Anybody Who Can Name All These Food Brands And Mascots Think Like A Chef

The world we are living in today is in many regards incredibly different from the world it once was, but that does not mean there are not many connections to the past. Take, for example, branding. Since the beginning of time, bartering and selling have played fundamental parts in society, with many exchanging their goods for others. But, unless a good is standardized, what sets apart one good from the other. Take, for example, a vase. Two people are selling a vase that, to the untrained eye, look completely identical. One of these vases is made by hand from the finest materials, the other is made of mud and is extremely fragile and impractical. The higher quality good would often be branded with a symbol to set the two apart so barterers knew it was of better quality.

The same system applies today, as corporations around the world rely on branding and mascots to cultivate an image and set their offerings apart from the rest. This is particularly the case in the food industry where many products may look identical (i.e. A Big Mac and a Big King), and they need to set their product apart. In this quiz, players will be tasked to match the logo or mascot to the brand. We bet no-one but the best chefs, foodies or marketers will get 100%. Care to prove us wrong?

Question 1

What fast food chain features this logo?

This is one of the largest chains of restaurants in the world. Kids and adults alike have come to love the delicious options on the menu of this restaurant such as Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, Chicken Nuggets and much, much more. A silly but kind clown is the mascot of this restaurant, and his name is also found on the non-profit organization associated with this restaurant that provides a home for families and their sick children. The founding of this company has been disputed over the years, but one of the men acknowledged is salesman Ray Kroc. What chain features this logo?

Question 2

What about this one?

This chain of burgers is very different from many of the others. Whereas many hamburger joints only griddle their burgers, this chain promises to flame broil them leading to the top quality flavor expected in their burgers. Another major difference that sets this chain apart from some of its competition is that special orders do not upset them, and they love to let their customers have their burger that way. Whether that involves holding the pickles, holding the lettuce, adding tomatoes, they are pretty game. Some of the items on the menu include the Whopper and the Chicken Fries. What is the name of this chain?

Question 3

This one?

This chain of fast food restaurants was founded by a man named Dave Thomas. He was upset by the other burgers offered and felt that the meat to bun ratio was way off. He wondered to himself where the beef was, and he came up with the perfect solution. Many restaurants serve their hamburgers in a circular shape, but Thomas defied expectations by serving them in a square shape, meaning the meat would be over the edge of the bun. It also made it easier to apply slices of cheese. The Twitter account for this brand can be quite spicy. What is this brand?

Question 4

What fast food chain features this logo?

This chain is best known for offering a wide variety of sandwiches, as well as a delicious side of curly fries. The milkshakes at this establishment are also particularly good, and sure to get customers to start thinking about this brand. They have a strong social media presence, with a unique Twitter account that makes sandwiches in the shapes of celebrities, gaming characters and more, as well as play with the boxes and fries to create unique shapes. This chain of restaurants is also known for having a large number of delicious sauces to put on their sandwiches. What is the name of this brand?

Question 5

What about this one?

This brand puts the choice in the customer's hands, allowing them to choose the type of bread the desire, the toppings they want, the meat (or lack thereof) they want and much, much more. This is one of the largest chains of fast food restaurants in the world and they are seemingly inescapable. Along with their sandwiches, they provide a number of different sides and drinks, including their delicious cookies that can only be found at their locations. Some of the sandwiches offered at this restaurant include Philly Steak and Cheese, Italian B.M.T., Meatball Marinara and more. What is the name of this brand?

Question 6

This one?

Ths chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, and he is still immortalized many years after he left us in the logo of the brand. The chicken here is marinated in a blend of a secret 11 herbs and spices that give it its distinct flavor. Many people have tried with limited success to discover what the secret of this place truly is. In addition to the fried chicken, many other items are offered on the menu of this establishment including biscuits, french fries, salad and more. What is the name of this restaurant?

Question 7

What brand is associated with this logo?

This brand of fast food taco joints have been urging customers since the beginning to think outside the bun a little and perhaps even live mas. It is easy to say that craving this place is common, with many falling in love with the textbook-sized menu of options, as well as the commitment to quality food, low prices, and vegetarian/vegan-friendly options. This makes this chain a desired visit for those who want something different, as well as those with a wide variety of tastes and dietary restrictions, as there is seemingly something for everyone. What is the name of this chain?

Question 8

What about this one?

This chain of restaurants is one of the most iconic in the world. When you see one of their traditional styles of restaurants, it is likely that you know it is them from the shape of the roof alone. These restaurants mostly serve favorites from Italy, with a bit of a U.S. touch, such as pizza, pasta, salad and more. Chicken wings are also offered at a number of locations under the name Wingstreet. Many of the pizzas on the menu are different from the typical ones with options such as stuffed crust and cheesy bites. What is the name of this chain?

Question 9

This one?

This pizza chain has always promised freshness, unique options, and speedy delivery. Whereas many other pizza restaurants end up with cold and late delivery, this chain invested a great deal into their delivery system ensuring the pizza stays hot, arrives early, and is easy for the customer to track. They are one of the most popular pizza chains in the world but are a bit more traditional when compared to other chains such as Papa John's and Pizza Hut. This is not particularly a bad thing, as they do pizza (and other menu items) very well. What is the name of this brand?

Question 10

What brand features this logo prominently?

This brand is a bit more difficult to describe compared to others in this quiz. The main reason is that it means different things to different people across the United States. This brand has been serving hamburgers, french fries, shakes and more for a number of years, and have had great success doing so. The main burger that they serve is called a Thickburger, and it comes in a number of different varieties. Celebrities have been known to love and endorse this chain, with many appearing in some... let's just say not-desirable to watch at work ads. What is the name of this brand?

Question 11

What brand is associated with this mascot?

This mascot is one of the simpler on this list, as well as one of the most memorable. His name is Jack, and he is a kind man who loves a certain fast food establishment. His design is of a large white ball on his head, a simple smile, a thumbtack for a nose, an ice cream cone for a hat and a fancy suit on top of the rest. He even once participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (or AMA) session completely in character, a rarity for mascots. The big question is: what brand does he help promote?

Question 12

What about this one?

This anthropomorphized rat has been known to sing, dance and have fun at a large arcade. The place that he markets is known as the place where a kid can be a kid, and that makes sense given the large variety of arcade machines, prizes, food, and other fun stuff. To give away his name would be a pretty massive spoiler for the answer to this question, but let us just say that he has a C on his shirt for a reason. He was created by Nolan Bushnell, who also founded Atari back in the day (Wikipedia). What brand does the market?

Question 13

This one?

This character is one of the oldest mascots on this list and has gone through a number of different designs over the year. He works closely with the brand Hostess, who is best known for their work on snack cakes such as Cupcakes, Ding Dongs and the specific brand that this mascot represents. He will, from time to time, push the aforementioned products, but his main goal, heck, his likeness, surround around a specific brand of snack cakes. He has a cowboy hat, boots, a lasso, and even his name is an homage to Billy the Kid. What product does he primarily promote?

Question 14

What brand features this mascot?

This mascot has worldwide recognition, but some folks in North America may be (justifiably) less aware of him. This mascot is for a brand of Filipino fast food restaurants that are highly similar to McDonald's. He is an anthropomorphized bee and is their equivalent to Roland McDonald. He has even had a television show for children, making him one of the few mascots who has had this honor (Wikipedia). The brand that he markets is best known for their fried chicken and other fast food staples such as burgers, but they also offer more unique options such as Spaghetti. What brand does this bee promote?

Question 15

What about this one?

This little fellow is named Toucan Sam, and he has a very special nose. He can smell treasure from miles away, and using his scent, can track it down. More often than not, this treasure is not gold, ancient secrets or anything of that ilk. In actuality, the treasure is often the delicious brand of food that this mascot has been known to promote. He works closely with the Kellogg company to sell this product and has changed designs a number of times over the years. The most consistent part is his large beak/nose. What brand does he help promote?

Question 16

This one?

It ain't easy being cheesy! That is the catchphrase of this notable character. His full name is Chester Cheetah, and he absolutely loves a certain brand by Frito Lay. He has been the spokesman for this company for years, replacing the short-lived mouse mascot. He has changed in appearances a number of times over the years, looking more like a puppet in commercials, and being fully hand drawn on the bags of the product he promotes. He has been so loved, that he has not one, but two video games under his belt (Wikipedia). What brand does he help promote?

Question 17

What brand features this fun mascot?

This fun mascot is fittingly named Mr. Peanut, although peanuts are not the only thing he has been known to help sell. A semi bespectacled man with a top hat and a cane, Mr. Peanut does primarily promote peanuts and nuts. However, from time to time, he will promote other products such as cheese balls and other tasty snacks. His character has changed in design over the years, with him appearing hand drawn or computer generated despite the portrayal. Still, he will always be there to promote the eating of peanuts, a rather ironic job. What brand does he help promote?

Question 18

What about this one?

Oh Yeah! If you call out for this man, you might just find him crashing through your wall with a delicious pitcher of a certain tasty drink. This is made all the funnier by the fact that he is made of pure glass, meaning that instead of shattering, he outright destroys brick, concrete, and steel walls in front of him. While he is used a bit less today than he once was, he still appears on the packaging of the product that he helps to promote. Just, make sure your insurance is in order before he breaks your wall. What brand does he help promote?

Question 19

This one?

They're Great! That is the notable slogan often uttered by this beloved tiger. His full name is Tony the Tiger, and like Toucan Sam, he has been known to work with the Kellogg company. While Toucan Sam had his brand of choice, Tony promotes one that is completely different. Tony is very athletic and has been known to help kids get into shape, learn a new sport and learn the values of a balanced breakfast, a rarity in today's world. He is one of the most iconic mascots out there, but the big question is: what product does he help promote?

Question 20

What brand features this delightful trio of mascots?

This trio of mascots are shorter than many of the others on this list, but size matters not. This is because, in terms of impact, they are some of the most known mascots in the food world. Their names are Snap, Crackle, and Pop, and like Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam, they have been known to work with the Kellogg company. Unlike those two, they do not just promote cereal. In fact, it is a treat made by the cereal that has eclipsed it in popularity, and this trio promotes both cereal and treat. What brand do they help promote?

Question 21

What brand is known for having this logo?

This brand of ice cream stands is one of the most popular in the world. They are a part of the Dunkin family, alongside many other great brands such as Dunkin Donuts (Wikipedia). They offer 31 flavors, and this fact is reflected in their logo, as well as a delicious flavor of the month. Be sure to try the flavor of the month while you still can, as it likely will not be back for a while, if at all. They also offer other ice cream treats such as cakes and soft serve cones. What is the name of this popular chain?

Question 22

What about this one?

This brand has a number of different names in a number of different countries, which may make it a bit difficult in the context of this quiz. For that, we apologize, and give you this hint: Profound laughter! On board? Anyhow, this brand is known for producing a number of different frozen treats. The majority of their products can be found in the ice cream aisle of grocery stores, in convenience stores in a large freezer, and most notably in ice cream trucks sold in addition to soft serve ice cream. What is the name of this popular and varied brand?

Question 23

This one?

This logo belongs to a brand of ice cream stores and products that are popular around the world but originated in the United States. The flavors released by this brand are known to have rather humorous names, a fact even addressed in one of the more notable quips in Avengers: Infinity War. Many of these flavors can be found in the grocery aisle or in one of the many stores that share the name. As is common for the ice cream industry, the name is inspired by that of the founder... or was that founders? What is the name of this brand?

Question 24

What brand is known for this logo?

This logo represents a brand of restaurants found predominantly in the United States but has something of a worldwide presence. Similar to establishments such as Applebee's, this restaurant serves up a variety of hometown favorites. Unlike many other chain restaurants, however, the main claim to fame of this establishment is the wide variety of tex-mex options on the menu, meaning those who want a break from the typical burgers and fries have that choice. They do, of course, also serve burgers and fries, but the point ultimately still stands. For those who crave food with a kick, this might just be the place to go. What is its name?

Question 25

What about this one?

This restaurant chain is mostly confined to the United States, but there are a couple of locations in other countries as well. They are known to be a great place to end a long week, enjoy a nice drink, meet up with friends and have a good meal. A casual dining establishment, they have a wide variety of menu options that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Their claim to fame is their delicious potato skins which are often replicated but never quite duplicated. They even sell them frozen in grocery stores. What is the name of this brand?

Question 26

This one?

This brand is one of the most important and old on this list. It is likely that most everyone has heard of them and their products, although their slate has changed over the years. For the longest time, this company was incredibly large, creating macaroni and cheese, cheeses, dried goods, pasta, chocolate, cookies, the list goes on. However, after a merger with another large brand, this brand got frankly too big to control and made the smart decision of splitting off some of their other brands into a new company called Mondelez (Wikipedia). What is the name of this brand?

Question 27

What brand of fast food restaurants features this logo?

This brand of fast food restaurants is very large in both the United States and Canada, but their operations in both countries are completely independent of one another. They also feature slightly different logos. This chain of restaurants is best known for serving burgers, fries, chicken and their world famous root beer. In the United States, they are a more than respectable player bosting over 1000 locations. In Canada, they are on a whole other level fighting with McDonald's for dominance of the fast food market. They believe in fresh food that is sustainably sourced (Wikipedia). What is the name of this brand?

Question 28

What about this one?

This brand may be best known for their ice cream, but there is much more to them than just that. While many of their more traditional locations do offer ice cream first and foremost, many of their new locations and some retrofitted older ones offer a number of different food items including hamburgers, french fries, chicken fingers and much, much more. The restaurant is also rather affordable with some genuinely good lunch and dinner specials. Oh, and who would we be to not mention the Blizzard, the delicious blended ice cream treat. What is the name of this popular chain?

Question 29

This one?

This logo is for a chain of fast food restaurants with flavors inspired by China. While the food may not be the most accurate at times to the offerings in the country, it is absolutely delicious nonetheless. It is the largest chain of restaurants of its type in the United States, making it an important player in the fast food industry. The majority of their locations are in shopping malls and shopping centers, although they do have the odd detached location as well (Wikipedia). It is hard not to like the food on offer here, but the big question is: what is the name of this brand?

Question 30

What brand uses this logo?

This logo is associated with a brand of fast-casual restaurants with a very unique history. Often, the logo pictured will be inside a circle with some text surrounding it. This chain of fast casual restaurants promises to deliver good food at affordable prices, with a great amount of respect given to the sustainability, ethics and fariness of their food. Their offerings are inspired by Mexico and include Burritos, Tacos and more. Fun fact: at one point this chain was part of McDonald's (Yes, that one), but later split off into their own company again (Wikipedia). What is the name of this brand?

Question 31

What brand is associated with this mascot?

This brand is associated with breakfasts and snakes around the world. They are known best for their oats, and often make oatmeal. They are also known for their granola bars, and many of their products are a staple in lunch boxes around the world. The mascot of this brand reflects its name, as he appears to be a well-off man from a time long past. If we had to guess, we'd put him around the Revolutionary era, but again, it is a bit fuzzy. It is clear that he is not of times today unless he is a re-enactor. What brand does he promote?

Question 32

What about this one?

Ho ho ho! No no no, we are not talking about Santa Claus. We are still a fair way off from next Christmas after all. No, we are talking about a famous mascot who is associated with a brand of frozen/canned/etc. vegetables. This gentle fella promotes these veggies in a unique way that is appealing to children. This is especially important as most of us when we were kids were not the fondest in the world of veggies, often preferring other sides instead. This character made eating veggies fun which means a lot. What brand of frozen/canned/etc. vegetables does he promote?

Question 33

This one?

This mascot is associated with one of the biggest pizza chains in the United States, as well as a notable player around the world. He is modeled after an emperor from Roman times and has a love for pizza from a certain chain. His signature spear is often hit on the ground when he gives his famous catchphrase: Pizza! Pizza! (or Hot and Ready! in Canada due to a chain by the name Pizza Pizza existing). He is so popular, he even appears in the logo and on the boxes of pizzas from a chain. What is the name of that chain?

Question 34

What brand is associated with this mascot?

This character is one of the most popular branding mascots. He promotes a large line of baking supplies and necessities such as dough. Fittingly, he himself is a small boy made entirely of dough. If you poke his belly, he will let out one of his signature laughs. If you ty to roll him over, however, he will not have any of that. A popular mascot through and through, it is hard not to admire him, and we hope to see a bit more of him in the future as he is used less today. What is the name of the brand he promotes?

Question 35

What about this one?

This poor leprechaun just cannot get a break. As the keeper of a brand of cereal, he wants to live a peaceful and quiet life. However, many are unwilling to give him that luxury and as such, to take his delicious cereal away from him. It seems that those pesky kids are always after his delicious treasure, no matter how much he simply wants to be left alone. It is hard not to feel bad for the fella, but given how good his cereal is, it is not that hard to see where the kids are coming from. What is the name of the cereal he protects?

Question 36

This one?

This character is certainly an interesting fella if a bit misguided. His name is Charlie, and he wants one thing and one thing alone: to be packaged and eaten by hungry customers. Strange, right? Unfortunately, he can be a bit unsavory in his methods and as such, is often rejected by a certain brand who only allows the best to be served up. No matter what he tries, the poor bloke is often met with the same response: "Sorry Charlie!" While he may not be as popular today as he once was, he still plays an important role. What brand does he love so much?

Question 37

What brand is known for this mascot?

This rabbit just cannot get a break, no matter how hard he may try. He wants one thing and one thing alone: to taste the delicious cereal that he wants to so bad. However, many kids are adamant about the fact that he is a silly rabbit, and that they alone can enjoy the delicious taste of the cereal he markets. This leads to further attempts on his end to try and taste the cereal by whatever means necessary, but he often is unable to, unfortunately. Hopefully one day he will get his chance. What is the name of the cereal he craves so much?

Question 38

What about this one?

This stork is one of the most popular and beloved mascots in the pickle community. Sure, that may not be saying much, but he is also very popular outside of the pickle market as well. As a stork, his job is to deliver pickles like other storks may deliver babies, and convince people that his favorite brand of pickles is indeed the best one. He has had a long run, and still appears on packaging today. He also appeared in a movie called Foodfight!, which has an interesting history worth researching. What is the name of the brand he promotes?

Question 39

This one?

This character can be found on the packaging of, as well as in commercials marketing a popular brand of soft cheeses. These cheeses are often individually wrapped and easy to take most anywhere. As they are very soft, they are easy to spread on almost any surface, and as such go great on pieces of bread and crackers. The mascot herself is very popular and has changed in appearance in many ways over the years. She does differ on packaging and on tv, but the core of her character is still kept including her signature red hide. What is the name of the brand she markets?

Question 40

What brand is associated with this group of mascots?

This group of mascots has been marketing a brand of famous chocolate candies for a number of years. These candies are notable for melting in your mouth, not in your hands. This is because the outer candy shell protects the chocolate goodies inside from melting. Many of these characters can be found in the commercials for as well as on the packaging of this famous product. They are so beloved, they even got a few video games of their own. Many of these characters also have famous voice actors such as David Cross and JK Simmons (Wikipedia). What brand do they market?

Question 41

What brand is associated with this logo?

This brand of stores is hard to ignore, as much as we may try at times! Yes, the delicious offerings of cinnamon buns, cinnamon sticks and much more are exemplified from the delicious aroma that makes its way from the store to the nostrils of hungry customers. It smells so good, and thankfully the food there tastes as good as it smells. While not the choice one would want to make every day, it is a perfect once in a while treat with delicious flavors and a photogenic appearance. What is the name of this brand of deliciously good cinnamon rolls?

Question 42

What about this one?

This logo is associated with a brand of cooking supplies as well as cooking ingredients. It is named after a famous baker and is an iconic brand altogether. Many of their ingredients can be found in the grocery aisle, as can many of their cooking supplies. To give an example of what they make, some of their claims to fame include whisks, spoons, measuring cups, parchment paper, and many more necessities to the baking process. Even better, while many cooking supplies can be quite pricey, this brand makes ones that are budget friendly without skipping quality. What is the name of this brand?

Question 43

This one?

This brand always remembers! Remember that time you scraped your knee after falling off a bike? They do! Remember that time that you went on your first date? They do! Remember... ok maybe they do not remember everything about your past, that would just be creepy (oh, and our last two were just guesses!). However, they do remember how food used to be of a higher quality, and their goal is to bring us back to that level of quality. Some of the products produced by this brand include Milano cookies and Goldfish crackers. What is the name of this brand?

Question 44

Does this logo ring a bell?

This logo is associated with a chain of donut shops. They produce a number of delicious donuts that are hard to resist, especially when they are made to order. One of the most unique aspects of the chain is that they are open concept, and they show the production of the donuts for all customers to see. They also have a sign outside their doors to show when donuts are fresh, ensuring that the world knows when to get their donuts at the highest level of quality. What is the name of this popular and high-quality brand of donut shops?

Question 45

What about this one?

This logo represents a popular brand of cola that delivers a sweeter and smoother experience. The cola may sometimes play second fiddle to its more popular cousin, but in taste tests, it often scores better, making it a great choice for those who want a sweeter drink. As for the brand itself, there is more to them than just cola, as they also own a number of different snack companies (such as Quaker and Frito Lay), as well as a number of different drinks such as Mountain Dew. What is the name of this popular and expansive food and drink brand?

Question 46

This one?

This logo is associated with one of the largest brands of cola in the world, as well as one of the most loved. The cola produced by this company may be a bit more bitter than its rival Pepsi, but this fact makes it far easier to drink in larger quantities (such as a large drink at a movie theater). This brand also has a strong association with Christmas, with both Santa and the Polar Bears being known to enjoy its delicious taste over the years. It is hard not to like it! What is the name of this popular brand?

Question 47

Does this logo look familiar?

This logo is associated with one of the most popular brands of ginger ale as well as tonic and soda waters. It is hard not to enjoy the delicious and smooth taste of their products, They are popular around the world and primarily compete with brands such as Canada Dry, Jones, Sprite, and 7Up. They are a light, refreshing alternative to some of the more sugar-rich sodas out there such as colas. They also provide their products in a number of different flavors, allowing everyone to find a drink that they may enjoy. What is the name of this brand?

Question 48

What about this one?

This brand of restaurants provides submarine sandwiches at low costs. Unlike many of their competitors such as Subway and Potbelly, they were committed to toasting their subs from the very beginning and can be a bit strange when marketing. Still, it is hard not to admire the options provided here, as well as the delicious taste and flavor of their toasted submarine sandwiches. While they may not be as large now as they once were, finding one of these restaurants is a real treat that should be taken advantage of. What is the name of the brand that features this logo?

Question 49

This one?

This logo is associated with a brand of energy drinks. The claim is that drinking this energy drink will give someone wings (or as it is written in their commercials and advertisements wiings), with the sheer amount of energy provided. This brand is easily the friend of those who desire an extra burst of energy such as students who are studying all night or salesmen and saleswomen who need an extra boost of energy before a big pitch meeting. They are also loved by athletes and gamers, and this brand has been known to sponsor sporting/esports events. What is the name of this brand?

Question 50

What brand is known for this logo?

This logo is associated with a brand a pizza places that provide a number of different options and flavors. One of the most unique aspects of this chain is the focus on a take and bake pizza, which are pizzas that are ready to make, and are placed in the oven at home to ensure that it is as fresh as possible. This is great for those who want to have a hot pizza at home, but do not want to run the risk of burning it when reheating it. What is the name of this brand of pizza places?

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