Are These Dragon-Type Pokémon Real Or Fake? Take The 60-Second Test!

The Pokémon franchise has a simple game mechanic at its core: take creatures that have different base ‘types’ and have them fight other Pokémon of different types. Also, the moves themselves that the Pokémon use have their own types, which is a mechanic that creates interesting dynamics in how battles take shape.

One of the earliest and most desired Pokémon types is the Dragon type, which has been one of the optional types since the original games. At that time, there was only one evolutionary line featuring Dragon-types, and it was both difficult to obtain and extremely hard to raise. But once it was fully evolved, that Dragon could wreak havoc on an opponent’s team.

Since then, there have been many more Pokémon to be released that are either pure or part Dragon-type, which has added some much-needed variety to the games. For many generations, Dragon-types were considered some of the most desired-Pokémon because of their inherent statistical superiority to other stats, and because, well, who doesn’t want to control a Dragon?

Many of these Dragons are now seen regularly by both casual and serious/competitive players, but some Dragon-types have been forgotten or were forgettable from the start. As a result, there is now a thriving community of Pokémon fans and creative artists that have come up with their own fake/fan-made Pokémon that, it some cases, look real.

And so now we find ourselves faced with a test. Can you tell which of these Dragon-type Pokémon are real and which ones are fake or fan-made?

1Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Salamence has always been one of the most popular Dragon-types out there thanks to its impressive stat spread, moveset, Ability and badass look. So leave it to Game Freak to make this dangerous Dragon even more dangerous by bestowing with a Mega-Evolution. Although it kind of suffers in the looks department (it does kind of look more saucer-like), it makes up for it by a massive stat boost, the most prominent of which being an enormous 50-point boost in Defense, which was its weakest stat beforehand.

2Are these Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Here we have two Dragon-type Pokémon that were introduced in Sun and Moon, but weren’t actually released in North America. So far, they’ve been released only in Japan to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon Company being active. Only their English names have been released to the English-speaking market thus far. As for how you acquire them, players in Japan were given access to a special Mystery Gift code to obtain these Dragon-type Pokémon, and redeemed them in-game. So far any plans for a wider release outside of Japan haven’t been announced, as much of the non-Japanese market were given special commemorative versions of Pikachu instead of these Pokémon.

3Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Dragon-type seen here is the Alolan version of the third-generation Pokémon Flygon. Back then, Flygon had a unique Dragon/Ground type combination and had the Ability Levitate, which made it immune to both Electric- and Ground-type attacks. Its Alolan counterpart is different, adopting a Dragon/Bug combination instead, while still retaining the original Levitate ability. This makes this one of the few Alolan Pokémon to retain the same ability as its original counterpart instead of getting a new one in the newest set of games.

4Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This seahorse-like Pokémon was introduced in the sixth generation of games, Pokémon X and Y. it has the unique Type combination of Dragon and Poison, which makes it one of the more interesting new Pokémon. This is because that same generation introduced the new Fairy-type, which is immune to Dragon-type attacks and delivers super-effective attacks on those same Dragon-types. However, Fairy-types are also weak against Poison-types, which makes this Pokémon much more valuable in fighting those new and popular Fairy-types.

5Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Here we have another powerful Dragon-type introduced in the most recent generation of games. Called ‘Kommo-o’, this Pokémon has an interesting type combination of Fighting and Dragon, which protects it somewhat from the ever-present threat of Fairy-types. It is also far more balanced than most other Dragon-types, but is also quite slow by Dragon-type standards as well. That said, this Pokémon was obviously designed to absorb punishment more than dish it out, as seen with its three possible abilities: Bulletproof, Soundproof and Overcoat, all of which are defensive in nature.

6Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Pokémon seen here has a unique method of being acquired. Like many Pokémon before it, this one has different forms that it can take on. But unlike others, to obtain its final ‘Complete’ form, you have to go on a massive scavenger hunt throughout the game. Once you have obtained 100 of these pieces, called ‘cores’ and ‘cells’, you will have the option of transforming it into the form seen here. This Ground/Dragon-type Pokémon is incredibly powerful, boasting a massive HP stat and very impressive Attack and Defensive capabilities as well.

7Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This pure Dragon-type was introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and has already become one of the game’s most popular. Found in the Verdant Cavern, it is very hard to defeat or even capture. This is because it has very impressive stats and even has its own signature move: Dragon Explosion. Using that fuse-like flame on its tail, it takes one turn to power-up the move, before unleashing a devastating attack on the following turn. Because it also has strong defensive stats, it’s hard to knock it out before it unleashes this devastating attack.

8Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This Mythical Pokémon is one of several standalone legendaries introduced in Sun and Moon. It can only be challenged once the player has defeated Professor Kukui in the final Pokémon League battle, and after the player has already challenged and either defeated or captures all four of the Guardian Deities in the game. Once these feats are accomplished, the player must go down the winding path from the top of Mount Hokulani and near one of the patches of tall grass, they’ll find the entrance to a cave that wasn’t there before. Once inside, the player will need to go through a few puzzles before finding this now-awakened Dragon/Steel-type Pokémon.

9Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Flygon is a Pokémon that has long suffered from an inferiority complex due to the abundance of Dragon-types that outclass it in some way or another. Although it’s fortunate to be immune to both Ground and Electric-type attacks, its inferior stats have compelled many people to overlook this advantage in favor of statistically-stronger Pokémon. This problem has changed in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, now that Flygon gets its own Mega-Evolution. Mega Flygon gets a solid 20-point boost to all stats except HP, and still retains the same type combination and ability, all of which make it far more powerful than before.

10Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Pokémon seen here was one of the first ‘Alolan forms’ ever released by Nintendo and Game Freak. To play off the new games’ Hawaiian theme, they took a popular and well-known Pokémon from the original games and gave it a slight modification. In this case, Exeggutor sheds its secondary Psychic typing and exchanges that for a new Dragon type to go with its remaining Grass tying. This makes the new Exeggutor much more likely to survive in battle, as its original type combination rendered it extremely vulnerable to Bug-type attacks, which have grown in frequency and in power in more recent generations.

11Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

For several generations, Dunsparce was one of the most forgettable Pokémon introduced in a long time. It didn’t have anything special going for it, and among competitive players it was known for being a gimmick more than anything. Thankfully, Pokémon Sun and Moon gave it new life be bestowing it with an Alolan form. This new, pure Dragon-type Pokémon retains the same stat spread as its Johto predecessor, but gains the fantastic ability Wonder Guard, which protects it from all types except for those that are super-effective against it. In other words, it can only be hurt by Ice, Fairy and Dragon-type attacks, which now make it much more viable among players, both casual and competitive.

12Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Pokémon seen here joins Dialga in the super-exclusive club of Pokémon that possess the Dragon/Steel type combination. Unlike Dialga, however, this one isn’t a legendary, but it instead a new Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It is one of many powerful Pokémon to be found in the Vast Poni Canyon, and is incredibly hard to catch due to its tendency to flee from battle. Despite looking rather bulky, it is surprisingly quick, which makes it stand out much more from the majority of Alola Pokémon, most of which are known for being very slow compared to the entire collection of Pokémon released thus far.

13Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Pokémon seen interesting in that it possess a type combination of Dragon and Steel. Like virtually all Dragon-types, it has considerable attack capabilities, with its Special Attack base stat topping around 150. And like most Steel-types, it is very strong defensively as well, making it hard to both counter and take down. As a result, few Pokémon resist it fully, which makes it a highly useful Pokémon to use, especially in the so-called Uber tier, where mostly legendaries are used.

14Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This is another great Dragon-type released in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and it is extremely powerful. This is a ‘roaming Legendary’ that wanders the entire region once it is awakened. You first encounter this Dragon/Water-type Pokémon in a previously-blocked room in the Seaward Cave. Once it is awakened (which is done by interacting with it), it will wander all four regions, just like the Legendary Birds in Pokémon X and Y. After seven encounters, it will return to the same room inside Seaward Cave, where it can be battled properly.

15Are these Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This family of Dragon-type Pokémon is exclusive to Pokémon Ultra Sun, and is only obtainable once all opponents in Team Rocket’s Castle have been defeated. Like many of its predecessors, this family boasts the much-maligned Dragon/Flying type combination, which makes its life difficult to due having a severe weakness to Ice-type attacks. However, this family makes up for it by being one of the few Dragon-types that’s actually more defensive oriented than others. The final form in particular, Gildrago, has enormous Defense and Special Defense stats, and is one of the only Dragon-type Pokémon that can learn the move ‘Cosmic Power’ which boosts both Defenses by one stage when used.

16Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Here we have one of the most interesting Dragon-type Pokémon introduced prior to the sixth generation of games. Known as Hydreigon, this Pokémon has the luxury of being both Dragon and Dark-type, while also possessing the ability Levitate. As a result, this Pokémon possessed a myriad of resistances and immunities, including taking no damage whatsoever from either Psychic or Ground-type attacks. Sadly, with the introduction of Fairy-types, this Pokémon now has an enormous weakness that makes its power and competitive viability much less guaranteed.

17Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Back in Generation II, there were very few Electric-type Pokémon that could do significant damage, but Ampharos was one of them. Possessing a mono-Electric typing, it was solid in terms of offensive prowess, but suffered from slow speed. In an odd twist, Ampharos was one of several Gen II Pokémon to get a Mega Evolution, and in doing so it was also bestowed with a secondary Dragon-typing upon mega-evolving. This evolution has made it into a far more dangerous Pokémon overall, as it loses some speed while gaining far more bulk and an incredible boost to its Special Attack.

18Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Between Pokémon X & Y and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, several ‘pseudo-legendaries’ were bestowed with Mega-Evolutions that made them incredibly powerful. These included: Tyranitar, Garchomp, Salamence and Metagross. Now, with Pokémon Sun and Moon and their respective successors outs, another one of these powerful Pokémon joins the fray: Mega-Dragonite. As the original Dragon-type, Dragonite was always powerful, but now is far more dangerous than before. Mega-Dragonite retains its Dragon/Flying combination, but now gets the ability Regenerator, which heals it upon switching out, and also gets a massive boost to both defensive stats and to its Speed, which allows it to compete easily with its fellow Mega-pseudo-legendaries.

19Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

After years of wondering, fans finally got to see Pokémon’s take on a T-Rex, which came in the form of Tyrantrum. But despite the look, this Rock/Dragon-type is largely forgotten due to problems stemming from type combination and stat spread. However, the seventh generation fixed this somewhat with the new-and-improve Mega-Tyrantrum. This new Mega-Evolution gets minor boots in Attack and defense, but gets massive, 45-point boost to both Speed and Special Defense. With these new stats, Mega-Tyrantrum is far better-equipped to battle than its base form.

20Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

In Pokémon X & Y, Game Freak took a gamble with the concept of Mega-Evolutions, which they bestowed onto several Pokémon, one of which was Blaziken, one of the three starters from Generation III. Its success compelled them to do the same to the other two starts from Gen III, Swampert and Sceptile, the latter of which can be seen here. Sceptile gets an enormous stat boost and gains a secondary Dragon-typing, which saves it from the danger of super-effective Fire-type attacks, but also makes it super-vulnerable to Ice-type attacks.

21Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This Pokémon, Naganadel, is one of a small handful of new Pokémon that were introduced in the second set of games of a generation. Its release marked the first time Game Freak released completely new Pokémon midway through a generation, as previous generations had only different forms or Mega-Evolutions go through that process. Naganadel is also unique in that it is thus far the only Ultra Beast to evolve, whereas all of the other ones are standalone Pokémon that do not evolve in any way.

22Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

It might not look like it, but this obvious bat-like Pokémon is, in fact, part Dragon. It is one of many Dragon/Flying types out there, and like the others in that group, it is extremely weak to Ice-type attacks. But this Pokémon, called Noivern, has a few tricks up its sleeve. It is one of the fastest Dragon-types out there and has access to both an impressive Ability called Infiltrator, which ignores several ‘protective’ moves like Substitute and Reflect, and the powerful move Super Fang, which instantly halves the opponent’s HP, regardless of their stats.

23Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Pokémon seen here is actually considered a ‘hidden’ Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, in that its actual location and how it’s found wasn’t released in any official releases by Nintendo. Instead, it was concealed as an in-game treasure hunt that requires the player to speak to several key NPCs and do particular actions in order for the game to activate a hidden ‘script’ that causes this Pokémon to appear. In essence, the method of obtaining this rare and powerful Dragon-type Pokémon is the seventh generation version of the Mew Glitch from Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow.

24Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This strange-looking Pokémon was released all the way back in Generation IV, and boasts an interesting type combination of both Water and Dragon. This makes it almost completely immune to both Fire and Water-type attacks, while also making it one of the few Dragon-types to actually take any damage from Grass and Electric-type attacks. In an interesting twist, this Pokémon is actually presented in-game as an all-powerful deity, as the Pokémon that rules over all of space itself. How that has anything to do with Water has yet to be explained.

25Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Dunsparce was a strange Pokémon back when it first debuted. Its HP stat was impressive, but all of its remaining stats remained subpar. Then, it was bestowed with an evolution (not a Mega one, but a standard, permanent evolution) in Pokémon Sun and Moon. This new Pokémon, called Dunserpent, has the combination of Dragon and Normal types, while also giving it the Levitate Ability (as Game Freak is wont to do with any Pokémon it wants to be able to fly without giving it the Flying type). Furthermore, Dunserpent is an enormous improvement over Dunsparce, getting a massive 175 boost between its Attack, Defense, Special Defense and Speed stats. These effectively turn the new Dunserpent into a truly competitive and reliable Dragon-type, which is a lot more than what could’ve been said about Dunsparce.

26Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Here we have another Pokémon introduced in Generation IV that came at a time when Pokémon was obsessed with Dragons. This one boasts the unique type combination of Ghost/Dragon, which makes it extremely dangerous due to having two powerful immunities. It is also one of the earliest Pokémon to have two alternate ‘formes’. The first form is more defense-oriented and sees this Pokémon walk on six legs. Its other form, the Origin Forme (seen here) switches its stats towards a more offensive approach, while also granting it immunity to Ground-type attacks.

27Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Milotic was a popular Water-type Pokémon for a time owing to its strong Special bulk and Ability. However, as the generations went on, it fell out of favor with many people due to its growing relative weakness and difficulty in obtaining. Well now it’s making a triumphant return thanks to its new Mega-Evolution. Boasting a new secondary Dragon typing, Mega Milotic gets an enormous 61-point boost to its Defense, 19 points to Speed, and 10 to both Special Attack and Special Defense, which makes it far more dangerous than before. It also switches its Marvel Scale Ability for Multiscale, which is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, as it halves all damage the Pokémon receives when at full HP.

28Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Drudiggon was a forgettable Pokémon when it was introduced in Pokémon Black & White. Its best stat was and still is its Attack stat, which isn’t that impressive anymore now that Mega Evolutions exist. But that issue has been rectified now that Mega-Drudiggon has become a thing. Once you obtain its Mega stone in either Ultra Sun or Moon, you can Mega-Evolve it, and boy does it change. It now gains a secondary Poison-typing as well as massive boots to both its Attack and Defense stats. This makes it an impressive physical wall that’s taken much more seriously in the competitive environment than its base form ever was.

29Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

The newly-introduced Pokémon seen here is the fourth Dragon/Psychic-type Pokémon in the franchise’s history. It is an event Pokémon that hasn’t yet been formally added to any of the games, but was announced by Game Freak that it will be added in an upcoming update to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. From what can be gathered, this Pokémon will have awesome competitive abilities and will only be obtained by completing a series of in-game accomplishments that will require extensive gameplay.

30Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Pokémon seen here has the interesting type combination of both Dragon and Psychic-types. It is also a central figure in the main plot of the games Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. With this generation having a central focus on daylight and night time, this Pokémon is said to be a central aspect to that theme. It is known as ‘Ultra Necrozma’ and is said to be Necrozma’s ‘true form’ compared to the lesser form released in the original Sun and Moon.

31Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

While it might not look like one, this monstrous-looking beast is a combination of both Dragon-type and Dark-type. While that might look like a good combination on the surface, it actually grants this strange-looking Pokémon a plethora of weaknesses, the most significant being a monstrous weakness to Fairy-types. That aside, this weird-looking thing, which is actually one of the Ultra Beasts, has a powerful ability that boots its strongest stat automatically, which makes it far more dangerous than its lopsided stat spread might initially suggest.

32Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Many Pokémon have been bestowed with an Alolan form to ‘shake things up’ in terms of type combination, and Altaria is another one of these. Though it was bestowed with a Mega Evolution in Generation VI, its overall popularity compelled Game Freak to give it some more attention in Pokémon Sun and Moon as well. It maintains its Dragon typing while exchanging its Flying type for an Electric one, and also gains the Levitate ability that maintains its immunity to Ground-type attacks.

33Are these Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This new trio of Dragon-type Pokémon were hinted at in Pokémon Moon, but weren’t released until their expansions, Ultra Moon. However, this family cannot be captured in the wild. Instead, the first one in the evolutionary line, Gnibbling, is gifted to you by Looker after you have defeated all of the opponents in Team Rocket’s Castle. This is a useful Pokémon to have because of its massive Attack stat, which caps off at an astonishing base 148 once it is fully evolved, making it one of the most powerful non-Legendary Pokémon in the game.

34Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

When it was first revealed, Haxorus was an interesting Pokémon that screamed ‘one-trick pony’. It boasted a monstrous Attack stat and decent Speed, but had little-to-no bulk. Now, Haxorus is blessed with a Mega-evolution that brings with it some much needed change. Although it does lose some of its Attack power when Mega-Evolving, the increase to its Speed, Defense and Special Defense stats more than make up for it. Finally, it sheds its ‘Mold Breaker’ Ability to instead obtain ‘Tough Claws’ which powers up moves that make physical contact, which allows it to really abuse its physical prowess much more than previously.

35Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This strange-looking Dragon/Normal-type Pokémon was one of several new Pokémon introduced in Sun and Moon. Exclusive to Pokémon Moon, this Pokémon can only be found on Mount Lanakila, and is actually quite powerful. Boasting an incredible base 135 Special Attack stat, this Pokémon has the potential to devastate enemy teams if it gets the chance to. The reason we say ‘if it gets the chance to’ is because like most Alola Pokémon, it is pitifully slow which makes it vulnerable to the myriad of faster Pokémon that could destroy it before it even gets a chance to strike.

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