Are These Dragon-Type Pokémon Real Or Fake? Take The 60-Second Test!

The Pokémon franchise has a simple game mechanic at its core: take creatures that have different base ‘types’ and have them fight other Pokémon of different types. Also, the moves themselves that the Pokémon use have their own types, which is a mechanic that creates interesting dynamics in how battles take shape.

One of the earliest and most desired Pokémon types is the Dragon type, which has been one of the optional types since the original games. At that time, there was only one evolutionary line featuring Dragon-types, and it was both difficult to obtain and extremely hard to raise. But once it was fully evolved, that Dragon could wreak havoc on an opponent’s team.

Since then, there have been many more Pokémon to be released that are either pure or part Dragon-type, which has added some much-needed variety to the games. For many generations, Dragon-types were considered some of the most desired-Pokémon because of their inherent statistical superiority to other stats, and because, well, who doesn’t want to control a Dragon?

Many of these Dragons are now seen regularly by both casual and serious/competitive players, but some Dragon-types have been forgotten or were forgettable from the start. As a result, there is now a thriving community of Pokémon fans and creative artists that have come up with their own fake/fan-made Pokémon that, it some cases, look real.

And so now we find ourselves faced with a test. Can you tell which of these Dragon-type Pokémon are real and which ones are fake or fan-made?

1Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Salamence has always been one of the most popular Dragon-types out there thanks to its impressive stat spread, moveset, Ability and badass look. So leave it to Game Freak to make this dangerous Dragon even more dangerous by bestowing with a Mega-Evolution. Although it kind of suffers in the looks department (it does kind of look more saucer-like), it makes up for it by a massive stat boost, the most prominent of which being an enormous 50-point boost in Defense, which was its weakest stat beforehand.

2Are these Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

Here we have two Dragon-type Pokémon that were introduced in Sun and Moon, but weren’t actually released in North America. So far, they’ve been released only in Japan to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon Company being active. Only their English names have been released to the English-speaking market thus far. As for how you acquire them, players in Japan were given access to a special Mystery Gift code to obtain these Dragon-type Pokémon, and redeemed them in-game. So far any plans for a wider release outside of Japan haven’t been announced, as much of the non-Japanese market were given special commemorative versions of Pikachu instead of these Pokémon.

3Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

The Dragon-type seen here is the Alolan version of the third-generation Pokémon Flygon. Back then, Flygon had a unique Dragon/Ground type combination and had the Ability Levitate, which made it immune to both Electric- and Ground-type attacks. Its Alolan counterpart is different, adopting a Dragon/Bug combination instead, while still retaining the original Levitate ability. This makes this one of the few Alolan Pokémon to retain the same ability as its original counterpart instead of getting a new one in the newest set of games.

4Is this Dragon-type Pokémon real or fake?

This seahorse-like Pokémon was introduced in the sixth generation of games, Pokémon X and Y. it has the unique Type combination of Dragon and Poison, which makes it one of the more interesting new Pokémon. This is because that same generation introduced the new Fairy-type, which is immune to Dragon-type attacks and delivers super-effective attacks on those same Dragon-types. However, Fairy-types are also weak against Poison-types, which makes this Pokémon much more valuable in fighting those new and popular Fairy-types.

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