Anyone That Passes This Batman Quiz Will Marry A Gotham City Female

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time, having various comic books written about him and having appeared on the big screen numerous times. Whether people like it or not, this hero will be a bigger name than most others for the rest of time, so we thought it was about time that we put together a quiz. This will give everyone out there a chance to see what they do and do not know about the man who likes to hide in the shadows...

What we've done is pull together some fairly basic knowledge that every Batman fan out there should know. We want everyone to take a look through the questions and do their best to answer them correctly. Once they've answered every single one, we will be able to tell them which famous Gotham female would end up marrying them!

If people are ready to see just how much they truly know about the caped hero, the man who skulks in the night, then we think it's about time that we got started. Let's dive right into the quiz and see how well everyone does!

Question 1

What Is Batman's Secret Identity?

Batman, like so many other superheroes, has to make sure that his real identity stays secret. This is to ensure that his greatest enemies don't come after him or his loved ones while he's just walking down the street or trying to enjoy life without a mask on his face!

Question 2

Which Villain Broke Batman's Back?

Most comic books back in the day didn't bother with serious storylines. They wanted to keep things as light as possible usually, meaning that the heroes being written about would manage to escape what danger seemed likely to befall them. However, this didn't stay true forever, and this setback for Batman was a major story development.

Question 3

What Were The Names Of Batman's Parents?

Anyone that has even a basic knowledge of Batman will know that the reason he turned towards a life of fighting crime was down to the way he lost his parents. They were sadly taken away from him at a very young age, which would have an effect on anyone.

Question 4

What Is The Name Of Batman's Main Vehicle?

Even Batman has to get around Gotham, but that doesn't mean he has to do it like anyone else. Not only does he have to ensure that he has a lot of defense and combat capabilities, but this is clearly a man that likes to travel throughout the city in style...

Question 5

What Was Alfred The Butler's Last Name?

This is the man that has helped Batman throughout his entire time as a superhero. When the young boy he looked after lost his parents, he decided that he would stand by him forever. Even into his old age, he continues to look after Batman whenever he has been seriously hurt.

Question 6

What Was Thomas Wayne's Occupation?

At first, the comic books and films didn't tell us much about Batman's parents, but it didn't take long before they decided to let us in on some of the information. For example, what is it that Batman's father did before he was sadly taken away from his poor son?

Question 7

Who Took Out Batman's Parents?

We don't find out for a long time who it was that turned Batman into an orphan, but when we do it doesn't take long before the hero decides to dish out some of his own justice. Imagine having been the man to take out the parents of a superhero...

Question 8

What Is The Name Of Batman's Company?

It has to be said that, while we don't think it would make it easier to get over a tragedy, being handed this sort of company at such a young age would probably feel pretty great. We would rather have our parents, but if we had to lose them, a successful company would be nice too!

Question 9

What Is The Name Of Batman's City?

Batman loves his city. While he definitely started out his vigilante life because of what happened to his parents, he is spurred on to continue by what he sees as a plague that continues to infect the city that he lives in. He tries his best to make it a great place for everyone to live in.

Question 10

What Is The Name Of Batman's Secret Headquarters?

No matter how great a hero Batman might be, it would mean nothing if he didn't have somewhere to keep his various gadgets and go to recover if he ever finds himself becoming seriously hurt. We wish that we all had a secret bunker full of cool things like this!

Question 11

What Is The Current Name Of Batman's Plane?

When Batman wants to get somewhere faster than driving, or even just wants something remotely flown to him from his HQ, this is what he uses to do just that. If any criminal sees this sort of thing in the sky they need to make sure that they run in the opposite direction.

Question 12

Which Of These Is NOT In Batman's Utility Belt?

While darkness is what Batman uses most of the time to take his enemies down, he also has a suite of tools and gadgets just in case things go south. He keeps these items in his utility belt, close at hand if he finds himself on the wrong side of some criminals!

Question 13

What Is The Alias Of Professor Jonathan Crane?

The best villains that Batman comes up against are those that reflect an aspect of his own personality. Batman uses worry a lot of the time to make his job easier, so when this man tries to do the same to bring down the shadowy hero, things can get dark...

Question 14

Who Played Batman In The 1960s TV Show?

Batman has been around for so long that it has had more adaptations than most other popular western narratives. Unlike the more modern adaptations that really lean into the darker narrative, there have been more camp readings of the material as well, such as the television show from the 1960s.

Question 15

Who Is The Leader Of The League Of Assassins?

We never understood why the various villains of Gotham city didn't just team up together every single time in an attempt to take down Batman. However, a better idea would be to create an entire league of assassins that were willing to do the bidding of the master villain instead!

Question 16

What Is The Name Of The Penguin's Nightclub?

While some of these villains have colorful lives, characters, and backstories, they're still just criminals at the end of the day! Some of them are in this business to make a living, so it makes sense that The Penguin would have a nightclub through which he can launder his money!

Question 17

Which Batman Villain Is Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer?

As we said earlier, it wasn't always that comic books decided to deal with darker topics, they arguably got better when they did do. Should the audience be glad that a villain contracts a terminal illness? Is it right to want the passing of a bad person to save the life of a good one?!

Question 18

What Was Catwoman's Real Name In The Dark Knight Films?

The most interesting characters in comic books are the supposedly neutral parties. Catwoman has worked both with and against Batman numerous times throughout history, meaning that the man can never be truly sure what she is up to. This makes for a lot of fascinating storylines and narrative arcs between the two.

Question 19

To What Asylum Does Batman Send His Most Depraved Villains?

Obviously, the first place that Batman will take the criminals he catches is the police station, or at the very least leave them to be picked up by some police officers. However, those villains that are just too bad or too powerful to be kept in jail are kept somewhere else...

Question 20

Who Was The First Female Robin?

While it took a while for comic book writers to come up with female characters that actually had a personality of their own, it was great when they finally did! While Robin was exclusively male for quite a long time, Batman eventually allowed women to become his sidekick as well.

Question 21

Which Of These Is An Alias Used By Batman?

It's important that these heroes are able to control the way that they're seen by the public, as this affects how well they can intimidate the criminals they want to take down! This is why they will often embrace an alias if they feel it accurately describes the vibe they're going for!

Question 22

What Codename Did The Fifth Batgirl End Up Using?

Yes, that's right, the fifth... It makes sense that, seeing as Batman has been around for so long, he would've had a lot of different sidekicks over the years. Plus, fighting crime is a dangerous business, so there will be a lot of them that end up needing to be replaced...

Question 23

Who Looks After Wayne Enterprises When Batman Is Away?

It's interesting to see who knows Batman's true identity, and why it is that they do know it! While some have found it out against his will, there are others that he has slowly allowed into his inner circle, often as he has no other choice but to do it!

Question 24

What Is The Name Of The Superhero Team That Robin Creates?

While Robin was originally created just to be a sidekick to Batman, he would eventually go on to start his own team of superheroes. It's good to see that the sidekicks are given a chance by the main heroes to spread their wings a little bit and see what they can achieve!

Question 25

What Did The First Robin's Parents Do For A Job?

There have been quite a few Batman sidekicks throughout the years, but it's learning about their backstories that makes them interesting. Every single Robin out there has their own backstory, and some of them are hugely interesting, especially when it comes down to how they were taken under Batman's wing.

Question 26

What Is Two-Face's Real Name?

Of all the famous Batman villains out there, this is a man that we think a lot of the audience can sympathize with. He went through a truly traumatic experience, and it's no surprise that it turned him into the bad man that he became by the end of it...

Question 27

What Was The First Clayface's Real Name?

It can be difficult to take on an enemy that can morph into anyone, taking on their attribute to the point where it's impossible to tell them apart, This is something that Batman knows personally, as he has had to come up against this villain many times in the past!

Question 28

What Is The Riddler's Real Name?

While some villains out there just want to take Batman down, others want to prove that he isn't the great hero that he makes himself out to be. The Riddler is obsessed with proving that Batman is stupid when compared to him, but he hasn't managed to do it yet!

Question 29

What Is The Penguin's Real Name?

The Penguin is one of the oddest villains that Batman has ever come up against. While some depictions just make him a short criminal boss, others have him genuinely taking on the rather cold and ghostly attributes that many would associate with his namesake. Who was he before he became The Penguin though?

Question 30

What Is Batman's Main Superpower?

One of the first things that somebody has to decide when they create a superhero is what powers they're going to have. What will set this hero apart from the various others out there already?! It can be a difficult thing to try and get right, as getting it wrong can be a real issue.

Question 31

What Is The Name Of The Chief Commissioner That Works With Batman Regularly?

Despite the fact that we as an audience can understand that Batman is clearly someone to be believed, a good guy that wants the best for Gotham, there are those out there that see him as nothing but a vigilante. This man goes against all of that to get the best for his beloved city.

Question 32

Which Of These Actors Has NOT Appeared As Batman?

With Batman being such a popular character, it makes sense that actors would want to take on that role whenever they got the chance to. This is why so many different people have been given the chance to pretend to be Batman in the past, but which ones of these actors never has?!

Question 33

What Was The Real Name Of Talia Al Ghul?

It's amazing to think that our favorite heroes will often side with the enemy if it seems beneficial, sometimes even deciding that they will start up relationships with them! The beauty of being a comic book writer is that it's possible to constantly change the allegiances of the characters within a story...

Question 34

Which Team Did Batman Help Found?

While a lot of heroes don't like to team up, when they do, it can be very interesting. While they may all have the same general goal, it doesn't change the fact that they are going to come up against each other at times, which can often happen as well!

Question 35

What Is The Nickname Harley Quinn Uses For The Joker?

The relationship between The Joker and Harley Quinn has been well documented at this point, and we're glad that it has! It's one of the oddest in the Batman universe and it gets really interesting when Quinn decides that she has had enough and turns against the clown faced villain!

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