Anyone Who Owns A TV Should Be Able To Name These Shows

Since life doesn't always have quite a linear enough plot for us to follow, having a TV in the house is a relief. Through that luscious tube, we're able to peek into countless mini universes quite like our own but not really. We can spy on make believe people as they try to get to the end of their linear plot. Submerged in the parallel  settings funded by the gods of the networks themselves, limited by nothing but imagination, we can be anywhere at all while being nowhere in particular.

As a tribute to TV and all the glory it's given us, let's see how many of the world's most celebrated shows we're able to name. These series have spanned generations, collectively having entertained billions of people around the world, granting them the possibility for infinite adventure without having to leave the body heat of their couches.

Self proclaimed TV trivia doctors, beware - there's a lot of shows to follow, and only a real TV guru will be able to name them all. For those who fall a little short of that perfect score, don't worry - just watch some TV after this, and we can forget the whole thing happened.

1Name the show!

Here's a TV show that became a widespread hit pretty much the minute after it was released. It's easy to see why - with its unique story, signature style and impeccable presentation, this is definitely a tough series to dislike. Indeed, those who commit past the first three episodes of the first season will likely have a hard time stopping that Netflix autoplay button. While these kids resume their mysterious adventure, let's see if we can name their TV show.

2Name the show!

What does one do when they're told that their time in this world is super limited? There's usually two options in this case - either give up and let fate take its course, or the individual can take matters into their own hands, and spend what little time they have left living life on the wild side. That's exactly what this ex-professor did when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, though he might have taken the concept a little far.

3Name the show!

Let's try thinking of a popular series featuring a bunch of angry blokes in gorilla suits. Okay, that doesn't narrow things down much, but considering the reach of the show being pictured here, the right answer shouldn't be too far from reach. Despite their series title painting them as a bunch of angry men, audience members tend to see them in a number of different moods - for instance: jovial, nonchalant and confused, to name only a few. What's this show called?

4Name the show!

This show takes place almost entirely within the walls of a prison, and that fact alone should narrow the possibilities down quite substantially. For those who need even more of a hint, this is a female penitentiary we're talking about. How many popular series are set in a female jail, with female inmates serving as the main characters? Not an abundant number, to say the least. Let's see if there's a savvy TV buff out there who let this one slip by them.

5Name the show!

Uh oh - we've just stumbled into a den of wiseguys, and now they're wondering what we're doing here. Careful - saying the wrong thing in this instance might mean getting sent on an unplanned trip to the nether realm. While these guys might seem like friendly, polite, well humored people, that represents only one side of them - the other side is madly in love with crime. As we make a quick, stealthy getaway, let's see if we can name this classic show.

6Name the show!

This TV show takes place in an office, of all settings - in fact, the concept of an office may or may not be in its very name. Given the fact that this show spent a long while at the tippity top of the ratings chart, it's easy to think that pretty much everyone has made their way through an episode or two. Without straining ourselves too hard, let's see if we can name the show that gave rise to the great Dwight Schrute.

7Name the show!

Come along with us as we take a deep dive into the wonderful world of animated television. Some of our favorite kids shows live here, like this little story about an anthropomorphic... mammal? And his fellow furry friends. There's no telling what this gang will be up to in any given episode, but we can always bet that shenanigans will ensue in one form or another. Those of us who were kids growing up in the 90's - or parents of them - should definitely know this one.

8Name the show!

This is a dark, sombre tale like no other, told through the multi part medium of a television series. It's not the type of show for everyone, for sure, but those who follow its story tend to swear by it. As we take in the air of mystery that surrounds this picture, let's see if we can somehow pull the right name out from the options below. Even those unfamiliar with the series will know its name - if they're really into TV.

9Name the show!

There will definitely be no clues given out for this question, since that'll hardly be necessary for anyone - after all, the picture we're looking at here represents one of the most celebrated TV series of all time, and surely the longest running animated show ever. In other words, anyone who hasn't seen this show probably doesn't spend much time in front of the TV, for better or worse. Let's be quick about naming this one, since it's quite easy.

10Name the show!

In terms of quality, one can probably argue that this next show blows all the other ones out of the water. There's not really a linear story - the plot of every episode is self contained, introducing and wrapping it all up within one sitting. That's an unconventional formula for TV shows these days, but this show is definitely known for being unconventional. For technology and sci fi buffs, this is definitely a must watch, though plenty of others will at least know its name.

11Name the show!

There's a serious mystery going on within this webpage - someone stole all our cookies! We just can't stand by while the culprit is allowed to get away - no, we must hire a detective, and a legendary detective at that. Say, what name comes to mind when we think of a legendary detective? That's a mystery in and of itself, though it's definitely not a hard one to solve. While quiz takers think it through, we'll go see about our cookies.

12Name the show!

Netflix seems to have a ton of fun bringing classic superhero stories to the world at large, and this show represents one of their best efforts in doing so. Since this show is so unconventional, it's hard for viewers to fully gauge what's going on at any given moment. Thankfully, though, the surface of the story is interesting enough to watch - binge watch, even. Let's see who the real superhero TV show buffs are out there. What's this show called?

13Name the show!

The lovely Tina Fey has seen fit to bless this quiz with her virtual presence today, and what a blessed day it is. Of course, she's not alone - standing behind her in the unpictured background is the powerful cast that supports her, among them the great Tracy Morgan. Since this show has had a pretty successful run, we doubt that trivia buffs will have a hard time getting this question right, especially since it's multiple choice. Let's name the show.

14Name the show!

An all star ensemble cast has come together in our humble little webpage to represent their smash hit sitcom. Each character brings something wholly new to the table, and its their collective dynamic that gives this show its signature punch. Those who have yet to see it should definitely check out an episode or two, though hopefully they'll know enough about the show to pluck the correct name out of the bundle of options. No clues will be given out here.

15Name the show!

As far as classic TV characters go, no 90's icon - or icon from any other decade, for that matter - is quite as singular as this guy right here. His character isn't easy to put a finger on - in fact, we never really figured out what was going on inside that head of his. All we know is that he makes us laugh, even though his show isn't really about anything at all. What's the show about nothing called?

16Name the show!

There's a certain community college out there in TV land that has attracted the attention of millions worldwide - probably because it was created within a powerful TV network that enjoys such a reach. In case quiz takers haven't seen this one - or heard of it - there's a nifty little clue contained somewhere within this entry that will help them guess the name. While Alison Brie continues writing her playful notes down on the board, let's try to get this right.

17Name the show!

Here's a show that presents to its audience the highest echelons of government - or, at least, a dramatized version of it. After all, producers are encouraged to play reality up for their viewers. Though really, since the average person has no idea what goes on behind the closed doors of government, the story shown in this series may very well be close to the truth. No one can really say, but at least we can give this question our best shot.

18Name the show!

If there's some paranormal activity afoot - instances that can't be explained by conventional means - then the two detectives in the center of this classic TV series are the ones to call. It's too bad they don't exist in the real world, though we suppose that truly supernatural occurrences don't really come up that often on this end of the screen. At any rate, since this show is a cult favorite, it should be quite easy to recognize. What's it called?

19Name the show!

After the success of Breaking Bad, the producers of the show could not very well call things quits without seeking to expand the story a little further. Of course, if there was one character in Breaking Bad worth exploring - besides the two mains, of course - it was the conniving lawyer who helped his criminal friends out of hard ways, time and time again. Even though it was a bit of a spin off, this show was a great hit in its own right.

20Name the show!

What current, uber trending TV show features dragons and ghoulish frost zombies? What about a prophetic hero who returns to our realm from the other side? Not too many, for sure. All of that and much, much more goes on in the series we're thinking of. Since it's reached millions upon millions of audience members by now, there's a good chance that most people taking this quiz will get the question right. If not, they might have a tough time with all the series to follow.

21Name the show!

Although this might look like a normal woman who doesn't come with too many surprises, the truth is that this gal is super duper strong - strong enough to bend a brass pipe with one bare hand, even. We can't do that, and neither can our quiz takers. That facet of hers alone calls for respect. Furthermore, when her story was broadcast to the world on Netflix, it turned out to be a huge hit. Let's see if anyone can match her to her show.

22Name the show!

In its hey day, this show represented the pinnacle of premium quality on television. It isn't spoken of too much these days - an effect brought about by the passage of time more than anything else - but it's still an important part of television history. Anyone who considered themselves a fan of the show during its run will likely recognize this cast of characters, as they'd be bringing on a wave of nostalgia right about now. What show is pictured here?

23Name the show!

These days, apocalyptic stories tend to be all the rage. Indeed, television as a whole seems to have no problem with over saturating audiences with endless tales showcasing the end of days. Despite that, we enjoy the series that put original spins on the concept, like the one being pictured here. It isn't the biggest show on television, but its fan base is definitely a dedicated one. Let's see if any of those devoted fans are among our quiz takers today.

24Name the show!

While we admit that some titles in this quiz are more on the obscure side, pretty much everyone should be able to match this picture to the TV show. After all, the protagonist shown here was one of the biggest icons on 90's TV, beloved by audience members of all ages. While we wouldn't want to swap places with her - lest we might be bitten, and bitten badly - we all enjoyed watching her go about her dangerous business.

25Name the show!

All it takes is one look at this picture for a certain 90's sitcom opening theme to come blasting through the walls of our cerebellums. Now that the song is there, we won't be able to shake it away for a long time, nor would we want to. The only thing better than the opening song of this show is the show itself. While each episode has its own story, we really only tune in to see these friends in the midst of their shenanigans.

26Name the show!

After the worldwide success of a certain Coen Brothers' 90's film, the people over at TV land saw fit to make a televised spinoff of the story, and thank the gods they did. What turned up out of the production was a super dark yet super inviting - not to mention cold - crime story. While some of us might have missed this show, those of us who didn't will surely remember its name. What might this one be called?

27Name the show!

Pikachu, we choose you! We're sending out our level 100 Pikachu to face all the quiz takers out there today. If there aren't enough people who remember the name of this show, Pikachu will put all its energy into producing a perfect, enormous Thunderbolt attack, and we'd best believe that this one will be a critical hit. So we could avoid the jolt, let's take a look at our options below and be careful to choose the glaringly obvious right answer.

28Name the show!

While this doctor might not be the nicest medical practitioner on TV, he's likely the smartest, and knowledge tends to count more than kindness when it comes to saving people's lives within a fictional narrative. For a number of years, this show was consistently in the top of the ratings charts. Even though we're some ways past that time now, we doubt many people will have trouble matching this picture to the right TV show. What's this show called, again?

29Name the show!

Within the fictional world presented in this TV show, concepts like peace and safety are nowhere to be found. Instead, what we find are zombies - legions and legions of zombies, looking out for a quick bite. Some run from these ghouls, others hide, and one wacky lady slices them up with swords. All of this is eerie, but it's also super fun to watch, which is why the show pictured here is one of the biggest TV series of all time.

30Name the show!

Collectively, the IQ of the characters in this entry may very well surpass 1000, though one geek might be contributing to that number more than the others. Regardless, once again, we're looking at a show that's way too famous not to recognize. Sure, it's not everyone's cup of tea - or Erlenmeyer flask of tea, for that matter - but that doesn't change the fact that it's unavoidable. Taking a look at the options below, the right answer should be obvious.

31Name the show!

In this show, a number of characters (we won't say what that number is, since that would be too obvious a hint) are connected in a very visceral way. In a sense, they're all the same person, though paradoxically, they also live their own entirely independent lives. It's a fascinating concept, despite it being abstract, and the presentation is quite spot on. At least, it was in season 1, anyway.... at any rate, let's figure out what this one is called.

32Name the show!

Although these two creatures look like totally separate entities, the truth is that they're connected in a very real way - a biological way, even then. Some might say that they're perpetually joined at the hip, and they wouldn't even be wrong. In fact, they'd be right on the money. If there was a feline-ish looking character connected to a canine-ish looking one, what would we call that species? Once we answer that question, we might be able to clear this entry.

33Name the show!

There aren't many cartoon kids as famous as these ones, though the competition out there in TV land is quite strong. Throughout its countless episodes, this series has proven to its audience time and time again just how far it's willing to go in order to break boundaries and walls. Everyone has a favorite, and some might not admit that their favorite is the mean one in the middle. Come on now, we all know what this show is called.

34Name the show!

The actress pictured here is so talented, and is such a singular performer, producers simply could not resist giving her her own series to star in. Of course, once the camera was rolling, she didn't disappoint one bit - in fact, she proved to be totally indestructible, for lack of a better word. There aren't many other characters like this one, though some of us might have missed her series. In that case, process of elimination would be of great help here.

35Name the show!

Collectively, the power level being broadcast in this picture is over 9000 - well over it, actually. These Saiyans don't mess around, especially when a galaxy buster is threatening to erase planet Earth. Thankfully they're on the side of good, otherwise we can't imagine what sort of trouble they'd be capable of. For anime and cartoon fans, this one will be a total cinch - everyone else, on the other hand, needs to keep in mind that Googling is illegal in this quiz.

36Name the show!

There's an air of real danger in this entry, or at least the possibility of it. This character probably won't harm us - as long as we stay on his good side. If we don't, however, there's no telling what idea his crazy mind might come up with. For instance, if we happen to get this question wrong, we can't say what might happen here. In a virtual sense, though, it might not be pretty - at the very least, it'll take our score down a notch!

37Name the show!

This group is lost on a mysterious island, though calling it mysterious might be an understatement. Really, there's too much uncertainty present here for our cast of characters to even keep their feet on the ground - if they're even on the ground at all. Those who have seen this one will probably know what we're talking about, though they probably still don't know just what was going on on this island. Let's see how much of the world remembers this TV classic.

38Name the show!

This inebriated horse doesn't do well in terms of following the rules the world laid out for him, and that's just fine. He might get into a few bouts of crippling depression every now and then, but he tends to pick himself up quite well in the end. Of course, he also has some friends to help him get through the hard times. Speaking of hard times, that's what will befall our score if we don't get this one right.

39Name the show!

Once again, we find ourselves confronted with true, supernatural strength in this question. Indeed, this guy is probably strong enough to pick up a barn and lift it over his head before throwing it right at another barn. Lest we want a barn thrown at our own, we'd better not get this guy's TV show wrong. He's considered a bit of a superhero in his own right, though he's also done some pretty bad things along his path, so let's tread softly.

40Name the show!

How many cartoons feature a football headed protagonist? Only one, by our count - this one, right here. While he might be the star of the show, ole football head is far from being alone here - he has his good friends to help pass the idle time with. They like playing ball, playing games and lazing out. Little does football head know, there's a certain lady who has her eye out for him - not to mention a shrine of him in her bedroom.

41Name the show!

Here is possibly the most quaint show in this quiz, with all of its quaintest characters being pictured in all their glory. Viewers who value quaintness in their TV shows will likely remember this one, since it tends to serve them quite well. For everyone else, though - the less quaint among us - picking the right name for this one might be a bit of a stretch. Let's see if we can manage it - what's this show called, anyway?

42Name the show!

This show comes to us from the depthless comedic mind of Seth MacFarlane, and he's been entertaining audiences of millions through it for years. There's no TV family quite like the one shown here, and the formula of the show allows us to see them doing all assortments of wacky things. Let's try not to be fooled here, since one of the characters in the picture might belong to another how entirely. Taking special care, let's try to get this right.

43Name the show!

With her Moon Prism Power, this TV hero is capable of sending all the other characters in this quiz to the next dimension, though since she's nice, she'll probably bring them back here soon after - as long as they've learned their lessons, of course. She's taught kids and adults alike a number of valuable lessons ever since she was first showcased to the world in the 90's. Any fans of hers out there will surely be able to click her show.

44Name the show!

There's no shortage of medically based shows on TV, for sure, but there's none other quite like this one. An offbeat comedy, this series takes us into the inner circle of a group of doctors - and a certain, crazy janitor - who are just trying to do their best in a confusing world. As smart as doctors are thought to be, even they tend to get a little lost sometimes. Hopefully we're not too lost to click the right answer here.

45Name the show!

Yabba dabba doo! These two prehistoric buddies seem to want to get away from us before we can click on their show. Too bad they're using a seriously outdated vehicle - clearly no match for the Tesla we have parked in the back end of this webpage. While we warm up our beautiful, binary car, let's see if anyone remembers what this show is called. It's a classic that has spanned decades and generations, so it really shouldn't be hard.

46Name the show!

Not all talk show hosts are built equally - they're all good enough to keep the attention of folks right before they fall asleep, but none are quite as formidable as this guy right here. He's been the front man for numerous late night shows, and has now settled into his proper groove in a certain program we won't reveal the name of. Fans of his will definitely know this one, while those unfamiliar with the man will have to take a closer look at the options.

47Name the show!

This is not the most mainstream TV series in this quiz, not by any stretch, though that says nothing of its formidable quality. There's always something unsettling buzzing around in the background of this show, and once any given mystery is solved, it only gets compounded with a handful more. Just looking at this picture is enough to confuse most people, though hopefully the confusion isn't strong enough to blur our wits here. Let's try guessing the name of this one.

48Name the show!

Since this show spent a long time at the very top of the ratings chart, we doubt that many people have forgotten about it. Of course they haven't, since this cast of sitcom characters is unlike any other. Indeed, their chemistry was so strong throughout the run of the series, we secretly pray every so often that a reunion season will miraculously grace our screens one day. Let's not hold our breath, though... once again, let's try naming this series.

49Name the show!

Outside of sheer nostalgia, there might not be much for adults to see when tuning into this next show. For kids, however, there's infinite content to unpack in every episode. This show has taught us how to read, write, and of course, count. Though our parents might have had something to do with that, too. At any rate, since these characters are so universally beloved, we should all remember the name of their show. Here's another one that's super easy.

50Name the show!

Let's flash forward to the distant future, where robots and one eyed women form a new norm. Fans of this cartoon series tend to swear by its quality, and for good reason - after all, it was created by the brilliant mind that brought us another, super iconic animated show. To secure a good future for ourselves - in the context of our scores in this quiz - let's take our time, take a look at our options, and click the right button.

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