Add Or Remove These Superheroes To Your Team, And We'll Reveal If You Could Save The World!

Time after time, we have seen the greatest heroes ever created banding together to save the world. Whether they were brought together by choice or force, these individuals set their differences aside in order to keep our planet safe from anyone who would be foolish enough to make their move. We have fallen in love with these stories, and watching them on the big screen has added an entirely new dimension to these stories.

As we have seen, these heroes are usually involved with a number of different affiliations during their time in print, giving fans a look at how these different heroes would work together should fate make them fight alongside each other. We have even seen events where heroes from different companies band together to fights the forces of evil and fulfill fans wishes. So, with this in mind, it only makes sense that we include heroes from several different companies, giving you an opportunity to create the team of your dreams.

In total, we will be presenting you with 25 heroes to potentially add to your dream team. Judging by the answers you give us, we will let you know if you and your squad can successfully save the world!

1Would You Choose Batman?

An expert tactician can help any group complete their mission, and there are few individuals that can plan as efficiently as Batman. He is also skilled in combat and has pockets deep enough to get his team whatever they could possibly need. Plus, you would have access to the Batcave and Wayne Manor.

2Would You Choose Captain America?

Thanks to a special serum, the small kid with the huge heart now has the muscles and the speed to wipe out just about anyone in combat. Captain America possesses all of the traits that one would look for when assembling a team, but you had better watch your mouth when he is around.

3Would You Choose The Crow?

Now, at first glance, The Crow may seem like an odd choice to include on your team, but we suggest that you give him another look. Sure, he came back from the dead seeking revenge, but think of the possibilities. He has incredible senses, can’t feel pain or be damaged and has enhanced strength and speed.


4Would You Choose Superman?

Is any team complete without Superman? He is considered the quintessential superhero, and his abilities have made him almost impossible to stop. He has incredible strength and speed, heat vision, frost breath and much more. Just be careful, because as we saw in Injustice, he can snap and wreak havoc.

5Would You Choose Black Widow?

While she may not possess any super powers to speak of, comic fans know that having Black Widow on your team is a wise decision. She was groomed to be an amazing assassin, and her combat abilities as well as her ability to execute covert missions can be highly beneficial.


6Would You Choose Doctor Manhattan?

Including Doctor Manhattan on this quiz almost isn’t fair, but we wanted to keep things interesting. With Doctor Manhattan, you are teaming up with someone whose powers and abilities are literally limitless. However, he has slowly become detached from mankind, so good luck keeping him around for the long haul.

7Would You Choose Vision?

Having an Infinity Stone lodged in your forehead can make you incredibly powerful, but it may take time to fully realize what you have. After being created by Ultron, Vision is still learning how powerful he actually is. He has enhanced human traits, but he can also fly, shapeshift, regenerate and control technology.


8Would You Choose Green Lantern?

While he may have an arrogant personality at times, Hal Jordan is someone who can come through in clutch situations. His military background helped instill discipline in him, and his Lantern Ring allows him the ability to generate anything that his mind can think of. He could be a welcome addition to your team.

9Would You Choose Iron Man?

Looking for a teammate who has an incredible intellect, buckets of cash and is able to take charge of a situation to get things done? Then Iron Man is the perfect addition to your squad. His brain and technology alone make him valuable, but you will have to deal with his arrogant personality.


10Would You Choose Hellboy?

Robots, androids and the undead can all help your team, but imagine what you can do with someone who is half demon. It goes without saying that Hellboy is insanely strong and fast, but he also has a healing factor and can end the world with the Right Hand of Doom.

11Would You Choose Ant-Man?

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all heroes can have awesome powers. When it comes to Ant-Man, you may initially brush him aside due to his lack of actual abilities. But, as we saw in Captain America: Civil War, he can be useful in certain situations. Plus, you’d have access to Hank Pym’s brilliant mind.


12Would You Choose Wolverine?

When he is willing to play ball and not go completely rogue, there may not be a better teammate than Wolverine. Healing factor aside, he has proven himself to be ruthless in combat, and his heightened senses can prove useful in a number of situations. An Adamantium skeleton helps, too.

13Would You Choose Wonder Woman?

Given her time on earth and experience in combat, adding Wonder Woman to your team of superheroes could be a wise decision. She is blessed with having a number of abilities, including flight and a healing factor. Throw in her lasso, and you have yourself one of the toughest heroes around.


14Would You Choose Aquaman?

As we have seen on a number of occasions, Aquaman has some incredible powers that aren’t limited to him being in the water. He has shown a willingness to engage in combat while on land, and he possesses immense strength. It’s important to have allies everywhere, and with Aquaman, you’ll have the oceans on lock.

15Would You Choose Mr. Incredible?

Yes, you’re reading this correctly. In order to make our list as fun and interesting as possible, we decided to include Mr. Incredible who will be seeing his return to the big screen later this year. He may be clumsy at times, but he has brains, strength, a huge heart and he has invulnerability.


16Would You Choose Spider-Man?

Youth can provide a jolt of energy to any team, and with Spider-Man on the squad, you had better believe that he will try to keep things light. His heightened senses will aid your team in many situations, and his underrated strength and speed will help keep enemies on their toes.

17Would You Choose Cyborg?

With Cyborg on your team, you will have access to virtually any database known to man. You will have the luxury of staying up to the second on any developments, and his ability to fly and contribute in combat is incredibly useful as well. Moreover, Cyborg is also very intelligent.


18Would You Choose Spawn?

Saying no to having Spawn on your team will leave you kicking yourself for eternity. For starters, it is nearly impossible for Spawn to die. He has all of his human traits set on overdrive, insane abilities in regard to combat, teleportation, shapeshifting and a healing factor. The man is a beast.

19Would You Choose Black Panther?

Not unlike a few other heroes on this list, having Black Panther as part of your squad brings with it an abundance of money and opportunity. Having Vibranium and enhanced technology means that you will have incredible resources as well. He is incredible in combat, intelligent and has excellent leadership skills.


20Would You Choose Martian Manhunter?

If you are looking for a hero who can do just about anything he wants, then Martian Manhunter is the teammate for you. He has a set of skills and abilities that any hero would envy, and he can be the anchor of your team. Not only is he physically gifted, but he is a genius as well.

21Would You Choose Kick-Ass?

Oh, Kick-Ass. After losing his mother and gaining an interest in comics, an ordinary teenager decides to buy a suit and fight crime. While he doesn’t have any powers or exceptional fighting skills to speak of, he has a ton of heart, and he could be a vocal inspiration to the other members of your team.


22Would You Choose Daredevil?

It may be hard to believe based on what he is capable of doing, but losing his sight is the best thing that ever happened to Daredevil. This acrobatic hero functions incredibly well on his own, but we have seen him work in a team environment as well. His senses make him highly valuable.

23Would You Choose The Flash?

Every group can use someone with superhuman speed and a desire to do the right thing, and that is exactly what you get with Barry Allen. Thanks to his intellect, he can use and manipulate the Speed Force on a whim in order to make the most out of any situation that he finds himself in.


24Would You Choose The Comedian?

With amazing hand-to-hand combat skills and expert marksmanship, The Comedian is someone who has spent plenty of time working in a team environment. His conditioning as a whole makes him valuable as well. Unfortunately, you will also have to deal with the man behind the mask, and Edward Blake is hard to love.

25Would You Choose Leonardo Or Raphael?

For this last question, we are going to let you decide between two Ninja Turtles. As the de facto leader of the group, you could go with Leonardo. He is a great leader and he can hold his own in combat. Raphael, however, is a beast on the battlefield, but he does have a fiery temper.

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