Anyone Who Can't Name These Shows In One Try Should Quit Watching TV

There is no denying that TV has become one of the most popular pastimes to ever exist. There is just nothing quite like coming home after a long day and binge watching whatever series we have been waiting to get our hands on. TV allows us to escape our regular lives for a brief period and to explore any type of scenario we could possibly think up. There is television out there for everyone. There are funny sitcoms, medical dramas, action packed adventures, and so many more amazing genres to experience.

So, does anyone here consider themselves somewhat of a TV expert? Well, this quiz is certainly going to prove it one way or another! In this quiz, we are going to list 50 of the best popular series, and all everyone has to do is name them correctly. Be warned, we will not be sticking to one genre in this quiz. TV fans will have needed to have seen a bit of everything to score 100% on this one. So, anyone who has just been consistently watching The Office on repeat should maybe find a different quiz... Is everyone ready for this challenge? Turn the TV's on, and prepare for this super entertaining game!

Question 1

Name this show

This show takes place in a different world from our own. A handful of powerful, noble families are in a constant battle to see which one is worthy enough to rule over all 7 of their kingdoms. Nobody is ever safe, and the risks just get higher and higher as they go up against one another in this truly epic war. Looking at the listed options below, can anyone here figure out the correct title of this popular television series?

Question 2

Pick out the right name

As a young boy, Barry lost his mother. If that was not already bad enough, his father was then wrongly convicted of the crime. Barry has spent the majority of his life studying crime scenes and special forensics. His ultimate goal is to find out what actually happened all those years ago, and to hopefully one day free his father. However, one never quite know what can happen when we are dealing with science... Can anyone name this television series?

Question 3

Which of these titles is correct?

Meredith did not have the most traditional upbringing. Her mother was a very famous surgeon, but she just never gave Meredith the time of day. Naturally that caused her some issues, but she did go on to follow in her mother's foot steps. Now she is a resident at her mother's old hospital, and as she works on healing patients she also tries working on healing herself. Does anyone here know which of these medical shows we are referring to?

Question 4

Does anyone know the name of this show?

4 scientist best friends know just about everything there is to know about comic books and scientific information. However, none of them are really capable of having a conversation with anyone outside of their friend group. One of them in fact, can't even be in the room if there is a woman present. So, when a pretty girl moves in next door, they are going to have to use their big brains to figure out how to handle social situations.

Question 5

Match this show to its name

This show took all of the classic Archie comic characters and tossed them into a very different situation than they were used to. This twisted take on the comic books is really out of the box. Archie is in all kinds of trouble, Betty is obsessed with Jughead, and Veronica, well, she's the new girl in school and we all know how tricky that can be... Is this ringing any bells for anyone? Try to pick out the right title below!

Question 6

Name this TV series

World War 2 has just ended and Claire could not be happier to be done tending to wounded soldiers, and to get back to her life with her husband. Once the two are reunited, they decide to take a trip to Scotland to celebrate. While there, Claire finds herself visiting an ancient spot that is rumored to be magical. She touches a large stone and is transported to the year 1743. Now stuck in the past, Claire must find a way to make her new life work, or at least find a way to get back to her old one.

Question 7

Pick out the correct title

This show goes back and forth between present day and the past. In the past we see a loving couple and how they started out. We follow that story through to them getting married and having triplets. In the present day scenes, we see how each of their three kids turned out, and we also get to see what their mother has been up to. Sadly, in the present, their father is no longer with them. Can anyone name this show?

Question 8

What is the name of this show?

Callie and her younger brother have been in and out of foster homes for as long as either of them can remember. They have seen the just how bad the system can be, and they have truly been hardened by it. One day, Callie encounters a police officer who takes a special interest in her case. The officer decides to allow Callie and her brother to come and stay with her and her family. While this was only meant to be temporary, people have a way of growing on us...

Question 9

Match this series to its title

Michael Scott is the regional manager for an ailing paper company. The industry is not exactly profitable, but Michael refuses to ever look at things that negatively. Instead, Michael puts all of his efforts into keep office morale up (even though his employees would much rather just do their work). This show is shot in a documentary type style, so it is a pretty unique series. Can anyone here figure out which show we are talking about in this question?

Question 10

Name this television show

Shaun has not had it easy. His childhood was rough to say the least, and he has since been diagnosed with Autism. While he may have real difficulty connecting with people, there is one thing he does better than anyone else... Surgery. Shaun is a world-class surgeon, and he is far brighter than any of his colleagues. Everyday he must think of new ways to cope with being surrounded by people, but as long as he has a patient to care for, he will be okay.

Question 11

What is the correct name of this animated series?

This popular animated series is about a regular every day family. Peter works for a toy company, however he is not exactly the brightest bulb in the box. His wife Lois, stays at home to care for their 3 children. Their family dog Brian, is a loyal companion even though he has some pretty unfortunate habits. Things tend to get a little crazy in their home, but what would life be without a little crazy from time to time, right?

Question 12

What is the title of this show?

Matt lost his eye sight at a young age. While this could have limited him, it instead heightened all of his other senses to super-human levels. Now he has abilities nobody else has, but how to put them to good use? By day he works as a lawyer, trying his best to put criminals behind bars. At night however, all bets are off as he uses his extra powerful senses to capture bad guys. Does anyone know the name of this series?

Question 13

Name this series

At the age of 25 Elizabeth inherited some pretty big responsibilities. After her father passed, she became the rightful queen. Most girls at 25 are not super concerned about ruling a kingdom, but this woman has no choice but to accept her title. As the years pass, we get to watch Elizabeth encounter regular 25 year old issues, as well as some fairly unorthodox ones. Looking at the four listed options, can anyone pick out the correct title of this show?

Question 14

What is the name of this sitcom?

6 friends in their 20's are trying to make lives for themselves in New York City. Some of them are successful in their professional lives, some of them find success in the dating world, and some of them just cant seem to get anything right. The one thing they all have in common, though? At the end of the day all they want to do is see their best friends. Who here knows which show we are talking about in this question?

Question 15

Match this series to its name

Elanor has been selfish her entire life. She has never given people a second thought, while always looking out for herself. This wasn't really a problem for her while she was alive, but now that she has passed on, things are finally catching up to her. She may have been accidentally placed in heaven, but she is going to need to learn how to live as a selfless person if she does not want to get caught and sent "downstairs".

Question 16

Select the correct title of this show

Back in the 80's, 4 friends are living a seemingly normal life when one of them mysteriously goes missing. While the police and the boy's mother spend every day looking for him, his friends come to a conclusion that no adult would ever believe - let alone understand. The boys believe their friend has wound up in a parallel universe where everything is dark and spooky. Of course they are just kids, so their idea's can't actually be real, can they?

Question 17

Name this television series

Jake is his precinct's top detective. He has the highest arrest record of anyone in the area. The only issue with Jake? Well, he does not exactly like following the rules, nor does he ever act like a professional. This was not an issue previously, but now that there is a new chief running the office, Jake is going to need to learn how to do things by the book. Does anyone here know which of these titles is the correct one?

Question 18

What is the name of this animated series?

This animated series is about a family of five who run a restaurant and happen to live in the apartment upstairs. Their eldest daughter is about to become a teenager, so the whole puberty thing is starting. Their son is a bit strange, but he has a great passion for music. Their youngest daughter has a wicked sense of humor, but deep down she cares for her family very much. Is any of this ringing any bells? Pick out the right answer below!

Question 19

Match this series to its title

Leslie works for her local government, but she has not exactly been successful in having any of her projects approved by the higher ups. After coming across an abandoned construction site, Leslie has the brilliant idea to turn it into a pleasant neighborhood park. Of course, to do something like this she is going to have to get through a whole lot of red tape. Luckily, no one in the world is more committed to their town that Leslie is.

Question 20

Name this series

Walter is a good man. He works two jobs to be able to support his family, and he has never complained about this once. However, after his doctor informs him that his time is limited, Walter feels as though life has not be fair to him. Now, Walter is on a mission to make enough money to leave behind for his family so that they are protected, but at the same time he is looking to have a little fun himself...

Question 21

What is the name of this sitcom?

This show is all about a wacky family. They are not exactly the most traditional bunch, but they have a bond so close that most other families could never even imagine it. In this series we get to know each branch of this family separately, as well as their relationship as a whole. This one is no doubt a comedy series. Looking at the 4 given options below, can anyone here figure out what the correct name of this show is?

Question 22

Pick out the right title

2 girls are broke and living out in New Your City. They do not have much to their names, but they do have each other. One of them dreams of one day becoming a professional artist, while the other one dreams of one day never having to work for money. They could not be any more different from each other, but hey, where would the fun be in hanging out with someone exactly like ourselves? Can anyone name this show?

Question 23

Name this show

This series is about 4 friends who own and operate their very own bar. This pretty much sounds like a dream job, doesn't it? Well, since these guys essentially drink their own profits every night, things are not as ideal as they might seem. They have no money, no skills, and they are so unbelievably vulgar that nobody except the four of them can stand to be around one another. Does anyone here know the correct name of this series?

Question 24

Match this series to its title

Harvey is a big time lawyer. He does not like to lose, and luckily for him that rarely ever happens. Nobody in the business is quite as good as Harvey is, but that does not mean he doesn't make mistakes in other aspects of his life. Mike is a beyond intelligent kid who has never put his brains towards anything useful. While on the run from cops, Mike stumbles across Harvey, and the two of them decide to help each other out...

Question 25

What is the name of this television series?

After a nuclear war has rendered Earth unlivable, the only humans left take to outer space. For years they have lived in orbiting space ships, hoping to one day be able to return home. Once the survivors realize their supplies are running out faster than they had planned, they decide to send 100 delinquent teenagers to see if Earth is a viable option yet. These children were born in space and have never known freedom, so Earth is going to be one heck of an adventure for them...

Question 26

Pick out the right name

Jim has just returned to his home city. He is working as a detective, but the city is not exactly as he remembers it from his childhood. Jim remembers things being cleaner and over all more wholesome. After some time on the job, Jim begins to realize the current state of the city is due to the fact that it is secretly being run by the criminals who live there. Now that he is on the police force however, he is determined to get things back to how they once were.

Question 27

Name this series

In this series, our very own world has taken a dark turn. It is set a little ways in the future, but things could not be any more different. Religious fanatics have taken over control and what they say goes. There are only a handful of fertile women left in the world, and they have all been rounded up and tagged. These women are sent to stay in the homes of the rich and powerful, so they can carry babies for the "proper" type of family.

Question 28

Does anyone know the name of this show?

Elena has had a pretty rough year. She has recently lost both of her parents and she is finding it increasingly more difficult to connect with her brother. However, she is looking forward to going back to school and getting to see her friends. On her first day back, she meets a very handsome yet elusive new guy who she just can't seem to stay away from. Looking at the four given options, can anyone pick out the correct title of this show?

Question 29

Match this series to its name

This show tells the story of a father who is trying to do the right thing, but still finds himself getting into all kinds of trouble. Of course, it doesn't help that he is part of an intense biker organization. His crew means everything to him, so naturally he does not like the idea of any of them getting locked up. While all members of this group have to be tough, that does not mean they all have to be bad guys.

Question 30

Pick out the right title

Jimmy is not the kind of lawyer most people would be lining up for, but for the guys who may actually be guilty, he is pretty much as good as it gets. He is a hero for minor criminals, as well as for people who simply cannot afford any better. However, things can get a little tricky when representing the bad guys around town. Good thing Jimmy is excellent at thinking on his feet! Can anyone here correctly name this series?

Question 31

Name this comedy series

Max grew up on the harsh streets, so she knows exactly how mean the real world can be. However, Caroline grew up rather wealthy and is experiencing the broke way of life for the very first time. While the two of them are working as waitresses at the same diner, they realize they may be able to help one another out. Caroline has got the contacts and Max has the baking skills. Can the two of them actually get it together long enough to start their own company?

Question 32

Match this series to its title

This show is about a girl who has spent almost her entire life locked away in a bunker. She was told that the outside world was gone and nothing but the bunker remained. Yea, crazy right? After being rescued and realizing that the world did still exist, she could have been very negative about the whole situation. However, nobody in the world is more positive than this girl! She is ready to start her life, even though she has no idea how to do this exactly...

Question 33

Name this sitcom

Ted is a hopeless romantic. He knows somewhere out there his soul mate exists, he just needs to be patient until he finds her. While he waits for his dream girl, Ted spends his time hanging with his 4 best friends. Two of them are happily engaged, one of them lives a very strict bachelor lifestyle, and one of them Ted believes may actually be the one for him. Does anyone here know the correct title of this popular sitcom?

Question 34

Select the correct title

Piper feels as though she is being wrongly convicted. Of course, she did actually commit the crime they are locking her up for, but it happened so many years ago that she doesn't think it should still count. Since there is nothing she can do about the situation, she decides she will do her time with her head down and with any hope be let out early for good behavior. What could possibly go wrong, right? Name this television series!

Question 35

Match this series to its title

Out there somewhere exists a different universe where all of our beloved fairy-tale characters actually live. They of course have no idea that they are just characters to us, as they have no knowledge of our world at all. All of this changes however, when a wicked witch comes along and traps all of them in a small town within our world. It is going to take some sort of savior to get all of these guys back home. Name this series!

Question 36

Name this comedy series

Jeff is a great lawyer. He has made quite a name for himself, not to mention quite a bit of money as well. Although, after it is discovered that he basically faked his way through law school, he is told he will have to go back to college if he wants to hold onto his licence. As always, Jeff wants to take the easiest possible route, so he enrolls in a very low budget community college. Does anyone here know the correct name of this show?

Question 37

Pick out the right title

These two women have been happily married since their 20's. They have built their lives and families from nothing, and now that they are in their 70's they are thinking they can finally start to relax a little. That is exactly when their husbands decide to tell them that they have been in love with each other pretty much the entire time. Now these women are single, and have nobody to turn to except each other. Too bad they don't at least have some similar interests or something...

Question 38

What is the name of this television series?

This series is set in the fabulous 60's. Don is pretty much the biggest name in advertising, but with the industry constantly expanding it becomes more and more difficult for him to stay at the top of the game. If his work life was not stressful enough, he also has a wife a small children to deal with at home. Man, life sure was tough for rich men back in the 60's, wasn't it? Can anyone here correctly name this television series?

Question 39

Match this series to its title

This show is about a world-class doctor who does not like doing things by the book. He feels as though everyone has a secret to hide, so why should he pretend any differently? He takes pleasure is crushing the dreams of the new residents, and he has no tolerance for patients who withhold information. While he may not seem like the doctor we would all want if we were ill, there is no denying that he is the best in the business.

Question 40

Name this show

This show is about a man who went through quite something as a very little baby. Of course, he barely remembers this, but the scenario did still have a lasting effect on him. He was raised by a good man who also happened to be a police office. When his adoptive father realized his new son was going to be a bit different, he decided to train to him to be able to use his difference for good and not bad.

Question 41

Select the right name

Jess has just recently broken up with her boyfriend, and lost her apartment in the process. Now she needs to find a new home pretty fast, so she can't exactly be picky. After finding an add looking for a new roommate, she checks out the place and decides it is perfect. Well, almost perfect anyways. Now she is rooming with 3 very loud and messy boys. Still beats being homeless though, right? Can anyone here name this popular television series?

Question 42

What is the name of this series?

Micheal always wanted to take over control of his family's real estate business, but after his dad pulled the rug out from under him once again, he decided it was time to leave the family behind and start a new life with his son somewhere else. This would have been the perfect plan, had his father not been arrested. Now, Micheal is the only capable of running the business, but that also means moving in with the rest of his "difficult" family...

Question 43

Match this comedy series to its title

This show is about a stylish woman living in New York City, while working as a doctor. She takes great pride in her work, but her love life is nothing to write home about. She dreams of one day living the life of one of the leading ladies in the romantic comedies she loves so much. Clearly, things in the real world do not exactly happen the same way they do in the movies. Looking at these options, does anyone know the correct title of this show?

Question 44

Pick out the right name

Hannah had been unhappy for a while before deciding to take her own life, but nobody seemed to notice at all. However, now that she is gone, she is going to make sure that everyone knows exactly what happened to her. Before her passing, Hannah made a collection of tapes where she explained one by one who was to blame for her miserable existence. Is this ringing any bells for anyone? Can anyone here correctly name this popular TV series?

Question 45

Name this series

In terms of country music, nobody is a bigger legend than Rayna James. Or at least that's how it once was. These days it seems like fans are less interested in Rayna's old school tracks, and are more focused on the new pop style of country music. Rayna is not ready to throw in the towel just yet, but with a new young singer on the scene, she is going to have to watch her back. Can anyone name this series?

Question 46

Match this series to its title

A plane full of strangers has just crash landed on an island. Luckily, there is a skilled doctor among them, but other than that things are looking pretty bleak. One by one we are shown the back story of each of these passengers. While we learn about their past, they try to survive on the island which is becoming increasingly more strange every day. Does anyone remember this hit series? Or better yet, is anyone here capable of naming it?

Question 47

What is the name of this show?

This series tells the story of a few mothers living in a very wealthy community. Each of these mothers have a different story, and you better believe they each have a few secrets. To the outside eye, one of them has the perfect life. She has two beautiful young boys and her husband could not be any more handsome. However, behind closed doors nothing is quite as it seems. Does anyone here know which television series we are talking about?

Question 48

Select the correct title

This show tells the story of a group of students attending a private school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. On the Upper East Side there are certain rules that must be followed, if one does not wish to be a social outcast. Something as simple as wearing the wrong outfit can ruin a student's whole social life. On the other hand, nothing quite beats the connections that can be made while living among the rich and the fabulous...

Question 49

Name this series

Vincent is quickly becoming the biggest star in Hollywood. Of course, his friends from back home always believed he had what it took to make it big. Vince knows he would have never made it without his buddies, so he brings them to Hollywood with him, and gives them all a chance to work on his team. Of course, the term "work" is being used pretty loosely here. Does anyone know which television series we are talking about in this question?

Question 50

Match this series to its name

High school is not an easy time for everyone. Some kids just do not fit in no matter how hard they try. Luckily, at this high school there is a place where all the outcasts can go to be properly understood. Joining this club of outcasts won't help boost anyone's social standing, but it will certainly give them a creative outlet. Can anyone here correctly match this series to its title, or have we stumped you with this final question?

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