Think You Can Score Over 80% On This '10 Things I Hate About You' Quiz?

When looking through the long list of awesome 90s movies, it's tough to not consider "10 Things I Hate About You" as one of the very best. It has everything a 90s movie should have. The outfits are all on point, the romances are cheesy but amazing, and the music, well the music is just so perfectly 90s. All of that being said, we definitely think it's time to look back and see who remembers all of the important details from this classic.

In this quiz, we will be asking all kinds of trivia questions based around the hit movie and its characters. We are thinking only the true fans (who have watched it more than 10 times), will be able to manage a score of 80%. Who thinks they can do better?

Question 1

Name this character

Question 2

Name this character

Question 3

Was Kat one of the popular girls in school?

Question 4

What song did Patrick sing for Kat?

Question 5

Which of these was NOT a rumor about Patrick?

Question 6

What kind of car did Michael say he was thinking about buying?

Question 7

Where was Patrick originally from?

Question 8

Name this character

Question 9

What does Mr. Stratford do for a living?

Question 10

What dating rule did Kat and Bianca's father impose?

Question 11

What does Joey offer Patrick in return for taking Kat out on a date?

Question 12

Which famous actor played the role of Cameron James?

Question 13

How does Kat get Patrick out of detention?

Question 14

What subject does Cameron tutor Bianca in?

Question 15

Who said “You don’t always have to be who they want you to be, you know?"?

Question 16

Where did the movie get its title from?

Question 17

What does Kat confess to Bianca towards the end of the film?

Question 18

What song was playing during Kat's table dance?

Question 19

Which of these is NOT one of the 10 things Kat hates about Patrick?

Question 20

Who was the first person to get punched at prom?

Question 21

Who was the second person to get punched at prom?

Question 22

What college does Kat dream about attending?

Question 23

What does patrick do with the money Joey pays him?

Question 24

Does Cameron get the girl at the end of the film?

Question 25

Was actress Gabrielle Union in this movie?

Question 26

What was the name of the high school the characters attended?

Question 27

When did this movie premiere?

Question 28

Which famous actor played Patrick Verona?

Question 29

Which famous actress played Kat Stratford?

Question 30

Who said "Are you telling me I'm not a pretty guy?"?

Question 31

Why was Kat angry at Patrick after Bogey's party?

Question 32

What sports team did Kat join?

Question 33

Why did Joey pursue Bianca?

Question 34

How many siblings are in the Stratford family?

Question 35

Who said “Don’t let anyone, ever, make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want"?

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