99% Of Gamers Won't Be Able To Beat This SNES Quiz


Nintendo had already blown the world away with the hugely popular Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), but more was to come from the Japanese company when they launched the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES.)

Released in Japan in November 1990, it eventually made it’s way to Europe and North America in the summer of 1991. Upon its initial release in Japan, it sold out of its initial capacity of 300,000 consoles in just a couple of hours. It also led the Japanese government to ask Nintendo to schedule future console launches on weekends due to the disturbance it caused by launching on a Wednesday.

The small grey box took a lot of design cues from the original NES but had one advantage - you could see the game cartridge. The cartridge itself slotted easily into the top and you could view the often awesome artwork that was made as a label for each game.

A lot of classic games started out on the SNES and it really helped push gaming into the mainstream. Nintendo’s mascot Mario became especially popular during the SNES era and continues to charm audiences around the world today.

But how well do you remember some of the SNES games? It’s time to find out as below, you’ll find 25 pictures of games released for the SNES. All you have to do is select the correct name for each.

Question 1

You took on the role of a futuristic android in this game

Another side-scrolling action adventure game, this entry came in 1993 for the SNES and featured the popular Mega Man character. In each level you run-and-gun through a series of platforming levels set in the year 2120. After the Mega Man android is discovered by an archaeologist, he reanimates him, then replicates him and gives them all free will. This, unfortunately, leads to some of them rebelling and you have to track them down and destroy them before they wipe out humanity.

Question 2

What was the name of this Mario game?

The portly plumber returned in this fourth edition of the famous platforming series. This was available at the launch of the SNES and is generally considered one of the best games of all time. This entry also introduced Mario’s dinosaur friend Yoshi. Throughout the game, you could ride Yoshi and use his long, sticky tongue to take down enemies or reach objects. Another new object was the cape feather that granted you the ability to fly and float through the levels.

Question 3

You were travelling through time in this SNES epic

Following on the success of their other role-playing games came this effort from Square in 1995. The game’s story follows a small group of protagonists as they travel through time to prevent a global catastrophe. The game featured many time periods to visit including prehistoric, the Middles-Ages, and a post-apocalyptic future. Throughout each one, you had to recruit allies and pick up important items to help in your fight. To enable your time-travel you had access to the time-machine known as the Wings of Time.

Question 4

Link returned to save Hyrule in what game?

Another returning franchise to the SNES came with this entry into the Legend of Zelda series. This one featured the idea of alternate dimensions and time travel that has been used in subsequent Zelda games. This game was also the first to introduce the legendary Master Sword, a magic sword that allows Link to destroy the evil Ganondorf and return Hyrule to peace and prosperity. This game also returned to the top-down view after a terrible experiment with side scrolling didn’t work out.

Question 5

This basketball game was known by what name?

This long-running series of basketball games also started out in arcade bars but was quickly ported over to the SNES in 1994. This slimmed-down version of basketball featured only 2-on-2 games along with real-life players and their likenesses. Despite being based on real-life basketball, the game was extremely exaggerated and players could jump extremely high and far to score impossible dunks. Additionally, there was an ‘On-Fire’ mode for players who scored three times in a row that granted unlimited turbo power for a short period.

Question 6

What game wanted you to 'Finish Him' on the SNES?

This fantasy-themed fighting game became known for its ultra violence and the special finishing moves known as Fatalities. The game often instructed the player to “Finish Him”, which resulted in an often gory ending for your opponent. Each character also had special moves such as shooting fireballs or ice projectiles that differentiated it from the more serious fighting games available at the time. The game has gone on to have many sequels and has generated over $5 billion in revenue.

Question 7

Mario donned his racing gloves in which SNES game?

Mario took time off from defeating Bowser to star in his very own driving game. This first entry into the series went on to become the third best selling game for the SNES. In this version, you could choose from eight different Nintendo characters and take part in several cup competitions as you raced against the computer-controlled enemies. This version also had a multiplayer mode so you could face off against your friends on the infamous Rainbow Road or destroy them in Battle Mode.

Question 8

Donkey Kong made his starring debut in which game?

Despite having originally started out as Mario’s enemy in the arcade, Donkey Kong got to star in his very own game. Released in 1994, the game was developed by Rare, who went on to make Goldeneye for the N64. Here, though, they showed off their platforming chops as you got to control Donkey Kong and his nephew Diddy Kong across a series of colourful jungle levels. This game went on to become the second-best selling game on the SNES console.

Question 9

What's the name of this racing game with hovercars?

This racing game was released at the same time as the SNES and saw you taking control of futuristic, super-powered hover cars. In this first entry, you could choose from four different characters who all had unique hover cars that handled slightly differently from each other. Your objective was to beat your adversaries and come out on top in the cup competition held across several race tracks. Each track also had obstacles to avoid, or your hover car blew up and you’d be out of the race.

Question 10

Can you name this game featuring space heroine Samus?

This third instalment saw the return of Samus to take on the Space Pirate Ridley. Set in space, this side-scrolling epic spanned the planet of Zebes as you attempted to track down Ridley. Several pickups were available throughout the game that would allow for you to access previously inaccessible areas. This led to a common theme of having to backtrack across large areas just to progress in the game. Thankfully, the game was extremely exciting and was characterised by the non-stop run-and-gun action.

Question 11

You took to the skies as Fox in which SNES game?

This SNES game was the first to feature 3D-looking polygonal graphics and was a technical masterpiece when it was released in 1993. You starred as Fox, an elite pilot, as you flew his Arwing through a series of on-rail environments. At the end of each level, you took on a boss while also looking out for your teammates Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi. This game series has gained cult status and went on to have a couple of sequels for the N64 as well as Fox and Falco starring in Super Smash Bros. series.

Question 12

What's the name of this famous fighting game?

This fighting game was a return to home consoles for Ryu and Ken from the arcade bars. This edition set the standard for many fighting games to come, with intricate combos and the ability to block and to parry. Many of the famous characters from this long-running series appeared here, including Ken and his famous ‘Hadouken!’ move that blasted a ball of energy towards your opponent. This game was extremely well-received upon its release and received critical and commercial success around the world.

Question 13

What was the name of this RPG starring Mario?

This third entry for Mario saw him take on the RPG genre. This was actually developed by Square, who are famous for the Final Fantasy series of role-playing games. The main story involves you taking control of Mario as he tries to capture Smithy who has stolen the seven stars of Star Road. Throughout the game, you add other members to your team, including Princess Peach, and even team up with your usual enemy Bowser to return the Mushroom Kingdom to peace.

Question 14

What's the name of this game starring Baby Mario and Yoshi?

This prequel saw you take on the role of Baby Mario, a much younger and smaller version of adult Mario. This version saw you stranded on an island full of Yoshi dinosaurs who then helped Baby Mario through a series of platforming levels. The game also featured a unique cartoonish-looking design that looked like they were hand-drawn by crayons. This innovative style has survived to this day and has been featured in many other Yoshi and Baby Mario games on the N64 and Game Boy Advance.

Question 15

What was the name of this Nintendo produced boxing game?

You take on the role of Little Mac as you attempt to make your way in the world of boxing. Published by Nintendo, this is a sequel to other boxing games by the same name released on the NES. The action took place from behind your back and you could instruct Little Mac to jab, hook, and uppercut against the enemy. As you worked your way up the ranks, you took on bigger and bigger antagonists, until you eventually became champion of the World Video Boxing Association.

Question 16

Can you name this RPG from Square?

Square was an extremely busy company in the early 90s, as they released yet another RPG for the SNES in 1993. This entry saw you control a trio of characters as you made you made way around an extremely colourful overworld. Each character also had strength and weaknesses that added to the strategy of the game when encountering enemies. Each character could also gain experience and level up to unlock special abilities. Unlike their other games, battles took place in real-time, which made the game faster instead of the slower turn-based efforts from Square.

Question 17

What's the name of this cult classic?

This game has become some kind of a cult legend. This role-playing game saw you take on the role of Ness as he goes to investigate a nearby Meteorite crash. Once at the crash site, he discovers the malicious Giygas who have taken over the world and infested the world with hatred. Ness must then team up with three other kids and collect musical melodies to return the world to peace. This was actually the second game in the series, but the first to be translated into English.

Question 18

What was the name of this adventure starring Kirby?

This third entry in the series saw the return of the pink flying blob known as Kirby. You still possess the ability to float around the levels by sucking in air and inflating your self. This ability also allowed you to suck up enemies and spit them back out as projectiles. This edition saw Dark Matter take over Kirby’s peaceful home world and corrupt everything it touched, along with the main protagonist King Dedede. The giant, hammer-wielding penguin had also appeared in the previous two entries into the series.

Question 19

What's the name of this cyberpunk styled game?

Another role-playing game for the SNES was this one released in 1993. Based on the popular tabletop game, this is set in a near-future cyberpunk universe which contrasts from many other SNES RPGs that had a medieval setting. You take on the role of Jake, who can explore the world around him by activating keywords to explore areas. You were also able to enter the cyberspace to hack computers and retrieve information. During these scenes, the game transitioned to a top-down view to navigate the cyberspace world.

Question 20

What's this scary looking game known as?

If you wanted a challenge with your games, this was the one to head for on the SNES. Released in late 1991, you took on the role of Arthur, a knight who is tasked with saving a Princess from the demons who have taken over the world. The only problem being that this game featured extremely wooden controls and unforgiving enemies that could quickly kill you. However, the game itself looked great for the time, and you kept going back for more punishment.

Question 21

Mickey Mouse played a starring role in which SNES game?

This game released in 1992 featured everyone’s favourite cartoon mouse, Mickey. You take control of Mickey Mouse as he searches for his dog Pluto across six different levels. Pluto has unfortunately fallen off a cliff and ended up in a magical realm controlled by the evil King Pete. Throughout the levels, Mickey was able to pick several magical outfits, including a wizard’s cape, that granted him certain powers, such as shooting magic beams or creating icicles to defeat his foes.

Question 22

What was the name of this farming simulator?

The world’s first farm simulator, this game might seem like a boring idea but it became extremely addictive. As a small boy, you were tasked with taking care of the family’s failing farm after his father leaves. Each day you had to carefully manage your time to successfully care for all aspects of your plot as you water crops, feed animals, and go fishing to feed the rest of your family. The game also featured seasons and weather events that could destroy all your hard work.

Question 23

What was the name of this frantic multiplayer game?

This was the game that first introduced the opportunity of four-way multiplayer thanks to the addition of the multi-tap peripheral that was included when you bought this. With this game taking place on a small battlefield, you aimed to place bombs that your enemies would then run into and destroy them. However, they were also placing bombs to try and corner you into doing the same. It was extremely frantic and often needed you to think a few moves ahead of the opposition.

Question 24

What was the name of this wacky platformer?

A unique entry in the world of platforming games was this worm granted powers by a robotic space suit falling from space. This then gave the worm the ability to walk, run, jump, and generally shoot anything in his way as he attempted to save Princess What’s-Her-Name. Yes, that really was the Princess’ name, and the game had an extremely wacky sense of humour. When you do eventually save the Princess, she is crushed by a cow that you’d sent flying into the sky in the first level of the game.

Question 25

What was the name of this SNES masterpiece?

Another spin-off game for Mario wanted you to become an artist. This wasn’t really a game and came bundled with the Nintendo mouse peripheral that allowed more control while you drew on screen. Within the game, you were able to create static images or short looping drawings that could be played back through your television. There was also a way to create short musical numbers with the in-game music generator. You could even create unique, Nintendo-related stamps following guides published by magazines.

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