Are You a Dwight or a Jim?

The Office (U.S.) premiered on NBC in 2005 and aired until 2013. It was adapted from a BBC series of the same name. The series ran for nine seasons and went on to win four Primetime Emmy Awards, including the award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006.

The show tells the tale of a paper sales company in the town of Scranton, Pennsylvania. A paper supply company sounds like it would be the most boring place in the world, but this office is full of zany characters that keep it interesting, played by stars like Steve Carrell,  John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, B. J. Novak, Ed Helms, Rainn Wilson,  Mindy Kaling, Ellie Kemper, and Amy Ryan.

While there are many memorable characters and relationships in the series, none of them quite compare to the relationship between Jim Halpert and Dwight K. Schrute. The two salesmen are desk mates, sworn enemies, and sometimes best friends. Everything Dwight does annoys Jim, and Jim spends all day creating ridiculous pranks to get back at him.

Have you ever wondered which one of these two characters you are the most like in your friendships?

Are you a Dwight or a Jim? Take this quiz to find out! (At least you know you are not a Toby - so either way, you win.)

Question 1

Which of these adjectives best describes you?

If you had to choose one of these four words to describe yourself, to sum up your entire personality, which would it be? Would you say you are intense? Or would you call yourself charismatic? Are you a passionate person, or a lovable one?

Question 2

How would you decorate your desk?

How would you decorate your desk in the office? Would you stock it with your favorite action figures and bobbleheads? Would you put up a few framed pictures of your friends and family? Or maybe have a plant or two? Or would you keep it clear?

Question 3

What is your desert island movie?

Imagine that you are trapped on a desert island all alone. The only entertainment you have is one movie (and apparently there is a TV on this empty island...just go with it). Which movie would you choose as your desert island movie?

Question 4

Do you get along with your coworkers?

Do you think you get along with the other people in the office? Do you consider them all to be your friends in addition to coworkers? Or perhaps you generally get along with them, but there are a few you cannot stand?

Question 5

Which of Michael's love interests is your favorite?

Michael Scott had several love interests over the course of the series. Some of his significant others were better suited for him than others. Which of his girlfriends do you like the most? His former boss turned lover, Jan? His realtor Carol? Pam's mom? Or Holly?

Question 6

What is better: matte or glossy paper?

Dunder Mifflin sells a variety of high-quality paper products, including cardstock for printing. Some clients prefer to use matte paper for their business needs while others like to use glossy paper. As a salesman, which of the two would you recommend?

Question 7

You are trying to land an important sale, what is your strategy?

You NEED to land this very, very important sale. Your job depends on it. You've given the sales pitch your all and used your best moves, but the client is still hesitant. What do you do to seal the deal?

Question 8

What's your spirit animal?

Which majestic beast of the animal kingdom do you connect with spiritually? Out of these four options, which of these would you consider to be your spirit animal? A strong, fearsome lion? A wise owl? A formidable bear? Or an adorable rabbit?

Question 9

Who is the best minor Office character?

Which of these minor characters did you enjoy the most? Hide from the warehouse, who was a surgeon in Japan until he killed a yakuza member. Dwight's cousin Mose? Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration? Or Sadiq the IT guy, who is NOT a terrorist?

Question 10

What hair color do you prefer?

Which of these hair colors do you find the most attractive on others or on yourself? Do you prefer blonde hair? Or maybe you like brunettes more? Do you like fiery, red hair? Or dark brown, almost black colored hair?

Question 11

How do you prefer to get your caffeine fix?

Staying awake when you work at a paper company is no easy feat. You need caffeine, and lots of it, to make sure you do not die of boredom. How do you prefer to get your much needed caffeine fix?

Question 12

Do you like being in charge?

A lot of people are good at being the leader, but do you *like* being in charge of others? Do you enjoy having that level of power and responsibility over everyone else? Or are you much happier when you are not in charge?

Question 13

Would you use stolen leads to improve your sales?

Here is an ethical dilemma for you: would you use stolen leads, say from a place like Staples, to boost your own sales? Do you think anything goes when it comes to the war zone that is the paper sales market?

Question 14

What is the coolest type of dinosaur?

What kind of dinosaur do you think is the best one? Perhaps the Triceratops? Or maybe you think that every other dinosaur that has ever existed is much cooler than the Triceratops, including the T-rex, the Velociraptor, and the Stegosaurus?

Question 15

Which Office couple is the worst?

Not every couple can be a Jim and Pam. Some of the pairings in "The Office" were annoying, destructive, or just made no sense whatsoever. All of these couples are bad in their own special ways, but which is the absolute worst?

Question 16

Pick a snack

Pick a snack to buy from the vending machine or grab from the nearest store. Which one of these sounds like the most appetizing snack? A sweet candy bar? A fruity yogurt? Some salty beef jerky? Or a bag of chips?

Question 17

Other than Michael, who is the best boss?

Obviously Michael Scott is the world's best boss - it says so on his mug. But other than Michael, which of the Dunder Mifflin bossese do you think is the next best? Charles Miner, David Wallace, Deangelo Vickers, or Andy Bernard?

Question 18

Which of these famous comedians is your favorite?

Out of these four, famous, male comedians, which of them do you think is the most hilarious? The late, great Robin Williams, who starred in films like Mrs. Doubtfire? Jim Carrey? Chris Rock? Or Larry David of "Curb Your Enthusiasm?"

Question 19

You have a crush on someone, what do you do?

You are crushing on someone, and crushing on them hard. How do you handle the situation? Do you decide to be bold and go for it, risking getting your feelings crushed? Or do you move slowly and get to know them slowly?

Question 20

Who was your favorite guest star on "The Office?"

These characters may not have stuck around for too long, but they certainly made an impression. Which of these guest stars' appearances did you enjoy the most? Idris Elba as Charles Miner? Will Ferrell as Deangelo Vickers? Amy Adams as Katy? Or Kathy Bates as Jo Bennett?

Question 21

Which Dundie award would you get?

It's that time of year again. That's right, it is the Dundie Awards! There is food, drinks, Michael singing several song parodies, and of course Ping makes an appearance. That best part is that everyone gets an award. Which one will you receive?

Question 22

What is your favorite holiday?

The holidays are a crazy time around the office. The party planning committee spends weeks planning a party that Michael will inevitably ruin. Someone may even catch on fire, you never know. Which of these holidays do you enjoy the most?

Question 23

Vacation time! Where are you going?

You have been saving up your vacation days and now you get to escape the office for a whole week. You need to make it worth your while - opportunities like this do not come often. Where are you heading for vacation?

Question 24

Which action hero is the best?

Which of these classic action heroes is the most awesome, in your opinion? Officer John McClane from the Die Hard series? Han Solo from the Star Wars films? The adventuring archaeologist Indiana Jones? Or British Secret Service agent James Bond?

Question 25

What's your biggest flaw?

What would you say your biggest character flaw is? Do you lack motivation? Are you a tad immature at times? Would you say you are too intense for some people? Or is your nose tragically too small for your otherwise perfect face?

Question 26

What do you find the most attractive in a romantic partner?

Which of these traits do you find the most appealing in a potential romantic partner? Do you like your significant other to have a sense of humor? Are you attracted to someone tall? Are you instantly drawn to a cute smile? Or are you attracted to passionate people?

Question 27

What sounds like the yummiest sandwich?

Which of these sandwiches sounds like the yummiest to have during your lunch break? A ham and cheese? A nice cheesesteak with melted cheese and beefsteak on a hoagie? A bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich? Or would you like a hearty sloppy joe?

Question 28

What animal would you have as a pet?

A pet can serve as a loyal and loving companion. What kind of animal would you want to have as your pet? A dog, aka ma's best friend? Are you more of a cat person? Or maybe you would want a horse or a fish?

Question 29

Seinfeld or Friends?

"Seinfeld" and "Friends" are both beloved sitcoms like "The Office." Both shows are set in New York City, but that is where the similarities end. The shows have very different styles of humor. Which of the two do you think is funnier?

Question 30

If you had to leave Scranton, where would you live?

If you were forced to leave Scranton for whatever reason, which city would you relocate to? Maybe you would want to head to the corporate office in New York City. Or would you head down to Miami? Would you live in Philadelphia or Toronto?

Question 31

Which event at the Beach Games would you dominate?

Towards the end of season three, Michael was convinced he was going to get a fancy corporate position in New York and subjected his employees to the beach games to choose his replacement as regional manager (spoiler alert: he didn't get the job). Which game would you totally crush?

Question 32

What color would you paint your office wall?

So you have gotten promoted and finally get the chance to have your own, separate office instead of living in cubicles. You get to decorate an entire room all for yourself. Now, first things first, what color are you painting the walls?

Question 33

How do you like to stay in shape?

Other than using machines and weights at the gym, what physical activity do you like to do in order to keep your body in tip-top shape? Out of these, which sounds the most appealing? Biking, martial arts, hiking, or running?

Question 34

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how much do you hate Todd Packer?

Todd Packer is the worst. He is rude, sexist, and just all around terrible. Remember that time he left a disgusting present in Michael's office? Ugh. Everyone hates him, but just how much do you hate him on a scale of 1-10?

Question 35

What’s your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day?

Finally, what is your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day? Is it one a romantic date watching fireworks on the roof with your significant other? Or at a fancy restaurant with bottomless champagne? Or do you have a more...unorthodox idea?

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