Anyone Who Aces This Knowledge Test Is Probably A Genius

Something tells us that there's an actual genius around, and that someone might just be you. Did you float in here with the intention of knocking down yet another one of the many intellectual obstacles you've faced in your life? Have your neurons grown so powerful that lightning bolts of plasma follow you wherever you go? Is there not a thing in the world that you don't know, or can't possibly understand? Well, it looks like we have a real smarty pants here.

If you're actually a genius, then you'll probably be able to ace this quiz without even straining those neurotransmitters of yours. Then you can proceed to go about your day, saving the human race from having to go through thousands of wasted years with your game changing inventions.

Ace this quiz, and you'll earn our respect. But know this - if you get less than a 100% here, you can't go on thinking you're such a genius. Failure is a sure sign that it's time to hit the books in mass if you're looking to actually earn the title.

But, maybe you've already done your homework - there's only one way to find out. If you can ace this knowledge test, you're actually a genius.

Question 1

How do you open a can?

Let's check if you're listening first. And please don't roll your eyes at us. You might be surprised at how many people take our quiz blindfolded, thinking they know everything without even having to think about anything. If you're one of those, you should know that this is the quiz that will expose you. Before we roll our sleeves up, let's find out if you know how to open a can first. That would be a good start, for sure.

Question 2

Who was Nikola Tesla?

Bam! Didn't expect this one, did you? Let the real quiz begin. If you're actually a genius, then you should know at least a little bit about the great minds that preceded you. Maybe their ideas aren't as world changing as yours, but they're known for contributing more than their share to humanity. Nikola Tesla was one of these gurus, of course. Lots of words have been written about the man, including these. You must know who the guy is.

Question 3

What's 50 divided by 0?

Have a seat right there - you're about to get schooled. Did you think we would just kindly keep math out of the equation? Haha. Clearly, you think we're more merciful than we are. This is the classroom everyone talks about but no one really wants to be in - the genius class, and it's time to do some math. If you took 50 of something and divided it by 0, what would you get? What on Earth would happen?

Question 4

What animal are we looking at?

There's no animal in nature quite like this one. Just look at it in all its glory - we've never seen anything quite like it. Actually we have, since we put the picture there. We've known about this animal for a while, actually, and hopefully the same can be said about you. If you're already struggling with the opening round, you definitely don't want to see what's waiting for you up ahead. Do you know what animal we're looking at?

Question 5

What happened to the Titanic?

The Titanic was a great ship, for sure. Aside from it being an admirable, historic feat of engineering, this vessel played host to one of the most romantic spells of love in cinematic history. Too bad the spell was bound for a quick end. If only the Titanic could have kept it together forever, maybe Jack and Rose would have had a little more time. As we wipe our single tear away, let's see if you know what happened to the Titanic.

Question 6

Who wrote the Harry Potter books?

Since the Harry Potter books sold closer to 1 octillion copies than 0 copies, any general knowledge master should know who created this wonderful world. You don't have to be a fan of the books to know at least a little bit about one of the world's richest and most famous people. Again, this is not a question you should be having trouble with if you're an actual genius. Real geniuses would be tempted to pull the blindfold out right about now, to their folly.

Question 7

Who was the star of the Harry Potter movies?

Since our thoughts have already drifted toward Hogwarts, let's see if we can keep this Express rolling with the star of the Harry Potter movies. Since his feature in this epic franchise, he's been in a number of other films (among them the legendary Swiss Army Man) but no project garnered quite the attention as this initial one. It's a big shadow to eclipse, but something tells us the Chosen One will figure it out. Who's the star of these movies?

Question 8

What's a caddie?

Words are great - these are words. So are these. Caddie is also a word, and depending on who you are and how you tend to spend your time, you might not know what it means. It's not a commonly used term in small talk, unless you happen to spend your time doing a certain thing. We can't say what that thing is, since it would ruin the sport of the quiz. Instead, with no help from us, tell us what a caddie is.

Question 9

Where in the world is the Amazon Rainforest?

We hear the Amazon Rainforest is great. There's a ton of greenery and plenty of animals everywhere. There are also a great number of bugs, some of them as long as your forearm and just as wide. That would ruin the fun of the trip, if ever you dare to take it. If you did, it would help knowing where in the world this magical rainforest is. It's a bit of common knowledge, and possessing it would be helpful at the moment.

Question 10

What symbol is on the Canadian flag?

The Canadian flag waves proudly in the bitter Canadian wind, throughout the vast expanse of its great white terrain. You can just imagine its symbol swaying to and fro in its center, resilient against the forces of nature, just like Canadians. Of course, we hope you can imagine that, otherwise you'll find a dead end in this question. Canada is a legitimate country in the world, with lines on the maps and everything, so you should be able to picture its flag.

Question 11

Who's this cartoon character?

Depending on when you grew up, you might have missed this classic, albeit slightly off beat character. This is despite her having her own hit TV show, but that just goes to show how shy and docile she is. If you really know about cartoon trivia, then this is definitely a face you should be able to recognize. If not, you'll see that possibility of a genius score slip away. Let's see if you can guess this cartoon character's name.

Question 12

Which of these planets is closest to the Sun?

Sometimes it helps to try and detach your perspective from your own mind. Try imagining yourself floating up above the clouds, and eventually you'll end up out of Earth's orbit, in outer space. Go a little further - though not too far - and you'll see the planets of our solar system as they orbit the Sun. Looking at this perfect formation, tell us which of these planets is closest to the sun. It doesn't take a NASA scientist to know.

Question 13

What does IOU stand for?

Knowing what IOU stands for isn't a bit of knowledge that's completely necessary in life - it isn't even helpful, necessarily. However, in this case, knowing the meaning of the abbreviation is crucial if you want a hope at being deemed a genius. Again, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what the expression means, but being a genius would certainly help right about now. Have you ever run into an IOU, or do you stay away from that kind of stuff?

Question 14

Are plantains fruits or vegetables?

We hear plantains are delicious, though they can be hard to find sometimes. They look like a morphed banana, but is that really what they are? Hey, are these things even considered fruits like bananas, or are they vegetables? Maybe they fall under their own classification entirely, which would definitely be weird. Hopefully you know a little bit about your fruits and veggies, otherwise this question might be a stretch for you. Let's see if you can figure out how these plantains are classified.

Question 15

What's a stalagmite?

Don't sweat the multiple syllables of this word - you can do it, we believe in you. All it takes is for you to believe in yourself, and you can become a genius after all. However, if you don't know what stalagmite means, you can't exactly be considered the world's most revolutionary genius. You don't have to be around a stalagmite to know what it is. There's a thing called the internet these days, and books have been around for a while.

Question 16

What pop girl group was Victoria Beckham once a part of?

Victoria Beckham has whole existences outside of being David Beckham's wife, as it turns out. For instance, aside from the myriad of other things she is or was involved in, Victoria Beckham was once a fundamental part of a certain pop girl group that thrived in the 90's. Don't even pretend like you don't know who we're talking about! You probably have one of their songs stuck in your head right now, and it was probably there before we even mentioned them.

Question 17

What calendar are we using?

Thank the gods for calendars. Without it, we'd lose track of things rather quickly, since the ole crane that sits on the shoulders can only process so many notes. As you might imagine, there have been lots of calendars introduced over time in different parts of the world, though one of them has historically proven to be favored by most of the world. If you're a whiz, you'll know the name of the calendar we're all using. Think about it.

Question 18

What's the tallest mountain in Japan?

If you're in Tokyo and you look up and around, you're likely to see a huge mountain looming overhead - if the cities' myriad skyscrapers don't block the view, that is. Even at that, this crazy mountain is hard to miss, being Japan's biggest and all. If you're a real trivia expert, you won't let this tidbit stump you. You don't need to visit Tokyo yourself to know this one - you just have to guide your mouse to the button and believe.

Question 19

What's a spork?

A spork can definitely be a useful thing, but it can also be a bunky object to use. Personally, we don't find ourselves around them often, and we certainly don't make a habit of using them. However, when we do bump into sporks, it always makes us chuckle inside, and we revert back to being two years old for a full minute before sprouting miserably back upward. If you've seen sporks in action, you'll know exactly what they are. Eh?

Question 20

Who is Gandalf?

You don't need to know who Gandalf is to get around in the real world, but you can't exactly waltz into a genius quiz thinking you'd ace it without knowing what you're looking at right here. Gandalf is not to be underestimated in any circumstance - in fact, this is the guy you count on when things go sour. He's dealt with far worse threats than you can imagine, so he'll be fine to deal with whatever you have going on.

Question 21

What's the biggest animal on Earth?

There's animal out there that's huge like you wouldn't believe. If a specimen of this species were teleported to wherever you are right now, it would likely occupy your entire visual landscape and then some. In terms of its length, it's about the same size as three public buses arranged in single file. Knowledge of this animal is a must for anyone who going for the elusive title of genius. Do you know what the biggest animal on Earth is?

Question 22

Who is the ancient Egyptian sun god?

Flipping back through the pages of history, you'll eventually find yourself in Ancient Egypt. This group of people, for the time in which they reigned, had a good, long run. They learned and did lots of stuff, some of which we've discovered today. For instance, the Ancient Egyptians worshiped a certain sun god, and this deity's influence is prevalent through various aspects of the culture. Do you know who the Ancient Egyptian sun god is, or do you need some help?

Question 23

What's a mausoleum?

Mausoleums aren't the greatest things in the world, but we don't suppose they're the worst, either. In fact, when you need them, mausoleums are quite useful. Without them, there are a few other alternatives meant for their intended application, though each method varies somewhat in its implication. If you have no idea what we're alluding to, you might never have heard of a mausoleum before. Should that be the case, you might find some trouble in getting past this one.

Question 24

How many Twilight movies are there?

Knowledge of the Twilight movies isn't necessary for a genius bent on saving the world (or conquering it, depending on what you're going for), but a true genius keeps up to date on trendy vampire trivia. Whether you like the Twilight movies or not, these movies have permeated the culture in a way seldom seen by a fantasy series. If you're an all around mega mind, you should definitely know how many Twilight movies there are without needing a hint.

Question 25

Who sang Purple Rain?

Purple Rain is one of the timeless classics of modern music, a beautiful heartfelt ballad sung by a real artist. In fact, the person who sand the song was once known as simply The Artist - one of his many monikers over the years. Another one of this artist's monikers was no name at all, but a special symbol. Granted, this was a strange person, but we'll never forget the songs that came from that mind and heart. Who sand Purple Rain?

Question 26

What does an anthropologist study?

If you were visiting an anthropologist's office, what sort of things would you find? What would the books be telling you? Anthropology is an important field of study, for sure, but the average person might not even know what it revolves around. After all, this sort of thing isn't necessary for the surface aspects of day to day life, but it's definitely useful for curious minds looking to dig a little deeper. Let's see if you know what an anthropologist studies.

Question 27

Which of these birds can't fly?

It's tragic, but true - not all birds can fly. Some of them just sort of waddle around, watching their long removed cousins sour overhead, soaking up the rays. If we were a bird who couldn't fly, we would probably spend the rest of our days trying, if only for a few seconds of lift off. Anyway, our broken bird dreams aside, let's see if you know which of these feathered animals are not gifted with the powers of flight.

Question 28

Which of the following natural materials is the hardest?

If you need to have a hard material fashioned for you, it's always an option for you to call a welder and have them brew something super powerful and synthetic. Or, if you know where to look, you can go find a material that nature's been working on for a long, long time, just for you and/or everyone else. Nature tends to make a lot of stuff, but one of these materials is definitely harder than the others. Which is it?

Question 29

Is 10 a prime number?

Before we let you through to the final round of this quiz, we need to see you struggle with some numbers a little bit more. Pardon us for the indulgence, but it's just so much fun. Of course, it doesn't take a genius mathematician to figure out whether 10 is a prime number. You only need to know what the definition of a prime number is, and do the math from there. If you have the right knowledge, this one should be super easy.

Question 30

Where in the world would you find a panda bear in the wild?

If someone asked you for directions to the closest panda bear that can be found in the wild, where would you point them? Perhaps there's a distant country the stranger can go to that hosts these incredibly rare creatures. Or, it's possible that one of them is in your backyard right now, chewing all your bamboo stalks. Tell us where in the world we'd have to go to find a panda bear in the wild, because we really want to see one.

Question 31

How many months have 31 days?

No Googling! This test is for geniuses only, and geniuses don't rely on Google for knowledge of super basic bits of information. Since you've been using a calendar for a number of years now - we're assuming, anyhow - you've had plenty of opportunities to figure out the amount of days each month has. If you haven't taken advantage of the opportunity, Googling will give you no shortcut around the obstacle, but will definitely disqualify you from being a genius.

Question 32

How does a light bulb emit light?

It's great that light bulbs work and all, since without them things would get dark rather early in the day. However, we're not concerned with the fact that light bulbs actually work - right now, we're curious about how they actually emit light. Is it through some inexplicable, miraculous process, or has man figured out exactly how these items light up our lives? There has to be an answer to this question, and picking the right one is up to you.

Question 33

Who is Chuck Palahniuk?

Chuck Palahniuk isn't the most famous dude in the world - not even close, actually. He isn't a total random either - millions of people around the world have bumped into his name, usually through a very specific medium. Knowing who he is doesn't make you a bona fide genius, but it does definitely bring you a step closer toward that classification. If a true genius is what you really are, then there's no way you don't know who Chuck is.

Question 34

What's a murmuration?

Now it's time for a real challenge, the last before we let you through to the epic final question of this quiz. Have you had your wits about you throughout this entire quiz? Well, muster them once more for this one, because you'll need wit and a little bit of life experience - or at least, scrolling experience - to get this one right. You might have witnessed a murmuration before, but might not have known what it is you're seeing. What is it?

Question 35

What's this dessert called?

Congratulations on making it all the way through to the final question - go ahead and have a seat right there. You've worked hard, we can see that you've expended a lot of energy in getting some of these questions right. Thinking about difficult things for a while burns a ton of calories, so it's important to re nourish and replenish. If you can guess the name of this dessert correctly, you can eat it. Emerge from this last question with a score of 100 percent, and you're actually a genius.

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