Anybody Who Can't Pass This Simple Driving Quiz Needs To Get Off The Road

It's true- we all want to think that we're really good drivers.

It's those other people that cause all of the problems and commotion on the road. The ones with who don't really know how to drive, or paint their nails while steering with their knees (at least some of us are guilty of that!) There are plenty of poor drivers in the world, but we'd like to think that we are not one of them. We're not the person that other drivers swerve to avoid and talk about afterward! We've got our driving skills on point!

Anyone who seriously thinks that they are a superstar when it comes to navigating the road needs to take this quiz and test their basic knowledge. We're pretty sure that there are some people out there who think that their skills are solid when they are actually a road hazard everytime they get behind the wheel! This simple driving quiz will review some of the most basic things that everyone needs to know before operating a motor vehicle! Who is ready to find out if they're a great driver- or if they need to go back and get their Learner's Permit. Let's play!

Question 1

Is texting and driving ever a good idea?

Sometimes we find ourselves in one of those situations where we get a text that we really just have to answer. Maybe it’s one of our besties with some fresh gossip, or our SO confirming plans. Either way, when the text message pops up can we ever answer it while on the road? Technically, we know that we're not really supposed to answer texts while driving, but is this more of a suggestion rather than a hard and fast rule?

Question 2

What is a blind spot?

We have all heard the term “blind spot” but we’re willing to guess that at least some of the people taking this quiz have no idea what it means! Who remembers their driver’s education course and can tell us what this commonly used driving term actually means? We've outlined four potential definitions of the term "bling spot" and its up to everyone to show off some great driving skills by picking the right one! Choose the most correct option below.

Question 3

A school bus just stopped in the road and put out it's stop sign. What's the next move?

Sharing the road appropriately with other vehicles is one of the biggest tests of a good driver. There are other cars, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and sometimes even school buses filled with their precious cargo. When a school bus stops in front of you and puts up its stop sign, what’s the next move? Do you edge around it slowly, lay on the horn until it moves, pull over to the side of the road, or simply stop and wait until it moves again?

Question 4

Is it really necessary to buckle the seat belt?

Seat belts are another one of those parts of the car that become just a little controversial. There are some who never wear them, and even will say that seatbelts hurt more than help in the event of an emergency situation. Others always tend to buckle up whenever they get into the car. Putting on your seatbelt (or not putting it on) is one of the fundamental elements of being a good driver. Select the best and most appropriate option below.

Question 5

The car is covered in snow and ice. What's the next move?

Anyone who has ever driven in the winter knows about getting your car covered in snow and ice! It is one of the primary irritations that drivers from the north feel every time the mercury drops and that precipitation turns into snow. Winter driving is one thing, but let's save that for another question and talk about the logistics of clearing off the ice and snow from your car. Is it necessary to clear it all the way? Choose the right answer below.

Question 6

What is the purpose of cruise control?

Ah, cruise control. We have all heard that term and probably associate it with long stretches of highway like the only pictured here. There is a certain connotation with this term that seems to indicate that we can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride without really doing anything else- but is that totally practical? Does cruise control mean that you can just chill just out, and even catch a quick nap while your car is getting to its destination?

Question 7

When should we use our brights?

There are different rules for driving in the daytime versus driving at night. Everyone knows that the visibility drops significantly when we hit the road at night- and generally we need to use our car's lights to be able to see properly (and have other drivers see us as well!) There are another set of lights that we can use in times where visibility is so poor that normal lights just won't cut it. These extra powerful lights are called "brights". When should we use them?

Question 8

How do we start the car?

Let's get back to basics, shall we? Before we can even hit the highway or go exploring, we need to be able to start the car! This seems like one of the fundamental basics of driving- and it totally is, but trust us- some people will not know the correct answer to this question. They are the ones who really need to get off the road! Prove that you're able to drive like a champ and answer the question below.

Question 9

Do cars or pedestrians have the right of way?

When we're out on the road, it can seem like the world is our oyster and we're totally in charge of everything that happens in the little patch right in front of us. While we're happy being the master of our domain, it is still important to recognize that we do share the road with other cars, bicycles, motorcycles and.... pedestrians. When it comes to pedestrians specifically, so they have the right of way or do cars rule the road?

Question 10

Can we ever cross a solid yellow line?

When we're driving our cars, we need to look out for street signs to guide us as to how fast we can go, alert us to obstacles up ahead and keep us going in the right direction. The signs are not only above ground, though! The road offers some important clues and guidelines for how to maneuver that particular stretch of road. One of these guidelines comes in the form of double yellow lines. Can we cross these yellow lines?

Question 11

Are tolls mandatory?

We can get into a philosophical debate about whether or not we should have to pay to drive on the roads we use, but as of right now, there are some roads that might require a toll to pass! We might not like it- but that' the way it is! The big question is whether or not these toll roads are actually mandatory. What will happen if we don't pay the toll? Are they really more polite suggestions than rules?

Question 12

What does this sign mean?

Signs on the road not only give us a clue into what's happening with traffic or road conditions ahead- sometimes they let us know about certain things that we should watch out for. A good example is the sign shown here- which makes it clear that the driver should be on the lookout for something happening right in that general area. Who knows what this sign means? Check out the four options below and pick the very best one.

Question 13

How about this sign?

While we're on the subject of signs, let's look at another one to test everyone's driving skills. There is a good chance that you have come across this orange and black sign while out on the road. It's clearly trying to tell us something about what we can expect a little further down the road. What does this sign mean? We've given everyone four options, but only one of them is right, so choose wisely and tell us the meaning below.

Question 14

When driving through the car wash what should we do?

There is something so cathartic about going through the car wash. Not only does your car emerge squeaky clean and shining, but it's also kind of fun to watch the big brushes clean all of that dust right off your car. There are certain rules to follow at the car wash and one of the four below is something that you absolutely have to do to make sure that your car wash experience is the best that it can be!

Question 15

How should we drive in bad weather?

Although we all love to drive when the sun is shining and the pavement is clear and dry, there are sometimes that we will have to battle the elements when we jump into our cars. Bad weather is something that every driver must face from time to time. Whether it is rain, a snowstorm, or even high winds, all drivers must adjust their skills to be able to adequately deal with the elements outside. Pick the best way to drive in bad weather.

Question 16

The wheel tread is thin. What should we do?

There are so many parts of a car that we have to pay attention to. It's easy to get a little confused with all of the buttons, knobs, gauges and other aspects of the car. There is one thing that we really can't just overlook or not attend to- the wheels. Your car's wheels take you from "point A" to "point B" and they have to be working at their best in order to do that! What do you do when the wheel tread is thin?

Question 17

What should we do at a drive-thru window?

Let's say that we're on the road and we suddenly get the munchies! We know that the only thing that will really satisfy those cravings is a juicy fast food burger and some tasty fries. Fortunately, many places don't even make you get out of your car if you want to get a snack. The drive-thru window has to be one of the best inventions that has ever existed, but how do you navigate it properly? Choose an option below.

Question 18

What does this sign mean?

Let's get back to the sign trivia! When we are out on a lonely country road, especially at dusk or in the early hours of the morning, we might run across something that could seriously mess up our car and also our whole day. Signs like the one pictured are used to caution us about the possibility of running into these types of obstacles and let us know to keep our eyes peeled. What do these very important signs mean?

Question 19

What should we do when we want to turn?

Did you know that you don't have to drive in a straight line forever! That's right, our cars come equipped with steering wheels that let us go in any direction that we'd like- even if it means pulling a U-turn or making a sharp left. Our cars are built to do basically anything that we want them to, but we should alert other vehicles about what our intentions are. What should we do when we want to turn the car?

Question 20

What is this sign?

Here is a sign that every driver should be aware of. This sign can be found everywhere from quiet rural towns to big cities, and it always means this one specific thing. Since drivers need to keep an eye out for the individuals that this sign references, it is is a good idea to know exactly what to be aware of when you encounter this sign. We've laid out four options below, but only one of them is correct. Choose now.

Question 21

What should we do when someone is driving slowly in front of us?

One of the things that all drivers need to understand and be aware of is that they have to share the road with a bunch of other drivers. Sometimes these other drivers will not behave exactly the way that we want them to! Sometimes they tear down the road at speeds that are super dangerous, and other times, they drive way under the speed limit and test our nerves by driving really slowly. What should we do when this happens?

Question 22

When first getting in the car, it's important to do this....

Let's kick it back to Driving 101 with this question that will help everyone see clearly when they're driving. The road can be a bit of a dangerous place if you're not prepared, so maximize your options of having a smooth ride by making sure that you do this the minute you get into the car. It is important not to start driving until this crucial step is taken. What is it? Choose the correct answer from the four below.

Question 23

If the car makes a funny noise, what should we do?

From time to time, our car will try to communicate with us. Although they don't speak in our language, they will let us know if something is wrong with them. One of the most common ways of doing this is to make a funny noise. These noises mean that the car needs a little TLC and is prompting us to do something. What is our car telling us? Choose the right answer from the four listed below. Pick one now.

Question 24

What is this sign?

This sign is an important one to know because it allows you to do something that you wouldn't otherwise be able to do. This sign gives drivers permission to pull a little road stunt that will save them time and energy in the long run- especially if they had made a wrong turn! Who knows what this sign means? Check out the four options listed below and give us a very best guess- then we'll tell you if you belong on the road!

Question 25

When should we get gas?

It is pretty common knowledge that the car runs on gas, but who knows when it is best to replenish the gas supply? Many of us have been in those situations where we have run out of gas from time to time, and the experience is never really all that pleasant. Who knows when it is time to pop into the gas station to fill up on fuel? Check out the four options listed below and choose the best one.

Question 26

How fast should we drive on the highway?

This question might be a little subjective depending on everyone's personal feeling about highway driving and whether the speed limit is a suggestion or a hard and fast rule. We'll go with the technical laws governing highway driving here though. Think all the way back to driver's education and tell us which of the four options is correct. How fast can one drive on the highway? Select the best option from the four listed below and prove some driving skills.

Question 27

How often should we use the horn?

Here is another slightly subjective question! Some people love to lay on the horn- and others avoid it if at all possible. It's there, right on the steering wheel. Should we use it? There is a bit of common courtesy and driving etiquette that dictates how often the horn should be used. Check out the four answers below and give us a very best guess as to which one would fit into standard horn use protocol. Let us know now!

Question 28

What does “reverse” let us do?

Every car, even manuals, have several different options that we can use when we're driving. There are some- like reverse- that has a specific function. It is important for us to understand exactly what that function is, so we can drive our cars accident free! Not knowing what "reverse" does could get a driver into a whole lot of trouble, so prove that you belong on the road and choose the right option from the four listed below. Pick now!

Question 29

Is it necessary to get regular oil changes?

Part of having a car is keeping up the car, but there are some things that just seem a little silly. Really- it is tough to tell whether our mechanics really recommend certain steps, or if they are just looking to make an extra buck or two. One of these suggested maintenance procedures is getting regular oil changes. Who knows if your car really needs to have the oil changed regularly, or if this is just a step that you can avoid?

Question 30

Is gas flammable?

Knowing the answer to this next question could actually save your life! We use gas to power our cars and help us get from "point A" to "point B", but how much do we really know about the fuel that we put into our vehicles? After all, we have to handle it at the gas pump so we should know a little something about it, right? Is the fuel that we put into our cars flammable- meaning it catches on fire easily?

Question 31

What does this sign mean?

Anyone who has spent any time out on the road has come across one of these signs. Noted for their triangular appearance and red and white coloring, these signs are designed to stand out- for a very good reason. They could actually help to prevent lots of road accidents! The sign conveys a very simple meaning, and if you see one, it is really important to bear that meaning in mind! What does this particular sign mean? Choose an option below.

Question 32

How about this sign?

This is probably the most common sign that anyone will see when they are out and about on the road. There are thousands of these signs in any given neighborhood and they mean one specific and important thing. What is it? Do these signs mean to slow down, stop if there is heavy traffic or come to s full and complete stop? Perhaps they mean to slow down because of a curvy or unpredictable road ahead? Choose the right answer.

Question 33

Finally, what about this sign?

This is the last sign on the list and believe us- it is a really important one! Understanding what this sign means could actually save someone's life when they're on the road. These signs usually appear in mountainous places where the road needs to wind around the geographical formations in order to get to its final destination. Who knows what this sign means? We have offered everyone four options below, but only one of them is actually correct. Choose now.

Question 34

When you see a yellow light we should....

Traffic lights might seem so simple, but they really are not! We know that "red" means stop and "green" means go, but who really knows what "yellow" means. It's that middle color between the red and the green that means something specific and important. When we're driving and we see a yellow light, what should our next move be? Check out the four options listed below and give us your very best guess. We will reveal if it is the correct one!

Question 35

What happens if we discover a door is open while we're driving?

It happens from time to time- something goes wrong when we are right in the middle of driving down the road. Of course, this is not an ideal experience, but if that something is big enough- like we get the indication that one of our doors is open- we will have to deal with it! What happens if we get a notification that one of our doors is open, while we are out and about on the road? Choose below.

Question 36

What should we do if we get a ticket?

There are plenty of challenges out there on the road. Sometimes there are finding out that one of our doors is open- other times they are a little more serious- like running up against the local traffic police. Whether or not the ticket was justified in our minds doesn't really matter- because there is only really one thing to do once you've been pulled over and issued a ticket. What is it? Choose the correct answer from the four below.

Question 37

Is it ever ok to park in a handicapped spot if we are able bodied?

This question is a rule of the road, but also a matter of common sense and compassion. It can be tempting to try to park as close to our location, especially if we're in a hurry or feeling lazy, but is it ever okay to park in a handicapped spot if we are able bodied? Check out the four options below and tell us if there is ever a circumstance where you'd be allowed to park in the handicapped spot.

Question 38

Where should we look while we're backing up?

Let's get back to some standard driving rules! There will be times when we're in our car that we need to back it up. Whether we're getting out of our driveways, moving from a parking spot or simply reversing for another reason, there are plenty of times that every driver will have to move backward in order to get where they are going. When we're in this position, what is the best place to look? Pick an option from those listed below.

Question 39

On the floor of the car there are two pedals- the gas is one pedal, what is the other?

When we're driving a car- especially an automatic- there are usually only two pedals on the floor. These pedals are absolutely critical to the functioning of the car. Knowing how to use them properly makes one a great driver- or maybe not such a good driver. One of these pedals is the gas, which helps the car move and accelerate. The other one is just as important. Who knows what it is? Check out the options below and choose the right one.

Question 40

Is insurance mandatory?

Finally, let's end on a note about keeping everyone covered when they are out there on the road. There is no doubt that everyone has heard and seen insurance commercials, and maybe even looked up some quotes themselves! We've all heard about auto insurance, but do we really need to in order to drive? Is it optional or totally mandatory? Should people get it only if they drive race cars or fall into a certain age bracket? Choose the right answer below.

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