Are These Kim Kardashian Quotes Real Or Fake?

The Kardashian family lives their lives in the public eye for everyone to witness, judge, and record. Sometimes, they say things that only a Kardashian would ever say. Due to their enormous wealth and privilege, they fail to realize that their words are simply ridiculous. Since they are so easy to laugh at, this quiz is compiled of various quotes that Kim may or may not have said.

Kim enjoys attention, there's no doubt about that. She flaunts her assets and speaks freely, which is nothing to be ashamed of but does give her audience a lot to analyze. It is a good thing that their show isn't recorded live, that's for sure. Imagine what else Kim and her family might have said that was edited out of the show. Stupid, ignorant, arrogant, or oblivious, they have said so much, it is easy to think that there could be so much more.

We all know Kim's best quotes, so some of this may be easy. Without further ado, let's get started. Let's see how many quotes you can deem real or fake!

Question 1

"If we didn't have diamonds, this world would be worthless."

Always proud of her diamond ring and other diamond jewelry, Kim knows her worth and is not afraid to flaunt it. We've seen the clip of her in tears when she lost her diamond earrings in the ocean so we also know how much they mean to her. Without diamonds, what would this world be like? According to Kim, not so great. And Kim is appalled by mediocrity, so she may have very well said these exact words when discussing her favourite rock.

Question 2

"I’m not buying her a f—ing pair of shoes. I bought her a f—ing career."

Everyone knows how Kim Kardashian became famous. It's no secret how her fame began, and apparently she remembers clearly, too. Since her entire family's wealth and success is due to her, she seems to have accumulated a sense of superiority over the years. Holding it over her sister like this seems incredibly obnoxious. But did she really say these words or is it made up? We know Kim K. is very particular about her shoes, but did she use her claim to fame as an excuse not to help her sister out?

Question 3

"Sometimes I model for the paparazzi. I do it to help their careers, I feel bad."

Finally, some selflessness shines through from Kim Kardashian. How absolutely kind and generous of her to show off her new shoes or dress or bracelet for the cameras! After all, she is only doing it to help the careers of the paparazzi, not her own. Of course, we witness the times when Kim is terrified of the paparazzi or when the Kardashians speak angrily about them and any intrusion of privacy. So which is it, Kim? Do you help them or do you despise them?

Question 4

"I love my kids more than purses."

A statement of great impact. Something so meaningful that it brings to our eyes. Okay, not really. Considering how deeply Kim loves a good accessory, this means a lot for her love for her kids. It is a statement that may have felt to her as if she was conveying her love for her children as deeply as she possible could. However, it also should not have to be stated in the first place, but one small baby step at a time.

Question 5

"I’d think God was doing this for a reason. He was saying: ‘Kim, you think you’re so hot, but look what I can do to you.'"

Kim has been pregnant twice. Both times, she has gotten very large, as most women do. However, since her career depends largely on her body, being pregnant changes the game. She seems to be laughing at herself in this quote, which is a good thing. She is very confident in her body always, even when she is pregnant which is an admirable trait. When her ankles swell and her stomach balloons, she continues to pose for photoshoots and relax in bikinis.

Question 6

"I hate when women wear the wrong foundation color, it might be the worst thing on the planet when they wear their makeup too light."

Some people focus their hate on racism or sexism, but Kim Kardashian focuses her hate on makeup. She is appalled by the idea that some women may not wear the exact correct shade of foundation! Gasp! This does not seem like something that needs attention or comment, but Kim apparently believes that it is a crime great enough to chastise. Kim may wear her makeup perfectly, but not everyone has personal stylists to paint their faces every day and have to make do on their own.

Question 7

"Oh my God, Kourtney, I'm gonna cry for you. This is, like, my biggest fear of life. You have a stretch mark."

Ah, and here we see Kim's vanity shining through. Stretch marks are natural things that can be found on a person's body, especially during pregnancy when the skin is stretched so far. To Kim, they are the worst thing that can happen to a person. The natural phenomenon is experienced by most women in the world, and Kim likely fell victim to it herself while she was pregnant with North or Saint. We can only hope she got over her fear because it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Question 8

"Sometimes I wish I only had one car. It would make my life, like, so much easier."

Lavish and extravagant are two words that are used to describe the Kardashian lifestyle. With many cars, purses, shoes, clothes, and houses comes a responsibility to care for each one accordingly. Is it possible that Kim has taken her money for granted and is arrogant enough to wish that she was less wealthy? Would it really make her life easier to have one car, like many families in the rest of America? How can she feel bad for herself that she can afford multiple cars! Or maybe she didn't say this at all...

Question 9

"I'll cry at the end of the day. Not with fresh makeup."

Putting on makeup takes a lot of time and effort. In a world where both time and beauty are money, Kim literally cannot afford to cry her face of makeup off. It would take time out of her day to have it all painted back on and, as we know, she has a lot on her plate. Those few moments where we've seen her give in to tears are precious to us, as she has the funniest crying face. Did she really say this?

Question 10

"I don't really have goals as far as I want to be on a cover or something like that."

Kim Kardashian doesn't have goals? She only wants to be on a magazine cover? Considering the fact that she has accomplished this numerous times, this must be an old quote if it is a real one at all. She now has an app, stores, and so much else around the globe. Her face and name are recognized internationally. Say what you will about the Kardashians, but they have made themselves far more widely known than one measly magazine cover. Good for Kim.

Question 11

"In recent years, I'm like too cool for duck face, so that doesn't happen."

Duck face was a fad that everyone picked up. In all of our past selfies, if you scroll through enough, you are sure to find a duck face or two. Kim has declared that she is too good for the famous duck face. Is that why you look so serious all the time, Kim? In the coming years she may deem herself too cool for the faces she makes in her selfies now. If only we had some pictures of her somewhere making that duck face... Oh wait. We do.

Question 12

"I want to be a vampire... I would die to be in Twilight, being around all those hot guys."

The Twilight saga is both ridiculed and admired, but it seems as if Kim has chosen to be a fan. Wanting to be a vampire just for the hot guys sounds like every young teenager's fantasy! Kim is supposedly an adult, though, but these words also sound exactly like something she would say. I mean, a sparkly Edward is similar to a sparkly diamond, and we all know she loves diamonds! So did she say this, or does Kim want nothing to do with vampires after all?

Question 13

"I love matching my kids' outfits to my own. I think it'll help their publicity in the future."

The ego of Kim Kardashian is like a bottomless pit. It keeps going with no end in sight, finding no bounds. It would surprise no one if this was a real quote, considering how she is highly aware that her entire family's fame is credited to her. She might even view it as selfless, helping her kids out so that their future careers can prosper. Hopefully little North and Saint will grow up to build careers on their own without having to piggyback on their mother's.

Question 14

"I love my mom but I wish she babysat North and Saint more often."

Kim is close with her family. The Kardashians are a closely knit group. Kris is Kim's manager, or momager, They've had trifles, like any other mother and daughter, some serious and some ridiculous. When it comes right down to it, Kim loves her mother unconditionally and her mother loves her. If only Kris babysat little North and Saint more often. Kim does have a busy schedule, too busy to watch her kids 24 hours a day. So did Kim really say this?

Question 15

"I only just started wearing underwear a month ago. And I never used to wear underwear until then."

Many girls understand the dreaded underwear line! But that's why thongs exist... so why was Kim Kardashian going commando for so long? Was it for a nice breeze? Maybe it was so that she could tell all of her fans about it one day. It is fascinating that she chose to begin wearing underwear at all. Kim and her many oddities have kept her famous and on everyone's minds, so she must have been doing something right all this time, including her lack of underwear.

Question 16

"I think I could have more kids. Maybe one or two more. But not if it would totally destroy my body."

Kim has managed to live a large portion of her life in the public eye. After her marriage to Kanye West, they produced a daughter together and managed to stir up something crazy out of it, by naming her North. When they had a son, they shocked the public again by naming him Saint. North West and Saint West. We can't help but wonder why they chose such outrageous names if not only to perform for their viewers. Having more kids would mean a whole band of oddly named children.

Question 17

"I'm not scared to be made fun of. I love reading rumours."

The amount of rumours circulating that target the Kardashians in astronomical. In order to avoid feeling hurt or offended, celebrities have to learn not to take these things seriously. Being able to laugh at yourself is important if you live a public life. Where Kim Kardashian is concerned, the rumours are many and range in idiocy and legitimacy. Usually false, Kim had had to be able to brush aside any words that are false so that they don't hurt her. Is it so hard to believe that she may have said this?

Question 18

"If I don't feel sexy, it's hard to get up in the morning."

We've all seen the gif of Kim Kardashian lying in bed, looking forlorn and unhappy. We also know that her job pretty much requires her to look sexy at all times. That puts a lot of pressure on her to wake up beautiful and effortless. Her vanity also comes into play, refusing anyone to see her as anything less than a sex icon. Even the best of us have trouble getting out of bed when we're not feeling great. Since Kim's great is sexy, so these words may make sense!

Question 19

"Can we take a break? I'm feeling a little dehydrated. Can someone bring me a latte?

Dehydrated, Kim? How about you ask for a water or tea? But no, only a fancy coffee with quench Kim's thirst. Between two photoshoots, or maybe after an important meeting regarding fashion, Kim must get thirsty at some point. It is unsurprising that she would ask for a latte, considering the high class sorts of business appointments she has. I sure hope that latte revived her so that she had the energy to return to her job and pose in front of another green screen somewhere.

Question 20

"I have a lot on my f---ing plate. I have to go to a photoshoot."

Tsk tsk... Kim's idea of a busy schedule is not what most of us would deem as having "as lot on my plate." Then again, the majority of us don't have photoshoots that require us to undress and bathe in silver paint so maybe Kim has a point. However, from our standpoint, it's hard to hear these words and be non-judgemental. Living a lavish life must be so difficult for her, what with having to constantly maintain that aura of luxury that her audience covets.

Question 21

"My favourite thing in the world is spinach. I can eat it for three meals a day."

The Kardashians all promote healthy eating, but also say yes to snacks. After all, we've all seen Kourtney's tutorial on how to properly eat a Kit Kat! But on a regular basis, we know they eat well in order to maintain their health and physique. Without living their healthy lifestyle, Keeping Up With The Kardashians would be a very different show. Kim loves her salads, but would she eat spinach for three meals a day? Did she say this or not?

Question 22

"People don't understand the pressure on me to look perfect."

Once again we are faced with a quote outlining Kim's distress about her fame. Everyone feels pressure to look good, but Kim does most of all, as do the other members of her family. It could be partially Kim's fault for buying into the pressure and making money off of perfection. If Kim walked outside anything less than perfect, the tabloids would have a field day analyzing what was wrong with her. In that sense, we can try to understand where Kim is coming from with these words.

Question 23

"In a past life I might have been a cop."

Always surrounded by her security detail, Kim has close connections with cops and bodyguards. Maybe she secretly wishes for a life with more danger or more physical action in it. Being a cop would certainly give that to her. But can we even imagine our favourite fashion icon as a cop? No more heels, no more purses, no more dresses... Kim would be unrecognizable. Maybe she didn't completely think this through before contemplating a career that would get her manicured hands dirty.

Question 24

"There's nothing I love more than getting to stay home all day and not get ready for anything, which is about half the week."

The beginning part of the quote is completely relatable, the second half not as much. We all absolutely love getting to stay home, stay in bed, have no stress, and sleep in. Most of us don't have the privilege of getting to do this though, because we have to go to school or work. We have responsibilities and things to accomplish. It appears as if Kim gets to sleep in as she pleases, which is lucky for her. We might even be happy for her if we weren't too busy envying her.

Question 25

"My feet hurt after walking in heels but I refuse to take them off. The pictures people would get... I'd be so embarrassed!"

Yes, another shoe quote. Are you sensing a theme? Kim is very shoe-oriented and we always spot her wearing some pair of ornate, no doubt expensive, and painful shoes. Sometimes I cringe when I see her feet squished into a a pair of fancy shoes, simply because I am imagining the pain she must be in. She never lets up, even wearing heels while pregnant. If she wears heels while carrying a baby in her stomach, when else would she ever take them off?

Question 26

"If I don't feel confident with my body, I'm not going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself and not do something about it. It's all about taking action and not being lazy."

The Kardashian's healthy lifestyle is greatly publicized, marketed, and profited off of. So if Kim isn't feeling her best one morning, she may think to herself that she may as well make a couple bucks off of it and go work out. There is a personal element to it too. Kim likes looking good and feeling good. Sexy is her thing. So if she isn't feeling sexy, she might step it up a notch at the gym to aid her self-esteem and feel better about her body rather than wearing sweatpants and eating chips like the rest of us.

Question 27

"I do rely on having a full face on."

Who is Kim Kardashian without her makeup? We don't know and we won't ever know because she never steps out without being anything less than camera-ready. She is beautiful, but must rely on her full face of makeup since she is constantly critiqued and scrutinized. We feel judged every day in our various regular lives, so Kim must feel that sense of being judged every second of the day by all of America. No wonder she relies so heavily on her makeup.

Question 28

"Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?"

Kim's skin is clear of everything: acne, scars, hair, stretch marks, freckles, and tattoos. Kim views herself as special, too expensive to mark up with a tattoo. Comparing herself to a Bentley furthers the notion that she feels a sense of superiority over the rest of us. However, her logic does make a certain amount of sense. Why tattoo yourself if you love your body the way it is? Kim spends lots of money on the removal of every imperfection, so it doesn't make sense to her to add one willingly.

Question 29

"My favourite thing to shop for is shoes, I have so many shoes. It's almost a waste, some I never get a chance to wear."

Again, we hear something from Kim that demonstrates how oblivious she is to people who struggle to purchase a single pair of shoes. Most of us love wearing new shoes that we've purchased. Imagine not even having a chance to wear something new because you have too many of them to start with! Kim loves dressing her kids, too, so when North gets older and starts to wear heels, maybe she can wear some of those shoes that Kim never got around to.

Question 30

"I'm terrified of spiders but when I was a kid, I let ants crawl all over my hands."

Kim is deathly afraid of spiders. This was proven during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians from 2012 when her father forced her to confront her fear. She grew furious after a panicked scream. Did she really allow ants to crawl all over her hands as a child? Many kids do have fun with bugs, but I have a hard time believing that Kim was one of them. But maybe she was! You'll have to guess and see.

Question 31

"I am really cautious about what I say and do."

For someone who is so cautious, a lot of gossip gets leaked somehow. Kim may be careful about her words and actions, but she can't be careful enough. Everything she says is closely analyzed for the public's entertainment, so someone in that position can never be cautious enough. This quiz is proof enough! So many things that she has said are repeated, laughed at, and disagreed with. It's hard to be careful 100% of the time, so Kim does pretty well considering her circumstances.

Question 32

"I don't even drink! I can't stand the taste of alcohol."

Kim is someone who is surrounded by so much celebrity, so many parties, and endless opportunity to drink. It makes it hard to believe that she refrains from drinking, but not impossible. Are her words true? Does Kim not enjoy the taste of alcohol enough to hold back from partying a little too hard? Maybe she holds back so as not to consume all of those empty calories. If so, she has a stronger willpower and more self-control than most people in the rest of her society, both famous and not.

Question 33

"Sometimes I push my schedule so I can sleep an extra, like, five minutes. Every minute counts in my day."

Kim has a lot on her plate, we know. She has photoshoots, facials, hair appointments, meetings, and so much more to fit into every single day. How could she possibly spare an extra five minutes to sleep? What would her momager say to such a sin? We can all relate to Kim in this one, as we all love an extra five minutes of beauty sleep. But why stop at five? Let's go for ten, fifteen, twenty. Oh, right, she can't. Kim has to get to her manicurist before it's too late.

Question 34

"Dinosaurs are cool. I wish I'd been alive during their time. I want to ride one."

Perhaps Kim did not hear the words that were spilling from her mouth as she said them, because wishing to ride a dinosaur during that era sounds far more dangerous than cool. Only a Kardashian could believe that they have enough power to subdue a dinosaur. Maybe she thought she could control it with looks alone. Whatever the logic may be behind her words, we don't see it. Hopefully she wouldn't bring her kids with her to ride dinosaurs and would leave them at home in the cave with caveman Kanye.

Question 35

"Holidays are the best. I couldn't imagine being from a small family."

Kim has a large family, there's no getting around it. She has plenty of sisters, a brother, her mom, her dad, her kids and husband, her niece and nephews, and some extended relatives as well. When holiday season comes around, she is surrounded by them with no break. Being from a small family would change her entire life, including the show and how she spends her day to day life. It's good that she loves her family, or she would be far less happy about spending the holidays at home with her boatload of relatives.

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