Answer These Movie Questions And We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign


Star signs can tell you a whole lot about a person (if you believe in astrology, of course!). Knowing which zodiac sign someone is can tell you what kind of personality they have, how they communicate, even what their pet peeves and worst qualities are likely to be. It works both ways, though - and sometimes it’s easy to guess which star someone was born under if they tell you a little bit about themselves, and it all fits. How many times have you heard ‘Oh, they are such a Leo’?

We bet that we can guess your star sign from just your taste in movies! Not just the specific films that you enjoy, of course, but also the kind of films you are most likely to watch. Are you an action and horror buff, who loves movies packed with fight scenes and straightforward plots? Well then, you might just be a fire sign. A bigger fan of happy endings and sweet romance? There’s probably some water in your chart. Tell us how you like to watch movies, and we’ll tell you which star sign you are - or at least, which one you should be!

Question 1

Pick a Harry Potter movie

The Harry Potter series is a modern classic, and with eight films in total, it also spans a whole range of different styles. From the world-building fun of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, to the darkness of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, these films have something for (almost) everyone. Which is your favorite?

Question 2

Pick a movie about time travel.

Donnie Darko

Time travel - that impossible idea that is a long-time favorite in the sci-fi genre. There are just so many ways that a trip through time can change things… if you were going to watch a time travel movie tonight, which one of these four would you pick to enjoy?

Question 3

Pick a film starring George Clooney

George Clooney may be known as a heartthrob, but he doesn’t only star in romantic comedies! This silver fox has starred in crime thrillers, dramas, even action and horror. He’s versatile as well as gorgeous, and that’s why everyone loves him. Which of these four Clooney films would you pick to watch for movie night?

Question 4

Pick a fantasy film.

Fantasy isn’t all elves and dwarves (although that’s a lot of it, of course!). These days, the fantasy genre covers all kinds of different films, from high fantasy to YA to sci fi. What kind of fictional, fantastical world would you love to dive into on movie night?

Question 5

Pick a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Even people who would struggle to name movie directors have heard of Quentin Tarantino. Known for his unique style that turns violence into a thing of beauty, his non-linear storytelling, and of course, Pulp Fiction, Tarantino is undoubtedly one of the greats. But of all his films, which is your favorite?

Question 6

What's your biggest cinematic pet peeve?

It’s hard to find a perfect movie - even the true greats can have flaws sometimes. And everyone has a different idea of that one thing that makes a movie almost-unwatchable if it shows up. From cheap FX to plot holes, what’s the one thing that drives you the most crazy?

Question 7

Would you rather watch a classic, or a new release?

Citizen Kane

The classics are called classics for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that everyone enjoys them. Some find classics to be over-simplified and out-dated, and would much rather watch the latest cinematic release than go over a film that everyone saw twenty years ago. Are you a fan of the classics?

Question 8

What about musicals?

Musicals are a divisive subject when it comes to movie-goers. Some love the kind of film where everybody breaks into song and dance at the drop of a hat… and others would prefer a little more realism, thank you! Are you into the toe-tapping movies, or do you prefer things with as little soundtrack as possible?

Question 9

Do you like movies that make you think?

Do you head to the movies in order to zone out and stop thinking, or do you love the kind of film that will have you pondering for days about all the intricate details of the plan? Do you love to be kept guessing throughout, or is a straightforward plot for you?

Question 10

How do you feel about scary movies?

Horror movies, thrillers, monsters lurking under the bed… are you the kind of moviegoer who seeks out late-night horror, or the kind to avoid anything too scary, especially before bed? Maybe you love to watch them… but you still spend most of the movie hiding behind a pillow, waiting for the ‘worst’ to be over.

Question 11

What about gore?

Horror is one thing, but how do you feel about the really gory stuff? Blood spurting, intestines falling out, brutal deaths shown in full, horrific (and entirely fake) detail? Is gore truly glorious, or is all that fake blood just disgusting, and nowhere near as enjoyable to watch as a good psychological thriller?

Question 12

How often do you go to the movies?

There are plenty of different kinds of moviegoers: the ones who are out in force on opening night, in costume and at the front of the line, the ones who show up only for stuff they really want to see, and then there are the ones who don’t even bother with the cinema, preferring to wait for DVDs and the comfort of home. Which moviegoer are you?

Question 13

Have you ever seen a film with subtitles?

How do you feel about foreign films, when there’s no dubbed version in your first language? Are you a fan of reading subtitles when you watch a movie, or do you think that if you wanted to spend your time reading, you would open an actual book, not watch a film?

Question 14

How many of the Die Hard movies have you seen?

Die Hard is an action-movie classic, but even then, it’s hard to believe that are already five films in the franchise! From the original, all the way to the recent (and forgettable) ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’, Bruce Willis has been killing it as John McClane for nearly thirty years… but how many of these films have you seen?

Question 15

Do you want to cry at the end of a film?

Sadness Controls Inside Out

Movies can definitely play on our emotions - but only some of them leave us with the need for an entire box of tissues by the end! How do you feel about tearing up during a movie? Do you love a good cry, or are you not the type to let a fictional story get to you?

Question 16

Do you save your ticket stubs?

When you go to see a movie in theaters, are you the kind of person who carefully saves their ticket stub, just to remember the experience? Or are you more the type to just scan a barcode on your phone app, because who needs all that paper rubbish cluttering things up afterwards?

Question 17

Are you a Wes Anderson fan?

Wes Anderson has made a name for himself as a director with his truly unique visual style. His use of color is in-arguably stunning, but his films can feel a little too pretentious for some. How do you feel about Anderson’s work - are you a fan, or does it leave you rolling your eyes?

Question 18

How likely are you to re-watch a film?

90sPosterQuiz Groundhog Day

Once you’ve seen a film, are you likely to ever go back and watch it again? Assuming that you enjoyed it, of course! Are you the type to re-watch a favorite over and over, or is once enough for any film, before it’s time to move on to something new?

Question 19

How do you feel about Superhero movies?

Superhero movies have grown from a (laughable) niche to a whole new genre over the past twenty years, with multiple massive cinematic universes now playing out on the big screen. How do you feel about the superhero trend? Are you a fan of caped crusaders, or are comics still for kids?

Question 20

Do you enjoy gross-out comedy?

Some might call it the worst kind of comedy, but other movie fans will be rolling in the aisles as characters deal with embarrassing toilet situations, sexual misadventures, and ridiculous injuries. We’re talking about gross-out comedy, of course! How do you feel about this comedic sub-genre? Hilarious, or totally inappropriate?

Question 21

Which of these James McAvoy movies would you watch?

Scottish actor James McAvoy shot to fame in Shameless, and quickly made his way to the big screen, starring in movies as wide-ranging as The Chronicles of Narnia and The Last King of Scotland. Now McAvoy is probably best known for playing Professor X in the X-Men franchise, but which of his films is your favorite?

Question 22

Do you love murder mysteries?

Was it Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick? Murder mysteries let us play the detective, trying to work through carefully chosen clues to discover whodunnit - but they are something of an aquired taste. How do you feel about mystery movies - big fan, or just not for you?

Question 23

How do you want to feel after a movie?

Movies aren’t just about watching someone else’s story play out on a big screen, or even escaping the world for an hour or two. They are about making the audience feel something - feeling frightened (and eventually relieved), feeling happy and inspired… how do you want to feel when you walk out of a movie?

Question 24

Do you enjoy period films?

How do you feel about movies set in a different time? Are period dramas beautiful, carefully-crafted films that you love to enjoy… or do you find all that careful conversation and slow walking a little bit boring? From Austen adaptations to war movies and biographical films, are period movies for you?

Question 25

If you could only watch one genre, what would it be?

Most people love to watch a wide range of films, and it all depends on favorite actors, directors, and (of course) what the film is actually all about. But if, hypothetically, you could only watch one genre of movie for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

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