A Real 90s Kid Can Match These 90s Cartoon Characters To Their Catchphrase!

Who can forget the '90s? The cartoons were great beyond belief. It’s nothing like the stuff they show on television today. The cartoons of the '90s broke barriers and didn’t care. They paved the way for more mature and off-the-grid content. One thing is for sure - some of these '90s cartoons were super weird and dark. But we didn’t care if they haunted us in our dreams or were under our beds; we watched them anyway. No one could pull us away from the TV screens… no one! Who can forget Bart, Cartman, Doug, and Bugs Bunny?

But not only did these cartoons make an impression on our young minds; their words, saying, slogans or catchphrases are also forever etched in our young minds. It’s a funny thing, learning subconsciously from the repetition of phrases from cartoon characters that woke us up in the morning and put us to bed at night. They captivated our imaginations and sometimes left us howling with laughter and gasping for breath, often in a fetal position.

So how much do you know about '90s cartoon characters and their catchphrases? Are you a true '90s kid? Take this quiz, and see how much you actually know! Let’s go.

1What’s up Doc?

This famous cartoon character has been around for almost 77 years. Our parents, aunts, and uncles grew up watching him, and so did we. His famous slogan has been said and adored all over the world. He's one of the most persistent and beloved characters in the 20th century, and guess what? He even has his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame! Having your own star is a huge deal, and that says a lot about how notorious you are on any scene.


This '90s cartoon character has been around for many years and is still very popular to this day. He lives with his wife and three kids. They're somewhat not a typical family, but they are, if you get where we're going with this. He shares a love-hate relationship with his son and is often seen choking the living daylights out of him. He loves to eat hamburgers, donuts, and hotdogs, and his favorite drink is Duff beer. He's very jealous of his neighbors and often steals from them.

3Th-th-th-that’s all folks.

This character was the first to gain popularity based on his great personality. He doesn’t wear pants, and no one complains about it. This character loves traveling and wants to explore the world. In some of the series he's been in, he's seen doing what he loves, exploring various places and people. He's married, which is hard to believe based on his innocent, childlike demeanor. He's truly one of the most adorable and lovable characters of all time.

4Scooby dooby doo!

This lovable, energetic, and scared character is almost fifty years old. This character and his gang are curious and love to investigate strange and ghastly occurrences. He's often seen jumping into the arms of his best friend, who's just as scared as or even more afraid than he is. He's always eating and goes wild for an especially named treat. When tempted with this treat, he would run to the moon and back. His name was inspired by a Frank Sinatra lyric.

5Oh my God! They killed Kenny!

This character is described as an average American fourth grader. He attends the elementary school in his community with his good friends. When things go wrong, this character provides a voice of reason and helps to resolve problems as humanely as is possible, often with a story from Star Trek or a very comforting speech. He's often levelheaded and in love with Wendy, often singing his infamous song in his head. “There’s the girl that I like, now, more than ever, she gives me butterflies..”

6Yabba dabba doo!

This character is happily married with one child. He lives next door to his neighbor and best friend, along with his wife and kid. He's a typical blue-collar worker who works as a crane operator. He's aggressive, competitive, and loud-mouthed, and he's constantly trying to improve his family’s situation by any means possible. Although they live in the Stone Age, they still enjoy the modern conveniences of today by using their dinosaur counterparts, as well as pterodactyls.


This character is almost always hungry and probably high most of the times. He's a prominent ventriloquist (as hard as that may be to believe) and uses his talent for the good of his group of friends. He has a best friend that he loves and adores and will have his back through thick and thin. He's a “scaredy” cat and seen as a hippie. Here's a fun fact - this character’s voice actor became a vegan and wanted the character to follow suit.

8I tawt I taw a puddy cat.

Contrary to popular belief, this character is male. So don’t let his big googly eyes, long lashes, and soft physique throw you off balance. This character is quite aggressive and even violent in some cases, even kicking his enemy when he's down. However, despite this, he's cute, smart, and very adorable. His old owner loves and adores him and takes very good care of him, but she, too, can be an angry soul if push comes to shove. If you're a true '90s kid, you should know this slogan by heart.


They were originally from comic books that sent a dark message but soon got turned into a cartoon series. They soon became popular and are considered as being one of the most popular cartoon series in television history. They're great fighters who love to eat, and their favorite food is pizza. They live in sewers and have made it as homely as possible under the circumstances. Their mentor is a big rat. How much more bizarre can this cartoon get?


This character is famous for her glasses, her turtleneck, and her slogan. She's super smart and talented and is often overlooked where beauty is concerned (how sad is that?). She's the brain behind her team and often solves the more complex aspects of anything that they do. She's very interested in the sciences and was encouraged by a friend to join the N.A.S.A. research scientist board, which she did for a time. Sometimes, it seems like she's overlooked as the backbone of the operations. Jinkies!


This character is a counselor at an elementary school. He often uses songs and other means to reach his kids. He even curses to bring his point across as he sees fit. He's known for saying his slogan “mmkay” at the end of each of his sentences, and it doesn't matter whom he's talking to. He's also the head of Public Health on the City Council. He's a surprisingly level-headed and sensible character in a community filled with crazies.

12Respect my authori-tah!

This character has a rather large criminal record and a group of friends who aren't really his “friends.” He's always getting into trouble with either the law or his friends or some grownup or another. He's usually the antagonist in episodes but still manages to keep his friends close. He loves to lead, is a master manipulator, and will drive you off a cliff. He also often exploits others based on their weaknesses and doesn’t give two shakes about it.


This character is very influential and rich. He owns and manages a nuclear power plant where he gets most of his riches from. He doesn’t share such a good relationship with his mom; they're like a cat and a dog. She also always refers to him as an “improvident lackwit.” His net worth was said to be in the billions, and thus, he's a part of the Billionaire’s Club. He's the richest man in his community, and he loves being the richest and most influential person there.

14Lemme at em! Lemme at em!

This character is very brave and highly energetic despite his small stature. He loves, adores, and even tries to emulate his uncle in things that he does. He's very strong, often carrying other members of his gang with little to no effort. However, he was seen as being a bad role model for kids because of how angry he gets sometimes. His temper is a force to be reckoned with. Joseph Barbera created the character, and he was developed by Mark Evanier.

15Hey Hey Hey

Created, produced, and hosted by Bill Cosby, this cartoon series used to be on fire. This cartoon has been around for a long time, and its slogan will be around for an even longer time. The slogan used by this character is still used today, mostly in a fun and non-threating way among friends or peers. The character is based on Cosby’s childhood friend. Although he's quite fat, he plays sports. He's always a voice of reason in his gang.

16Hey there, pretty momma

This self-proclaimed womanizer is boorish, dimwitted, muscular, handsome, and pretty hot. He spends his time being vain and annoying multiple women with his slick moves, trying to win their approval for a date, which always ends up in him being hurt in a comedic way. But he never gives up hope because he's of the opinion that he's the best thing since sliced bread. He loves women, so maybe that can explain why this grown man still lives with his mama.

17To infinity and beyond

This bilingual, plastic spaceman is an action figure that was given to his owner as a gift. The other characters in the animated series couldn't stand him at first because he was seen as being “full of himself.” He always accompanied his friend on adventures, after they got to know each other and accept each other’s faults. He's a cool toy that his owner loves and appreciates. However, his demeanor changed during the sequels of the animated franchise.

18Move it, football head

This character is a nine-year-old and is angry most of the time. She's bipolar and aggressive and is totally in love with Arnold. She wears a pink dress and a big bow in her blonde hair, which makes her look all cute and girly, which is a stark contrast to the way she really is. She's vulgar and acts like a boy most times, but then she can be as sweet as honey (hence the bipolar reference). And get this - she has a shrine of Arnold in her closet…creepy much?

19And now, here’s something we hope you really like

This dynamic duo was introduced to the world many years ago. Although they weren’t such a huge hit, many people still remember them to this day. They're considered best friends who work exceptionally well together. Because of their stark differences, they were also considered an odd pairing. They're heroes in their little town of Frostbite Falls. Most of the villains in the series were said to be malicious spies! This series wasn’t always politically correct at all! Yikes!


This perverted, sex-crazed neighbor of the Griffins is a former ensign of the U.S. Navy. He's a pilot who's 61 years old. He's full of stamina and lust as shown whenever he appears in a scene. He's shown canoodling with multiple women sometimes, which concretizes the notion that he's probably a nymphomaniac. He often recounts his sexual experiences to anyone who will listen and says he stays looking young and handsome by consuming a bountiful number of carrots.

21Beep Beep

This speedy ground-running bird is constantly slipping through the paws of its enemy, with little to no effort most times. This character first appeared in September 1949, and although he's an animal of very few words, his actions say a lot about his intelligence. The series, although very repetitive and predictable, had many fans, who enjoyed a good laugh every now and then. It gave viewers many laughing moments based on the sheer stupidity of one of its characters. Beep beep!

22Good grief

This character is a sufferer. Because of his constant suffering, he demonstrates a lack of self-confidence and nervousness. Some days, he has a pessimistic attitude and doesn’t want to go out and risk spoiling his day. But on the other hand, on other days, he's optimistic and wants to go out to explore opportunities. He often talks to his dog, Snoopy. He sees him as someone whom he can let go all his burdens on and also someone who's a great listener (never mind the fact that Snoopy cannot talk!)

23I’m smarter than the AV-ER-AGE bear

This character was afforded his own TV show in January 1961. He was seen as being unique with his mode of dress being a tie and a hat only! No pants - not an issue. He uses amusing quotes and catchphrases throughout his airtime. Although he's a slick thief who steals from people’s picnic baskets, he often overestimates his own cleverness and tries to force his buddy to do things that he doesn’t want to. He's sometimes overly pushy and portrayed as being self-righteous.

24Here I come to save the day!

This character is a superhero created by Terrytoons. He was a nice and well-educated cartoon character whose slogan filled kids with joy because they knew what would inevitably come next. He had super strength, and he could fly, and he sometimes even had x-ray vision. Some said that he was a Superman knockoff. His costume was initially red and blue but was later changed to red and yellow. He was the role model for many young kids back in the '90s who looked up to him and adored him for the risks that he took.

25You eediot!

This character is portrayed as a psychotic, crazy, and awful Chihuahua. His slogan was often repeated every time it was uttered. The series was controversial because it used violence and sexual innuendos in almost every frame. The creators never really tried to be politically correct, and viewers loved that about this show. However, because it was so good, it received critical acclaim and was lauded for paving the way for other cartoons, like Beavis and Butthead and South Park.

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