Are These Urban Legends Based On Fact Or Fiction?


Urban Legends have been a part of society since the very dawn of civilization. Even back in the Egyptian times, there were most definitely people spreading rumors about what the Pharaoh does inside his palace, or whether the government was putting powdered scarabs in their beer. This has become a tradition that defines humanity. And it's not always a bad thing. It's good to ask questions. It's good to be skeptical. It's good to be curious! But sometimes people spread rumors that are just not true. These people seemingly get a kick out of convincing everyone that the most ridiculous things are true. I guess they like messing with our heads...

Other times, these urban legends actually turn out to be true. And that's when people's minds get blown. The crazy thing is, it's often the most ridiculous and seemingly impossible urban legends that turn out to be based firmly in reality. You know what they say - truth is stranger than fiction. The trick is being able to tell the real urban legends from the fake ones. Think you're up to the task? Why not take this quiz, and figure out who's been lying, and who's been telling the truth?

Question 1

This Photo Is A Real “Fanged Deer”

There have been a lot of viral pictures over the years, but perhaps one of the most amazing was this picture supposedly depicting a "fanged deer." Does this animal even exist? That was what a lot of people asked themselves as they set eyes on this amazing picture. And we all know that pictures can easily be doctored with photoshop these days, and the results can be pretty damn convincing. But is this picture actually real? Or just an urban legend?

Question 2

Kim Kardashian Once Wore A Fur Coat Made From Dog Fur

Kim Kardashian is probably the biggest magnet rumor of all time, at least in recent years. Nobody can stop talking about this woman, and it seems like every little thing said about her gets blown up and exaggerated to an epic scale. But what about the time rumors started spreading that she had worn a fur coat to a special event that was actually made out of dog fur? Was that real? Or was that just another one of those urban legends?

Question 3

A Kentucky Lawmaker Once Proposed A Bill That Made It Illegal For A Man To Take Viagra Without His Wife’s Permission

Politics is another area where rumors can run wild. We all know from all the "fact-checking" during the election that lies can spread like wildfire. It's often pretty hard to know what's actually going on in politics and the rest of the world. But what about the report that a Kentucky lawmaker was trying to make it illegal for a man to obtain and take Viagra without the expressed permission of his wife? Was that real? Or was it an urban legend?

Question 4

You Eat An Average Of 8 Spiders While Sleeping During Your Life

One of the most famous and well-known rumors is the fact that you eat an average of 8 spiders during your life while you sleep. This rumor has been around forever. A lot of us probably remember hearing it when we were just kids. It's the kind of thing that really sticks in your mind. Honestly, it's probably one of the most disgusting rumors of all time, and it probably keeps a lot of people up at night. But is this real?

Question 5

Pregnancy Tests Can Potentially Detect Testicular Cancer

A little while ago, a Reddit user started a thread where he said that he was going to take a pregnancy test as a joke. But to his surprise, the test came back positive! That couldn't be true, as he was incapable of carrying a child. It was just a funny joke. Or was it? One Reddit user immediately replied that he should be concerned - that a positive pregnancy test taken by a man could potentially mean that he has testicular cancer. Was this real? Or was this guy just messing with him?

Question 6

The Rapper Future Is Actually The Lovechild Of Morgan Freeman And Meryl Streep

One of the most shocking rumors that began to circulate recently on the web was one concerning the rapper known as "Future." People started to post pictures of Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman and Future, showing the uncanny physical similarities all three people shared. Then, alleged evidence that Future was actually the illegitimate lovechild of the two actors surfaced. This rumor was spread everywhere, and became a major urban legend. But was it discovered that these outlandish claims were actually true?

Question 7

An Investigation Proved That Starbucks Drinks Contain Poop

Starbucks is probably one of the most popular places to go for a drink these days. In the summer, it's hard to resist one of their delicious chilled beverages. So when a certain rumor came out about the ingredients of Starbucks drinks, a lot of people were horrified. The rumor was that a study had concluded that some Starbucks drinks contained trace amounts of feces. Such a study would be unbelievably damaging to the company's reputation. But was it actually real?

Question 8

A Dog Was Once Elected Mayor Of A Town In Kentucky

Politics these days has become a little ridiculous. After all, a reality TV star basically just got memed into presidency. Across the pond, people like "Lord Buckethead" and "Mr. Fishfinger" have run for their local ridings, and they actually got a surprising amount of votes. But is it true that a small town in Kentucky actually elected a dog (yes, a dog) as their town mayor? Such a thing would be amazing if it were true. But is this just an urban legend?

Question 9

A Chinese Man Was Recently Arrested In New York For Selling Hot Dogs Made From Dog Meat

Another rumor that had a lot of people outraged involved alleged dog meat being sold in New York. According to the rumor, an immigrant of Chinese origin was caught selling hot dogs made out of dog meat on the streets of New York. This man was apparently arrested, face deportation back to his country. We know that there is actually a very real problem when it comes to people in China eating dog meat. But did this incident actually happen?

Question 10

Women Absorb And Retain DNA From Every Man They Ever Sleep With

Another story that had a lot of people disgusted was the rumor that women actually absorb and retain DNA from every man they've ever slept with. This rumor got a lot of guys feeling insecure, as they thought of all that DNA that was probably still inside their girlfriends or wives, left over from the previous partners she had slept with. It probably also disgusted a lot of women as well, as they hated the idea. But is this real?

Question 11

US Pennies Cost Much More Than 1 Cent To Manufacture

Pennies are the lowest denomination of currency in the United States. The coins are actually minted in Copper, and the iconic appearance of the penny has remained the same for hundreds of years. But recently, a rumor stated that pennies were actually a lot more expensive to make than 1 cent, meaning that the whole process of minting them was pretty much pointless. They said that the value of Copper had risen to the point where it no longer made sense to mint pennies. But is this actually true?

Question 12

A Bite From A “Reverse Zombie” Tick Can Make You Allergic To Red Meat

A while ago rumors started to spread about a new, dangerous type of tick that was infecting people with a strange disease upon biting them. The name for this tick is apparently the "Reverse Zombie" tick, and as the story goes, those who get bitten by the bug develop a strange allergy to a common food. Apparently, those infected by the reverse zombie tick develop an allergy to red meat. But is this even a real bug? Or just an urban legend?

Question 13

Cancer Is Mainly Caused By A Vitamin B17 Deficiency

Cancer is a disease that is ravishing the world. Rates have soared recently and scientists are rushing to find the cure. But there are also many rumors that start to spread. There seems to be a general level of distrust when it comes to mainstream medicine and the corrupt pharmaceutical industry, and for good reason. One rumor that started to spread was that all types pf cancer are actually caused by a vitamin b17 deficiency. But is this even true?

Question 14

Breatharians Can Survive Without Eating Or Drinking Anything

Another rumor regarding health had to with the beliefs of the Breatharianists. These individuals believe that it's possible to survive and thrive without ingesting any food whatsoever. They claim to be able to get all the nutrients they need to live from air and sunlight. While these claims were met with understandable skepticism, there were many Breatharianists that claimed to have evidence that this seemingly impossible feat was possible. But is there any actual scientific evidence for this? Or is it just an urban legend?

Question 15

A Stuntman Died During The Filming Of The Original “Ben-Hur,” And The Film Of The Death Was Left In The Final Cut

It's been a long-standing rumor that a stunt man actually died during the filming of the 1959 version of Ben-Hur. The movie features all kinds of stunning action scenes, reaching a climax in the final chariot race scene. As the legend goes, a stuntman was killed during the filming of this scene, crushed by horses, and the footage of his death was left in the final cut and used as part of the film. But is this actually true? Or just an urban legend?

Question 16

Mississippi Schools Removed Fractions And Decimals From Their Math Curriculum

The education system in the United States has been the subject of a lot of controversy over the years. Many people say that the "common core" curriculum is not adequate, and American students are not getting the best education possible. This angers a lot of parents, and it causes declining test scores among students. One rumor started to spread that fractions and decimals had been removed from the curriculum in Mississippi schools. Was there any actual basis to this? Or was it just an urban legend?

Question 17

The Man Who Claimed To Have Discovered HIV Actually Invented It

Another disease that has caused huge amounts of death and suffering in recent years is HIV/AIDs. In only a few years since its discovery, this disease has taken countless lives. Like many diseases of this magnitude, many rumors started to spread about HIV. There was a lot of confusion in the early days about what it really was, and what caused it. One rumor stated that the man who "discovered" HIV had really just been the one to invent it. Was this true?

Question 18

Did Frito-Lay Have To Recall Some Of Its Products In 2017 Due To A Salmonella Scare?

One subject that causes an insane amounts of rumors is food. All kinds of stories are spread about what those evil corporations are putting in their seemingly innocent snacks. This causes a lot of panic and confusion, and no one can really tell what's safe to eat. One rumor claimed that Frito-Lay had been forced to recall several of its products in 2017 due to a Salmonella scare. This involved several of its chip flavors. But was this rumor actually real?

Question 19

A German Woman Was Fined Thousands Of Dollars For Sharing An Anti-Immigration Meme

As many people know, Germany is one of the most welcoming countries in the world when it comes to immigration. They are famous around the globe for accepting millions of refugees and immigrants from third world countries. While Germany's leader, Angela Merkel, claims that everyone should follow Germany's example, not everyone agrees. A rumor spread that one of these people, a German woman, posted an anti-immigration meme and was fined thousands of dollars by the government as a result. But was this true?

Question 20

It Is Illegal To Send Cash By US Mail

Another rumor that started to make its rounds was that it's illegal to send cash by US mail. According to the story, this is a strict law enforced by US Postal Service. If you are caught sending cash via mail, you could face a fine or even jail time. But obviously this doesn't stop a lot of people who still send cash regardless of the alleged illegality of the action. But is this an actual law? Or is it just an urban legend?

Question 21

The Word “Avocado” Means “Testicle”

Everybody loves avocados. They're not only delicious, but they're also pretty healthy. They are high in fat, but it's the good kind of fat that's healthy for you. There have been a lot of jokes about the avocado's shape. In case you haven't noticed, they resemble the shape of a man's testicle. Recently, a rumor started to spread that the word "Avocado" was actually the literal translation of the word "testicle" in a certain language. But is this rumor real?

Question 22

Rubbing Lip Balm On A Scantron Test Will Produce A Perfect Score

We all remember taking Scantron tests at school. Some of you are probably still taking them. For those who don't know, the Scantron is a was of taking a multiple choice test. You scratch out the right answer, and then a computer scans the test and determines your score. However, there's a rumor flying around that there's a guaranteed way to get a perfect score every single time. According to the rumor, if you rub some lip balm over the test, it results in a perfect score. Is this true?

Question 23

This Picture Depicts A Man Mowing His Lawn With A Tornado In The Background

Another viral image that gained urban legend status was this picture. It depicts a man who is mowing his lawn nonchalantly while a massive tornado rages in the background at an uncomfortably close distance. As we all know, images like these can easily be altered digitally to create an illusion, but there were many who insisted that this image was 100% genuine. Is this actually true? Or was this image just a product of someone's imagination using some magic with photoshop?

Question 24

“Covfefe” Is Actually A Yiddish Word

The internet had a lot of fun when US president Donald Trump tweeted something along the lines of "Despite all the negative press... covfefe." Netizens immediately hatched all kinds of ideas about what the word actually meant. Was it a secret nuclear launch code? A secret language that only the elites knew? One rumor stood out - that the word covfefe was actually a word that is used in the Yiddish language. But is there any truth to this statement?

Question 25

Can You Text “FOOD” To A Certain Number And Get Free Meals For Kids?

Poverty levels are soaring in America, and many children sadly don't get enough to eat. But this was seemingly helped by a certain rumor that stated that it was possible to text "FOOD" to a certain number in America, and then you would be sent the location of free meal programs close to your own location. Many people were skeptical about this rumor, and thought it was just a cruel prank played on vulnerable people. But is it actually true?

Question 26

Almost 100 Years Ago, There Was An Article That Claimed Climate Change Was Responsible For The Melting Of The Arctic

Climate Change has been on the forefront of everyone's minds since Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth." But some people say that we've actually been concerned about climate change for much longer than most people think. A rumor started to circulate that an article had been found in a newspaper dating from almost 100 years ago, and this article talked about the dangers of climate change and how it was melting the Arctic ice, destroying wildlife in the process. But was this rumor actually true?

Question 27

Donald Trump Said He Would Also Build A Wall Across The Canada-US Border

We all know that Donald Trump has committed to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico as part of his campaign promise. But there's also a rumor that he wants to do something similar with the US-Canada border. A lot of critics of the Mexico border wall say that migrants could easily just go to Canada, and then enter America from the other side. But did Donald Trump really suggest that he would build a border wall on both sides of his country?

Question 28

Disney’s Nature Documentary, “White Wilderness,” Staged Lemming Cliff Jumping Deaths

For those who don't know, one of the most famous Disney productions was a nature documentary called "White Wilderness." This featured a lot of arctic life, including lemmings. However, years later rumors started to spread about alleged animal cruelty. According the rumor, Disney had actually staged the death of lemmings because they wanted to perfectly recreate the iconic scene of lemmings jumping off a cliff to their deaths. The accusation is that they forced the lemmings to jump. But is this true?

Question 29

Dolph Lundgren Has Multiple University Degrees

Dolph Lundgren became an iconic action hero back in the 80's and 90's, and starred in all kinds of amazing movies like Rocky IV. But there have been many rumors that say he's much more than meets the eye. Many claim that he has an incredibly high IQ. But the main rumor is that he holds multiple scientific university degrees. This came to light after people suggested Lundgren was more qualified than Bill Nye The Science Guy to host a show about science. But does he really have multiple degrees?

Question 30

If you Sign Up For, They Own Your DNA

You've probably all seen the ads for This site offers a unique service; it enables you to look up your ancestors and figure out who you're actually descended from. Many people claim to have discovered that they're descended from royalty after using their services. But one rumor stated that after you sign up for, they actually own your DNA data. That means they could potentially sell it to third parties. But is this true, or just another urban legend?

Question 31

A Millionaire Once Withdrew All His Money From The Bank Because The Bank Refused To Validate A 50 Cent Parking Ticket

A viral story started to spread that had a lot of people laughing. The story is as follows: A millionaire walks into a bank, and asks a clerk to validate his parking ticket, which cost about 50 cents. The clerk, for some reason or another, refused to validate the ticket. The millionaire was so incensed that he made the decision on the spot to withdraw all of his money from his multi-million dollar account with the bank. But did this ever actually happen?

Question 32

Sarah Palin Once Said That People With Lymes Disease Should “Stop Eating Limes”

Sarah Palin was probably one of the most ridiculed people in politics. In a way, she still is. But she got the most flak when she was a nominee for the vice president of the United States. She was ridiculed by many who thought she was unqualified. One story is especially memorable. A rumor started that Sarah Palin once said that those with Lymes disease should "stop eating so much limes." Did she actually say this? Or was this just an urban legend?

Question 33

Candy Canes Were Invented To Represent The Blood And Purity Of Jesus Christ

Another interesting rumor surrounded candy canes. We all know and love these treats from the holiday season, but does anyone know why we have them? Is there some kind of symbolism behind them? One rumor emerged that claimed that candy canes represented the blood and purity of Jesus Christ. We all know that Christmas represents the birth of Jesus... But is this really what the candy cane represents? Or is this just yet another example of an outlandish urban legend?

Question 34

Recently Released FBI Files Show That Hitler Escaped To Argentina

One rumor that's been going ever since the end of World War 2 is that Hitler escaped Nazi Germany and fled successfully to Argentina. One urban legend even states that FBI files have been released that actually confirm this. If true, this would be one of the most major bombshells in recent times. Many people believe that Hitler and a lot of the Nazi's top officials actually did escape. But is there actual FBI evidence to prove this outlandish claim?

Question 35

A Fetus Can Send Its Stem Cells To Repair Damaged Organs In Its Mother’s Body

Another rumor that has been making the rounds concerns babies inside their mother's wombs. As you probably know, stem cells have been attributed to all kinds of amazing properties. Essentially, they're the wonder cells of the biological world, and are capable of repairing incredible amounts of damage. But one rumor goes as far as to say that stem cells can actually be released by the fetus in order to heal failing and damaged organs within the mother's body. Is this true?

Question 36

Being An Only Child (Most Likely A Son) Exempts You From Being Drafted Into Military Service

The United States hasn't had to initiate a draft, but when they do it's always a source of controversy. It started in World War II, and continued all the way up to the Vietnam War. It's long been a rumor that those who are only sons or only children are actually exempt from the draft. People say that the US army simply doesn't include these men or women in any draft, as they try to keep these families whole. But is this true?

Question 37

Hillary Clinton Failed To Pass The Bar Exam In The District Of Columbia In 1973

During the election campaign, there was a lot of smear campaigns going on to try and discredit the opponent. Behind the scenes, each candidate had teams of people working around the clock trying to dig up some dirt on their opponent. Some were just plain fabricated, while others seemed to be real. But what about the outlandish claim that Hillary Clinton actually failed her Bar exam in the district of Columbia in 1973? Could this urban legend actually be true?

Question 38

Is There A Tattoo Ink That Lets Diabetic People Monitor Their Blood Sugar Levels?

Viral images and videos started to circulate or a certain type of tattoo ink that was very useful to diabetics. According to the rumors, this new type of tattoo ink would actually change color if their blood sugar levels got too high, alerting them to potential health risks. Such a thing would be an ingenious invention, and it would help so many people with their struggle with diabetes. But is this actually real? Or is it just another one of those urban legends?

Question 39

It Is Now Illegal To Wear Guy Fawkes Masks In Public

Guy Fawkes masks have become a symbol of civil unrest ever since the movie V For Vendetta came out. Since then, it became a huge trend to buy one of these masks and wear them on the streets as a mark of solidarity with those fighting against oppression from the government. Around that time, a rumor started to spread that the government had actually outlawed the wearing of these innocent masks in public. But is is this true? Or is it just an urban legend?

Question 40

Entering Your Pin In Reverse At The ATM Automatically Calls The Police

There have been many a late night robbery outside of an ATM. Numerous people have been ambushed while withdrawing money from an ATM. Some people are even kidnapped and driven to the ATM, then forced to withdraw exorbitant amounts of cash at their captor's request. One rumor stated that if you enter in your PIN number in backwards, it automatically notifies the police and sends them your way. Could this trick actually be true? Or is it just another urban legend?

Question 41

A Salmon In Canada Was Found To Be Radioactive Because Of Fukushima

We all remember the nerve-wracking incident that happened in Fukushima, Japan. After an earthquake triggered a meltdown at a nuclear reactor, tons of radioactive waste was dumped into the ocean, which inevitably affected marine life. There were rumors that all the way over on the west coast of Canada, the effects were being felt. There was one rumor that really stood out. The story was that a salmon had been tested, and the radioactive content in this fish confirmed that it had become irradiated as a direct consequence of Fukushima. Real or not?

Question 42

Lionesses Can Grow Manes Too

Images of Lionesses with manes have been going viral for a while. We all know how easy it is to doctor images with photo shop and other digital applications. But there are many that claim that this photo is in fact real, and that lionesses can actually grow manes, just like male lions. They also say that Lionesses can also start exhibiting male behavior under certain circumstances. But is this true? Or is it just another one of those urban legends?

Question 43

Alaskans Pay No Tax On Purchases Or Their Income

Alaska has long been considered one of the most desolate states of the United States. It's famously close to the North Pole, and the weather is... well, pretty much exactly as you would imagine it. On the bright side, they get close to 24 hours of sun in certain months. But the flipside can be tough for some residents to handle. A rumor started to float around that Alaskans don't actually have to pay any income tax or sales tax on their purchases. Is this true?

Question 44

Body Scanners At Airports Can Alter Your DNA

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding full body scanners at the airport. They were introduced as part of growing security measures taken after the infamous 9/11 attacks in September 2001. But people don't seem to be too happy about this new technology designed to protect us. Rumors started to float around that stated these scanners were actually so powerful that they were altering people's DNA. If true, this would be a cause for concern. But was it just an urban rumor?

Question 45

Ariana Grande Offered To Pay For The Funerals Of The Manchester Bombing Victims

One of the most shocking events of recent months was the suicide bombing in a Manchester stadium where Ariana Grande had just finished performing a concert. Many people were hurt, and some were killed. And the saddest thing of all was that many of these people who had their lives taken were still just children. Immediately after the attack, rumors started to spread that Ariana Grande had offered to personally pay for all of the funerals for people who had lost their lives. Was this true?

Question 46

The Masai Tribespeople In Africa Donated 14 Cows To America To Help After The 9/11 Attacks

The 9/11 attacks were some of the worst ever on American soil. Although Americans were hit hard by this event, the entire world took notice. Everyone saw that footage on the news, and it was essentially burned into everyone's subconscious. Many people wanted to send aid. But there was one rumor that started to spread about the Masai tribespeople in Africa who sent 14 cows to help America in their time of need. Was this actually true? Or just an urban legend?

Question 47

JetBlue Gave Free Flights To Family Members Affected By The Orlando Nightclub Shootings

One terrorist attack that's fresh in a lot of people's memories is the Orlando Nightclub shooting. This is currently the most deadly attack on the LGBT community in US history. People were really shaken up about this, and we were faced with the growing problem of Islamic extremism head on. One rumor was heartwarming. As the story goes, JetBlue offered free flights to family members of the victims, as a way to help them unite in their time of need. Did this ever actually happen?

Question 48

More Preschoolers Were Fatally Shot In Recent Years Than Cops

A much-publicized statistic started to circulate recently that had a lot of people pretty disturbed. The statistic claimed that in recent years, more preschoolers had been fatally shot than police officers in the same stretch of time. This led many people to deny this statistic, saying that it could not be true. You have to admit, it's something that most people don't WANT to believe. As ridiculous as it sounds, could this actually be true? Or is it just an urban rumor?

Question 49

Jugurtha Tableland In Tunisia Is A Giant Tree Stump

One of the most amazing spots in the world is Jugurtha Tableland in Tunisia. From all angles, this feature looks incredible, but it probably looks the most impressive from a bird's eye view. Pictures of this formation have circulated around the web, with the caption that claims that this "rock formation" is actually the remnant of a giant tree. This tree, according to rumors, actually stretched 10 full miles into the tree. But is this actually just an urban rumor?

Question 50

George Soros Was A Member Of The SS

If you're not familiar with who George Soros is, he's an old rich guy who he's very supportive of globalist policies. It comes as no surprise, then, that he was quite a few enemies. These people dug into George Soros' past life, trying to dig up anything incriminating. Rumors started to spread about Soros' alleged involvement in the SS, the group in Germany responsible for rounding up Jews and killing them. They even posted a picture of him in an SS uniform. But was he really in the SS?

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