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To have the best experience for this quiz, open up a new tab, get on YouTube, and play n.W.o’s theme music while you take the quiz. Put that bad boy on a loop or let the n.W.o Wolfpac theme song play next. The n.W.o was a groundbreaking stable but before we get into it, you should know the history behind it.

Previous to the birth of the n.W.o, there was a real group of friends in the WWE. Known as the Kliq, they hated each other on screen but were best friends behind the curtains. Two of those friends would leave the WWE for Ted Turner’s WCW. Eric Bischoff and creative decided they wanted to tap into realistic storytelling, similar to the themes of reality television today.

The realism along with the great talent in the stable made the n.W.o transcend from the wrestling industry into pop culture. It became so popular in the 1990s that even in 2017 their impact is still felt in the wrestling industry. Although we would like to paint a great picture about this stable, they also had their downfalls. The amount of success WCW and the members of the stable would have would lead to a laundry list of problems that ultimately ended WCW. Regardless, the n.W.o will be considered one of the greatest creations 4 life.

Question 1

What Year Was n.W.o Formed?

Ted Turner founded WCW in 1988 but didn’t start making a profit until the mid-1990s. As the new kid on the wrestling industry block, Turner would throw large sums of money at his promotion which resulted in new signings, outrageous props and ring sets, and entertainment content outside the ring. Who can’t forget that terrible segment featuring Sting and Robocop? After swinging and missing, WCW tapped into real potential with the n.W.o. Will give you one small hint, the stable wasn’t formed in the 1980s.

Question 2

True Or False: n.W.o Was In The WWE?

We all know Vince McMahon wished he thought of the n.W.o storyline. He enjoyed the idea so much it’s a huge reason why he created D-Generation X and let Shawn Michaels and Triple H get away with a lot of shenanigans. After the WWE bought out WCW in 2001, a lot of fans of the n.W.o didn’t know whether their favorite stable would have a home in McMahon’s WWE Universe. Do you remember if the n.W.o every made its way to the WWE?

Question 3

What Is The n.W.o's Hand Gesture Called?

Fans didn’t realize it at first but members of The Kliq such as Shawn Michaels and Scott Hall would throw up the hand gesture whether before a match or after. The subtle move wasn’t known at the time but several decades later pretty much every wrestling fan knows the gesture. Kevin Nash said it was started by X-Pac during a European tour. After the split of the Kliq, it became a symbol of unity but the WCW and the n.W.o took it one stepped further and started including it in their storylines.

Question 4

Kevin Nash And Scott Hall’s Tag Team Was Called?

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall both were in the WCW before moving onto bigger and better things in the WWE. They would become Diesel and Razor Ramon during their stint with Vince McMahon. Separately, they would win championships and be part of the biggest headlines for the company. Turner saw the talent and decided to throw large sums of cash at both Superstars when their contracts were over. The Kliq members would jump ship and head to WCW in 1996 and the rest is history.

Question 5

Which Wrestler Wasn’t A Founding Member?

When it was all said and done, the n.W.o had dozens upon dozens of members but it was originally started by just three. By 1996, Ted Turner’s WCW would be in a war with Vince McMahon’s WWE. Turner decided one of the best ways to defeat his enemy is by offering WWE’s talent large sums of money which McMahon couldn’t compete with. At first, the results were great and a lot of well-known stars jumped ship. The free agent signings would result in the n.W.o being born but do you remember who were the original founding fathers?

Question 6

True Or False: Bret Hart Was A Member Of The n.W.o?

The n.W.o’s calling was anti-authority and the “I’ll do what I want attitude.” Another hallmark for the stable from the start was the fact that it had former WWE wrestlers as its members. This added an extra element to make it seem like n.W.o was trying to take over the WCW. The stable eventually stopped with hiring just former WWE employees and started adding homegrown stars and celebrities. The expansion of the team eventually led to its downfall but do you remember if Bret Hart was a member?

Question 7

Which n.W.o Member Was The Only One To Win WCW’s Cruiserweight Championship?

The WCW Cruiserweight Championship was created in 1996, however, the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship was created in 1991 which has the same concept that you had to be under 225 pounds to compete. The Light Heavyweight Championship would last only a year before Brad Armstrong vacated the title due to injury. Fast forward to 1996, Shinjiro Otani would defeat Wild Pegasus to become the inaugural cruiserweight champion. The title would actually stay around and carry over to the WWE but do you remember which n.W.o member won the belt?

Question 8

In which PPV Was The n.W.o Formed?

Not one fan saw it coming. The greatest hero of professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan, would turn heel and form a dominant stable featuring Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. If you could compare it to today’s entertainment, it was like watching HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” season three, episode 9, called The Red Wedding. Fans were physically and emotionally distraught after the formation of n.W.o and it led to a lot of trash being thrown in the ring. Although WCW is now defunct, they definitely pulled off one of the greatest moments in wrestling history.

Question 9

How Many Times Did Hollywood Hogan Win WCW’s World Heavyweight Championship Representing n.W.o?

Hulk Hogan would shock the wrestling industry and sign with Ted Turner’s WCW in 1994. Most fans thought Vince McMahon and Hogan could come together on a deal but in reality, Turner offered too much money to turn down. It would take two years before Hogan became a founder of the n.W.o. Will give you one hint, Hogan has six WCW World Heavyweight Championship reigns under his belt, however, the question is, how many of those reigns came as a member of the n.W.o.

Question 10

Which Wrestler Didn’t Face Scott Hall And Kevin Nash At The Great American Bash In 1996?

When Scott Hall arrived in the WCW, the “Bad Guy” was walking around the venue before hopping over the security fence and disrupting a match in the ring. He would claim that the fans knew who he was but didn’t know why he was there, which was true. During those days, fans weren't privy to backstage rumors and spoilers that we can research on the internet today. Eventually, Hall would introduce Nash and they would set up a six-man tag team match with three stars of WCW.

Question 11

Which Celebrity Was A Member Of The n.W.o?

The WCW would take a cue from Vince McMahon and go one step further in regards to celebrities. Not only would celebrities be involved in storylines, WCW creative would even make them champions, such as actor David Arquette. Arquette becoming champion was a poor move and didn’t win any new fans but that doesn’t mean WCW didn’t get it right on another occasion. NBA legends Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone would have a feud on the court as well in the ring, do you remember the story?

Question 12

Which Wrestler Was The First To Join The Founding Fathers?

As we stated earlier, the n.W.o had many members and incarnations over the years. The stable was revolutionary and the impact it had on the wrestling industry changed everything. We all know by now that Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash would become the founding fathers of the n.W.o at WCW’s Great American Bash in 1996. It didn’t take long for the stable to add a fourth figure to the team. Was it another former WWE Superstar or someone who was already in the WCW?

Question 13

Which n.W.o Member Didn’t Win WCW’s World War 3 Match?

WCW would have some crazy gimmick PPVs and World War 3 might just take the cake as the wackiest one of them all. Arguably created to compete with WWE’s Royal Rumble, World War 3 would involve not one, not two, but three rings in a sixty man battle royal. Starting in 1995, the PPV would only last four years and would be replaced by Mayhem. Although short-lived, it was still great to see this experiment on live television. Three times a wrestler representing n.W.o won the event, do you remember which one didn't?

Question 14

Who Wasn’t A Member Of n.W.o Wolfpac?

You think Marvel’s “Civil War” was created in 2006 and fans got to witness a live-action film about the storyline in 2016, however, there was another fictional civil war that was very important in WCW. The n.W.o would get so big that creative decided to split the stable up. On one side you had n.W.o Hollywood and on the other side, you had the n.W.o Wolfpac. Starting in the Spring of 1988, the story would end Jan. 4, 1999 on an episode of Monday Night Nitro when the “Fingerpoke of Doom,” was created.

Question 15

Which n.W.o Member Would Break Bill Goldberg’s Undefeated Streak?

Will any promotion pull off an undefeated streak the way WCW and Bill Goldberg did? After a stint in the NFL, Goldberg started powerlifting and mixed martial arts. He would be noticed by Lex Luger and Sting and the two convinced him to try professional wrestling. He would make his official debut in 1997 and go on an impressive 173 win streak. Going into Starrcade as champion in 1998, Goldberg would lose for the very first time due to outside interference.

Question 16

Which n.W.o Member Didn’t Win WCW’s World Television Championship?

If you didn’t know, WWE’s SmackDown Live! United States Championship was created by NWA/JCP in 1975. It would be carried over to the WCW in 1988 before coming to the WWE in 2001. You can argue this title has more prestige than the Intercontinental Championship and Universal Championship because it’s history and who held the title. From the inaugural champion, Harley Race, to the current champion A.J. Styles, a lot of wrestlers have held the title. Do you remember which n.W.o member didn't win the title?

Question 17

What Kayfabe Role Did Eric Bischoff Have Before Joining The n.W.o?

Eric Bischoff didn’t get handed a promotion like Vince McMahon but the two did work every backstage job you can think of an eventually became the kayfabe authority figure for their respective companies. Bischoff would join the WCW in 1991 and by 1993 he would apply and be hired as the Executive Producer for the promotion. Bischoff has his hands all over the n.W.o but do you remember what role he played before becoming the shot caller in the WCW?

Question 18

Which n.W.o Member Didn’t Win WCW’s World Heavyweight Championship?

Known as “The Big Gold Belt,” the WCW World Heavyweight Championship was created in 1991. It would be unified with the International Championship (The original Big Gold Belt) in 1994 when Ric Flair wrestled Sting. The title has been the biggest prize of them all for the WCW until they were bought out by the WWE in 2001. We can tell you that the championship was represented by four n.W.o members on different occasions. Between those four wrestlers, the n.W.o would have 8 title reigns.

Question 19

Which Stable Isn’t An n.W.o Spin Off?

The n.W.o has had many incarnations and spin offs since being founded in 1996. It’s arguably a reason why the once fantastic stable became watered down and abysmal by the time the WWE bought out WCW in 2001. From 1996 to 2001, dozens upon dozens of wrestlers have been labeled a member of some incarnation of the n.W.o. If you don’t count the WWE, the n.W.o has had seven different teams or incarnations. Can you remember which one of these was not a spin off from this famous stable?

Question 20

Which Former NASCAR Driver Represented n.W.o?

NASCAR and racing in general always relied on sponsors to represent their team. Whether it’s for branding purposes or receiving that extra money, sponsors and NASCAR will always go hand-in-hand. With that said, sometimes those sponsors might not be a product you were thinking. In 1996, Ted Turner was thinking outside the box once again and decided to sponsor a NASCAR driver using an n.W.o theme. It didn’t last long but was cool to see the black and white colors flying on a race track.

Question 21

Who Wasn't A Member Of n.W.o Hollywood?

As we mentioned in the last question, the WCW decided to make a civil war storyline with the n.W.o. With countless members on the stable, it was a no brainer to split the team up. You had your typical heroes and villains and the storyline would end with the infamous “Fingerpoke of Doom” skit involving Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash. Interestingly, it was the same night WCW would spoil WWE’s Mankind winning the WWE Championship. The date would be a significant marker for the downfall of the WCW and the rise of the WWE.

Question 22

Which Referee Was A Member of n.W.o?

The n.W.o had wrestlers, trillionaires, backstage authority figures but no one was thinking they would have referees in their pocket as well. This referee would join the n.W.o in 1996 and would allow them to cheat and get away with nefarious acts. He would be in an actual match with Chris Jericho at World War 3 in 1996, which he lost. His time with the n.W.o would come to an end at WCW Spring Stampede in 1997 when he had a change of heart about his evil ways.

Question 23

True Or False: n.W.o B-Team Was A Real Stable

As we mentioned before, the n.W.o has had seven different stables during the WCW era. Some of these incarnations which include n.W.o Hollywood, Wolfpac, Elite, and 2000. The WCW decided to incorporate dozens of wrestlers into these stables and it ultimately would bring on the downfall of the momentum the original n.W.o stable had. We don’t mind more stables and wrestlers but the WCW clearly watered down the stable and made a huge mess out of the storylines. Was there ever a b-team of jobbers for the n.W.o?

Question 24

Which PPV Did Hollywood Hogan Rechristened WCW’s World Heavyweight Championship as n.W.o’s World Heavyweight Championship?

The WCW’s World Heavyweight Championship was unified with the International Championship in 1994. For two years, the title wasn’t tainted by the n.W.o but when Hollywood Hogan beat the Giant at this PPV, he would desecrate the title by spray painting n.W.o on the golden plate. Hollywood Hogan would then refer to the championship as the n.W.o title. It would be almost a year later when he would lose the n.W.o title to Lex Luger on an episode of Monday Night Nitro.

Question 25

Which Wrestler Wasn’t A Member Of n.W.o 2000?

The n.W.o 2000 would be the last incarnation of the famous stable before the WWE would buy out the WCW. The logo would become silver instead of white and they used the slogan “The band is back together.” The roster for this stable was packed with talent but they didn’t mesh well and WCW couldn’t catch the same spark it did in 1996.The stable would only last until 2000 and is considered a big flop among WCW and n.W.o fans.

Question 26

Which Parody Stable Did Eddie Guerrero Form To Battle The n.W.o?

When you have a successful product, people are going to want to copy it. The idea behind Eddie Guerrero’s stable was to give the fans a stable similar to the n.W.o but with a south of the border flair. They would feud with the n.W.o as well as other wrestlers and stable but only lasted from Oct. 1998 to Jan. 1999. Some of the members included La Parka, Psychosis, and Rey Mysterio Jr. The best thing to come out of the story was Mysterio and The Outsiders feuding.

Question 27

What Is The Name Of n.W.o’s Theme Song?

One of the best elements of the n.W.o was the powerful entrance music. The song was cool as ice and had a Jimi Hendrix feel to it. If a wrestler doesn’t have a great entrance song to go along with their gimmick then they better be able to wrestle. The sound and look of a wrestlers brand or gimmick is just as important as their wrestling ability these days and WCW hit money with n.W.o’s theme song. The song was created by Frank Shelley and it will stay awesome 4 life.

Question 28

What Was n.W.o’s own PPV Called

The wrestling industry is always finding new and exciting ways to get people to pay for PPVs. Sometimes this calls for gimmick themed PPVs such as WWE’s Money in the Bank and Hell in the Cell. Eric Bischoff and the WCW decided they wanted to make the n.W.o phenomenon its own separate brand. This includes its own roster, announcers, referees, and of course, PPVs. This themed PPV was hosted by the n.W.o and aired in 1997. There would be four more PPVs before the WWE would buy out the WCW in 2001.

Question 29

True Or False: There Was An n.W.o Japan Faction?

With n.W.o Wolfpac, Elite, 2000, and Hollywood being created by the WCW, do you think there was an n.W.o faction in Japan? The WCW and the Japanese wrestling industry had a fruitful relationship since the WCW was founded in 1988. WCW would bring over The Great Muta and Jushin “Thunder” Liger, giving fans in the United States a fresh look at wrestling from across the Pacific Ocean. With a working relationship with NJPW, anything was possible, including Japan’s very own n.W.o.

Question 30

Hollywood Hogan Made His First WrestleMania Appearance After Nine Years At Which One?

Listen here, brother! You need to train, say your prayers, and take your vitamins. Hulk Hogan and the WWE lit the world on fire in the 1980s and early 1990s but when Hogan jumped over to WCW, no one knew if he would ever return to the company that started HulkaMania. After WWE bought WCW in 2001, Hogan did return and it was electrifying. He would be involved in a WrestleMania match with The Rock but do you remember which one?

Question 31

How Many Times Did Kevin Nash And Scott Hall Win WCW’s World Tag Team Championship?

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would burst onto the WCW scene in 1996. Fans recognized them from their days in the WWE as Diesel and Razor Ramon respectively. It was an awesome time to be a WCW fan and The Outsiders didn’t disappoint. The two would become arguably the greatest tag team in the WCW. Not only did they have the fans eating out of the palm of their hand with every segment but they also became tag team champions. Do you remember how many reigns they had?

Question 32

Which n.W.o Member Didn’t Win A Title Representing The Stable?

With countless members in the n.W.o over the years, there were more than enough champions in the stable. A member of the infamous stable has won WCW’s Cruiserweight, United States, World Heavyweight, World Tag Team, and World Television Championship. With dozens of title reigns and polarizing figures, do you know which n.W.o member didn’t win a title for the stable? Will give you one hint, he has never won a title in the WCW but did win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Question 33

True Or False: Shawn Michaels Was A Member Of The n.W.o?

You can list up to 50 talents as members of the n.W.o at one time or another. Whether in the WCW, WWE or over in Japan, the stable has seen countless wrestlers come and go. When the WWE bought out the WCW in 2001, many fans were wondering they would incorporate the stable into their program. They did but kept it limited to the original founding fathers at first. If you were watching wrestling during that time period then this answer could be a piece of cake.

Question 34

The Founding Fathers Would Have One Last Run With TNA In 2010 But What Were They Called

After the n.W.o was officially over in the WWE as a storyline, the founding fathers (Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan) would find themselves in TNA in 2010. The promotion decided to bring the stable back together but due to copyright laws, they had to change the name of the stable. It was short-lived and for nostalgia purposes only but the stable did have one last official match before ultimately retiring. Of course, everyone knew it was the n.W.o but do you remember what name replaced it?

Question 35

Which Member Never Worked For WWE?

The WWE and WCW have had tons of talent switch back and forth from each company. It was common practice for a wrestler to switch from one promotion to the next but not everyone made that jump in their careers. We’re pretty surprised this wrestler never made his way to the WWE. He had the size, look, and in-ring ability to make it in the WWE.

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