Can You Name All These Secondary Characters From Animated Movies?

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Disney, where the hero always wins, and the talking animals talk about it. You've been here before, there's no doubt about that. If you're anything like anyone else, you've grown up with Disney movies. Despite how busy you get as the years go by, the crazy characters you've grown up with always manage to make their way back in mind. Maybe you even pop a classic into the Netflix search bar every now and then.

Whatever the case, since you've made it here, we can safely assume you like Disney. There's also a possibility that you consider yourself a Disney fanatic, a scholar of sorts. If that's the case, we can't help but put test your knowledge to its fullest capacity. We're not interested in your general IQ or street smarts. Right now, for us, the highest pinnacle of intelligence is solid knowledge of the following secondary Disney characters. Specifically, we want to know if you remember their names.

Sound easy? How interesting. Let's see how this little run-through plays out. If you can pick all the right names, maybe you're a real Disney fan after all. There's only one way to find out.

1Name the Lion King character!

This mandrill is one of the many iconic characters introduced to us in The Lion King. The number of Disney mascots that came out of that movie just goes to show how great it is, but that's a question for another day. On this day, for now, let's see if you remember this baboon's name. It fits his face, if that's any help. Though you definitely shouldn't need a hint if you consider yourself a Disney fan. What will you do?

2Name the Beauty and the Beast character!

Everyone needs a little candle light during dark times, which is sort of where this little guy comes in. You might remember his certain "je ne sais quoi" in Beauty and the Beast, where he was one of the many talking household items that helped Bella survive life with the Beast. Although he's just a candle, he has a name, and it's one you'll need to recall right about now if you want to score well on this quiz. What's his name?

3Name the Finding Nemo character!

This orange guy is a secondary character in Finding Nemo, where he plays Nemo's dad. Here he is, giving a nervous wave, looking like he's ready to resume searching the ocean for his son. His journey ended up being successful, because any Disney movie about finding someone is going to have a happy ending. You'll have trouble with this one if you haven't seen the movie, and even if you have, you'll need to be a true Disney fan to get it right.

4Name the Alice in Wonderland character!

A whimsical cat is playing some sort of game here. Somehow, it's a fitting picture, made even moreso by the fact that he's lying down on a tree branch. This bizarre scene takes place in Alice in Wonderland, which you probably know. After all, it's likely that a good chunk of people alive today have seen it. If you're among them, you'll remember this mischievous cat, and you might even remember his name. Which button do you think is the right one?

5Name the Little Mermaid character!

Here's a deep sea villain if there ever was one, hailing from The Little Mermaid. It takes a great threat to endanger such a majestic creature as a mermaid, which is exactly what this monster is. She lurks in the very depths of the ocean, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. She's no fool, either, and does not neglect to pay proper respect to timing and strategy. She gives Ariel a run for her money, to say the very least.

6Name the Lion King character!

This squawker was introduced to us in The Lion King film series, where he served as Mufasa's left hand - err, wing? Anyway, he's one of the most recognizable Disney birds of all time, which is saying a lot since there are a ton of Disney birds around. If you can't name this one, it's definitely time to rewatch The Lion King. If you can, then maybe you'd a real Disney fan after all. Let's find out for sure - what's his name?

7Name the Pinocchio character!

In every epic story, an underdog hero needs a solid voice of wisdom and reason in order to guide him to his ultimate goal. In Pinocchio, our wooden hero must eventually rescue his father from the belly of a whale, which is no small feat at all. Of course, he has this wise cricket to help him along his way, which ends up being incredibly valuable. Can you manage to remember what this historical cricket is called? We believe in you.

8Name the Finding Nemo character!

Finding Nemo wouldn't have been such an enthralling story if our little fish hero didn't have to face so many overhwelming obstacles along the way. Of course, this behemoth shark served as the final boss of the film, and what a boss he was. As far as Disney villains go, no other can quite match his bite, especially if the fight takes place underwater. Rather than his fighting skills, we're interested to see if you remember this shark's name. Do you?

9Name the Jungle Book character!

In life, the bear necessities are all you really need. Other things are nice, but as long as we have what we need to live and enjoy life a little, there's no need to frown. These are among the many lessons taught to us by this classic Disney bear, who happens to be a super recognizable, secondary Disney character. In order to find out how much you know about the Disney world, we'll have you continue to press buttons here.

10Name the Wreck-It Ralph character!

In case you missed Wreck-It Ralph, this mysterious secondary Disney character plays a key role in it, and a unique one at that. She might look like she's easy to figure out upon first impression, but do not be fooled. There's a lot more to this little lass than meets the eye, and you need to be familiar with the movie to know what we mean. At any rate, we'll put that aside for now - name the Disney character and we'll move on.

11Name the Lion King character!

Look at this incredibly nefarious Disney character, pawing the vile air around him, no doubt in the process of enacting a shady plan. We were made to understood what this lion was capable of when he ended up killing Mufasa in The Lion King, on that fateful day when all our young hearts were broken. His run was eventually ended, thanks to Simba and the lion gods above. If you remember The Lion King, you probably remember this character's name.

12Name the Emperor's New Groove character!

This delightful Disney villain made her famous appearance in The Emperor's New Groove. Young Emperor Kuzco might have thought that he had golden years and nothing else awaiting him in his life, but he eventually had to learn that no ruler goes untested. Of course, if you'll recall from the film, this villain swooped right in to give him his ultimate test, which Kuzco would ultimately pass. True Disney fans can remember this secondary character's name without even pulling a sweat.

13Name the Toy Story character!

Oh, no! That looks so painful. This secondary Disney character is holding one of his arms with his other hand. Wait, isn't that a Toy Story character? He'll be fine then, his parts must be made to assemble. Toy Story being one of the most iconic Disney movies ever released, we have no doubt that you recognize this plastic little hero. He has a name, and it's one that every kid born in the millennial era or later should remember.

14Name the Aladdin character!

Like the above character, anyone who spent time watching animated movies in the 90's or later will likely have this Disney villain close at heart. Of course, he made his first appearance in the first Aladdin movie, being the biggest challenge that our young street rat has ever faced. Thankfully, Aladdin had a genie, a magic carpet, and fate on his side, so this secondary character never stood a chance. He has a name, and you'll need to click on it now.

15Name the Toy Story character!

Here's another Toy Story character, a close to friend to the others featured in this quiz. She spends most of her time tending to flocks of sheep, though that's not shown during Toy Story's run. Instead, this damsel is shown being generally nice to the toys around her as they go about their business saving other toys. She was introduced way back in the early 90's, when the first Toy Story movie was released. Let's see if you remember her name.

16Name the Snow White character!

This is one of the seven dwarves from Snow White lore, as you probably know. He likes diamonds, and spends much of his free time around them, despite the fact that he works in a mine and sees this stuff all day. Occupation aside, this dwarf will be forever cherished for helping Snow White along her path. If you cherish him like a truly Disney fan does, then choosing his name among these won't be too hard a task for you.

17Name the 101 Dalmatians character!

These evil villains terrorize our heroes in 101 Dalmatians, making us dislike them by principle. However, we must remember that every Disney movie has its lesson, and 101 Dalmatians is no exception. Without these two serving as metaphors for life's challenges, our heroes and dogs wouldn't be given the full emancipation experience that comes with being alive. Or something like that. At any rate, these crooks both had name, and you'll need to remember them in order to make it through.

18Name the Winnie the Pooh character!

Here's a famous character from the Winnie the Pooh franchise, sweeping a patch of forest for some reason. Well, you can't knock the poor little piggie down too hard, since he never really was the brightest animal in the grove. However, what he lacks in brains he more than makes up for in heart. Even during the harshest of times, he always keeps a positive outlook, and his attitude spreads out to his friends. Do you remember this little guy's name?

19Name the Beauty and the Beast character!

Here's a little teacup, short and stout. Of course, this tiny piece of dishware is no ordinary teacup, seeing as how it moves, can talk, and has a face. In fact, it all makes this teacup the most interesting object in all existence, though that all goes out the window considering its non-existence. Sigh. At any rate, at least we can watch Beauty and the Beast to see it in action. Say, what was this little cup's name again? Do you remember?

20Name the Alice in Wonderland character!

We're down the rabbit hole once more, and it seems as though there's a crazy guy sitting on the table who wants to speak with us. He doesn't seem outright evil, though we get the impression that he's up to something, and he wouldn't tell us what he's up to even if we asked him directly. We don't have many options other than sitting down with him and seeing where this goes. We've forgotten his name, though - what was it?

21Name the Frozen character!

This poor snowman seems to have dropped his head, which is super unfortunate. Thankfully he'll be able to pick it up, though it might take a while. Since we're waiting around anyway, and since it's the whole reason why everyone's here, we might as well keep playing the game and guess his name. If you've seen Frozen, the prospect of doing that shouldn't scare you in the least. Recall this secondary character's name, and we'll move on to the next one.

22Name the Bambi character!

This little woodland creature likes to thump around, which might or might not be a clue meant to direct you to his name. At any rate, you might recognize him from the classic Bambi movie, where he played a close friend to dear Bambi after he lost his poor mom. Although there wasn't much depth to this secondary Disney character, just the look of him alone is enough to brighten up your day. Let's see if you can name this guy.

23Name the Snow White character!

As you know, there seven dwarfs to accompany Snow White through her adventure, this being one of them. Here he is, looking ever so... shy? Hmm, it's hard to describe this one without giving his name, which is the same case as the dwarf above, Suffice it to say that, if you're a true Disney fan, you won't be needing too many hints to get this dwarf's name right. Come on, don't let poor Snow White down - name the character.

24Name the Finding Nemo character!

Finding Nemo has no shortage of classic characters, like this gal right here. In fact, she made quite an impression when we were first introduced to her, Hollywood went and gave her her own spin off franchise, which was a super success. If you need another hint, keep in mind that this fish is voiced by Ellen Degeneres, in one of her rare recent film roles. If that's not enough for you, it's time to go back to Disney school.

25Name the Little Mermaid character!

Since we're already underwater, it's probably best to move onto this secondary Disney character right here. If you consider yourself a person who's truly into their Disney movies, you'll probably recognize which movie this crustacean comes from without us telling you. At any rate, it's The Little Mermaid, where he plays a dear friend to Ariel during those times when she needs him most. If your heart has been touched by this shelled icon, then you definitely know his name.

26Name the Lion King character!

Once again, let's enter the jungles of The Lion King. Here's another famous Disney character who emerged from the series, and he serves as one half of one of the most famous duos in animated movie history. Of course, Timon is the other half, though we definitely won't give you any more clues than that. All it should take is one look at that snout and those tusks for you to get this one right. What do you think is his name?

27Name the Aladdin character!

Here's another Disney animal for you, except this one isn't exactly known for his powers of language. In fact, he's not known for much besides being Jasmine's cat in Aladdin, though that's enough of a feature to land him in this quiz. This is one of the harder entries, so take your time. Think back to the Aladdin movie, consider where it's located, and keep in mind that this tiger's name is a popular one pertaining to that region. Remember?

28Name the Bug's Life character!

A Bug's Life, like all good Disney movies, needs its villain in order to drive the plot forward, which is the role served by this insect right here. By the looks of it, he's very angry right about now. That's a safe assumption, since this grasshopper was shown in a state of anger more often than not during his scenes of the film. If you'll recall those scenes, you might also remember his name. Let's find out if you do.

29Name the Peter Pan character!

Aside from villains, a good Disney movie also benefits from a healthy dose of magic, brought to us in Peter Pan in the form of pixie dust, care of this little entity right here. You definitely know her by her name and, considering she's one of the main Disney mascots, you probably recognize what she looks like, too. In this contest, names are what count over all. Name this secondary Disney character from Peter Pan, and we'll see what you've got.

30Name the Winnie & the Pooh character!

There's a perplexed look on this tiger's face, and we're not exactly sure why. It's quite typical, though, since he tends to be confused quite often when we see him in the Winnie the Pooh stories, including the feature film. Of course, this confusion is balanced by a sense of joy, as we often see him bouncing around the wild. If this tiger looks familiar to you, there's a chance that you might actually remember his name. Let's find out.

31Name the Aladdin character!

It's none other than this majestic Disney creature, who graced us with his presence in the Aladdin movie. Since then, he's served as one of the main faces of Disney, and there's no wondering why. His sense of humor and charisma was just as spell-binding as his magical abilities. We'll give you a hint: this character was voiced by the late Robin Williams. With that in mind, choose the right button carefully, and we'll soon find out if you're a true Disney fan.

32Name the Little Mermaid character!

It's back under the seas for us, and this time we seem to have encountered a delightfully colorful fish. We won't say which species it belongs to, since that may or may not give out this character's name. We can safely inform you that he's not a clown fish. Hope that helps. If you need a hint, remember that this guy was first featured in The Little Mermaid. Does that clarify things? At any rate, you can go ahead and click a button.

33Name the Beauty and the Beast character!

Time itself comes to life in Beauty and the Beast, in the form of this secondary Disney character. Like the others on this quiz, you'll probably recognize this one by face, though guessing the name will likely be the bigger challenge. We believe you can do it, but that's not what counts here. What counts is you believing it, with resolution. So, with ultimate faith, click a button, and let the click echo out loud. What's this Disney character's name?

34Name the Inside Out character!

Uh oh, this guy's angry! Whether you got the last question right or wrong, the result seems to have ticked him off. Somehow, we get the feeling that he would have gotten mad no matter which button you pressed. At any rate, he's here now, and he's hollering. You can try to ask his name through the racket, but he probably won't hear you. Instead, relying on your memory of Inside Out, choose this character's name. You can do it, remember?

35Name the Lion King character!

Here's that other half of the famed duo we were introduced to in The Lion King, or one of them at least. To be honest, there are so many famous animals separated into groups in this movie, it's easy for us to lose track. Thankfully we wrote this quiz, so we're not the ones taking it. That would be you, so you'd better hope you remember The Lion King in order to get this one right. What's this little guy's name?

36Name the Beauty and the Beast character!

Here's another tea/coffee-based kitchen item introduced to us in Beauty and the Beast, though it's not quite as tall and a little stouter, if we do say. This happens to be the mother of the tea cup we spoke about a little earlier on, and she's just as jovial. If you remember the movie, either the recent one or the original cartoon, you shouldn't be stuck here for too long. If not, remember that Googling is not allowed! Guess the name, fair and square.

37Name the Pocahontas character!

Aha! We've caught a raccoon red-handed eating a bunch of berries, or nuts or something. Whatever it is he's stolen, it's clearly too much, and a fine should be issued. At any rate, we suppose it's not unlikely of this secondary Disney character to stuff his face, since that's much of what he did in the Pocahontas movie, which you'll know if you're a true Disney fan. Look at his guilty face, and try to remember this little raccoon's name.

38Name the Bug's Life character!

You might recognize this caterpillar from A Bug's Life, where he spent plenty of time in utter fright. If you need a reminder of what that might have looked like, navigate your gaze to the picture here, where he's clearly fearing a very imminent death. No doubt his culprit is a large, hungry creature looking for a plump lunch. A Bug's Life had a number of iconic characters you might remember. Right now, though, this is the one that matters.

39Name the Hercules character!

Some gods like to fly solo, others prefer faithful companionship. Well, there's no friend quite like this flying horse right here, and no one knows that better than Hercules. No average steed is fast or strong enough to carry out a Hercules mission, not to mention they lack the wings and magic to fly. Well, this buckaroo right here has guts, magic powers and a decent sense of humor. Once you see him in action, you never forget his name.

40Name the Toy Story character!

It's time to save some money, which means we need a piggy bank. Look, here's one, but oh! It just moved and swore at us. That won't do. Eventually, we'll need to access the money we put into this piggy bank, and something tells us we lack the patience to get the coins and bills out one by one. No, we would have to resort to other, more dynamic means of acquiring our currency. And we don't want to put this pig through that. What's his name, anyway?

41Name the Hercules character!

Just as our faithful steed above is companion to Hercules, this tyrant is our hero's mortal enemy. It's been that way since Hercules was born, when Hades' minions stole him from his crib and brought him down to Earth to kill him. Luckily for everyone, Hercules survived, and would grow up to eventually kick the blue hair our out of this guy's head. He rules the underworld, which is a job he's had for a very long time. What's his name?

42Name the Tangled character!

It's just about time for another horse, and this one wields a short sword. Now, that definitely is not the weapon kit we would assign a horse. There's almost no range of motion here, and the positioning is awkward at best. Anyway, thankfully, this horse doesn't need to engage in sword fights too often. Instead, its time is spent slip-clopping around with good company, like a Disney horse should. If you're a Disney fan, you definitely remember this horse's name.

43Name the Pocahontas character!

We're back to the endless forests of Pocahontas, where this little hummingbird is one of the many majestic critters crawling and flying about. Lucky Pocahontas, having the chance to spend so much of her free time around these folks. Unfortunately, all smooth rides eventually hit a bumpy pass, which you'll know if you watched Pocahontas back in the day. Maybe you've given it a viewing recently, in which case this bird's name will be fresh in your mind. Either way, the choice is yours.

44Name the Mulan character!

Mulan is a great movie for several reasons, one of those definitely being this little dragon. First of all, he's a dragon, which is amazing. He's a small dragon, but we'll take it. Second, he has a terrific sense of humor, which is something Mulan definitely needs as she survives the struggles depicted in the film. All in all, this secondary Disney character is one of the most memorable. That means you should remember his name if you're a Disney fan.

45Name the Winnie the Pooh character!

It's sad to see this quiz end so soon, so we'll end with a sad secondary Disney character. You might remember him from the Winnie the Pooh movie, or from the countless TV shows. Either way, even if you've never heard of him before, you can probably tell how sad he is from the picture. In fact, he's sad that we won't get to play this game any longer. Pick this final character's name, and we'll finally reveal your result.

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