly ugly. The spoiled brat used his mother’s love to manipulate and get what he wants. He eventually wants the “freaks” but they’re not having it. His character sets up an unbelievable ending in the last episode of the season. After being drugged, Mott ends up in a tricky situation that he can’t escape.

Question 16

Which Deficiency Does Evan Peters Have?

His name is Jimmy Darling but he’s known as “Lobster Boy” because of his deformity. As a good-looking man, Darling’s inner conflict is about his battle of accepting his deformity and realizing he’s just as good on the inside as he is on the inside. He loves his colleagues in his troupe and would even kill for them. Charming, smart, and overall a nice guy, Darling is one of the more innocent lads in “Freak Show.” As his world starts to spin out of control, Darling confronts his biggest fears.

Question 17

What Is Kathy Bates' Character Known For?

Kathy Bates plays Ethel, a strong headed woman who used to have a fancy for alcohol. She’s also ringleader, Elsa Mars, best friend and second in command of the show. Although she has a lot of wisdom and knowledge, Ethel has some dark secrets that she has to tackle head on. After finding out she has six months left to live, those dark secrets start to come out. Like everyone that is part of the troupe, Ethel has to have a certain feature that brings in the fans, do you know what that is?

Question 18

Which Holiday Did Elsa Mars Protest to working on?

Elsa Mars knows showmanship but the singer and ringleader of the group will never work on a certain holiday. This holiday is spoken about several times during the show and if you’re an avid watcher, you know what we’re talking about. Mars is very superstitious around this holiday because of an urban legend attached to it. We’re not talking about a zombie horde popping up but it does have to do with the non-living. Will give you one hint, it has nothing to do with winter.

Question 19

Who Are Jimmy Darlings Parents?

Besides Evan Peters character, Jimmy Darling, having an inner conflict with his deformity, he also has a conflict involving his parents. Jimmy never knew his father but had an idea who he was when he showed up to the sideshow one day with his trailer. His mother, whom we can’t name, also has a hard time telling Jimmy who his father is. It sets up some intense scenes between Jimmy and his parents and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Question 20

True Or False. Edward Mordrake Is A real Urban Legend?

Who doesn’t like at least one true or false question? Remember Wes Bentley’s character Edward Mordrake in “Freak Show?” He was the supernatural entity with two faces and he would take you with him to the other world if you perform on Halloween. The story goes he was a wealthy 19th-century English noble but was born with a face on the back of his head. The face would whisper ideas and drove him insane. He eventually joined a sideshow but killed everyone and himself on Halloween.

Question 21

How Does AHS: Freak Show End?

A show can be a bust or be great with an outstanding ending to the season. Can you remember the final minutes of “Freak Show?” A lot happened in the final episode but the season ended on a specific note. If you did watch the ending then you would know what that note is. Could this have been a bloodbath by Dandy Mott or maybe a picnic with everyone getting together? If you’re a true fan of the season, then this one should be a no-brainer.

Question 22

Maggie Esmerelda Claims To Have What Gift In AHS: Freak Show?

“I didn’t choose the gift, Elsa, it chose me,” said a beautiful Maggie Esmerelda to Elsa Mars. Played by Emma Roberts, Esmerelda is an outsider who visits the sideshow because of a scam she’s involved in with Stanley. She claims to have the gift to get a job with the crew and it works but will ultimately be her demise. Although she didn’t want to take part in the scam anymore, she couldn’t escape the sideshow. Maybe the most gruesome death in the season, Esmerelda’s gift couldn’t keep her together.

Question 23

Which Character Had The Opening Monologue In The First Episode Of AHS: Freak Show?

“Dear diary, it was a Saturday, the third of Sept. that the world as I have known is forever doomed,” said the voice. An opening monologue sets up the show’s premise and this one is spot on for “Freak Show.” We don’t list the entire monologue, only the first sentence, but if you don’t remember it, please go back and watch it because it’s a great set up for the season. You may have forgotten what was said in the opening but do you remember which character said it?

Question 24

Which Character Is Dell Toledo In A Relationship With During The Show?

It’s not the perfect relationship and the couple has countless issues but the relationship creates a great dynamic between them and all the other characters in the season. Dell Toledo, the strongest man in the world, is portrayed by outstanding actor Michael Chiklis. Chiklis can pull off a convincing angry person and he’s stocked full of anger in “Freak Show.” Although he expresses regret at times in the season, he’s mostly a guy you love to hate. So who would date this angry strongman?

Question 25

Which Character Is The Con-Man On The Show?

What’s an AHS series without at least one person trying to con someone in the show? AHS tugs on the heartstrings better than most shows and a lot of that have to do with sneaky schemes that could literally end up killing a character. You have to have evil in AHS but it always doesn’t have to be a mass murderer, ghost, or vampire. It could be a subtle businessman who just wants to make cash off freaks. This character has one extreme send off and we don’t really know if he’s alive or dead.

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