Anyone Who Aces This Pub Quiz Is Actually A Genius

Enter our pub, and by all means feel free to stay a while. But know this - this is not the average tavern. In here, the regulars play long, drawn out games of Go while reciting passages from ancient Greek philosophical texts. Our bartender has 3 PhDs acquired in his secondary, tertiary and quarternary languages. respectively We don't serve cocktails here - only green tea and strong coffee. And, in order to earn a stool in this place, one must pass this pub quiz. For anyone looking to claim a booth in the back, the prerequisite is no less than a score of 100% - the mark of an actual genius.

It won't be easy, not at all. We've assembled various bits of trivia that span a number of fields. Anyone looking to ace this quiz must be at least generally familiar with geography, biology, history and the Simpsons. True challenges lie below, so we recommend tapping on those corteces and putting on a good thinking cap before starting.

Anyone who makes it through the test with a decent score will always have their own seat in our pub. For anyone else, well, better luck next time. It's time to raise our focus levels to 100% and get this thing started.

Question 1

What's the first letter on a standard keyboard?

Just how in the world are we supposed to figure this first question out? With such a hard puzzle to decipher at the onset, one must shudder to think of the sort of difficulties that lie ahead. Really, given the fact that we're even taking this quiz, there must not be a keyboard anywhere near us right now that we can use as a reference. Or, is the exact opposite the case? We're so confused! Whatever we do, we mustn't look down.

Question 2

Name the city the Simpsons live in

Phew, not that that's out of the way, let's continue with a classic topic of trivia - The Simpsons. This show is so insanely popular, even those who don't consider themselves devoted fans should be able to figure out which city the classic cartoon family lives in. We doubt there's anyone taking this quiz who hasn't seen at least one episode, so the right answer should be well within reach. Let's try to maintain a good average - name the Simpsons' city.

Question 3

What were the names of the two people who lived in the Garden of Eden?

Let's go back - way back, back in time. We're so far back now, there are only two human beings in existence, and they live in the Garden of Eden. If only they could have behaved themselves, they might have been allowed to stay in this paradise until the end of time - but alas, human nature got the better of them. Looking back, it's hard to see how things could have turned out any other way, if it even turned out this way to begin with.

Question 4

Choose the color of the circle on the Japanese flag

Here is beautiful Japan, with an extraordinary view of the great Mount Fuji. Of course, this means that this next pub question will focus on Japan as a country, specifically on its flag. Anyone who's seen that flag - which, we hope, would include most people taking this quiz - would have noted that it's quite a minimalist emblem, only containing a uni-colored circle over a plain white background. Let's see if anyone can figure out what color that circle is.

Question 5

Where in the world is Quebec?

Quebec isn't the most prominent place in the world, but it's certainly a gem to those living in it. Citizens of Quebec will likely be able to name where in the world they happen to be located in, but this question might be a challenge for would be trivia buffs who know next to nothing at all about Quebec. The symbols on the flag might provide a worthy clue, or they might not. Either way, let's do our best to answer.

Question 6

Which company famously uses the slogan "Just Do It"?

As far as slogans go, there's one popular company who has arguably come up with the most impactful one in history. Those words have certainly gotten into the head of Shia LaBeouf, inspiring his super classic - and very strange - "Just do it!" green screen rant. But let's put the actor aside for now, and instead focus on the company that birthed these words of wisdom. There's only one right answer here, so let's take our time to figure it out.

Question 7

In the movie Pretty Woman, who played the pretty woman?

The movie Pretty Woman is a famous enough feature to be included in a general pub trivia quiz like this one - indeed, it's so popular that even those who haven't seen it or don't remember its progression should be able to choose its star actress among the options below. She's a super recognizable face, if that helps, though any real pub genius out there shouldn't need any help at all in order to get this one right. Who played the pretty woman?

Question 8

What type of food does an omnivore eat?

Here is a mighty bear, likely looking for its next meal. Of course, we can't theorize as to what that meal might be, since a bear happens to be an omnivore, and our musings might invariably point to the correct answer down below. It doesn't take an omnivore expert - or a bear expert, for that matter - to get this question right either way, so let's just leave things at that. If we were omnivores, what type of food would we eat?

Question 9

How many squares are on a chess board?

Here are a few key pieces that go into playing a classic game of chess, though unfortunately that doesn't give us any direction toward the amount of squares found on a standard chess board. Any chess masters out there will be able to get this one right without even breaking a sweat, but everyone else will likely need to pull out their counting fingers, if that would even help. Remember - Googling around for the right answer is tantamount to cheating!

Question 10

How many gigabytes are in 1 terabyte?

This tiny SD card is deceptively huge on the inside - in fact, it's capable of holding 1 whole terabyte of digital information. That's a whole lot of content, though of course we can't say exactly how much since that would be giving the answer away. Since computer lingo is much more prominent today than it ever was, the average person should at least have an idea of how many gigabytes are contained within one terabyte. Let's see who can get this right.

Question 11

Choose the chemical symbol for carbon

As far as chemical elements go, Carbon is by far one of the most prominent and crucial, appearing throughout the natural world in a variety of different forms and applications. The carbon fiber we're looking at only scratches the surface of what this element is capable of, though we can't go into any more detail about that here. Instead, let's keep things simple - for anyone with the slightest recollection of their chemistry class lessons, this one should be easy.

Question 12

Who's the hero of the Dragon Ball series?

Here's our second cartoon related question, and this one might be harder to figure out than the first. Of course, that's not the case for any anime fans out there, since Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime series of all time, and its lead protagonist is the face of the genre. We've included his name among the options below - choose it correctly, and the eternal dragon Shenron might enter this quiz to grant a wish. Or he might not.

Question 13

Which of these animals is best known for its boxing skills?

There's a certain species in the animal kingdom who, more than any other, is known for its skills in the art of boxing. We're not sure if one of these animals could ever make it in a full bout against a legend like Floyd Mayweather or Mike Tyson, but they'll likely be able to take the average Joe out with only a swift combo or two. Taking a close look at the animals listed below, let's see who can pick out the natural boxers.

Question 14

Blue Ivy is the daughter of which superstar?

Celebrities are so highly regarded these days, even their kids are considered super famous. The little darling we're looking at now is Blue Ivy, and she's so well known that even those who don't touch pop culture with a ten foot stick will likely recognize her name. Of course, this kind of legacy so early in a person's life wouldn't be possible without the superstar celebrity status of her parents. One of her parents are listed below - which is it?

Question 15

How many strings does a violin have?

This question would have been a total walk in the park if only the master violinist were facing right instead of left, thus showing us the front of his instrument. Alas, we're strict quiz makers here, and we don't like to spoon feed any would be trivia buff. Still, this one shouldn't be too hard for a smarty pants to figure out. The average violin is made standard with a certain amount of strings - how many would that be?

Question 16

In the movie Babe, what species of animal is the protagonist?

Violins aside for now, let's focus on a classic 90's movie called Babe. In this flick, we follow the story of an animal protagonist who goes on a truly wild ride. Hopefully that ride has stuck out in mind, otherwise guessing the answer to this question will prove quite difficult indeed. We're looking at a dog in the picture, but does that mean that's the right answer to the question? Who knows - let's click a button to find out.

Question 17

Which mythological character is known for turning everything he touches into gold?

There are tons of iconic characters throughout Greek mythology that are still spoken about to this day. Among these are classic figures like Zeus, Athena, Hercules, and a certain dude who turns everything he touches into pure gold. Such an extraordinary skill would be highly sought after in this day and age, though we'd hope it would be placed in the hands of a responsible user so as not to tip over the global stock market. Which classic character are we thinking of?

Question 18

Which superhero was Christopher Reeve famous for playing?

Before the overflow of Marvel and DC blockbusters that infiltrated Hollywood in the past decades, a variety of superhero movies were released in a wide range of styles. Christopher Reeve happened to star in one of these movies, and his legacy is still spoken of to this day. We unfortunately lost the great actor, but footage of his heroic feats on screen will always be there for us to enjoy. Let's see who remembers which superhero Christopher Reeves was known for playing.

Question 19

Which car company makes the Micra?

Car amateurs beware - this one will definitely put those neurons to the test. In fact, since the Micra is far from being the most recognizable vehicle on the market, even car lovers are likely to have trouble getting this one right. Of course, showing the back or front of the vehicle would pave a yellow brick road that leads to the right answer, so all we'll be going by is the name and this profile view. Who can figure it out?

Question 20

How many sides does a decagon have?

This quiz could use a little more geometry, which is where this next question comes in. Are we looking at a decagon somewhere in this asymmetrical picture of geometric figures, or are there no decagons to be found there? Of course, that's for us to know and quiz takers to figure out. Decagons appear in this world in a variety of forms, though they all share the same amount of sides. Who can figure out how many sides a decagon has?

Question 21

Who said this: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!"?

This timeless quote was uttered at a pivotal moment in human history. Though we can't give much allusion to that moment, since that might aid a certain quiz taker in whittling down the right answer. Since this is an essential bit of pub trivia knowledge, no true genius should need any help in getting it right. After all, the man who said these words is an iconic figure in his own right. Let's see who's able to figure this out.

Question 22

If someone is born on August 21, which star sign would they belong to?

Regardless of what anyone thinks of astrology, the fact remains that it's a super popular topic which in itself validates its inclusion in a trivia quiz. To get this question right, a quiz taker must be at least moderately familiar with the zodiac signs - at least enough to figure out which one a person would fall under if they were born on August 21. Remember, typing the question in Google equals a fail - we won't know it, but the quiz taker will.

Question 23

True or false: camels store water in their humps

Just what are those humps on a camel's back good for, anyway. Sure, we imagine that a camel driver can make a comfy seat for themselves if they find the right crevice, but surely that's not what Mother Nature was focused on when she decided that camels were to be given humps. Given the area their confined in, and the fact that camels can go for long periods without water, it might make sense that they store water in their humps - do they?

Question 24

Glaucoma affects which organ in the body?

If a person is suffering from glaucoma, where does their hurt stem from? We can't give too much information pertaining to the answer away, but what we can safely say is that this condition affects a certain organ in the body. Of course, the question is - which organ might that be, exactly? It doesn't take a doctor to figure this one out, but being one would certainly help. Being a genius would also help, but that's a title reserved for a select few.

Question 25

Which famous fictional character lives at 221B, Baker Street, London?

As much as we obsess ourselves with the lives of famous fictional characters, even the biggest fans don't tend to memorize their heroes' addresses. Still, despite that, this question isn't quite as difficult as it might initially seem. After all, the fictional figure we have in mind has made his address known to the public, both within the world of his story and outside of it. Of course, being a fan of his particular tale would make this one a lot easier.

Question 26

What's the capital of Honduras?

Pictured here is the beautiful seaside landscape of Honduras, a South American country that's fascinating in a variety of ways. We happen to know a ton of good people from Honduras, and they consider their country of origin a point of pride. Of course, they all know what the capital of Honduras is, but this particular bit of trivia might not be grasped by the world at large. After all, Honduras isn't exactly the most well known place in the world.

Question 27

Who painted The Scream?

The horrifying image we're looking at is the segment of focus in a classic painting called The Scream, produced by one of the timeless artists we've listed below. Given the style of the painting, any art connoisseur should definitely be able to link it back to its master. Actually, this image is so famous, even a rank art amateur shouldn't have too difficult a time with the question. Let's find out - which famous artist was responsible for painting The Scream?

Question 28

Which of these is NOT the name of a Ninja Turtle?

Pictured here are the four Ninja Turtles, though what's not included in the image are little text bubbles linking them to their names. If we made things that easy, every quiz taker out there would be able to make it so far into this run through - as it stands, though, only those with the potential of being considered geniuses have reached this question. Anyone with a mind like that should definitely be able to figure out which of these is not the name of a Ninja Turtle.

Question 29

True or false: a person's nose and ears continue to grow throughout their lifetime

Noses and ears are mystical little body parts. Sure, sometimes they look funny, especially if they're stared at for too long, but we shouldn't undervalue the miraculous function noses and ears provide to us. Without them, we wouldn't have much of a good sense of things at all - we'd be able to see and taste this quiz, sure, but we wouldn't be able to hear or smell it. At any rate, do noses and ears continue to grow throughout a lifetime?

Question 30

Who wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is an insane book, to say the very least. Anyone who's read it will likely be able to get on board with that statement - though, for those who haven't, hopefully a run through of the film is enough to get them up to speed. The movie is pretty well known, after all, but as is the book in literary circles. It's an absolute classic, and everyone should know the name of the person who wrote it.

Question 31

What's the perfume capital of the world?

Pictured here is the perfume capital of the world. Anyone who's been to this mystical land knows exactly how good pretty much every corner smells, and they probably know exactly why - after all, we're looking at the perfume capital of the world here. Despite this town being otherwise nondescript, at least compared to other, much larger areas in its continent, no one can take its title of "Best Smelling Place in the World" away from it. What's the world's perfume capital?

Question 32

What fear is gymnophobia related to?

As far as phobias go, pretty much everyone is familiar with the basic types - fear of speaking in public, fear of spiders, fear of germs, etc. However, the gamut of total phobias runs very deep, and includes fears based on truly bizarre things. As strange as some of these phobias might sound, it's important to consider that people actively suffer from them. At any rate, we're thinking about a certain type of fear right now - gymnophobia. What's that all about?

Question 33

What's the largest island in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is a lovely area - so lovely that people often work hard all year driven by the thought of spending only a week or two there. Anyone who's been to any island in the Caribbean knows exactly why - it's a paradise on earth, and the perfect place to kick back and do nothing but aimlessly enjoy life. But right now, we don't have that luxury - there's a quiz to complete, after all. What's the biggest island in the Caribbean?

Question 34

What style of painting would this be labeled as?

Any art amateurs who had trouble with The Scream will surely meet their match with this question, since it digs even deeper into the niches of the art world. Though, not too deep of course - anyone who knows their way around art should find this question pretty easy. Regardless, let's move forward - here is an image, and it's an image that's classified under a certain category of art. Let's see who knows what style of painting we're looking at.

Question 35

Which creature is featured on the flag of Wales?

For our last question, we'll take a virtual trip to the magical land of Wales, if only for a moment or two. Here's a picture of this pretty place, and we've included it in place of a picture of its flag, since that would be giving the answer away. The flag of Wales isn't the most popular symbol in the world, granted, but it's definitely an interesting one. Let's see if there's a genius out there able to get this last question right.

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