Anybody Who Gets Less Than 60% On This GoT Quiz Isn't Ready For The New Season

The eighth season of Game of Thrones can’t get here soon enough. There are still so many questions left to answer! Are our favourite characters safe? Who will get a happy ending? Will there even be any happy endings for anybody? How will the Night King be defeated? Who will sit on the Iron Throne when all is said and done?

For the past eight years we have been following all these characters as they were driven away from home, faced unimaginable challenges, made unlikely alliances and even re-examined their own identity with two great conflicts in the background: the one everyone knows about to seize power in the realm, and the one that has been sneaking up on Westeros all along, the fight to keep the long night at bay as it creeps ever closer. It’s all been building up to this last season, and we can only hope the resolution will be as epic as the journey we’ve been on all these years.

What better time than now, as we patiently (or impatiently) await the arrival of April 14 and the final season of Game of Thrones, to brush up on some Westeros trivia? Let’s see who’s really ready for the new season.

Question 1

What are the words of House Stark?

The Starks of Winterfell have ruled over the north for centuries, as Kings in the North at first, and Wardens of the North after Aegon’s conquest. Northmen are known for being hardy people. They have to be, to withstand the harsh conditions of their land. Northmen are also proud and have kept many of their old traditions rather than adopt southern customs. Living in the northernmost kingdom in Westeros also means being isolated, the get cut off from the world when the weather turns cold and winter snows cover the land. They are also closest to the Wall and the Night’s Watch, and the legendary lands beyond.

Question 2

Where is the Citadel located?

All the ancient wisdom of the Seven Kingdoms is stored and preserved by the maesters living and working in the Citadel and those training to become one of them. This is not the only place where maesters can be found in Westeros, but every master in any corner of the world forged his chain there. The Citadel is also known for housing the largest library in the Seven Kingdoms, definitely a place where bookworms like Sam would be happy. Not every book or scroll in those never-ending shelves is equally interesting though. No one wants to read about the meticulously documented daily routine of a High Septon, although you never know what invaluable knowledge could be hidden in those seemingly boring records.

Question 3

What is this character's name?

Women who reject the traditional role of dainty and demure ladies are rare in the Seven Kingdoms, but when a character like that shows up, who can help but applaud them and whole-heartedly root for them? Yara Greyjoy, for example, has earned the support of plenty of captains from the Iron Islands by being a more than capable warrior and leader, but she is not alone. The north is home to plenty of women who fight alongside men, some who even hold some positions of power, and even some little girls that can be much braver than some knights. It takes a lot of guts to defy someone like Stannis Baratheon after all.

Question 4

What are the words of House Targaryen?

The Targaryens sat the Iron Throne and ruled the Seven Kingdoms for centuries. Their distinctive silvery blond hair sets them apart, but nothing makes them as special as their relationship with dragons. The sigil of House Targaryen features a dragon, and the first Targaryens in Westeros arrived riding dragons. Other dragonlords existed in Old Valyria, but after the fall of the Valyrian empire, the Targaryens are the only ones who endure. Even after everyone believed dragons to have disappeared, it was Daenerys Targaryen who managed to hatch three dragon eggs and make these legendary creatures come back to Westeros.

Question 5

What animal is in Petyr Baelish's sigil?

For the most part, the game of thrones is a game played amongst the nobles. The common people of Westeros don’t really get a say in deciding who should rule them. Still, a few have managed to play their part in the game despite having humble origins. Like all who have been raised to knighthood or lordship despite not belonging to a noble house, Lord Baelish chose his own sigil. It may not be as instantly recognizable as the direwolf of House Stark, the lion of House Lannister or the dragon of House Targaryen, but it certainly serves as a representation of Littlefinger himself.

Question 6

What creatures don't actually live north of the Wall?

Few know much about what actually lies beyond the Wall. The free folk know those lands best, of course, but the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms and wildlings don’t usually interact, and when they do, those interactions are rarely friendly. They do have stories about all kinds of creatures from north of the Wall all over Westeros. During the course of the show we’ve seen proof that a many of those creatures are more than old wives’ tales, but there are still some that we can be pretty sure won’t be found except for in children’s stories.

Question 7

Finish the saying: "The night is dark and..."

Most people in Westeros worship the Seven, while in the north lords still keep godswoods to pray to the old gods, but Red Priests like Melisandre have brought R’hllor, the Lord of Light, over from Essos. Fire plays a big part in their rituals, and some Red Priests are capable of different kinds of sorcery, from staying young to being immune to poison to seeing visions of what’s to come and even to bringing a shadow into the world to carry their will. It definitely makes sense to want to keep Red Priests on your side, and at the very least they will fight on the side of the good guys when the long night comes.

Question 8

What do the Westerosi use to communicate long distance?

Staying on top of the news is crucial if you want a shot at ruling the Seven Kingdoms, or if you want to make sure nobody is going to take the throne away from you. But there are long distances between the different regions of the realm and castles and large cities are pretty far apart, so the people of Westeros need a little help getting information from one end of the kingdom to the other. I mean, imagine having to ride from the Wall to King’s Landing with an urgent message, it would take forever! The method the Westerosi have adopted is far more effective. At least for a medieval society.

Question 9

What is the seat of power of House Lannister?

Is there any house prouder than the Lannisters? But they weren’t always as powerful as they are now. An ancestor of the Lannisters known for being a trickster actually swindled their current seat from its previous rulers, way before the kings of Westeros swore allegiance to Aegon the Conqueror. Clearly, cunning is a trait that has been passed down through the centuries in this family, since Tywin managed to arrange a very advantageous marriage for her daughter and make her a queen, and Cersei has taken every opportunity she’s had since then to cement her position as the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

Question 10

In which of these cities did Daenerys Targaryen free people?

They don’t call her Breaker of Chains for nothing. Daenerys didn’t earn the loyalty of her followers simply because of her family name. She may not always make the right choices, but she is truly devoted to her people and to making a better world for them and all that will come after. She always says that she wants to “break the wheel,” change the status quo, give power to the powerless and a voice to the voiceless. She understands the responsibility that comes with her position and her life hasn’t been as sheltered as the other members of the ruling class in Westeros. She started her journey far from home but she has already accomplished a lot, and she’s ready to bring the wave of change to the Seven Kingdoms.

Question 11

What was this maester's name before he forged his chain?

There are a few organizations in Westeros that demand complete devotion to their cause. The Night’s Watch and the Kingsguard all demand great sacrifices from the men who pledge their life to their order. Maesters are also required to give up all claims to lands and titles as well as the possibility of ever getting married, they even stop using their full name and become known only by their first name preceded by the title of maester. Before they can become maesters, however, they spend years training in the Citadel and gathering knowledge in a variety of subjects. Each link in a maester’s chain symbolizes a subject they’ve mastered, so as they grow wiser, their chains also grow heavier.

Question 12

How many children did King Robert and Cersei Lannister have together?

Cersei was always destined to be queen. But she wasn’t destined to be queen for too long, at least according to the woods witch she visited as a child to read her fortune. Her father, Tywin Lannister wanted to arrange her marriage with Prince Rhaegar, and Cersei was super on board with the idea, but that didn’t exactly pan out so she ended up marrying Robert instead. Not quite the same, but she did end up Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Robert had another love too, he was supposed to marry Lyanna Stark, and now we know exactly why that didn’t work out either. So even though their story is not your classic romance, Cersei and Robert did end up ruling the realm together.

Question 13

Name this dragon:

Before the Targaryens came to Westeros, dragons roamed the skies of Old Valyria. Back then they weren’t a rare sight at all, but now there are only three dragons in existence, and that’s thanks to Daenerys. Nobody really knows how these awe-inspiring beasts came to be, but some say that they are fire made flesh. Since we do know that it took actual fire to hatch their eggs, that doesn’t seem like a very far-fetched idea. It also makes sense that the people who have a special bond with these dragons are fire-resistant as well, otherwise training them would be a complete nightmare.

Question 14

Who tends to ravens and gives counsel to lords in Westeros?

Ruling is not an easy job. And it’s not a job one can do alone, at least not do it well. So lords and kings alike need someone to keep them informed of the latest news and give them advice when faced with tough decisions. The people charged with this task need to be up to the task. It is a lot of responsibility to have a powerful person’s ear after all. These counsellors have no personal possessions and need to be completely impartial. Anyone with an agenda could easily advise great lords and ladies to make certain decisions for their own selfish interest.

Question 15

What are House Lannister's words?

All great houses in the Seven Kingdoms have a motto that represents their values. Sometimes they have a deeper symbolic meaning about the importance of being prepared for the inevitable ups and downs of life. Sometimes they are more of a boast than anything, a demonstration of pride for one’s lineage. And we wouldn’t expect anything less from the Lannisters, right? We know how important family and legacy were to Tywin, and he managed to instil that in his children. There is very little Cersei wouldn’t do to further her position. This lioness couldn’t care less what the sheep may say about her.

Question 16

Who was Margaery Tyrell's first husband?

Cersei and Margaery have a lot in common, if you think about it. Both wanted to be queens and so married a king, both are way too smart to be satisfied being meek and obedient wives, and they have a knack for getting people to do what they want. The one major difference between them is that Margaery is more likely to try and catch her flies with honey. Her approach was clearly much more effective than Cersei’s, she managed to become a queen beloved by the common people, but that only made Cersei all the more jealous of her. In another world perhaps these two women wouldn’t have needed to acquire power through marriage, but in Westeros, the only way for them to rule was pulling the strings behind a king.

Question 17

Who teahces Arya swordplay?

It seems like ages ago that Jon Snow gave Arya a sword as a parting gift before she left for King’s Landing. Arya was never as good as her sister Sansa at playing the little lady. She told her father a long time ago that she didn’t want to marry a lord and have sons who would be knights, and as fond as Ned Stark was of tradition, he was surprisingly supportive of Arya’s tomboyish tendencies. All Stark children have had it pretty rough since then, but Arya has managed to grow into a fierce fighter, skilled enough to be a challenging oponent even for Brienne.

Question 18

What is this place called?

Arya has spent a lot of time far from home. Way farther than any of the other Starks. During all that time she’s also had to assume many different identities to stay safe. In the time that Arya spent in Braavos she trained with the Faceless Men and did her best to try to become “no one.” She was never quite able to fully let go of her identity as Arya Stark. And we’re certainly glad of that. Now that she has finally made her way back to Winterfell and her family, she can use her real name again, even if she isn’t exactly the same person she was before.

Question 19

What is the name collectively given to Oberyn's daughters?

The Martells, the ruling house of Dorne, have held a grudge against the Lannisters since Robert’s Rebellion. Despite that, Oberyn decided to fight as Tyrion Lannister’s champion in his trial by combat because he saw that as an opportunity to make The Mountain pay for what he did to Oberyn’s sister, Elia. Things didn’t go according to plan, however, and when Oberyn’s daughters learned what had happened they immediately started plotting to undermine the Lannisters’ power. The Lannisters’ losing the loyalty of Dorne eventually resulted in Daenerys gaining a new ally in her mission to become Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Question 20

Who was Hand of the King before Ned Stark?

Being Hand of the King is obviously an honor, but it’s also a precarious position. It means having the king’s trust, but it also means shouldering great part of the responsibility of ruling a kingdom. When the king you serve is Robert Baratheon, it actually means doing most of the ruling yourself as well as trying to prevent him from spending too much money on feasts and tourneys or making rash decisions when he’s in a temper. It doesn’t help that there’s no way to tell who can actually be trusted in court, since most noblemen are out for themselves, each with their own hidden agendas.

Question 21

Who is this?

She earned her place as a member of Renly Baratheon’s Kingsguard, which was pretty much a dream come true to her, but Renly never ended up actually sitting in the Iron Throne, something that still haunts this brave lady, as she feels responsible for not having been able to protect her king. It doesn’t help that some actually believe her to be a traitor. After Renly, she pledged her allegiance to Catelyn Stark, and made it her mission to find her daughters and ensure their safety. She has proved her courage, loyalty and resilience a thousand times over, and even though she has a pretty rigid moral code, she’s also capable of seeing the potential for redemption in people.

Question 22

Who do the ironborn worship?

When Theon was sent to Pyke to parley with his father on behalf of Robb Stark, then King in the North, he didn't precisely get a warm welcome, despite the fact that he was essentially going home after spending most of his life in Winterfell. Warmth isn't exactly the first adjective that comes to mind when thinking of the ironborn. They are pretty isolated from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms and have their own customs, and even look down on the way of doing things in the mainland. Despite having grown up in the north, Iron Islanders thought of Theon as too soft for an ironborn.

Question 23

Where do Jon Snow and Daenerys meet for the first time?

There have been a lot of long anticipated encounters and reunions over the last season of Game of Thrones. Sansa being reunited with Jon, and then Bran and Arya. Gendry's reappearance to strike up a new friendship with Jon Snow. Even Jon and Tyrion face to face again after all these years to finally work together. But none of that compares to the excitement of Jon and Daenerys finally meeting. After watching them on their separate journeys for so long that was a real “worlds colliding” moment right there. At last, they both seem to be on the same side of things, but how will their relationship progress during the final season?

Question 24

What is High Valyrian for "all men must serve"?

We’ve heard this time and time again throughout the show, as it is a popular saying in the Free Cities of Essos. It is a good reminder that at the end of the day, highborn or lowborn, we are all equal, and subject to the same laws of nature. Lords and ladies may play the game of thrones in the Seven Kingdoms and squabble over which lands they rule and who owes them allegiance, but in the great scheme of things that all seems very petty. After all, when the long night comes, it really doesn’t matter who is a king and who is a peasant, the threat is the same to all.

Question 25

Who cures Jorah Mormont of grayscale?

Grayscale is no joking matter. Princess Shireen caught it when she was just a baby, and although she was left marked for life, she was somehow cured. No one really knows exactly how, though, and most other people unfortunate enough to get grayscale end up in Essos living out the rest of their days as stone men. Fortunately for Jorah Mormont, he happened to meet with someone willing to try out an experimental cure (even after he was explicitly told not to do so), and after being healed was able to return to Daenerys’s side. She did command him to get better after all, and he would never break a promise to his queen.

Question 26

Who is Daenerys Targaryen's Hand?

Daenerys has many attributes desirable in a monarch. She has experienced life in exile, away from the privileges of nobility. She genuinely cares about her subjects and tries to do her best by them. She wants to improve the world but isn’t blindly idealistic, she isn’t a stranger to the darker side of humanity. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is the daughter of the former king, and therefore the rightful heir to the throne. But she can’t be a queen alone. So far, she has been wise enough to seek counsel from a variety of advisors, and is open-minded enough to take different points of view into consideration. Still, she does get a bit carried away sometimes, and it isn’t too hard to see the family resemblance with the Mad King. Hopefully, her advisors will help her be a good ruler, and she won’t turn out like her father.

Question 27

What does "dracarys" mean in High Valyrian?

The language spoken in Westeros is the Common Tongue. Beyond the Wall, the children of the forest, giants and some wildlings speak the Old Tongue. In the khalasars roaming the Grass Sea speak Dothraki, and in the Free Cities various dialects stemming from High Valyrian are spoken. We’ve heard smatterings of all these different languages over the seven seasons of the show. Even though it would be very difficult to master these languages just from watching a few episodes, there are certain words and phrases that are sure to stick because they are repeated so often. This is a good word to know, because one thing is for sure, it’s best not to be too close when Daenerys gives that order to her dragons.

Question 28

What is the sigil of House Greyjoy?

The Iron Islands are a pretty inhospitable place. They are barely more than rocks in the ocean, where nothing can be planted. Ironborn didn’t have the option to dedicate their lives to farming, so instead they became raiders and expert sailors. There is no match for the Iron Fleet at sea, which makes the ironborn a good asset on your side, but you wouldn’t want them as enemies. They don’t hold the largest territories or the richest lands, but that doesn’t mean they can be easily dismissed. At the moment, Cersei has gained the allegiance of the ironborn. We will see if that pays off in the upcoming season.

Question 29

Where can dragonglass be mined according to Sam and Gilly's research?

So far, we only know of three things that can defeat White Walkers: fire, Valyrian steel, and dragonglass. Fire is easy enough to come by, but alone would be too unreliable a weapon against the Night King’s army. Valyrian steel is very effective, and some lords have ancestral weapons made out of this material, but nobody in the Seven Kingdoms knows to forge new ones anymore. Sam discovered the effect of dragonglass on White Walkers accidentally, but this knowledge has proven very valuable in preparing for the long night. The problem was, Sam had only found a very small store of dragonglass to begin with. Fortunately, while researching White Walkers at the Citadel, Sam and Gilly discover where more dragonglass could be found.

Question 30

Who was elected King of the Iron Islands at the kingsmoot?

Ironborn have their own way of choosing rulers. The claim to the Seastone Chair is hereditary, but according to their old traditions, a kingsmoot can be called, in which case the ironborn ruler is elected, regardless of whether they are descended from the former Lord of the Iron Islands or not. In this situation, it’s crucial to have the support of ironborn captains. Yara Greyjoy, although beloved by her loyal men, did not have large enough numbers to support her claim. The ironborn are also very reluctant to choose a woman as their leader. They tend to follow strength, and even though Yara has proved a powerful leader, they value their old customs too much to choose her to seat the Salt Throne.

Question 31

Who is Cersei Lannister's Hand?

Cersei doesn’t have a lot of friends left at this point. Let’s face it, she doesn’t have the most amiable of personalities, and she has managed to alienate a lot of people season after season. But still those remain who are unflinchingly loyal to her and will stay by her side to give her counsel. For the most part, they don’t support her out of a particular fondness for her, but rather because they share common goals, or maybe because she isn’t too squeamish about using questionable methods to achieve certain ends, as long as they are effective. Cersei seems very confident in her ability to maintain her current status, but we’ll see how lasting her allegiances can really be.

Question 32

What is the name of Brienne of Tarth's sword?

A gift from Jaime Lannister. We have witnessed this friendship blossoming, slowly but surely. From the time when Brienne looked down on Jaime, believing him a man without honor, and Jaime thought of Brienne as little more than a joke, all dressed up in armor like a knight, to them bonding while being held captive by Roose Bolton’s bannermen. Jaime ended up surprisingly invested in Brienne’s quest to find and protect the Stark girls, and so far he’s done everything in his power to help Brienne on her way, including giving her the Valyrian steel sword his father had made for him.

Question 33

Why do Jon and Daenerys make a truce with Cersei?

When you play the game of thrones, you need to make compromises sometimes, especially when you’re looking out for the greater good. We are entering the endgame now and stakes are high. Jon and Daenerys risked a lot going to King’s Landing to meet with Cersei and arrange a truce, and it seemed like it all got resolved when Tyrion managed to convince her to accept. But Cersei doesn’t seem all that willing to play nice, and while she makes every move like she has nothing to lose, this one might have cost her the last person willing to stand by her unconditionally.

Question 34

Who did Davos serve before joining Jon Snow?

Jon Snow’s road to becoming King in the North wasn’t the easiest to navigate. He never felt like he had a place with his family in Winterfell, no matter how much he wanted to belong. Becoming a man of the Night’s Watch seemed like the only option he had to make something of himself, and he did pretty well among the crows, they even chose him as Lord Commander. But when he tried to make the Watch work with wildlings his men turned against him. Who would have thought then that that would lead to his return to Winterfell to be proclaimed the new King in the North?

Question 35

What did the Three-Eyed Raven teach Bran?

After his fall, Bran started dreaming about a three-eyed raven. When he met Meera and Jojen Reed they explained that he had the greensight and they accompanied him north of the Wall to find the raven from Bran's dreams. The journey wasn’t an easy one, especially at the onset of winter, but somehow they managed to find the cave where the Three-Eyed Raven was waiting for them. Calling the time Bran spent with the Three-Eyed Raven transformative might be a bit of an understatement. Ever since he came back from north of the Wall, Bran hasn’t been quite the same.

Question 36

According to Littlefinger, chaos is...

Has there ever been anyone who enjoyed pitting people against each other more than Littlefinger? He was behind pretty much every single big event that has happened since season one, but it was practically impossible to trace anything back to him. He pretty much got the ball rolling in season one, and hasn’t stopped pulling his strings ever since. He proudly taught Sansa his ways, but that was a big mistake. Sansa may have been naïve and helpless at the start of the show, but she has learned a lot. Above all, she’s learned who to trust, and Littlefinger does not make the cut.

Question 37

Where has Daenerys taken up residence in the Seven Kingdoms?

Her homecoming may not have been as homey as Daenerys expected, but her new home definitely has some Targaryen roots. This queen is basically tracing her ancestors’ footsteps as they fled Valyria all those centuries ago. Her headquarters makes a lot of sense as she positions herself to take back the Seven Kingdoms and sit herself on the Iron Throne, and there could be some symbolic meaning in her arriving from Essos the same way Aegon, his sisters and her dragons did in the time of the Conquest. Could this be the beginning of another long reign for the Targaryens?

Question 38

How many Tyrells are left at the end of season 7?

Once upon a time, the Tyrells were one of the most powerful Houses in the Seven Kingdoms. Then they decided to become involved with the Lannisters, and well, things haven’t been exactly rosy for them since then. Let’s just take this as a lesson never to antagonize Cersei. She is not playing around. It is a bit ironic, though, since both houses are actually pretty similar. Even though the lords from each house are also Wardens of their respective region, that wasn’t always so, and both families used sneaky tactics to get that much power. Both are extremely wealthy and ambitious, and know how to work people to get their way. But it seems like thorns are just no match for claws in this game.

Question 39

Where is Davos Seaworth originally from?

A man of humble birth, Davos managed to end up as Hand of the King before pledging his allegiance to Jon Snow. He has never really been the ambitious type, though. Unlike Littlefinger, for example, his goals have never been selfish. He didn't have a privileged upbringing, exactly, and he just wants to use his newfound status to provide a better life for his children. Still, he takes his titles seriously, and although he probably won't change his straightforward manner to adopt the flourishes of highborn society, he is a loyal vassal, and has a very reliable moral compass, which means he can always be counted on for sound advice.

Question 40

Who are Jon's parents?

Well, if you can’t answer this you might have to go back and re-watch the seventh season of Game of Thrones. This has been a big question we’ve all wanted to be answered since the beginning. The fact that Ned was so secretive about Jon’s parentage made us all suspect that all was not as it seemed and there had to be something important going on there. Now the mystery has finally been revealed, but we still don’t know exactly what that will mean for Jon. When will he learn the truth about his past? And how will the implications come into play in his story?

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