Answer These Avengers: Endgame Questions To See If You Were Actually Paying Attention

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a total of twenty-two films released to date, with Avengers: Endgame being the most recent. In these twenty-two movies, the MCU has introduced a number of characters which includes the original Avengers team: Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, and The Hulk. All of the films overlap with each other in some way, despite the fact that more recent films are focused on individual superhero characters (such as Ant-Man or Doctor Strange).

Avengers: Endgame is sadly the end of several beloved characters and served as a wrap up for the franchise (for now). The theme of sacrifice plays a huge role in this film, where some of the characters do anything—even give up their own lives so that others could get the chance to live. There is also a lot of character development seen in this film, being that those remaining after Thanos’ snap have to come to terms that they’ve lost their loved ones forever. Some of them take it better than others that's for certain.

Regardless of everything the team had gone through over the past twenty-one movies, they all manage to come together for one last battle for humanity.

Question 1

What character saves Tony Stark from space?

In the previous film titled Avengers: Infinity War, one of the original six Avengers is left in space following Thanos's snap. He and a few of the other characters (including Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and some of the Guardians of the Galaxy) were attempting to retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet from him on Titan but unfortunately were unsuccessful. As a result, there were only a few people left which included Tony Stark and Nebula. Due to the fact that Nebula is made up of a number of mechanical parts, she was more equip to being stranded in space, while Tony Stark's days were sadly numbered.

Question 2

What Guardians of the Galaxy characters were left after the snap?

A lot of the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe were affected by the snap that decimated half of the universe. The only team that truly remained in tact was the original Avengers, which consisted of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the Hulk. There were many other teams and individual superheroes that faded into dust just like all of the rest. The Guardians of the Galaxy was a team that had a major loss, where only two of the team members were still left afterwards. Despite the fact that they didn't always get along, the guardians were still a family.

Question 3

Where did Thor settle down with the rest of the Asgardians after the initial snap?

Those that remained from the snap that erased half of the living creatures across the entire universe struggled with the aftermath. If they weren't feeling upset or angered by the loss of loved ones and friends, then they were feeling guilty for not doing more to try and stop Thanos in the first place. One character in particular seemed to be punishing himself more than the rest, and that was Thor. This was primarily due to the fact that he missed his chance to defeat Thanos with Stormbreaker, but because he "didn't go for the head" Thanos was still able to carry out his plan.

Question 4

Where did Ant-Man end up after returning from the Quantum Realm?

The character who had the most unique return in the film Avengers: Endgame was probably Ant-Man. Unlike a bulk of the other characters, he wasn't missing because he had been lost from Thanos's snap. Instead, he was in the midst of travelling in the Quantum Realm when the rest of his team (Hank, Janet, and Hope) were turned to dust. As a result, Ant-Man was sort of "trapped" in the Quantum Realm and had no one on the other side to operate the machine to bring him back. The film depicts a rodent stepping on a button which allowed him to return.

Question 5

What was Hawkeye doing in the five-year time span while the Avengers were adjusting to the loss?

Despite the fact that the six original Avengers were unharmed in the snap that affected so many lives, they did not all stay together. Sadly the only ones who truly stuck around and didn't give up on their efforts to save and get everyone back was Natasha (Black Widow), Steve (Captain America), and Bruce (the new Hulk who had combined Hulk's body with Bruce's intelligent mind). They operated out of the Avengers facility, where Natasha was seen operating a team of some of the remaining superheros who were either restoring order around the planet or off exploring other planets for anything that might help.

Question 6

What is the name of Iron Man’s daughter?

Iron Man was one of the three original Avengers who had left behind the team and followed a different path after Thanos's snap. Some of the others left simply because of their own guilt, or they were determined to seek justice/vengeance against those who were still able to live. Meanwhile, Tony decided to make the best of what happened and move on with his life. He was considered one of the lucky ones because the love of his life, Pepper Potts, was still alive and well. Together they moved to a lakefront cabin and had a beautiful daughter whom Tony adored.

Question 7

After reuniting with Tony and Nebula, how did the team track down Thanos?

Following the events of the previous film, Avengers: Infinity War, Tony and Nebula ended up getting stranded in the middle of space. They had managed to get off Titan, but they had very little fuel left in their spaceship to be able to get home. Although they tried their best to think or come up with something that would help, Tony knew his days were numbered. He left several audio diaries for Pepper if someone managed to find them so she could hear all about his last days. Nebula was left anticipating when the day would come where she'd truly be alone.

Question 8

Why was Tony Stark reluctant to help the team build the time machine?

The remaining characters had a lot of personal reasons for why they made the decision to part ways with the Avengers squad. There was a five-year time jump in between the first snap which only left half of the universe, and the executed plan the Avengers team formulated to help bring everyone back. That is a long time for things to happen, or not happen for some. For example, Clint was never around the Avengers facility because he was too busy being a vigilante and tracking down villains or bad people to have them pay for the things that they had done.

Question 9

Who was responsible for ending Thanos after the team found him on the uninhabited planet?

There were a few weeks in between the battle that ended with Thanos obtaining the six Infinity Stones, and the team tracking him down once more. For a while it was unclear where he had gone in the first place, and even if he was still truly out there. With the group back together though, they believed that Tony might have the missing piece they needed to find him. However, he revealed that he had no knowledge of his whereabouts. Nevertheless, they got lucky when Thanos used the stones for a second time and there were able to find him that way.

Question 10

Where did Thor and Rocket travel to find the Reality Stone?

Following the five-year time jump, Ant-Man returned from the Quantum Realm and came to the conclusion that time operates differently there. Although he had been gone for half of a decade, to him it had only felt like five hours. This lead to the belief that they could quite possibly use the same technology to build a time machine and travel through the Quantum Realm to a different place in time. The plan was put in place that they would separate into different teams and get the Infinity Stones prior to Thanos every getting them (or breaking them) so they could bring everyone back.

Question 11

Who made the ultimate sacrifice so the team could retrieve the Soul Stone?

After the team was able to successfully engineer and then also manufacture the time machine, they had to determine who was going to go where in the past to collect the stones. Of course there were not many characters left who had personal experiences with the Infinity Stones. Thor went to great length to explain the difficulties and the incredible power that the Reality Stone has, somewhat scaring his other teammates. Regardless of how dangerous the mission was, the team figured out who would go where and when. Using Hank's particles they would only have one chance to get the stones and return to the present.

Question 12

In the alternate past timeline, how does Loki escape captivity?

Due to the fact that Thanos had used the Infinity Stones a second time to get rid of them for good, the only plausible solution the team came up with was they needed to go back in time to when they were still intact. Of course the only issue with this plan was that the stones were spread out across the galaxy, some being on different planets even. However, one of the team members wisely pointed out there was a time in recent history where three of the six Infinity Stones were conveniently all in the same city at the same time.

Question 13

What year did Tony, Steve, Bruce, and Scott travel to in order to retrieve three of the Infinity Stones?

Since Thanos used the Infinity Stones one last time to get rid of them, the team knew they had to go back in time so they could get the stones back. Of course this was easier said than done because some of the stones were across the galaxy and hidden away on different planets (i.e the Power Stone that Star-Lord originally found). Luckily the Avengers had recent past experience with interacting with some of the Infinity Stones, such as Loki's scepter. The three stones that were on earth all at the same time was the Mind Stone, the Space Stone, and the Time Stone.

Question 14

How did past-Thanos discover the Avengers' present-time plan?

In the present day (of the film), the Avengers team were finally able to get rid of Thanos once and for all. He was vulnerable after wrecking the Infinity Stones, so Thor was able to carry out the deed. Therefore, the only thing they had to worry about when travelling back in time was being sure they were successful in retrieving the stones, as well as avoiding any of their past selves (as to not disrupt the future). Little did they know they'd be faced with the same troubles because of the past-Thanos, who was able to learn about the Avengers and their plan.

Question 15

What was the one of the dangers of travelling back in time?

Before Ant-Man had returned from the Quantum Realm, none of the Avengers really contemplated going back in time to fix and bring back all that they had lost. The only person who really considered it was Tony Stark, but he was quick to determine it wasn't possible, or more like he wasn't going to waste his time figuring it all out. Not only that, but he was perfectly content with his simple life with Pepper and Morgan, and he didn't want anything to get in the way of his future with his family. Eventually, he came around though when he talked things over with Pepper.

Question 16

In search of the Infinity Stones, how did 2014-Thanos time-travel to the present?

Going back in time to retrieve the six Infinity Stones was, of course, going to be challenging, especially because there were a number of obstacles to overcome, but they were never expecting to deal with anything beyond that. Sure, they would have to retrieve the items from people who were not that willing to give it up: for example The Ancient One that the Hulk visited. She was never going to hand it over until Bruce stated that Dr. Strange had given it up for a very specific reason. Past-Thanos not only finding out but getting involved once more was never accounted for.

Question 17

After Loki escapes with the Tesseract in 2012, what year do Tony and Steve travel to next?

Several of the Avengers traveled to 2012 because at the time, there were three Infinity Stones roughly in the same area: the Time Stone, the Mind Stone, and the Space Stone. Bruce/the Hulk was in charge of going to the New York Sanctum where the Ancient One and many other Master of the Mystic Arts were protecting the city. She was one of the easier stones for the team to collect because while she was reluctant at first, when she learned what Dr. Strange had done she knew it must've been for the right reasons. Tony, Scott, and Steve were unfortunately not as lucky.

Question 18

Who did Captain America fight to retrieve the Mind Stone?

Although the team lost the Tesseract in 2012 thanks to Loki's quick escape, it at least wasn't a total loss. The Hulk/Bruce was able to retrieve the Time Stone, and Captain America had also collected the Mind Stone. However, it was not as simple as just sneaking in and grabbing it. Due to the fact that Loki had caused a disturbance in the building (where he escaped with the Tesseract), a certain character from the past believed present-day Captain America was actually Loki in disguise. Although Steve assured this character he wasn't Loki, they still had a pretty epic fight scene before he was able to obtain the stone.

Question 19

Who did Tony Stark run into when he and Steve Rogers travelled to 1970?

Due to the fact that Tony Stark and Ant-Man were unsuccessful in retrieving the Space Stone, they were afraid all of their efforts would still not be enough to bring their loved ones back. The biggest issue they were having was the fact that they needed Hank's particles to take them back to the present day, and they only had enough for the trip home. Luckily with some quick thinking, Tony and Steve realized they knew a time where the Space Stone and a bunch of Hank's particles would be in the exact same place at the exact same time.

Question 20

Which three characters battle Thanos before the others arrive?

Traveling back into 1970 was a huge risk for Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, but their bravery was well worth it because they not only found the Space Stone but they were able to get a hold of Hank's particles as well. In addition to getting what they went for, both Steve and Tony also had a special little moment with some loved ones that they weren't necessarily expecting. Steve watched Peggy Carter through a window and it was clear it stirred some past feelings, meanwhile Tony unexpectedly ran into his father, and the two were able to have a chat despite Howard not knowing he was talking to his son.

Question 21

Who uses the Infinity Stones to resurrect all of those who were lost in the first snap?

Despite the minor hiccup which caused Tony and Steve to have to travel back in time once more to ensure the team was able to get all six Infinity Stones, they were able to travel back to the present and weren't empty-handed. The team, of course, had to mourn the loss of one of the original members of the Avengers team, who had sacrificed their life in order to get the Soul Stone. With the use of Tony's new and improved gauntlet for the Infinity Stones, one character in particular had made the decision to use the snap, knowing the physical toll it would take on their body.

Question 22

What did Falcon say to Captain America when the rest of the Avengers arrived to fight Thanos one last time?

Even though he was taking a big risk to use the Infinity Stones, Bruce knew he was the best chance the team had to bring the rest of their loved ones back. In fact, the Avengers got a first look at what the stones could do in terms of physical affliction after they tracked down Thanos in the beginning of the film. Using the Infinity Stones for a second time had done so much harm Thanos nearly lost his life in the process. The Hulk/Bruce experienced similar trauma, although he was still in fighting shape to go against past-Thanos and his army.

Question 23

What color scheme is Pepper Potts' suit?

The final battle at the end of Avengers: Endgame had so many characters present. Of course Bruce/the Hulk was successful in bringing back all of the beloved superheroes who were lost from Thanos's first snap, but there were also a number of other characters that also showed up. Some of the characters who were lost from the snap include Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Star-Lord, Groot, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Wasp, Mantis, and so many others. There was a new character who arrived in a suit of her very own to defend those she loved the most- and that was none other than Pepper Potts.

Question 24

What did Captain America say when all the MCU heroes appeared on the battlefield?

Past-Thanos had definitely taken the Avengers team by surprise after he and his entire army fleet traveled to the present time. All they were preparing for was using the Infinity Stones themselves to undo everything that Thanos had done in Avengers: Infinity War. Never did they expect that he would come to the present to mess up everything they worked so hard to put back together, but to make matters even worse. Regardless of the odds, the small number of heroes left stood against Thanos and his army even though they weren't expecting for their own people to arrive on the battlefield.

Question 25

Who decimates Thanos’ warship in the final battle?

Not only did the Avengers team have to face Thanos and his army a first time, past-Thanos came to the present and of course brought all of his warriors with him. He posed an even bigger threat this time around, believing that he needed to do more for the universe than just erase half of the people. However, it was evident that the superheroes were not about to let history repeat itself. They had characters fighting for the Avengers that were missing from the battle the first time around. It might've taken everything they had, but it evened out the playing field.

Question 26

Who said, "As long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be."?

The movie Avengers: Endgame is approximately three hours long and covers so much in that time frame. Not only are there multiple time jumps (including both fast-forwards into the future as well as travelling into the past), but the movie also pays tribute to several previous Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. For example, characters say things that they have in another movie, and it's intended to wrap up the franchise in a sort of final way. For example, Bucky and Steve have a conversation that is reflective of when Bucky first went off to the war (prior to Steve becoming Captain America).

Question 27

Who does Iron Man have an emotional reunion with after Hulk brings everyone back?

By the end of the film, the remaining Avengers team were able to collect all of the six Infinity Stones despite the fact that they had to adjust their plans because of losing the Space Stone in 2012. When they used the gauntlet that Iron Man had designed, Hulk bravely decides it is he who should do the snap to bring everyone back, purely because his body was equipped to handle it (more than the others). After doing the snap, there isn't an immediate resurrection of all their friends, but rather they appear when the team needs them the most.

Question 28

Other than Thor, who was worthy enough to wield Mjolnir?

There were several monumental scenes throughout the entire final battle scene in Avengers: Endgame that either surprised or delighted the audience. The movie was praised for its many subtle hints or reminders from previous films, and Mjolnir being wielded by another character was just one of many. In the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, the team are all sitting casually after a party and Thor allows each of them to attempt to pick up the hammer. Almost everyone tries it for themselves (apart from Black Widow who claimed it "wasn't a question she needed answered" but sadly no one was worthy.

Question 29

Who uses the Infinity Stones to snap Thanos and his soldiers out of existence once and for all?

Like any good action film that involves a battle sequence, the final one in Avengers: Endgame does go on for quite some time. Additionally, there were moments that it was believed that the Avengers might perhaps lose. For example, when it was just Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America trying to stop Thanos before everyone lost from the first snap arrived. It wouldn't have been the first time that the Avengers lost, so it was possible for it to happen again. However, there seemed to be more determination in this fight, because everyone knew what would happen if they lost again.

Question 30

Who time-travels in order to return the Infinity Stones back where they were found?

One of the biggest concerns with travelling back in time to collect the six Infinity Stones was that they could potentially create alternate realities. This was part of the reason that the characters who went back in time weren't supposed to interact with anyone other than those who came from the present time. Luckily for Steve, past-Captain America was under the believe that he had run into Loki who disguised himself as Steve Rogers, and didn't think he was someone from the future. Nevertheless, by the end of the film someone had to travel back and put the stones where they found them.

Question 31

What does Morgan tell Happy she wants to eat after Tony’s funeral?

There is no denying the fact that Avengers: Endgame ended a whole lot better (for the good of the universe) than Avengers: Infinity War. Not only was the team successful in bringing back all of those who were lost from the initial snap, but they again fought Thanos and his army and were able to defeat him once and for all. However, this all came at a price. Two of the six Avengers had to make a sacrifice and thing of the greater good for not only the people they loved, but everyone else who lived in the universe as well.

Question 32

Who does Thor appoint as the “new” King of Asgard?

Although there were several endings for some of the beloved Avengers characters, the film also introduced new beginnings for some of the others. Thor had endured quite a lot in the five year span of the film, starting first with his overwhelming guilt that he didn't succeed in getting rid of Thanos the first time. He was also mourning the loss of his brother Loki, who had not been erased by the snap so there was no hoping he could one day be brought back. It was made clear that overtime these thoughts and feelings took their toll on him.

Question 33

What is the name of this character who attended Tony’s funeral?

At the final battle, Iron Man made the ultimate sacrifice in order to save everyone from Thanos. He was the key to restoring balance and peace to the universe, the one version of winning that Doctor Strange had foreseen back in Avengers: Infinity War. Although it was a great loss, Tony knew it was something he had to do. He was leaving behind his daughter Morgan, but it was a sacrifice he made. His funeral was held at the lake cabin where he started his family, and many characters came to honor him, including the superheroes and their families, as well as a few other familiar faces.

Question 34

Why does Steve Rogers decide to stay in the past?

Avengers: Endgame is very much the Marvel Cinematic Universe film that wraps up several popular superhero stories. The most obvious would be Iron Man and the magnificent sacrifice he made in exchange for everyone else getting a chance to live. He even considered this an option for he already had a message prepared for his family in the event that something happened to him. Black Widow was also a character whose story came to an end after she sacrificed herself so that Hawkeye could obtain the Soul Stone. The two of them had an epic fight over who would be the one to jump.

Question 35

To which character does Steve pass on his shield (and legacy)?

It was never explicitly stated when Steve Rogers had made the decision to stay in the past, but there were hints that his best friend also knew. Being that this film had a lot of tributes and phrases from previous films, and exchange between Bucky and Steve seemed to be more sentimental than Steve being gone for a few hours while he returned the stones. It was more like a final farewell, because Steve was going to be staying in the past for good. He does return though, much older, so he is able to pass on his shield and legacy to someone else.

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