We're Pretty Sure You're Going To Fail This 90s Movie Quiz

The 90s completely changed the face of the movie business, and it did this by ushering in an incredible era of filmmaking by younger directors keen on doing things their way. There was a lot to like about the 80s, sure, but the 90s took things to another level, with 1994 being one of the greatest years in film history. Because of this, many people like to go back and watch the films that helped shape the decade. These films continue to serve as the inspiration for some of the better movies being made today.

Today, we are going to bring the 90s back and see which people out there are able to ace this 90s movie trivia quiz. There is a little bit of everything here, so it'll take a true movie whiz to do well!

Question 1

Name This Movie

Question 2

What Is Ace Ventura's Occupation?

Question 3

What Is Mr. Blonde's Real Name?

Question 4

Fill In The Blank On This Movie Title: Fear and _______ in Las Vegas

Question 5

Where Does The Waterboy Take Place?

Question 6

Who Is Garth's Best Friend?

Question 7

Which Of These Performers Appeared In Office Space?

Question 8

Which Holiday is Jack Tired Of?

Question 9

What Is Ice Cube's Character's Nickname In Boyz n the Hood?

Question 10

How Is Peter Lured Back To Neverland In Hook?

Question 11

What Animal Is Behind The Fence In The Sandlot?

Question 12

What Bandits Are After Kevin In Home Alone?

Question 13

Name This Movie

Question 14

Who Is The Actor Behind The Mask?

Question 15

Does Chris Rock Appear In Rush Hour?

Question 16

What Type Of Vampire Is Blade?

Question 17

Which Agent Recruits J Into M.I. B.?

Question 18

Name This Hero

Question 19

Does Edward Stay With Vivian In Pretty Woman?

Question 20

What Does Eddie Change His Name To In Boogie Nights?

Question 21

What Is The Name Of The Candelabra In Beauty and the Beast?

Question 22

Finish This Quote: "Jack, I'll never..."

Question 23

Who Is The Villain Of Terminator 2: Judgment Day?

Question 24

Is This A Screenshot From Speed?

Question 25

What Is Josie's Nickname In Never Been Kissed?

Question 26

Fill In The Blank: "I see _______ people."

Question 27

Which Performer Appeared In Interview with the Vampire?

Question 28

Fill In The Movie Title: Mrs. _______

Question 29

Finish The Quote: "It puts the _______ on its skin"

Question 30

Which Character Does NOT Appear In Toy Story?

Question 31

Which Performer Appeared In Clueless?

Question 32

Which Song Does Patrick Sing To Kat?

Question 33

Is This Character Named Sweeney Todd?

Question 34

At Which College Does Will Hunting Work?

Question 35

What Does Lebowski Want Replaced?

Question 36

Name This Movie

Question 37

Where Do Harry And Lloyd Travel To In Dumb & Dumber?

Question 38

Fill In The Blank: "Stronger than _____ regular men, definitely!"

Question 39

Which Character Dates Alyssa In Chasing Amy?

Question 40

What Is The First Rule Of Fight Club?

Question 41

How Many People Are Behind The Ghostface Character In Scream?

Question 42

Whose Briefcase Needs To Be Returned In Pulp Fiction?

Question 43

Which Character Creates Jurassic Park?

Question 44

Name This Movie

Question 45

Which Team Does The Tune Squad Defeat In Space Jam?

Question 46

Which Character Adopts Matilda?

Question 47

What Is Andy's Last Name In The Shawshank Redemption?

Question 48

Which Pill Does Neo Take To Enter The Real World?

Question 49

Name This Character From Braveheart

Question 50

Where Is Forrest Gump From?

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