Answer These Super Simple Twilight Questions To See Who's A Vampire, A Werewolf, Or A Human

There are three different types of characters in the world of Twilight. They are the humans, the vampires and the shapeshifters (which some people might call werewolves). Now in this universe, the humans are wholly unaware of the other two groups, believing (in much the same way that we do) that creatures like vampires don't exist at all.

Bella starts out as a typical human, oblivious to the fact that vampires exist but after meeting Edward she starts to do some research which leads her to believe that he might not be human like her at all. Her suspicions are correct, which she finds out when Edward reveals this true nature to her. But of course, there is a catch - he's a vampire in love with her. And she finds herself falling hard for him too...

Today's quiz should be a breeze for any true Twihard, especially one who has seen the movies many times. All they need to do is answer this simple questions about the movie series and based on their results we'll reveal whether they would be a vampire, a werewolf, or a human in the world of Twilight.

Let's find out what it will be!

Question 1

Who is the author of the Twilight Saga?

It's not often that a first-time author, like the one who penned the Twilight books, comes along. She had never written a book before but said that she was inspired by a dream. The book was a hit with her friends who pushed her to send it to a publisher. Who is the author?

Question 2

How many movies are there in the series?

The epic love story of Edward and Bella is far, far too complex to be squeezed into a 2-hour movie. The story is told over a series of films, each with their own storyline but sewn together. A real Twihard shouldn't struggle with this question at all, just tell us how many movies are in the series?

Question 3

Which actress plays Bella Swan?

The author of the Twilight books actually had a certain actress in mind for the role of Bella but unfortunately, she turned down the chance to play the lead role as she had just finished filming another movie. Who took the role? Which actress starred as Bella in Twilight?

Question 4

Who can name these two characters?

Family is everything, especially when you have to face life as an immortal. Edward is lucky enough to call these two people his family although they don't share any parents. They are connected due to their unique "condition". But who are they? Who can name these two members of the Cullen clan?

Question 5

Match this picture to the right movie:

This is the scene where Edward grabs Bella and jumps out of the window and into the trees. Showing off his lightning fast speed and strength she clings to his back as they zip from tree to tree. What a way to spend the afternoon right? Which movie was this scene from?

Question 6

What town does Bella move to at the start of the first movie?

Bella's parents divorced when she was younger and she has always lived with her mother but at the start of the first movie she decides to move in with her dad instead. Not because she was unhappy at home, but because she wanted her mother to be able to join her new boyfriend on his sports tour.

Question 7

What does Bella's dad do?

Bella is very much like her dad in some ways. He's also a little awkward and seems to prefer his own company, much like Bella. In his job, he works with the public and his line of work also exposes him to the darker side of life. What does he do?

Question 8

Which two girls does Bella befriend in Forks?

Moving to a new town is tough, especially when it's a small town. It's even tougher to start at a new high school! Bella has to go through this in the first movie but luckily for her, she makes new friends quickly. These are two of her high school buddies. What are their names?

Question 9

What does Bella's dad give her for her birthday?

Bella comes to stay with her dad shortly before her birthday. He goes out of his way to make her day special and even presents her with an amazing gift which she loves. What is this special gift? What does Charlie buy Bella for her 17th birthday?

Question 10

What prize do Bella and Edward win in biology class?

When Edward and Bella lock eyes for the first time in biology class you just know that the sparks are going to fly. The two are assigned to be class partners and together they compete for a prize, which they end up winning. Who remembers the name of this little trophy?

Question 11

Name this character:

Not all vampires are like the Cullens. They've made a choice not to hunt humans anymore but there other vampires, like this character, who do. When we meet this character for the first time he is traveling with two others. But who is he? Who remembers the name of this character?

Question 12

What type of food do the Cullens prepare for Bella?

For most girls going to visit their boyfriend's family for the first time is scary enough but Bella also has to deal with the fact that her new beau and his family are vampires. They try to be welcoming to her and even prepare food for her. What did they make?

Question 13

Which instrument does Edward play?

Becoming a vampire means that time is no longer a problem. As long as you can avoid stakes and fire you can be around for centuries; lots of time to learn all those things you always wanted to. Edward has used his time to become quite proficient on which musical instrument?

Question 14

How old is Edward?

Edward was dying when Carlisle found him and turned him into a vampire in order to save his life. As a vampire, Edward never ages but underneath his youthful skin, there is actually an old soul, someone who has been around for quite a while. How old is Edward?

Question 15

Name this character:

Every family needs a leader, someone to take control and show the others which way to go. This character is the head of his family and a successful doctor who cares deeply about his patients. He's been known to go to great lengths to save them... Who is he?

Question 16

What sport does Bella play with the Cullens?

The Cullens may not be a family in the traditional sense but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy playing sports together every now and again. On a stormy afternoon, they invite Bella to come and play with them and she soon understands why they need thunder to play!

Question 17

Who is driving the car that almost hits Bella?

It only takes a moment to become distracted while driving and as we all know this can have terrible consequences. If Edward had not been watching Bella out by her car she might have been hurt but thankfully he was there to save the day. Who was behind the wheel of the car that almost hit Bella?

Question 18

What is the theme for Bella's high school prom?

Bella is not one of those girls who gets excited by things like dresses and proms and she doesn't even have plans to attend her own prom. But Edward convinces her that she should attend, with him as her date. What was the theme of Bella's high school prom?

Question 19

Who plays the role of Jacob?

Poor, poor Jacob. He really was a good friend to Bella and there is no question that he loved her, but in her eyes, he could never quite compare with Edward. What is the name of the actor who played the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga?

Question 20

What does Jacob give Bella as a graduation gift?

Graduating from high school is a very exciting part of life. This is the moment when school is finally behind us and we can look forward to the future, although sometimes it can be a little scary too! When Bella graduates Jacob gives her a gift, what is that gift?

Question 21

Which actress plays the role of Jane?

In the Twilight Saga, this actress plays the role of Jane, a member of the Volturi guard who has the power to induce pain in others using only her thoughts. You might also remember her from movies like War of the Worlds and I am Sam. Who is the actress who plays Jane?

Question 22

Match this picture to the right movie:

Break-ups can make people go a little off the wall, a little out of their minds, and in the Twilight Saga, that's exactly what happens to Bella when Edward breaks it off with her. She just can't understand why and her grief leads her to do some dangerous things...

Question 23

How old is Bella when she marries Edward?

Bella is quite young when she gets married but she knows that Edward is the one she wants to spend eternity with. He also promises to change her once they have tied the knot so the two have a gorgeous forest wedding before heading off on honeymoon. How old was Bella she married Edward?

Question 24

Name this character:

This character was once a woman who dreamed of nothing except getting married and having a family of her own but her dreams were shattered when she was attacked and left for dead by a group of unsavory men, one of them her fiancé at the time. What is her name?

Question 25

Which year did the final Twilight movie come out?

Nowadays any Twihard fan who has the urge to have a movie marathon can do so but there was a time when fans were all waiting for the next installment of this film series. The films were released over a 5 year period - when did the final film (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2) hit theatres?

Question 26

Who does Jacob imprint on?

In Twilight, imprinting is involuntary and cannot be controlled using willpower. It is used to describe the involuntary mechanism which guides Quileute shape-shifters to find their soulmates and it's a phenomenon unique to them. Who does Jacob imprint on and why was Bella so angry with him for that?

Question 27

Match this picture to the right movie:

When Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon she is still human and after a few weeks, she realizes that she might be pregnant. Because the baby is half-human and half-vampire this is no ordinary pregnancy and the fetus grows rapidly. Match this picture of Bella to the correct movie:

Question 28

Name this character:

This character (portrayed by Micheal Sheen in the film series) is one of the three leaders of the powerful Volturi coven. He is regarded as their overall leader and his special power is the ability to read thoughts and feelings just by a single touch (known as tactile telepathy). What is his name?

Question 29

Which actor plays Emmett Cullen?

Emmett was rescued from the brink by Rosalie following a vicious bear attack and turned into a vampire by Carlisle. Emmett and Rosalie are romantic partners and integral members of the Cullen clan. His special power is his incredible strength. Which actor plays the role of Emmett in the Twilight Saga?

Question 30

Which country do the Volturi live in?

In the Twilight universe, the Volturi are the largest and strongest vampire clan in the world. They oversee other clans and ensure that vampire laws are adhered to, punishing anyone who doesn't comply. In which country does this clan, the equivalent of royalty in the vampire world, live?

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