Anybody Who Can't Pass This Easy Quiz Should Quit Listening To Music

We know that we always give everyone difficult quizzes to do... but this one is bound to be worth it for anybody who thinks they truly know and love music. If anyone struggles with this one they should probably just stop listening to music all together, or take a seriously important course in musical basics! After all, it's important to know just what goes into making all these great tunes that everybody can't stop singing or humming along to.

We know keeping up with all the trends in music can be pretty difficult, so this quiz sticks to the basics! This quiz will delve into the basics of musical theory, as well as quiz everyone on the instruments that we should all know from eighth-grade music class! There are questions on how to play music, as well as some picture-related questions that revolve around giants in the industry who everyone should at least know of. These people helped shape music as we know it today and without them, we wouldn't have the backbone of musical talent that so many new stars are building on now. Who thinks that they are up for the challenge? It's time to get started and show off some basic musical skills. Let's get started.

Question 1

What is the name of a live theater performance that is part play and part singing?

Okay, let's start off with a question that most people out there should be able to get. Check out the picture that goes along with this question. What stands out to you? It looks like someone is singing their heart out along with a bunch of other people in a performance that is taking place on stage. It looks like they are communicating through a song with the audience! This kind of live performance is on that is super popular all over the world as a certain type of art form. Who knows what it is called? Choose the right answer below.

Question 2

Who is the famous superstar?

This megastar has a net worth of eight million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth. Although just a few years ago she started off at four hundred thousand, her popularity and catchy songs have her skyrocketing up to heights only realized by top performers in the field. Her music is catchy, totally downloadable and relatable. Songs like "Money" topped the charts in 2018 and this megastar looks like she has only a bright future ahead in 2019! You might recognize her from appearances in Maroon Five's famous video "Girls Like You" also. Who is she? Choose the right answer below.

Question 3

Lowering a note just a bit is called a “flat”. What is the word for raising it up a bit?

This question pertains to musical technique. Most of us have taken at least one music class in our lifetimes and we know a little bit about the ins and outs of creating amazing songs. One of the most basic elements of a musical technique is the ability to raise up or lower a note just a little bit for a slightly different sound. This is used all of the time in orchestral arrangements and is one of the most fundamental elements of creating music. What is the correct term for raising up a note just a little bit? Choose the right answer below.

Question 4

What is this instrument?

The instrument pictured here is famous for its appearance in certain types of music, like bluegrass. It has a signature twangy edge that separates it from most other instruments and gives it a very distinctive sound. Some people think that this particular instrument is a little bit on the low-brow side, but others think that it has a unique and special place in musical history and should be celebrated for everything that it brings to the musical world! Who knows what the name of this instrument is? Check out the four options that we have listed below and choose the best one.

Question 5

What is this piece of equipment that is used to make live music louder?

Although this piece of equipment is not an instrument, it is still used in conjunction with many instruments to make them sound louder and clearer- especially in concert settings. This square piece of equipment is used by novice and professional bands all over the world and usually, instruments are plugged into it for a sound that really carries all across a room and gives everyone the ability to hear what is happening on stage. Any musician will immediately recognize the name of this particular piece of equipment. Can you? Choose the right answer below and prove that you have some musical smarts.

Question 6

What is this instrument?

This instrument is usually associated with orchestras and concert halls. It is an elegant instrument that has an ancient origin and you can see many depictions of famous Greek and Roman gods and goddesses playing this particular instrument. The difference in sound comes from where each string is plucked, so the shorter ones have a different sound than the longer ones. It takes a lot of skill and practice to be able to play this instrument properly. Who knows what the name of it is? Even if you have never played it, chances are we have all heard it played.

Question 7

Who is the famous band pictured here?

This band famously came "across the pond" as part of a musical revolution in the 1960s. Their music started off sweet and poppy with hits like "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "Can't Buy Me Love", but they soon became immersed in the 1960s counter-culture and started releasing more experimental albums like "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "The White Album". Even though they had their heyday more than fifty years ago, this band still influences many musicians today and their music is seen as pivotal in the music world. Who knows what the name of this 1960s sensation is?

Question 8

What is this instrument?

The instrument pictured here is famous in parts of Scotland and is used for a lot of traditional music in that part of the world. According to SoftSchools, people who play this instrument can almost make it sound like a flute if they are proficient enough. Although the sound can seem harsh at first, music created with this instrument can be melodic and almost soothing if done properly. People who play these instruments have a unique talent and their skills are sought for bands all over the world. Who knows what the name of this musical instrument is? Choose below.

Question 9

Which reality show features Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson as coaches?

As far as reality television shows go, this one is one of the most popular that has existed for a few decades. It combines the challenge of a reality show with some serious mentorship that makes for addictive viewing and keeps people tuning in for more every week. Featuring the talents of musical superstars like Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson, not to mention Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine- this show takes the typical reality show format to the next level and has been a fan favorite for many years- and will be for many more years to come. What is it?

Question 10

Which Disney character promised to show Jasmine “A Whole New World”?

Jasmine is one of our favorite Disney princesses of all time. Not only is she super smart, capable and not afraid to defy convention- she also gets to have one of the best pets in all of Disney lore. Who did not want to have a pet tiger? Even though Jasmine seemingly had it all, there were some things that she remained unaware of- at least until this character showed up to tell her about the "whole new world" that was right outside of her palace gates! Who knows who this other main character was? Choose the right option below.

Question 11

Who sings “Shape Of You”

We are totally sorry because we know that everyone will have this song stuck in their heads for the rest of the day. It is a really catchy tune, right? "Shape of You" is sung by the ginger-hair megastar pictured here and topped charts all over the world, breaking through records and becoming one of the most successful pop songs of all time, according to Forbes. You know that you love this song, but do you know who originally sang it? It's time to show off some basic musical smarts and answer this question accurately from the choices listed below.

Question 12

What film pictured here, was famous for the song “Circle of Life”?

Anyone who was a kid in the 1990s remembers this epic film where we learned our first lessons about family, betrayal and rising up to the top again. It had one of the best soundtracks around and a story that you really couldn't beat. Who remembers the name of the epic film pictured here? Check out the options that we have listed below and let us know what this movie is called. If you are humming "Circle of Life" to yourself right now, you'll probably choose the answer correctly. For anyone struggling- it is time to get back in touch with your childhood.

Question 13

What musical genre would Mozart fit into?

Mozart is one of the greatest composers of all time. He managed to accomplish more in his thirty-five years on the planet than most people do during their lifetimes. According to Biography Online, he was composing music at the very young age of six and went on to have a life that defied all expectation. His work is still performed and well known today and Mozart is credited as being a giant in this musical genre. Who knows what it is? Check out the selections that we have outlined below and give us a very best guess for the genre.

Question 14

Who sings the song “Girls Like You”?

This megastar, pictured here is also a major yoga enthusiast according to Beat Media. In fact, he is rumored to bring his own yoga teacher on tour with him to keep his energy aligned during long periods on the road. He is not only a musician but has acted in shows like AHS and others. His hit song "Girls Like You" is celebrated as a triumph for women all over the world in a variety of different industries. It features Cardi B as well as many other well-known singers, actresses, comedians and activists. Who is this talented musician and actor?

Question 15

Which of the following is NOT a type of vocal range?

Anyone who took a choral elective in high school or college knows that people are generally put into different groups when they sing. There are four primary levels of vocals for men and women. Usually, when people are being put into these groups, they have to sing and have their vocal range measured by someone who decides where they are the best fit. We've listed four words below. Three of them are vocal ranges and one of them is not. Your job is to check out the words and determine which one is not a vocal range. Pick one now.

Question 16

Which superstar group led by Freddie Mercury sang “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

Pictured here is the frontman for the group in question. Freddie Mercury was known as being one of the greatest musicians and a larger-than-life stage presence. According to Planet Radio, Freddie Mercury was a talented Rennaissance Man who even designed the logo for his group and also wrote chart-topping megahit after chart-topping megahit during his life. One of those songs was "Bohemian Rhapsody", which was popularized in the movie "Wayne's World" and continues to be one of the most popular songs in the world today. Who remembers the name of Freddie Mercury's band? Choose the right answer from the four below.

Question 17

What is this instrument?

This instrument is popular in high school bands and belongs in the brass section of an orchestra. It is used often for solos and is one of the more popular instruments for kids to pick up. Most people that start playing this instrument will continue to do so into adulthood. This instrument is also famous for waking up the troops during early morning calls in military movies and has been used in marching bands for decades. Chances are, someone that you know either plays or has played this instrument in the past! What is it? Choose the correct answer below.

Question 18

What do we call the musical score in a movie?

Music is often one of the most important parts of any movie. It can tell us when a tense scene is coming up, indicate a love scene or even invokes some nostalgic tears. Music is so important to movies that many awards ceremonies even have special parts honoring the music that appears in the movie. Certain movies, like Titanic, can elevate songs to epic levels and intertwine them so much with the story that it is often impossible to separate the two completely. Who knows the name for the musical score in a movie? Select the right answer from the four below.

Question 19

Which 80s icon was also known as the “Material Girl”?

Although she reached her heyday during the 1980s, this superstar is still going strong today and her music is as catchy as ever. Known as the "Material Girl", this icon put out multi-platinum albums during the 1980s and 1990s, as well as appeared in some major movies of the day like "Dick Tracy" and "Evita". She is known for pushing the envelope and creating some of the most memorable music that has ever existed. Think way back. Who recognizes this blonde lady from her days as an icon in the 1980s? Choose the right answer from the four listed below.

Question 20

Who is this pop princess?

Speaking of icons, let's move on to another famous one who is just reaching her heights in music today! She is known to reach across genres and has an audience that stretches all over the world. According to Inc Magazine, she was named after James Taylor- another amazing songwriter who dominated the scene in the 1970s. She keeps putting out multi-platinum hit after multi-platinum hit, proving that she deserves her time in the spotlight. With hits like "Shake It Off", "Love Story" and "We Are Never Getting Back Together", this pop princess proves that she is here to stay for good!

Question 21

What is this instrument?

This instrument was the staple for any garage band. It was also the instrument that our cool aunt bought us when our parents would not. Anyone who is a fan of "Step Brothers" remembers that the two main characters had an epic battle when it came to this instrument, but it eventually brought them together as friends. Who recognizes this large (and loud) piece of musical equipment that usually came together as a "set"? This is one that most people should be able to get- so if you're struggling with it, maybe it is time to go back to school.

Question 22

What is this man playing?

These little instruments are featured mostly in island settings and are often used to make a particular kind of music. There's something really intriguing about the thought of sitting down on a beach with one of these instruments and playing a song to the rhythm of the waves. Some people think that they are tiny guitars- but nothing could be further from the truth. These instruments are not tiny guitars at all, but their own special little breed of stringed equipment that is embraced by those who know how special they are. Who remembers the name of this tiny instrument?

Question 23

What is this instrument?

Okay, this instrument is one of the most popular ones in the entire world so anyone who doesn't get it right off the bat might just have been living in a cave for their whole lives. No pressure- and we won't judge, but if you are having trouble with this one you might want to take a music class as soon as possible. Aside from the singer, the person who plays this instrument is the most critical (and let's be honest, coolest) element of any band. Who knows what this instrument is? Select the correct answer from the four below.

Question 24

What whimsical instrument is this man playing?

To say that this instrument is unique is a total understatement. Very few people on the planet know how to play these instruments, but those who do are in really high demand for all sorts of bands and specialty concerts. According to Soft Schools this instrument was invented in the early 1800s in Germany and remains a staple of their traditional music to this day. The name is a play on the word "chord" and is meant to invoke the idea of several different chords being beautifully played all at once. Who knows what the name of this instrument is?

Question 25

What elegant instrument is pictured here?

This instrument is an orchestra fave and has a unique sound that makes it seem almost haunting and lovely at the same time. It belongs to the string family and is one of the best instruments out there for children who are just learning how to appreciate music. Although it takes many years to master one of these instruments, it is still worth the effort completely. Many soloists who get their start with these string instruments find great success later in life as musicians. Who remembers what the name of it is? Choose the right answer from the four below.

Question 26

What famous band sang that they couldn’t “get no satisfaction?”

This band was one of the most famous from the 1960s. They are still playing today and according to Ultimate Classic Rock are one of the most successful bands in the entire world. Their whole canon of works is impressive, and just like other musical greats of the day, they went through a bunch of changes in style and kept their signature sound and fan base. One of their most popular songs bemoaned the fact that they couldn't "get any satisfaction"- although people familiar with the group are well aware that this was probably completely untrue. Who was the band?

Question 27

Who is this musical icon?

This icon is famous today for his music and also for pioneering the phrase "YOLO". According to Forbes, this superstar coined the phrase "YOLO" or "You Only Live Once" on one of his albums and it has only grown in popularity ever since. Known for being a music, as well as a style icon, this superstar performer is one of the greatest in modern history and is only looking to increase his fan base and get even more well-known as the years go on. Who knows the name of the performer pictured here? Choose the correct answer from the four below.

Question 28

What is this instrument?

Many of us learned how to play this instrument as little kids- at least our parents tried to give us lessons on it as a way to build our discipline and character! This instrument can go from our living rooms to the orchestra in a matter of minutes and some of the most famous music of the world was composed on its keys- as well as chopsticks and other types of 'easy' music. It was instrumental in bringing about the popularity of Rock 'N Roll and some of the greatest musicians of all time knew how to "tickle the ivories".

Question 29

What instrument is this man playing?

This delicate instrument has a unique sound that is loved all over the world. According to Musical Bri, this instrument is ancient and was played by the ancient Sumerians and other cultures. It is used in folk music all over the world and is considered to be an important part of many folk operas and stories that involve mythical creatures and other natural elements. Today, the delicate sound produced by this instrument is one that makes it ideal for performing solos or other special pieces of music. Who knows what the name of this special instrument is? Choose one below.

Question 30

What jazzy instrument is leaning up against this typewriter?

This instrument was popularized by Bill Clinton and Lisa Simpson and is one of the coolest brass instruments around. Known for creating a smooth, jazzy sound, this instrument is a welcome addition to many different types of bands and popular in high schools all over the world. It is used in big bands, jazz bands, and swing bands to lend an interested and bluesy note to the music. Who knows what the name of this instrument is? Choose the correct answer from the four options listed below and we'll let you know if you have a good handle on music.

Question 31

Which pop star is pictured here?

This pop star is known for her bubblegum pink looks and her poppy songs. Her music is catchy and clever. According to Booms Beat, she is the daughter of pastors and grew up in Southern California. Her California girls kind of music has gotten her the title of summer jam song princess and she regularly appears on the charts for classics like "Roar", "Firework" and "California Gurls". Who knows the name of this pop icon? She has been dominating the charts for well over a decade so you really should be able to get this one right away! Tell us below.

Question 32

Who is this country-music mega star?

This country-music megastar also appears as one of the talented judges on "The Voice" and was recently in a relationship with No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani. He is known for his sultry vocals and down-home country charm. This Nashville break-out artist is famous for songs like "God Gave Me You" and "Boys 'Round Here" as well as "Sure Be Cool If You Did". He has a following in both the country-music scene as well as outside of the Nashville bubble and has some seriously great pop music credibility these days. Who is he? Check out the options below.

Question 33

What two complementary settings are people usually able to adjust on a stereo?

Many people can often find them fiddling with sound settings whether it's on their phone or on a game system or their tv. Many people also have preferences when it comes to these two settings. Some people like big, loud, booming sounds while others appreciate a brighter, clearer kind of effect when it comes to listening to music. In fact, adjusting these two settings is pretty essential for many music lovers and even movie lovers as the perfect balance can totally make or break a song. It can also make certain things seem louder, quieter, further, or closer than they actually are making for interesting audio effects.

Question 34

Who is this superstar?

According to CNN, this superstar was a musical prodigy from London, Ontario whose mother had to work low-wage jobs in order to support the family before her son made it big in the musical world. He has a lot of fans who call themselves a variation on his last name and is known for being a teen idol and crush for teenage girls all over the world. His music is catchy and relatable with smash hits like "As Long As You Love Me" and "Sorry". Who remembers the name of this teenage superstar who is still going strong even today?

Question 35

Which rap legend is pictured here?

According to NME this rap legend used to be known as "Mickey" to his family because he had big ears as a child. Also, his high school nemesis once tried to sue him for defamation and lost. These days, nobody in their right mind would defy this rap legend who made a name for himself over ten years ago and really isn't going anywhere anytime soon! With hits like "Love the Way You Lie" and "My Name Is", he has been dominating the charts for years. Check out the picture that accompanies this question and tell us who this megastar is.

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