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The holidays are fast approaching and before we know it, we'll be warming up by the fire with a nice cup of coco. What makes the holiday season so special is getting together with friends and family members to celebrate love and happiness. Back in the day, Christmas was all about the birth of Jesus Christ, but after decades of tradition, it's safe to say that there is a newfound meaning attached to this holiday. In today's modern world, people gather together with their loved ones and shower them with gifts, while portraying a man we all know and love; Santa Claus.

Despite the holidays being one of the most joyful times of the year, there are many people who dislike Christmas. However, when flipping through the channels or browsing through their Netflix suggestions, they won't hesitate to watch a classic Christmas movie.

Christmas movies are truly marvellous, as they have the ability to transport us back to the first time we watched them. One second you're in your living room, and then the next you're back at your old house with ma and pa, giggling at the silly elves in Santa's workshop. No matter who you are, there's bound to be a Christmas movie that you'll enjoy.

1What age group do you belong to?

We need to know a little bit about you before we start throwing assumptions around, so why not start with your age group? It's safe to say that your favorite Christmas movie might coincide with your age group. Want to prove us wrong? Go ahead.

2What’s your favorite holiday?

Holidays come in different shapes and forms, just like humans! Which is why every holiday has its own fans. Are you fond of Halloween and the creepy crawlers? Or are you the type of person who counts down the days 'till Christmas morning?

3Do you have children?

When you become a parent, you get to relive your childhood through your kids' eyes. This allows you to form new ideas about Christmas specials and laugh at all the silly jokes Christmas characters make. If you weren't a fan of Christmas before, the holiday has probably started to grow on you.


4When do you start decorating your house for the holidays?

We all know one person who is so obsessed with Christmas that the second December 1st comes around, they start decorating their homes. When you go over to their houses, you're immediately greeted with flashing Christmas lights, mistletoe, gingerbread houses, and more.

5Do you look forward to seeing your family on Christmas?

Depending on your family situation, you might dread having to go eat supper at your uncle's or grandparents' place. Pay no mind to this, however, as the night will soon be over and you can grab a drink with friends and feel at home.


6Do you buy presents for all of your relatives?

When you're in your twenties, buying presents for your entire family can be difficult — especially when trying to pay off student loans and working part time. Thankfully, most families understand what you're going through and won't expect much. At least making cards is free!

7Have you ever dressed up as Santa Claus?

Every family has their own unique traditions, but most families with young children are going to make a visit from Santa Claus mandatory. Passing around the honour is a must, which is why you might of had the chance to dress up as Santa at some point in your life.


8Do the holidays and drinking mix?

There are some people who strictly drink hot chocolate and eggnog during the holidays, and others who stock up on wine weeks prior to the holiday season. Do you think that the holidays and drinking mix? Or does is bother you when people have a drink or two?

9How much do you eat during the Holidays?

Most of us can agree that it is very difficult to stay on your diet when there's a Christmas feast right before your eyes. On top of that, the holiday spread is only going to be heightened when desert is served. Do you usually overeat during the holidays?


10Do you take your Christmas decorations down immediately after Christmas?

There's always that one house that refuses to take down their Christmas lights after the holidays have passed. Before their neighbourhood knows what's happening — it's mid July and the decorations still haven't been taken down. Are you guilty of this serious crime?

11What’s your favorite thing about Christmas morning?

Oh Christmas morning! It is one of the most wonderful times of the year — literally. Now, close your eyes and think about the most perfect Christmas morning. Who's there with you? What are you drinking? What does Christmas morning mean to you?


12 What’s your favorite thing to eat during the holidays?

We all have a Christmas dish that we're just waiting to devour. When it comes to Christmas feasts, however, it's hard to only look forward to one meal. What do you like to eat on Christmas?

13 How many siblings do you have?

Siblings can be annoying at times, but when you try and picture life without them, you just can't. If there's one thing that makes Christmas even more special, it's celebrating it with your cousins and siblings. How many siblings do you have?


14What do you wear to Christmas supper?

The holidays are usually jam-packed with fancy events and outings, which is why many people go out shopping for the perfect Christmas outfit. When it comes to your own family supper, what clothing combination do you typically put on?

15Do you put money aside for Christmas presents in advance?

The holiday season has a way of sneaking up on you, which is why many people find themselves without any money leftover for Christmas presents. When it comes to Christmas shopping, do you take things seriously? Are you the type to start saving some money in advance?


16When do you do your Christmas shopping?

Any sane person knows to avoid shopping malls during the last week of December, but that doesn't stop herds of last-second shoppers from bombarding the stores. Do you do all of your Christmas shopping in advance? Or is last-second your middle name?

17Do you like the winter season?

If you've never seen snow before, you're probably going to say that you love the winter season, but you'd be wrong to. Sure, the white fluffy snow might look like a comfortable blanket, but it is ice cold and ready to freeze your extremities off.


18Do you build a snow man every year?

When you live in a colder climate, it can be difficult to play outside as you get older. For the most part, you're going to lose interest in snow angels and snowmen. Unless, of course, you have some children of your own.

19What was your favorite book as a child?

Think back to your childhood and to when your parents would read you bedtime stories. Is there a certain book that jumps to mind? We all had our favorite fairy tale, but somewhere along the way we lost sight of it.


20Do you like eating snow cones?

If you've never had a snow cone then you aren't really living your life. While they are mostly sold in countries where snow is plentiful, there are some packaged snow cones that you can buy from a number of stores. Live a little won't you!?

21Do you spill the beans during Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a fun game that friends are usually fond of playing. The problem with this game, however, is that you have to keep a secret for weeks at a time. Are you usually the one who tries to find out who got who?


22Where do you celebrate Christmas?

Most families are going to change-up where they throw their Christmas party every single year. This is because cooking for a large number of guests is a job and a half. If you have a house of your own, it might be time for you to throw your first-ever Christmas supper.

23How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa Claus?

Santa Claus has betrayed us all, but not entirely. When you think about it, it's actually your parents who decided to lie to you for all those years. There are some kids who find out that Santa Claus is just a gimmick from an early age, and there are those who never stop believing.


24Despite the rumours, do you think Santa Claus actually existed?

There are usually some truths to every lie, which is why many people believe that Santa Claus actually existed at some point in time. Whether or not he delivered presents to the entire world on a slay led by flying reindeer is still up for debate tho.

25 Do you give to charity during the holidays?

The Christmas season is going to pull on your heart strings, which is why you'll often see people raising money for those in need during the holidays. Are you the type to avoid eye contact and run away from charities, or the type to donate money?

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