Any Guy Who Fails To Name These Cars Needs To Turn In His Keys

Look, I know that there is no way that most of the people here checking out this quiz have actually driven most of these cars. That is so unlikely that I cannot even begin to piece together the percentages on that. However, that being said, I must say that there should be pretty well no way that a guy should not be able to name at least the majority of the cars kicking around this quiz. At least not without having to turn in their keys.

A good chunk of these cars are pretty straightforward and should just be known by any person who happens to have or enjoy being around a car. That's it. Some of these cars are just that simple...even if they can't be afforded by most of the people checking out this quiz.

Either way though, here is the most important thing. This is a matter of manhood. It really is. I mean sure, this quiz could just as easily be about sports or camping or something of the like but it's about cars. And it's about manly cars at that. I bet there are some women taking this quiz who are about to put some of the men here to shame. Don't be one of those guys. Put the pedal to the metal and start naming these wicked rides!

1Name this car!

This particular car just so happened to feature on Top Gear back when Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond were still hosting it. Those were the days, for sure. Anyway, the thing about this car is that it might belong to a specific brand but it had the great fortune of going to one of the very few coach builders still out there in the world. That is how cars used to be made. People would go to a coach builder and get their own design turned into reality. I'm so glad this car company allowed this coach builder to continue that tradition.

2Name this car!

This is probably one of the coolest cars out there now on the market. There is something about this machine that really gets me and so many other people out there. I would love to have one of these in the garage that I don't own, that is for sure. There is something about being able to ride in one of these without really having to worry about the noise of a roaring engine that is kind of cool and kind of weird at the same time. And for those who don't know, this car has actually become the fastest car in the known universe (blasting an orbit around Earth).

3Name this car!

Oh, here it is. This is one of the most iconic cars of all time, I think. At least if we're going to at all make mention of the great cars used in the film industry. This has made a huge name for itself as James Bond personal gadget mobile. It has been remade over and again just for the number of fans out there who wish that they could drive one of these beautiful machines. Of course, the replicas are nothing to write home to. It's nothing like having an actual original one of these. So...what is the name of this car?

4Name this car!

This is one of the classiest cars out there right now. This car was once my buddy's wallpaper on his computer. It had been out for a few years by then but it was still the ideal when it came to having a luxury car. There is something so special about this model that there are some that have been customized and priced way higher than the $450,000 base cost of this car. And that is saying an incredible lot considering that the average price of this car, thanks to additional features ends up being about $600,000. Not a cheap car for the luxury.

5Name this car!

This car is something else. I am not actually a huge fan of this company, I'll be totally honest but there is something about this car that really does get me. I think it has to do with the fact the Iron Man drove one of these at one point. Or rather, should I say, Tony Stark...or Robert Downey Jr. In fact, for a time, the very version of this car that was driven by RDJ in the film Iron Man was on sale at Auto Trader. It was marked down by about $45,000. It was being sold for only $114,000...which is still a little pricey.

6Name this car!

For those who have not yet watched Grand Tour, featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond (from Top Gear fame) all I can say is that there is just no way that such people will not have to turn in their keys at the end of this quiz. There is something about Grand Tour that is sort of necessary. Speaking of necessary, this car is something that I think really needs to be pointed if for no other reason than I think it is hilarious that Clarkson took about 15 minutes to even try getting into the car in the first place.

7Name this car!

It really did seem to be quite a strange thing when this car company began putting out an SUV. Sure, they wanted to get into that family market to some extent but this company had been doing more than well for a long time with nothing more than high-end sports cars. They put one or two out there that "normal" people could sometimes afford, but otherwise they stuck with pricey sports cars. Now they not only put out this pretty pricey SUV, they also put out a station wagon of sorts. It is pretty strange but it still is luxury.

8Name this car!

Most people here will (or at least should) know this car company thanks to the wonderfully stunning cars that they put out for the famous James Bond films. If there are some people here who do not know what car company that is based on this piece of knowledge...well, might as well turn in the keys now. This specific car is pretty well a filler car that was put in place between Bond flicks. The deal was basically that there was too much time from one Bond film to the next so they sat down and put out this incredible V12.

9Name this car!

Alright, first of all, those who are true petrol heads here will note right away (after checking the right answer) that there are many versions of this one specific car. Or rather, I should say that this car has gone through many evolutions over the years but is still classified by the same name. This is probably the most popular of all the cars put out by this specific German car company. There is something about it that identifies drivers as people of means but also people with a sense of adventure and danger. Maybe a touch of class, but not too much.

10Name this car!

This car has had a pretty good run. It first came to light just before the new millennium and only just went out of production as of last year. Through the years, this car has gone through a number of variations that really do differ. I mean, the price tag on this mean machine started out at about $500,000 and ended up being well enough above $1 million. That is a pretty big jump so far as anyone should be concerned but the technology and the materials used to build these things only got better and better. As clearly pointed out on Top Gear by Jeremy Clarkson (before he got the boot).

11Name this car!

Here is probably one of the classiest cars in this whole list of cars that everyone here should know. This is pretty well the epitome of the classic town car for the well to do. There is something about this car that screams both wealth and well as a considerable amount of age. This is sort of known as an old man's car. Unless, of course, someone points out that Paris Hilton of all people has one of these pink. Which does go back to proving the point that this car sort of screams both wealth and status.

12Name this car!

Aside from everyone on Top Gear making fun of the name of this car, it is perhaps one of the most powerful machines on this list and was given a great review by the Top Gear gents back when it was hosted by James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson. If this helps anyone name this car, the machine itself was named after a wind god. It was named hypercar of the year by Top Gear mag back in 2012. This rather intense car is worth over $1 million and does not have a lot to it other than looks and speed.

13Name this car!

This is one of the fastest cars in the world. It is pretty mean looking and pretty masterfully crafted. This car can zoom from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds! That is incredible. And if someone pushes it up to 249 mph it takes over nine seconds to actually get this car back to a parked position. This car is so fast that the company that built it actually had to set a limiter to stop it from going over 261 mph. What was the reason for this? Well, according to the company itself, they simply do not know of any tire out there to take the power.

14Name this car!

This car is really not all that old when considering the legacy of some of the vehicles in this list. This car first hit the market back in 2007. That's only just about a dozen years of production. This car took over for a previous luxury line by the car company that they had called the Skyline. If that is not a good enough hint then I think keys will probably have to be turned in here. Not only is this car the new model for the luxury department but it also bridges the gap between that and the sport department.

15Name this car!

This is perhaps one of the greatest cars to have ever come from this car company in present day. Sure, there have been some fairly historical racing machines by this company that have earned their high-ranking place in the history of the car world but this car is an incredibly powerful and incredible beautiful machine. There is even a sort of twin of this car. It is almost the same idea and definitely the same gorgeous lines. The big difference is a vibrant highlighter green paint job as well as a fully electric motor that makes this car surprisingly silent.

16Name this car!

This car is something else. Why? Because not only is it a supercar but it is actually a car that one can just plug in to power up. Now, of course, the power it takes is not small, but one still doesn't need a full tank of gas. That being said, anyone here who is seeing this for the first time and really wants one will be sad to hear that every one of the 375 built have all been sold. All of these cars sold out in only two years, which is not all that surprising considering the name and the power.

17Name this car!

This was once one of the fastest cars in the world. I mean, it still is one of the fastest cars in the world, sure, but its younger sister has certainly taken over in terms of the top rank. That and the Hennessey Venom (depending on what sort of track and time we're talking about when rating speed). Either way, this car usually comes with an interesting flash of orange on it that has sort of made the car iconic. I thought it would be interesting to see a little change up of the coloring. A straight black version is pretty sweet.

18Name this car!

This is probably one of the most popular cars when it comes to dignitaries and rappers. For some reason both of those groups seem to have an incredible number of this particular car. I mean, it sort of doesn't make any sense. There are plenty of cars out there that are far nicer with a decent amount of space for much cheaper. It must be a status thing. Or maybe it is actually nothing more than a size thing. No one wants to mess with a vehicle that can pretty well drive over their car now do they? I wouldn't.

19Name this car!

This is a classic car to be sure. Not the specific one in the photo, of course, but in general this car has been around for some time and has certainly been put through the paces. The number of people out there who rip on this car (thanks to a good number of the drivers who own it) is staggering. It has almost comparable douchebag levels to the Mitsubishi Lancer, and that is truly saying a lot. Either way though, this car will forever remain a classic to those fans of the muscle car era in the U.S. There's just some great about a muscle car.

20Name this car!

Here is yet another car that used to hold the title for the fastest car in the world. Well, let me correct that bit of info. The truth is, this car used to hold the title for the fastest street-legal car in the world. There truly is a huge difference between the fastest car and the fastest street-legal car. Like...many many miles of difference between them. After all, this particular car was never powered by a jet engine and won't be hitting any land speed records any time in its life but it still is one of the prize possessions of an auto company from across the pond

21Name this car!

To be fair here, this is a slightly more sporty, race ready sort of version of this car than I think people might be used to. Most people are used to trying to call this thing a muscle car but it really never quite did fit into that category. It was always compared to the muscle cars of its day but it has largely lived a life all its own without really riding alongside those other cars. This car has found a life of both sport and luxury for its drivers with a compelling history and a huge fan base.

22Name this car!

This car hails all the way from Italy and is a pretty special little machine too. It actually is nothing special in terms of name. Nor is it special in terms of quality or performance. There are other cars out there for the same price or cheaper that are just as good if not better than this one in all those facets. However, this car is special because of just how successful it has managed to be in the auto market. There have been at least six evolutions of this car since its debut in the early 60s and it still goes strong.

23Name this car!

This car is not too far along from its 20th birthday. It first came onto the scene back in 2000 and has since been brought across the pond every so often. It is honestly not a car that will be seen a whole lot around a small town but look close enough in the big city and one may pop up. This car used to actually be a smaller, tighter, and speedier version of another car put out by the same car company but this is now the big boy in the game. This one has the bigger engine and isn't named after a League of Legends character.

24Name this car!

I have to say that this is probably one of my favorite cars on the list here and it is not even all that powerful or all that intimidating by any stretch of the imagination. However, I will have to say that it does hold a special place in my heart for being one of those classic cars from the U.S. It's been around for a long time and while modern versions of the car don't look good at all, this classic car is a beauty to behold. Some might recognize it as the car that Sam and Dean drive around in throughout Supernatural.

25Name this car!

If there is someone here who does not know what this car is or why they should be put in the corner for not knowing where it comes from...I don't know what to say to those people. This is a classic car but not because of its incredible amount of time on the road or the success of the company in selling it. No, this car is classic because of the film industry. This is the time machine from Back To The Future. There were not all that many of this specific car made, but it's easy enough to get hands on a replica now.

26Name this car!

This is actually not all that bad a car at all. I have to say that it does sort of pale in comparison to its older brothers who have long taken the reins with this company and its run of muscle cars...or at least somewhat muscular cars. This is not a bad third place though, I have to say. There is not much that is particularly remarkable about it other than its look but it does still boast a pretty good pick me up when the pedal goes down...pretty well like all Dodge cars. And this one is named after a group of superheroes!

27Name this car!

This little roadster might not seem like much but it packs a punch for sure. The production run of this car started out in 1996 and there have been quite a few to be floated over across the pond to tour around the continent. Though there are many faster cars than this one, it still can manage a pretty healthy (or unhealthy depending on how one looks at it) 150 mph. This particular car takes its name from the granddaughter of a man who ran two fairly well known car companies in Europe.

28Name this car!

This is an interesting one. This is actually a fairly high end car...or rather, it is meant to appear that way when it is ultimately nothing more than a shinier Ford that gets passed for a luxury car every single day. When people are picked up at the airport and want to look important, it is often this car that serves as a cab service. It is the ultimate town car for those who have at least some scratch but are not quite super rich. I have been in one before but only because there was no other cab in downtown Toronto in that moment.

29Name this car!

Where does this car come from? Well, it hails from Japan and is branched out from the luxury end of the Toyota car company. That might seem like a roundabout way to say what company makes this car but those who know better will have their proper answer right there. It is amazing how much time it took to develop this car. I mean, to look at it, there is nothing really exciting that screams "nine years of development" but from concept to hitting the pavement, that is exactly how much time it took.

30Name this car!

If anyone watches the wonderful car show The Grand Tour, they will instantly know what car this is. It was famously driven by Richard Hammond all over an episode while he had two transport trucks full of tires following close behind him. The reason for this was that he would blow through a set of tires almost every time the hosts of the show stopped for an event. He would take five or so minutes to spin donuts in a parking lot, blow the tires, have them replaced, and then continue on with the shoot.

31Name this car!

Welcome to the incredibly powerful world of what is become the sixth element in the world of cars. Who really cares what the other five are when there is this thing to look at, right? If anyone really wants to know why it is that I reference the sixth element, it is because the Italian company that made this car did so with an extensive amount of carbon fibre and it just so happens that the atomic number of carbon in the periodic table is...six. So, there's a science lesson along with a very pretty Italian car.

32Name this car!

This is one of those classic cars that did actually make its way into the not so wide world of muscle cars. This is one of the original fighters in the muscle car scene trying to be crowned king of muscle. Of course, that didn't really happen for this car. There were others that were more powerful and better looking and more comfortable. But that is not the ultimate point here. This car still has an incredible legacy and is still being built all the time today. The number of these I see every week is pretty ridiculous, to be sure.

33Name this car!

This car is actually quite the classic and is certainly not in production anymore. Which is too bad because it has a great look that is not really often expected from this particular car company, so far as I am concerned. From 1966 through until 1973, this car essentially became the first of the supercar class to sport the rear mid-engine setup. Sure, there were other cars out there that tried it out, but this car made a stand with this layout and it worked. It ultimately was the fastest car on the road when it started out. That ain't too bad!

34Name this car!

This is a powerful car that first hit the road in 2009. Almost ten years now and it still stands up quite well to the rest of the automotive world. I mean, I guess that makes sense when a car can run from 0-60 mph in only 2.9 seconds. That is no slouch in the automotive industry. It's not like a Toyota Prius is going to beat that. It also doesn't hurt that this car can run up to a speed of 210 mph. That is a speed I never want to go. And considering all of still give 21 miles to the gallon.

35Name this car!

This was always one of the cars I wanted most, growing up. There is something about this machine that is classic, a clear picture of its time, and still a beauty of a car many years down the road. Now, this is not classic like a Chevelle is a classic. It hasn't been around for nearly that long but that doesn't change the fact that this is now a vintage car and huge pain to actually find out there on the market now. It ran for 11 years though, from 1990 through till 2001.

36Name this car!

Oh, this is one of my all-time favs on this list. This is a machine that I would very much like to look at but probably never own. According to Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear and The Grand Tour fame, this car is a wonderful drive that works amazingly and does everything one wants until one day the alarm goes off and will never stop no matter what one tries. This apparently happened to him when he bought one but I dare say that it might be worth it all the same.

37Name this car!

Here is a car that managed to hit Top Gear's 'Supercar of the Year' back in 2015. And there is every reason why it should, I must say. It might not sport the full V12 that so many people wish could still be accepted on the street today but it still has got a twin turbo V8 that will ride with the power of 661 horses. That is pretty fun sounding to me at least and I'm sure to many of the quiz-takers here. Not to mention just what the look of this car must do to people.

38Name this car!

This is a pretty ridiculous car, I have to admit. I also have to inform everyone here taking this quiz that there is no way any one of the quiz-takers here will be getting one of these bad boys. Why? Well, it is pretty simple. For starters, since this September, only 20 have been made. There will be a total of 80 all together, but they are all already sold. And that is the end of production. And considering that these cars go for $2.2 million a pop, I think no one here is getting one.

39Name this car!

Alright, I swear that this time I mean it when I say that this is my favorite car on the list. I know there are many people now wondering why that could possibly be. There are many reasons that don't need to be gone through but ultimately, this car is a gigantic piece of automotive history. This is pretty well the poster child of the muscle car era and it is still being pushed out now, decades later. And the looks keep getting closer and closer to those great classics that used to tear up the street.

40Name this car!

This car is something special. Why? Well, because the way it was built is stunning. For every one kilogram of curb weight to this car, there is 1 horsepower to go along with it. That is a ratio that means incredibly lightweight and incredibly powerful as well! Ultimately, that means 1,341 horses are running this machine. That is pretty nutty, I must say. And considering that it can do 240 mph as well, I think it is pretty clear that this thing could fly if there were wings and thrusters on it!

41Name this car!

This pretty yellow thing happens to carry a twin turbo V8 that makes it no slouch, for sure. the original models that were coming out of this car held a 4.3 V8 that was naturally aspirated and that is not as common a thing anymore as I'm sure some people might like it to be, but it doesn't compete with the newer model, for sure. Of course, the original models of this car are not incredibly young by any stretch of the imagination. But what is important to note is that there is legacy here.

42Name this car!

There have been several version of this car to come out with different tops and different lines and different colors but one thing remains the same here. It's a two-door English car that definitely has some bite to it. It's also not a very old car. It has only been on the market since 2013 but don't think that means it has not had enough time to make a big success. It certainly has done that in spades. It might not be readily available to all of us plebes, but enough people buy it to warrant keeping it in production.

43Name this car!

The best way to be introduced to this truck, other than just seeing it in person (which I have several times in the small city in which I live), is to watch the hilarious Top Gear episode wherein Richard Hammond is left stranded on a mountain top in the great white north, waiting for Jeremy and James to rescue him. Well, Jeremy treks up the mountain range in one of these bad boys and it has power. It is ultimately a show truck though. It is meant to show off sound and speed, but it's not made to haul.

44Name this car!

This is probably one of the most hilariously named cars here. Mainly because it's like the company was simply just talking back to itself in an echo chamber. However, that is ultimately not the reason why the silly name. The whole idea behind the name of this rather powerful car is that it is meant to represent what is essentially the epitome of all cars under this brand. And that is saying a lot because there are definitely some cars under this company's umbrella that I would put up against this one for superiority.

45Name this car!

I think anyone could tell that this is a pretty powerful car just by the English translation of this car's name. In our native tongue, this car translates to mean 'The Hurricane'. Now that is a pretty nutty name for a car. It sounds mean and it even kind of looks mean to, from head on. So I guess that makes perfect sense. And I bet the wind one feels as it races by is probably pretty intense. Not as intense as an actual hurricane but I'm sure everyone gets the point regardless. And considering it runs with the power of over 600's fierce.

46Name this car!

Oh, dear. This is one of those cars again. It is this sort of car that leads to all manner of douchebaggery on the city streets. Especially on narrow city streets. There is something about it that just seems to make people want to overpower a little Toyota Prius or Yaris in the street. IT's not like it would take much to do that for even a pedestrian though so why people feel the need to try and show off in idea. However, they were originally built to replicate a military vehicle and it was meant for off-roading.

47Name this car!

This is actually a brand new car! It is really exciting if anyone here is a fan of Ford. I know, for sure, that some people actually just groaned even thinking about being a fan of Ford but this is truly exciting. Some time ago, this vehicle did exist but it was discontinued in spite of being loved deeply. I think that O.J. probably had something to do with it, but either way the car was stalled and put in the junk heap. But now, there is a new release this year and I can't wait to see one!

48Name this car!

Here is probably one of the most common cars on the list that people taking this quiz might actually own. I was almost given one of these this year but I didn't want to have to change the oil every week (seriously). That being said, even with that oil leak, the car would likely still run for another decade. There is something about this car beyond the hype from ridiculous movies like The Fast And The Furious that is actually useful and not full of douchebaggery. This is a solid and reliable car. Just don't mess with the camber angle.

49Name this car!

This car, even with the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron to combat with, is one of the world's fastest cars. In fact, it has been the world's fastest car, unofficially for several years now. The issue with this record is that the car company needs to have sold a certain number of units and the car needs to run a specific track before it can actually qualify for the official world record. Until then, unofficial tests continue to show that this machine likely has what it takes to challenge Bugatti for the mantle of the world's fastest car. And that is awesome!

50Name this car!

Here is the world's most douchebag-ridden car, with an incredible amount of certainty. Even just looking at the mods in this specific shot is just too much. These are, admittedly, powerful cars if they are set up right and they are also fairly reliable if they are not used by morons but that does not change the fact that the majority of people who own one of these cars loves nothing more than to test the limits of this car and that ends up equalling out to all manner of nutty and ridiculous-looking versions of this car, with drivers who think they are god's gift to the world.

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