A Real Hannah Montana Fan Can Score Over 90% On This Test. Can You?

What better feeling than coming back home from school after a long day and laying down in front of the TV to watch our favorite show. The series "Hannah Montana" was one of those TV shows in the 2000s you were looking forward to watching on your couch with a bowl of cereal. The show was broadcast for five years on Disney Channel and was one of the most-loved TV shows of teenagers around the world. The first episode came out in 2006, and the show lasted until 2011.

The story followed a young student living her best life, or some will say 'the best of both worlds' in California with her father and her brother. Who says double-life says double personality; funny, cute, and awkward student by day and a confident, popular, and stylish superstar by night. Each episode revealed more and more crazy adventures of our favorite characters doing the most absurd and hilarious things we could imagine.

Even after five years since the show first aired, it's still hard for a lot of people to say goodbye to the show that made us want to become a superstar and live a double life. After all, Hannah Montana is probably one of the best things to ever happen to the Disney Channel!

Question 1

Who were the main characters?

Let's start easy. The show followed five main characters. While the main protagonist was living her best double life, she was also followed by her two partners in crime and best friends. One was known for being cute, quirky, and bubbly and the other for being witty and hilarious. The trio went through ups and down on the way but always found a way back to each other. Along with her two friends, her father and brother were always by her side to watch and live her crazy life. What were these characters' names?

Question 2

Who was the first person Miley told about being Hannah Montana?

Although only two people - her father and her brother - knew about the real identity of Hannah Montana, in the very first episode of the show, someone very special to Miley learns her biggest secret as well. The episode follows someone mentioning to Miley about having two tickets for Hannah Montana. Miley has to find a way for her secret to be kept safe without revealing it to anyone. Unfortunately, her efforts to keep it safe are cut short when someone sneaks into Hannah's dressing room. Who was it?

Question 3

Which of these young famous singers was featured on the show?

Although a lot of famous celebrities were featured in some episodes of the series, one of these four famous singers could be seen alongside Hannah in three episodes. The star played a character known for being Hannah's Montana enemy. Being a famous pop singer in the episodes but also an actress playing alongside Jake Ryan, Hannah's opponent seems to be friends with Miley but hates Hannah because of the jealousy she has toward her. Who's the famous singer who played this character?

Question 4

What was the name of Lilly's alter ego?

Miley's best friend, Lilly, was always to be seen by her side - no wonder she also had to find another persona, so she wouldn't get recognized at school. With an enormous selection of different-colored wigs and a unique and crazy style, Lilly creates this extravagant character, just like Miley did with Hannah, in order to follow Hannah wherever she goes without being recognized. The only difference between Hannah and Lilly's alter ego, is that Lilly's character doesn't sing nor is crazy famous, but she's known to be Hannah's best friend and most trusted partner. What's the name that Lilly gives to her character?

Question 5

Where is Miley's house?

The iconic and beautiful house is shown multiple times throughout a lot of different episodes in the show. The house is located in California next to a beautiful beach, where Miley and her two best friends liked to spend some time relaxing. It's also the beach where Rico's restaurant is, with himself and Jackson being behind the counter to serve the clients of the beach. The house is shown numerous times in transitions between different scenes. But in which city is it located?

Question 6

What was Jake Ryan's real name?

We all remember the heartthrob and Miley's first real love, the successful and charming actor Jake Ryan. Even though they have an on-and-off relationship, they always seem to go back to each other. But is "Jake Ryan" his real name? In the episode "Achy Jakey Heart - Part One," Jake wants to prove his love to Miley by sharing his biggest secret while they're both under the stars. He decides to reveal to her his real name. What is it?

Question 7

What University do Miley and Lilly both apply to?

In the fourth and final season of the series, it's the crucial time for Miley and Lilly to decide to which university they're going to apply. After both decide on the same school and get their letters back, Lilly learns that she's accepted, while Miley learns that she isn't. Miley decides to go all the way to the university to ask them why she wasn't accepted and got told that she didn't do as many extracurricular activities as Lilly. This is when Miley decides to make the decision of announcing her biggest secret to the world to stop living a lie so that she can be accepted at this university. What university did Miley apply to?

Question 8

Why is Miley in a coma in "I Honestly Love You (No, Not You)"?

In this episode, Miley is in a coma after a bad accident. While lying in bed at the hospital, her friends come to visit her. What they don't know is that even though Miley is sleeping, she can still hear everything they're saying. This is when Miley believes that Oliver is in love with her because he holds her hand, but she soon finds out after that he was only practicing to tell Lilly that he loved her. But why does Miley get into a coma in the first place?

Question 9

What happens when Miley reveals her secret to Oliver?

In the second episode of the show, "Miley Get Your Gum," Miley finds out that Oliver is in love with Hannah Montana. She debates whether or not to tell him about her secret, but she's too scared he'd be in love with her, too. So, Lilly and she make it their mission to try to get him to pay attention to other girls. Knowing that Oliver hates when people chew gum loudly, Hannah meets up with him while she chews a huge piece of black gum to make him hate her. Since it doesn't work, Miley finally decides to tell him her secret. How does Oliver react to her revelation?

Question 10

For which class does Miley remix her song "Nobody's Perfect"?

In the episode "Get Down, Study-udy-udy," Miley has to get good grades in one of her classes in order for Hannah to be able to go on tour; otherwise, her father won't allow it. Miley then tries to get help from Rico, so he could tutor her, but it ends up not working out. When Miley realizes that she can easily remember song lyrics and dance choreography, she makes up a song about her class with a dance routine to help her pass her exam using her famous song "Nobody's Perfect." What class does she need to pass?

Question 11

What's the last song played in the finale of the series?

In the very last scene of the whole series of "Hannah Montana," one song is played at the end of the show after she tells the world her secret about having always been Hannah Montana. While Miley is in Paris to film a movie and Lilly is at University, Miley makes the choice to go back to her best friend because she believes there will be plenty more opportunities to be in movies but not for going to University with her best friend. The very last scene of the show is Miley embracing Lilly in her dorm room while one song is still playing. What's the name of the song?

Question 12

What does Jake give Miley at the beginning of "Achy Jackey Heart-Part 1"?

After being done filming his movie alongside the famous actress in the show, Miley has a hard time forgetting and also forgiving her ex-boyfriend, Jake Ryan. Throughout the whole episode, Jake does everything in his power to win Miley's heart again, starting with falling out of the sky (literally). Miley still gets herself to forgive him for leaving her for filming a movie at the other side of the world. What does Jake give Miley at the beginning of "Achy Jackey Heart-Part 1"?

Question 13

Which one of these celebrities didn't have a cameo on the show?

"Hannah Montana" was an extremely popular show, so it isn't surprising that a lot of celebrities wanted to be a part of it. There were many cameos where one familiar faces could be seen on screen alongside the beautiful Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana. It was also common to have crossovers with different shows, especially with Disney shows. Whether the characters played Hannah's friends or family members, it was always exciting to see familiar faces in the show. But which one of these celebrities didn't have a cameo on the show?

Question 14

Why did Miley and Lilly take an embarrassing picture of The Rock?

Dwayne Johnson was part of one episode in the second season of the show. He played himself. In order to make a little bit of money to get what they want after being told by her father that she can't use her own money, Miley and Lilly undergo an adventure. They start by taking an embarrassing picture of Hannah, but they realize after selling it to a paparazzi company that her 'Miley' necklace was hanging in the picture. So, they want to trade it with a Dwayne Johnson picture. Why do they want the money so badly?

Question 15

What does Miley dream about in "He Ain't A Hottie, He's My Brother"?

In this episode, we're living the entire dream that Miley is having until the end, when it's revealed that it's actually all a dream. On multiple occasions in the show, we see Miley have weirder and weirder dreams. But what is it this time? After all, she once dreamt her brother was a sea lion. But what if this exact dream of hers was particularly terrifying for her? What could possibly happen in her dream?

Question 16

Which actor played Miley's crush in the very first episode of the show?

The actor played in two different episodes in the series, but he's shown quite briefly in the very first episode of Hannah Montana. When Miley and Lilly are at school, Miley notices him while she's putting ketchup on her burger. This iconic scene shows Miley making a total fool of herself by pretending to use the ketchup that had fallen off of her veggie burger as a moisturizer for her skin. She then shakes the hand of her crush for him to try it as well. What's the name of the actor?

Question 17

In "Hannah Montana: The Movie," what song does Miley interrupt to reveal her secret?

Not only did Hannah Montana have her own series, but if you were somewhat of a fan, you would know that she also had her own movie. In 2009, Disney released the movie called "Hannah Montana: The Movie," which follows Miley going back to Tennessee, her hometown, after her father decides it would be best for her to leave California for a bit to remember where she really comes from. At the end of the movie, Miley has to make an extremely difficult decision because she's tired of lying to everyone. While singing one of her songs, Miley interrupts it to reveal her secret. But what was the song?

Question 18

Which of Miley's family members makes a brief appearance on the show?

Nowadays, it's easier for most people to recognize Miley's sibling in real life since they have, for the most part, been able to create their own paths in the business. Noah Cyrus is now an amazing singer with songs that already hit the top of the charts. Having five siblings isn't always easy, but when you're part of the Cyrus family, it can't be that bad, can it? Back in the days, some of her siblings were able to have very small parts in the series. Which ones were they?

Question 19

What's the name of the restaurant owned by Rico?

Rico was a very recurrent character on the show. He's always trying to be on top of the game with the sales of his restaurant. Jackson is also an employee of Rico's, which gives Rico even more power to make fun of Miley's brother. His restaurant, along with the money he's making, is probably one of the most important things in his eyes. Miley and her two best friends can be seen on multiple occasions throughout the series sitting on the beach right in front of his restaurant. What was the name of it?

Question 20

What are the names of the popular girls in Miley's school?

Two characters were seen on and off in the show as the bullies in Miley and Lilly's school. They loved to bring both girls down. They were also known for their famous handshake, along with the "Oooooohh, tssiiii." Probably because of jealousy, both girls constantly try to be ahead of Miley and her best friend by pulling numerous prank and using cruel insults. On the other hand, when doing so would be in their favor, they would always go back to seek Miley and her friend's help.

Question 21

In "He Could Be The One," who does Miley choose?

In this episode, Miley has to make a really hard choice. She has to choose between two boys who both love her and want to be with her. The problem is that in both cases, the feeling is mutual; she feels for both boys but has to make the choice of which one she'll decide to be with for good so that she doesn't lead the other one on. After she sees a video of her mom telling her to always follow her heart, Miley chooses the one she always believed she had something special with ever since the first moment they met. Who's the lucky one?

Question 22

What song do Miley and her mom sing at the end of "I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak"?

After a huge Hannah Montana show the night before, Miley wakes up with a broken voice and soon loses the ability to sing her songs. She begins to be worried to never be able to sing again. After seeing a doctor, he announces to her that he might have to do surgery if she ever wants to sing again. Once again, she's scared that the surgery will go wrong. Her father then comes to comfort her with his special hot chocolate. In her sleep, she has a dream she's singing and dancing with her mother. To which song?

Question 23

What's the recipe of Oliver and Jackson in "Achy Jakey Heart-Part 2"?

In one of the most iconic episodes of the whole series, Oliver and Jackson are brought together to make the perfect recipe with two strangely amazing ingredients. After a small incident, they realize that both foods together made the perfect recipe. With the help of Oliver's mom, they're able to make a lot more to sell to customers on the beach. They decide to build a small stand right next to Rico's restaurant. They even make a rap song with the food. Say what? What are those two ingredients?

Question 24

What name is given to Robby's famous hot chocolate?

In some episodes, like "I Am Hannah Hear Me Croak" and "When You Wish You Were The Stars," Miley's father always comes to save the day with his famous recipe. Although it seems absolutely delicious, apparently, the drink has so much sugar that it gives you crazy dreams, which Miley experiences when she dreams of her mom. But what's the name given to the drink?

Question 25

Whom was Lilly singing against in "Song Sung Bad"?

In this episode, Lilly wants to give her mother a gift by singing her a special song. When it comes to recording it, Miley realizes Lilly doesn't have a great voice, so she decides to edit it to make it look like she has a nice voice, which Lilly doesn't realize Miley did. After challenging someone, Lilly learns what Miley did and tries to find a solution to the problem. Miley proposes that Lilly could lip sync to her voice while she's battling. Who is Lilly singing against in this episode?

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