Answer These Questions And We'll Guess Your Favourite Christmas Movie

The holidays are fast approaching and before we know it, we'll be warming up by the fire with a nice cup of coco. What makes the holiday season so special is getting together with friends and family members to celebrate love and happiness. Back in the day, Christmas was all about the birth of Jesus Christ, but after decades of tradition, it's safe to say that there is a newfound meaning attached to this holiday. In today's modern world, people gather together with their loved ones and shower them with gifts, while portraying a man we all know and love; Santa Claus.

Despite the holidays being one of the most joyful times of the year, there are many people who dislike Christmas. However, when flipping through the channels or browsing through their Netflix suggestions, they won't hesitate to watch a classic Christmas movie.

Christmas movies are truly marvellous, as they have the ability to transport us back to the first time we watched them. One second you're in your living room, and then the next you're back at your old house with ma and pa, giggling at the silly elves in Santa's workshop. No matter who you are, there's bound to be a Christmas movie that you'll enjoy.

1What age group do you belong to?

We need to know a little bit about you before we start throwing assumptions around, so why not start with your age group? It's safe to say that your favorite Christmas movie might coincide with your age group. Want to prove us wrong? Go ahead.

2What’s your favorite holiday?

Holidays come in different shapes and forms, just like humans! Which is why every holiday has its own fans. Are you fond of Halloween and the creepy crawlers? Or are you the type of person who counts down the days 'till Christmas morning?

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