Anybody Who Can't Answer These Super Easy Jeopardy Questions Should Just Quit Already

It’s impossible to watch television in the early evening without coming across an episode of Jeopardy. Sometimes it’s a re-run but sometimes it’s a new episode. Regardless, one knows the episode is going to be good. This classic show has been around since 1984 and tests challenger’s knowledge on various categories, forcing them to prove their intelligence by answering before the other contestants. The show is well known for its signature jingle that plays during the final Jeopardy, causing most people to hum it at the mention of the show.

Jeopardy is hosted by Alex Trebek who has hosted almost 8000 shows to date! Trebek even went on to become a producer for the show, helping to produce over 600 shows (IMDb)! This show is up there with Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right as game shows that kids watch when they’re home sick, which isn’t a bad thing! Jeopardy challenges viewers, often creating a small competition between a family to see who can guess the most correct answers. The best Jeopardy feeling is a toss up between knowing the answer to a lot of the questions and having your favorite contestant win! It’s incredible just how smart these contestants are!

Question 1

Newer phones like iPhones have which kind of screen?

This question was inspired by Show #6661 which was the very first episode of Kids Week in Season 29! This palpable question was under the section ‘screens’ and was worth $200. These types of screens can be found on so many electronics! They’re on phones, ATMS, laptops and some televisions even have them! They’re everywhere and its likely that people interact with them on a daily basis whether they realize it or not. These screens are the future and are implemented more and more as new electronics are released! A small hint is that the answer includes one of the five senses!

Question 2

HD TVs are becoming more popular! What does HD stand for?

This question also fits in the screens category! Speaking of touchscreens, these televisions have such definition in them that they make viewers want to reach out and touch the picture. These televisions are great for watching nature documentaries because they allow viewers to feel completely immersed in nature by how sharp the images are. They’re like regular tv’s but better! However, better means they also come with a hefty price tag! Some of these televisions can be cheap, but you get what you pay for when it comes to size! That being said, these tv's can come in massive sizes!

Question 3

The 2012 U.S. women's gymnastics team had which nickname?

Now onto Sports! These talented young women were given this numeric nickname for their performances in the 2012 Summer Olympics that took place in London. They were an artistic gymnastics team and were the first US team to win a gold medal for the sport on international soil! The team consisted of Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber. The team became so popular and loved for their success that they even got the chance to meet Barack Obama. These talented women used to go by the name of The Fab Five but changed to a name they felt was better fitting!

Question 4

Which fruit-shaped candies are made by Willy Wonka?

How dandy is candy? Onto the Candy category! These candies were one of the earliest candies made by The Willy Wonka Company. They were first introduced to kids in 1982 with the flavors Banana, Orange, Cherry, Strawberry and Lime! A few changes have been made to the flavor lineups over the years but the bananas, oranges and strawberries have always remained the same due to popularity! The fantastic current lineup of flavors is orange, banana, strawberry, grape and green apple! We all know that banana was always the superior flavor though! They have that same sweet famous artificial banana flavoring! (Amazon)

Question 5

This candy wants you to "taste the rainbow". Which one is it?

Let's keep in the Candy category! This colorful candy allows its fans to taste the rainbow! They come in a number of colorful flavors and styles. They can come in sour, tropical, wild berry and even one called crazy cores with an outer flavoring with different flavoring in the middle! These candies are made by The Wrigley Company which is a division of Mars Inc (Mars like the chocolate). These sweet treats have the letter ‘S’ printed on them! They appear very similar looking to M&Ms but have a different letter on them! It seems all tasty candies are quite similar!

Question 6

What is the name of the giant screen that lots of stadiums have?

This question was also by Show #6661, the first episode of Kids Week in Season 29. This question is also under the 'screens' category! This giant screen is used for sporting events or concerts. They can be used for any event where patrons may be sitting far away and need a close up of the events happening on the field or on stage or might need replays or sporting stats. These screens can be one large screen or they can be comprised of many smaller screens but they ultimately project one large picture. This answer is a synonym for ‘large screen’! (Wiki)

Question 7

This toy speaks 'furbish'! What are they?

Welcome to the 'toy' category! These furry friends were created in 1998 before premiering at the International Toy Fair. They were the first successful toy robot that was able to respond to human interaction and learn. They began talking in their own language of ‘furbish’ but after spending more time with a child they would learn short English phrases! These toys were also well-known for being able to interact with other toys of the same kind and would even talk to each other! They were a huge hit and sold over 27 million of these in a 12 month span after their release! (Toy Shop)

Question 8

What is Isaac Newton said to have discovered thank to an apple?

This question is from the 'astronomy' category! This astronomical force is the forced that a planet uses to pull objects towards its center! This is what keeps all of the planets in orbit around the sun! (Space Place) Sir Isaac Newton who was inspired to study this theory by his childhood apple tree and discovered the law of this force! He was curious as to why the apples fell straight down and not up or to the side. Despite popular belief, there’s no evidence the apple hit him on the head but it does make quite the story, right? (History)

Question 9

Which iCarly character has a show with a girl named Cat?

Next onto the 'Characters' category! This character was involved in a spin-off from iCarly, in which she meets a character from Victorious and the two end up becoming roommates! The show aired from June 2013 until July 2014 and had one season! The pair of characters worked great together on screen but off-screen there were disagreements between the two main stars. This character and Cat Valentine were considered to be the odd ones out of the two shows. One was a loud, carnivore who was very street smart. The other a ditzy girl-girl! It’s definitely worth a watch! (Nick UK)

Question 10

Which actress is Elle Fanning's older sister?

This question is from the 'Celebrities' category! Elle Fanning is an actress well known for starring in the movie Maleficent alongside Angelina Jolie. (Elle Fanning) Her older sister is also a well-known actress who has starred in many great films such as War of the Worlds, Man on Fire and she was even in the Twilight series. She's shared the screen with great actors like Denzel Washington, Brittany Murphy and Tom Cruise. This actress was also the youngest person to receive a Screen Actor’s Guild award for her role in I Am Sam and she was eight years old. (IMDb)

Question 11

Alice is the main character of which 'wonder'ful book?

This next category is "Literature"! English author Lewis Carroll wrote this timeless classic in 1865. It features a girl who chases a rabbit with a pocket watch down a rabbit hole. This little white rabbit goes on to lead her to many new adventures. Throughout the novel she comes across many interesting creatures like a Mad Hatter, The Cheshire Cat and The Queen of Hearts. The main character is often portrayed as blonde with a black headband, a blue dress with a white apron and she even has a Disney movie chronicling her story and time down the rabbit hole. (Alice’s Adventures)

Question 12

What type of sweater is best known for its hood?

The next category is...'clothing'! This article of clothing is most known for its design which features a hood to go over the wearers head. They come in many different types, for a piece of clothing to qualify as one of these, all it needs is a hood! There’s zip-ups, pullovers and now the super popular crop top version of this classic! Some popular brands of these are Champion, Nike and Thrasher. These sweaters are perfect for when Fall starts and begins to turn to Winter. They can even be layered over other clothing to act as a coat but make sure it isn't too cold for that!

Question 13

Wearing camo pants? What is camo short for?

We're staying in the 'Clothing' category and moving onto the print side of clothes! This print of clothing is very popular among hunters and woodsmen. This print allows its wearer to blend in with their surroundings. It shares the same name as what animals do to themselves in order to blend in with their surroundings and hide from predators. This print is popular in the military and has even been featured on soldier’s uniforms to allow them to blend in with the mud and greenery. It was even used on military vehicles like jeeps to help conceal them from their opposition. (Army Times)

Question 14

What YA series has Panem as its main city?

This question is from the 'Book' category! This best-selling book series by Suzanne Collins surrounds Katniss Everdeen and her participation in an event where children are taken from every district and forced to battle each other, with some having lots of training and others having none. This series has three books in it, the second being Catching Fire and Mockingjay. The series also has four feature films which star Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, Josh Hutcherson as her best friend and love interest Peeta and Liam Hemsworth as her love interest Gale. This series really propelled Jennifer Lawrence into fame! (Goodreads)

Question 15

This store is just for tween girls! Has ______ been served?

Now we're going to go back to the 'Clothing' category for this question! This store is for tweens and sells different items like clothing, shoes, accessories and bedding for very reasonable prices. This store is part of Ascena Retail Group and is the largest tween specialty retailer in the world! There are over 1000 stores in North America and they even have presence in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The store used to be branded as Limited Too and sold to a wider audience but decided to change their name and focus their marketing just for tweens. (justiceretail)

Question 16

Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen are played by which actor?

This question falls into the 'Celebrities' category. This handsome English actor got his start doing plays at the Barnes Theatre before moving to film. His first role was as Giselher in Curse of the Ring. He later went on to get his role of Cedric Diggory, receiving it one week after meeting the casting director. One of his biggest roles to date is as Edward Cullen in the hit teen drama series Twilight. He’s also featured in films like Little Ashes and Water for Elephants. He is also well known for having dated his Twilight co-star at one point. (IMDb)

Question 17

One Direction was a UK based band consisting of Liam, Zayn, Niall, Louis and who?

Now we're moving to the 'Music' category. This popular musician was once part of the band One Direction. He has since gone and started a very successful solo career with songs like “Sign of the Times”, “Two Ghosts” and “Kiwi”. He just finished an international solo tour for his first solo album, and it was extremely successful. This celeb also made his acting debut in the Christopher Nolan film ‘Dunkirk’ playing a soldier. Happy Together is a show inspired by this singers time living with a television producer. This star’s music has been compared as having similar styles as David Bowie. (Wiki)

Question 18

This word describes these famous buses!

This question was inspired by Show #6662, the second episode of Kids Week in Season 29. This question was worth $1200 and appeared under the “numeric words & phrases” category. This hyphenated word describes the appearance of these famous London Buses. They are known for being tall, red in color and having an upper level for riders to sit on and enjoy. There are two types of these buses, one has an upper level that is covered and the other’s top level is uncovered and the uncovered area acts as a deck for riders to take in their surroundings around them. (Wiki)

Question 19

What is the name of this wind funnel that naturally occurs?

Next up is the 'Weather' category. This natural phenomenon is a vertical funnel of rapid spinning air that forms into a cone shape. The winds can go up to 250 miles an hour. Another name for this natural phenomenon is Twister. They’re versions of this phenomenon that are born in thunderstorms and often come with hail. These storms happen all around the world but the US is a hotspot for them, with over 1000 storms a year. (National Geographic) There was a movie about this called Twister which followed two storm chasers as they prepared for a storm named Dorothy. (IMDb)

Question 20

Which artist wrote the song "Girl on Fire'?

After weather we're going to head back to "Music"! This artist scored her first number one hit in 2001 with her song ‘Fallin’. It was from her debut album which was called ‘Songs in A Minor’ and it topped the Billboard 200. In 2002 she went on to win a Grammy for Best New Artist and Song of the Year. Her other songs include No One, Empire State of Mind, If I Ain’t Got You and Girl on Fire. This artist has had 29 Grammy nominations and 15 wins. She is definitely one talented artist! (Grammy Awards)

Question 21

Which game requires players to play doctor and remove ailments?

This question fits into the "Board Game' category! This Milton Bradley game was invented in 1964 and features an operating table with a patient nicknamed ‘Cavity Sam’. The items within Sam were surrounded by metal and players had to pick out the items without touching the tweezers to the metal. The various plastic items needing collection include: Adam’s Apple, Broken Heart, Spare Ribs and Charlie Horse. Once a player has collected all of the items, or has collected more items than their opponents they win! The most difficult piece being the Ankle Bone connected to the Knee which requires players to insert an elastic band! (Wiki)

Question 22

What is Alana Thompson's nickname?

This question belongs to the "Television Show" category. This loud proud southern girl has made quite the name for herself through reality television despite just entering her teen years. She got her start when she was featured on Toddlers and Tiaras. Viewers fell in love with her southern charm and her go-go juice induced hyper personality and it prompted TLC to create a spin off series surrounding Alana and her family. It started off being about her and her pageants but once she’d left the pageant world, it just became about her quirky family and their different adventures. (Digital Spy)

Question 23

SpongeBob & Squidward work at which restaurant?

Staying within the "Television Show" category, the next question is about Spongebob. This restaurant is owned by the stingy Mr. Krabs and is a rival restaurant to the Chum Bucket which is run by pint sized Plankton. The restaurants main attraction is the delicious Krabby Patties which are burgers with a secret recipe that Plankton is always trying to steal. Work is Spongebob’s favorite place to be and Squidward’s least favorite. Everyone in Bikini Bottom loves this restaurant and the restaurant is usually seen to be busy unless its emptiness is part of the plot of the episode. (Spongebob Wiki)

Question 24

Which author wrote the Twilight series?

This question moves back to the "Books" category, focusing on another very popular YA novel series. This novelist is best known for her Twilight series which has sold over 100 million copies globally in over 50 countries. The book has been translated into 37 different languages and the series was made into films. The four Twilight series books spend 303 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List collectively. She has also written a side series called the Host and has released a gender-swapped version of Twilight featuring Edythe as Edward's female counterpart and Beau as Bella's male counterpart. (stepheniemeyer bio)

Question 25

What does the PS in PSA stand for?

This question falls into the "Television Shows" category. While this question isn't actually about a specific television show, this question relates to commercials that are shown on tv quite often. These infomercials are commercials that have the objective of raising awareness for a specific social issue or they’re aired in hopes of changing public opinion of specific social issues. Other names for these include PIFs or Public Information Films and APIs or Announcements in the Public Interest. These commercials often address issues like forest fires, blood donation, and highway safety. Smokey the Bear got his start in a forest fire prevention PSA. (Wiki)

Question 26

This orange fish can come smoked. What is it?

This question belongs to the "Food" category. This type of fish is a great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and is considered to be an oily fish. It’s often shown to be orange in color but when cooked it becomes pinkish. These fish get their coloring from their diets of eating other small sea creatures like Krill and Shellfish that are pink and orange in color. This fish can be cooked many ways but can also be eaten raw in dishes like sashimi. It is also called 'lox' and is best eaten on a bagel with cream cheese! (Wiki)

Question 27

This movie stars 'superbad superdad' Gru. What is the name of the movie?

This question belongs to the "Movies" category. This popular family movie features Steve Carell as Gru, a supervillain who ends up in charge of three orphan girls. His mission to steal the moon is often interrupted by fatherly duties or trouble caused by the girls. This is the first film that the small minions are featured. Theres 3 films in the series and a prequel was released in 2015 which shows the backstory of how minions came to be. This film series has prompted lots of popular merchandise and minions can be found pretty much everywhere, they're so popular! (Wiki)

Question 28

What is the french word for 'yes'?

This question is from the "Languages" category. This French word is the French version of the word ‘yes’. It’s a homophone for the word ‘we’ but it spelled much differently. French speakers might often say this word with an ‘h’ sound at the beginning even though it isn’t written. An interesting fact about this word is that the Maori word ‘Wiwi’ is a descendant of the word and it means France! So this sound can be heard all over the world! (Wiki) Languages can be tough to learn, but theres so much benefit from them! Getting to communicate with a whole new community is such a wonderful thing!

Question 29

Put that math hat on and divide 28 by 4!

This question is coming from the "Math" category. Math is usually a pretty tough subject. Its not too bad when its just adding and subtracting but once it gets beyond BEDMAS, it becomes difficult. Solving for x is something many high schoolers have nightmares about. Then there’s graphing calculators, parabolas and it hurts to think about y- mx + b. Thankfully once high schools over, there isn’t much left to be concerned about unless ones looking to have a post-secondary education in mathematics! Of course, basic math is very important and needed but no one needs to carry around a graphing calculator.

Question 30

What is the name of this round pink character?

The next question comes from the "Gaming" category. This small ball of pink joy was created by Nintendo for the character’s self titled series. This character has been featured in anime form, manga, comics and even an educational video produced by Nintendo. This character lives in a dome-shaped home in the country Dream Land which is in his home Planet Popstar. He travels through the country in his video games, through different star systems and meeting up with friends. This character is also popular as a character on Super Smash Bros, especially because this character has the ability to steal powers. (Fandom Wiki)

Question 31

The Apollo 11 spacecraft was the first to land where?

This question is coming from the "Astronomy" category. This astronomical body orbits the earth and can be seen in the night sky! Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to step on this lunar body, followed by Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin. The crew spent a total of 8 days on this mission. The Apollo 11 was launched by a rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This event created the saying “one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind”. Despite saying its a small step, this event was a huge step for the astronaut community. (Wiki)

Question 32

Which Paris museum is the most visited in the world?

This question comes from the category of "Museums". This museum holds the title of the largest art museum and is a historic monument in Paris, France. The museum is located on the right side of the River Seine and holds approximately 38,000 pieces of art that begin in the prehistoric times to the medieval and renaissance and are dated all the way up until recent. The museum features all kinds of art like sculptures, prints, drawings, paintings and antiquities. In 2017, this museum was the worlds most visited art museum! Here's hoping that it continues to hold onto that title! (Wiki)

Question 33

Huevos Rancheros contain which ingredient thats laid by a Chicken?

"Breakfast" is the category that this question is coming from. The name of this dish from Mexico actually means “rancher’s eggs”. They feature fried eggs on top of refried beans, sour cream and salsa. They’re all served on top of a warm tortilla. Hot sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and avocado can be added for extra flavor. This dish is a delicious breakfast. ( Chorizo can also be added for those who like meat with their eggs, but once the chorizo is added, it becomes huevos con chorizo” This delicious breakfast can be found at many restaurants, and would be a great option next time ones out to eat!

Question 34

What should one do to say they're sorry?

This question comes from the "Words & Phrases" category. Meaning that this is a common word or phrase used as described by the question. The answer to this is something said to someone after wrong-doing or when someone is feeling regretful for something. This word is something that can be hard to say, especially when someone doesn’t want to admit that they were wrong or at fault in a situation. However most times, this can often rectify the situation and make it better, proving to the person that they’re actually sorry for their actions and that they'll try not to do it again. (Dictionary)

Question 35

This type of dairy product can sometimes have fruit on the bottom. What is it?

The last question comes from the "Breakfast" category. This is something that a lot of people grab first thing in the morning to get their pick me up and get lots of calcium that is much needed during the day. This dairy product goes great with fresh fruit, or granola to add more sweetness or vitamins to breakfast time. It’s definitely part of a balanced breakfast! This snack can't be limited to breakfast. It can be used for snacks, or as part of a healthy lunch. Especially with Dannon brands, this morning snack is high quality with low-fat and super delicious! (dannonyogurt)

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