Answer These Random Questions To Find Your Celebrity Soulmate

Soulmate quizzes are what make this world go round. Even if you are the most outwardly stoic, unemotional human being on the planet, you secretly have a soft spot and are curious about your soulmate. And it is the quizzes about astrology signs that are low commitment level, because you get to decide if that sounds accurate and choose to accept the outcome or not! These are fun, easy, good ways to kill time and also find out what sign your future soulmate will be!

Whether you believe in soulmates or not, this is the quiz for you. You can discredit any result you get but have fun long the way, or you can get some answers about you future! Sounds like a win-win situation. These random questions will perfectly craft the soulmate for you and match him or her to the sign that describes it. Whether it be aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, or pisces, you will leave this quiz will expectations of one of them. Maybe you will find out that opposites really do attract! Or maybe you will discover something shocking. Take this quiz to find out your soulmate's astrological sign!

Question 1

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

Ice cream comes in all shapes and sizes and flavours. There is soft serve, rolled, flower shaped, marble, and endless other ways to eat it. There are so many companies that sell and produce the cold deliciousness... so many that it is nearly impossible to choose your favourite. Instead, you can choose your favourite flavour! What is yours?

Question 2

Where would you travel to in time?

Time travel is not a possibility now, so this is a hypothetical question. Time travel presents you with endless possibilities or places to visit and things to see. Want to see the telephone being invented? You can! Are you curious about real-life dinosaurs? Travel back to see them! Do you want to see the future? Travel ahead and visit! Where would you go?

Question 3

Coffee or tea?

Some people cannot function without coffee. They drink several cups a day and shake without it. Don't even bother speaking to these people before they've had their first cup of coffee in the morning! Then there are people who don't like coffee and drink tea instead. Tea is very comforting! Do you drink either of these, or something else?

Question 4

What is your favourite music genre?

Music is something that you can escape with. It provides people with an alternative universe to melt away to when real life is just too hard. It also gives you someway to have fun. Music gives you a beat to dance to, words to relate to... so many amazingly beautiful ways to live your life. You probably have a preferred genre or two. What is it?

Question 5

Have you ever been on a blind date?

Blind dates can go one of two ways: surprisingly good or horribly. A bad blind date experience can easily turn you off of the idea of ever going on a blind date again. A good blind date can evolve into a great relationship and then even a marriage. Blind dates are hit or miss. Many people have at least one blind date story! Have you ever been on a blind date?

Question 6

Have you ever failed a class?

Even television characters have to study between all of the drama that they go through. On One Tree Hill, an epic romance buds after Haley steps in to help Nathan pass all of his classes! In real life, failing a class hits a lot of people's nerves, more than you would think. Are you one of them?

Question 7

Are you more introverted or extroverted?

One is not better than the other, but introverts and extroverts very in strength. Sometimes it can be hard for introverts to date extroverts and the other way around, but often opposites attract! So many you will date someone who is opposite from you on this scale. So are you more introverted or extroverted?

Question 8

Which country do you want to visit the most?

Lots of people like to travel. If you don't, there must be somewhere far away that you are at least curious about! Travelling is fun and adventurous. It gives you a way to be independent and grow as a person. You get to see new places and cultures and meet new people. Which of these countries do you most want to visit?

Question 9

What is your favourite rock?

There are so many different types of rocks, regardless of if you think about it from a scientific point of view or from a non-scientific one. Think about all of the different rocks in the world... you have likely never done this before, but now is your chance. Then, choose your favourite rock from the ones below!

Question 10

Which of these things makes you happiest?

Being happy is the main part of life. Most people spend their lives in search of happiness and trying to be as happy as they can. This means something different to everyone. Maybe the only way you will be happy is by travelling the world or maybe you will find true happiness at your wedding. No matter what, happiness is vital and is always coveted. Which of thesis makes you happiest?

Question 11

What colour hair are you most attracted to?

There are endless amounts of hair colours, especially since some people dye their hair. So you may be attracted to regular auburn hair, or you may love someone with a head-full of bright pink hair! Blonde hair is the colour for some, black is the colour for others, then green or blue for the rest. What colour hair are you most attracted to?

Question 12

What superpower would you like to have?

Having superpowers gives you responsibility. Yes, there are so many benefits to having a superpower, but with great power comes great responsibility! Turning invisible may sound perfect to you, but you may also witness some things that you were never supposed to see! So which of the superpowers below sounds most desirable to you?

Question 13

Are you big on social media?

Selena Gomez is huge on social media. So are people like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift! Some people are better social media moguls than others. It has to do with so many factors like photo quality, pose, colours, and more. Some people are simply ghosts stalking everyone else. Which type are you? Are you big on social media?

Question 14

Do you currently have a crush?

Having a crush is both painful and amazing. It's hard to have a curls because it hurts so bad knowing that your crush most likely does not like you back. It is rare for a crush to work out, but when it does, it is the best feeling in the world. It worked out for Ross and Rachel, eventually! So do you currently have a crush?

Question 15

What would you hypothetically like to be reincarnated as?

Reincarnation is something that not everybody believes in. So this is a hypothetical question. Have you ever contemplated being reborn after your death? You will not necessarily come back as a person. Even if you do, there are so many types of people that you can come back as. Do you want to come back as a walrus? You might have a fun life as a walrus. What would you want to come back as?

Question 16

Have you ever fought in public?

Fighting in public is embarrassing and only happens in moments of passion. It is possible that you have gotten into a shouting match in public, or maybe a fist fight, or perhaps you have never fought in public in your life. Don't forget, this is a question about public fights, not private ones. Everyone has had private fights. Have you ever had one in public?

Question 17

Are you a private person?

Some people share every detail of their lives on social media for the whole world to see, while other people refuse to share their phone passcode even with their closest of friends. The need for privacy varies strongly from person to person, and it is probably healthiest to be somewhere in the middle. What about you?

Question 18

Do you like to read?

Reading is a beautiful thing. Books are made up of so many words interwoven with each other to create a story for you to immerse yourself in and melt away. Reading is not something that everyone enjoys, but even reading cereal box counts for something! Magazines are fun, as are long novels, short stories, and more. Do you like to read?

Question 19

How spicy do you like your food?

Spicy food is highly debated. There are some people who can eat extremely spicy foods without blinking and other people who can barely eat food with pepper in it. Spicy food can be difficult to swallow but those who like it enjoy challenging themselves to eating the spiciest peppers of all! Would you do this or do you avoid spices at all cost?

Question 20

Are you punctual or tardy?

Being on time is so important to some people. Showing up late is rude and irresponsible. On the other hand, sometimes it is okay to be fashionably late. Not to work though! Then there are people who do not show up to anything on time ever. They can't get it together fast enough to be on time for anything, not even important events. What about you?

Question 21

How do you spend your weekends?

People spend their weekends in a variety of ways. There are some people that hate being alone and are always pumping themselves up with adrenaline on the dance floor. Then there are those who would prefer to take the opportunity of a weekend to be alone in bed with a cup of tea and a book or movie. Which of these is you?

Question 22

Do you like shopping?

Shopping is fun for so many people. It is often called retail therapy... something that has become far easier with online shopping. Being sad can be temporarily cured by pressing some quick buttons and ordering a large amount of clothes or some other retail good. Then there are those who avoid shopping at all cost. Do you like shopping?

Question 23

What is your spirit animal?

Remember those Patronuses from Harry Potter? When facing a Dementor, a wizard or witch could produce an animal made of wispy smoke to protect them. The animal represented who they were inside and thus were essentially their spirit animal. Think about yourself and which animal best represents you. Pick one!

Question 24

What is your greatest fear?

Remember that Boggart that everyone had to fight in Harry Potter? It was that magical creature that turned into your greatest fear. For Lupin it was a full moon, for Ron it was spiders, and for Neville it was Severus Snape. Now think about your biggest fear in the world, whether it is tangible or not. What would your Boggart would be? What is your greatest fear?

Question 25

What physical feature are you most attracted to?

There are so many parts of the body to be attracted to. From head to toe, you may love so many things that can turn you on. Do you love hair? Do you stare at lips? Shoulders? Legs? The pick is yours. There must be something to turn you on the most! Think hard and then pick: what physical characteristic are you most attracted to?

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