A Real 90s Kid Can Match These 90s Cartoon Characters To Their Catchphrase!

Who can forget the '90s? The cartoons were great beyond belief. It’s nothing like the stuff they show on television today. The cartoons of the '90s broke barriers and didn’t care. They paved the way for more mature and off-the-grid content. One thing is for sure - some of these '90s cartoons were super weird and dark. But we didn’t care if they haunted us in our dreams or were under our beds; we watched them anyway. No one could pull us away from the TV screens… no one! Who can forget Bart, Cartman, Doug, and Bugs Bunny?

But not only did these cartoons make an impression on our young minds; their words, saying, slogans or catchphrases are also forever etched in our young minds. It’s a funny thing, learning subconsciously from the repetition of phrases from cartoon characters that woke us up in the morning and put us to bed at night. They captivated our imaginations and sometimes left us howling with laughter and gasping for breath, often in a fetal position.

So how much do you know about '90s cartoon characters and their catchphrases? Are you a true '90s kid? Take this quiz, and see how much you actually know! Let’s go.

1What’s up Doc?

This famous cartoon character has been around for almost 77 years. Our parents, aunts, and uncles grew up watching him, and so did we. His famous slogan has been said and adored all over the world. He's one of the most persistent and beloved characters in the 20th century, and guess what? He even has his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame! Having your own star is a huge deal, and that says a lot about how notorious you are on any scene.


This '90s cartoon character has been around for many years and is still very popular to this day. He lives with his wife and three kids. They're somewhat not a typical family, but they are, if you get where we're going with this. He shares a love-hate relationship with his son and is often seen choking the living daylights out of him. He loves to eat hamburgers, donuts, and hotdogs, and his favorite drink is Duff beer. He's very jealous of his neighbors and often steals from them.

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