90s Girls Can Get 100% On This Dirty Dancing Movie Quiz. Can You?

Everyone has probably seen Dirty Dancing, but there isn't a 90s girl on the planet who doesn't love it! It has become one of the greatest movies of all time. What's crazy is that Dirty Dancing was supposed to be a flop. In fact, the studio had only planned on releasing it in theaters for a weekend. The pre-release reviews were so horrible and there was even a suggestion to scrap it. Thankfully they didn't, because it more than doubled its budget in the box office in just 10 days. It gained international popularity in mere months. Plus, the movie's legacy was still powerful enough to cause Twitter backlash following ABC's terrible 2017 reboot.

By the mid-to-late 90s, it was still selling over 40,000 copies a month because it was every teen girl's fantasy. The storyline was one that any 90s girl could relate to. What girl hasn't had a crush on a forbidden guy? The film even had one of those awkward moments that left the lead character uttering nonsense when her crush approached her for the first time. As if the storyline wasn't enough, the music was a success all on its own. Every song fits its scene just perfectly. Most of the songs landed on the charts in 1988 and have now become classics. Dirty Dancing was the kind of movie that never got old for 90s girls. That's why any 90s girl will get 100% on this Dirty Dancing movie quiz. Can you?

Question 1

What was Baby's real name?

At the start of Dirty Dancing, Baby was narrating the beginning of her trip. She said that everybody called her "Baby", and that it didn't occur to her to mind. From there on out she was always called Baby, with the exception of when Johnny first asked her what her real name was, which came after they got together, of course. Later, he used her real name in his speech, before they danced the last dance of the season. What was Baby's name?

Question 2

What year was it in Dirty Dancing?

Dirty Dancing might have come out in 1987, which seems old to younger people now, but the time set in the movie was even older. It was a time when kids danced dirty in their parent's basements back at home. The clothes were flashy, yet didn't show too much skin and the girls that were Lisa and Baby's age were still mostly innocent. Plus, some of the music really was from the decade. Baby said that it was "before President Kennedy was shot", and "before the Beatles came". What year was it?

Question 3

What was Baby's plan for the future?

Following the Houseman's arrival at the Kellerman's, there was a lot of talk about Baby's plans for the future. In fact, she brought up that her "plans" were all she could think about during the narration. Her daddy was obviously really proud of his youngest daughter and also bragged about her plans a couple of times. One of her plans was to attend Mount Holyoke in the fall, but her long-term dream was to do something else. Do you remember what she wanted to do?

Question 4

How many pairs of shoes did Lisa bring on vacation?

The Houseman's arrived at Kellerman's Mountain Hotel with what appeared to be plenty of luggage. However, this didn't stop Baby's sister from throwing a small fit over her shoes. Apparently, she'd left the coral ones that matched "that dress", because her mother had told her what she had would be fine. Baby's mother, Marge responded by exclaiming over how many pairs of shoes Lisa had brought. Meanwhile, Baby and her father, Jake were nonchalantly comparing her situation to real tragedies in the world. How many pairs of shoes did Lisa bring?

Question 5

Who knocked Penny up?

It was noted from the beginning that the owner and some of the staff saw their dance instructor, Johnny Castle, as a big ladies man, who couldn't keep his hands to himself. Aside from that, he was the only guy that was seen with Penny. His cousin also mentioned that they'd been a couple back when they were kids. It's easy to see why Baby's assumption was that he' was the one responsible for getting Penny pregnant. Who did knocked Penny up?

Question 6

Which of the following songs went with this scene?

Dirty Dancing had one of the best soundtracks of all time! It had new songs, which instantly became hits and older songs that the film brought back in style. Each song matches the mood perfectly with its scene. Any 90's girl could probably tell you what song was playing in the background of each scene and identify the scene that goes with each song. Do you remember this scene? It was the first time that Baby and Johnny had loosened up while practicing their dance moves. Which song were they goofing off too?

Question 7

What did everybody keep saying that Penny used to be?

There were at least two references to Penny's past dancing gig. It was never confirmed if it was true, but there was some bragging that she was a type of performer with a group. Baby asked her about it once, although, Penny didn't respond. She didn't appear happy that Baby was prying into her business. However, she did offer up the information that she's been dancing ever since she was thrown out as a teenager. What was it that she used to be?

Question 8

Which actor played Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing?

The actor who played Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing is one of the most-known actors to this day. His character A decade after the films 1987 release, he was given his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and went on to do countless other box office hits, including "Ghost" and "Road House". Prior to Dirty Dancing, he'd acted in 80's hits as Darrel Curtis, in "The Outsiders" and Jed, in "Red Dawn". Do you know which of these famous actors played Johnny Castle?

Question 9

What were Baby's first words to Johnny?

The most awkward scene in dirty dancing was the first time Baby came face to face with Johnny. She'd run into Johnny's cousin, who took her up to the clubhouse and the staff was having an after-hours dance party where they were grinding in ways they couldn't for the resort's shows. Baby had been watching Johnny and he approached her. It was one of those moments that every girl fears. The one wear your crush walks up to you and you utter the lamest greeting, ever. What did she say?

Question 10

Who was the wife that was getting special "dance lessons" from Johnny?

It was evident from the start that one of the wives was really into Johnny. She was always clinging to him. Her husband was paying Johnny to give her dance lessons. However, the truth came out later when Baby asked Johnny how many lovers he'd had. He admitted that the women from the club would use him. Later, this wife was pretty upset when Johnny turned down her husband's money. After she saw him with Baby, she was the one who tried to frame him for stealing wallets. What was her name?

Question 11

What's the name of the song that was playing when Baby first danced with Johnny?

Johnny gave Baby an impromptu dance lesson just after they first met. However, this wasn't the mambo or the cha-cha, that they were dancing. Everyone in the clubhouse was grinding on each other, swinging their bodies, and creating friction by rubbing their most sensitive body parts together. The dances were more than hot, they were arousing. They were dirty dancing! This was the kind of dancing that Johnny gave Baby her first lesson in. The music for the scene was something no 90's girl could ever forget. Which of the songs was playing the first time Johnny and Baby danced?

Question 12

How much money did Baby borrow for Penny?

Not long after Baby was introduced to the dance staff at Kellerman's, she found out that Penny had gotten pregnant and needed money for an abortion. Baby's response was to help by asking her father for the money. His was shocked by the amount, although, when he asked what it was for, Baby refused to say. Since she was still innocent to him, her dad showed his trust by giving her the money. How much money was it that Penny needed for her procedure?

Question 13

What was Johnny's cousin's name?

This guy didn't play a huge role in Dirty Dancing, although, his part was significant to the storyline. He was Johnny's cousin. His most recognizable part was from when he let Baby accompany him (with his watermelons), to the clubhouse where she got to meet Johnny. It was him who told Baby that Penny was knocked up. He's also the one who got Penny an appointment with the doctor for her abortion and was upset about how things went afterward. What was his name?

Question 14

Where was Lisa going with Robbie when she asked Baby to cover for her?

Baby's sister Lisa started to date the Houseman's waiter, Robbie, almost immediately after meeting him in the dining hall. They'd only been there a short time when Lisa asked Baby to cover for her, by telling their parents that she went to lie down, when in fact, she was going to meet Robbie. Baby asked where she was going and Lisa told her. She said that there was supposed to be a pretty view somewhere. Where was Lisa really going?

Question 15

Who was this?

This guy was a real slimeball. He was the grandson of Max Kellerman, who was the owner of the Kellerman Resort. Max introduced him to Baby and her family at the dining hall and he was super-arrogant. He tried to take her out a couple times and get close to her, but she didn't seem interested when all he did was talk about what a great catch he was. She also saw how he talked down to the staff. Who was he?

Question 16

What did Baby do to Robbie when he refused to help Penny?

Before Baby borrowed the money from her father, she made an attempt to get it from Robbie, who was the other responsible party. She'd told Penny, Billy, and Johnny that she knew he had money, but Penny claimed that he knew about it, yet had blown her off. Baby tried again anyway, although, to no avail. His story was that Penny wasn't worth his money and that she'd probably slept with every guy at the resort. This set Baby off. What did she do?

Question 17

Why did Johnny take Baby to the lake?

Any 90's girl knows why Baby and Johnny went to the lake. They'd been practicing their dance routine nonstop so she'd be ready to take over for Penny at the Sheldrake. They were hot, sweaty, and frustrated. Baby went off about not getting the moves right and Johnny took her to the lake in a dramatic scene where he acted like a giddy kid who couldn't wait to go somewhere special. He even smashed the car window when he realized that he'd locked the keys in his car. What were they doing at the lake?

Question 18

Who played the role of Baby in Dirty Dancing?

The role of Johnny and Baby were both played by people who were not only actors but also could really dance. Baby's role was filled before Johnny's and the actress wasn't happy when Patrick Swayze got the part because she'd worked with him before and the pair hadn't got along on the set of Red Dawn. There's no denying that the chemistry was breathtaking in Dirty Dancing, although, the people playing the parts couldn't stand each other. Do you know who played the part of Baby?

Question 19

What dance did Johnny and Baby do at the Sheldrake Hotel?

The subplot for Dirty Dancing was supposed to be about Penny's situation, although, the storyline that took over for most was the summer romance between Johnny and Baby. They spent the majority of the film preparing Baby to fill in for one dance at the Sheldrake Hotel. That's how they got close and fell in love. Almost the entire story was them practicing for that dance, which turned out to be a mess. Baby was nervous, forgot most of her moves, and couldn't complete the lift. What dance was it?

Question 20

What lie did Baby apologize to her father for?

Baby's father was pretty upset that Baby had borrowed the money for Penny's abortion. He also really didn't like Johnny, who he thought was responsible for Penny's pregnancy. He probably wouldn't have known about any of it, if only, Baby hadn't had to get his help again when Penny came back from the procedure sick. She'd never told him what the money was for. She had only told him that she couldn't say. Baby had done many things that her father didn't approve of but what was it that she lied about?

Question 21

Did Baby tell Lisa about Robbie?

Baby knew early on that Robbie was the one who'd gotten Penny pregnant. However, Baby's sister Lisa still spent the entire summer trying to give her virginity to him. At one point, she even accused Baby of being jealous because she wasn't daddy's little girl anymore when they discussed Robbie and Baby insisted that he wasn't the right one. Lisa eventually saw for herself when she went to his room and found Vivan there. Did Baby ever tell Lisa about Robbie getting Penny pregnant?

Question 22

What song did Lisa end up singing for the talent show?

There was a scene where Baby's dad wanted to leave after he'd found out about Penny's botched procedure and helped her. However, her mother and sister weren't ready to go. Lisa had insisted that she wanted to sing in the talent show! He decided that they could stay and Lisa began discussing the song options for her performance. She went over a couple of her song choices BUT didn't go with any of them, instead choosing to go with a rather annoying, yet catchy choice. Jane Bruker, who played Lisa, wrote and sang the song. What song did she do?

Question 23

How many different women did Johnny tell Baby he was sleeping with at the resort?

No 90s girl can forget the pillow talk that Johnny had with Baby throughout Dirty Dancing. The scenes were hot, tender, and even a little comical. In one of them, Johnny asked Baby what her real name was, which was awkward because they'd spent so much time together, even in bed and he didn't know her name, yet. Another was when she asked him "Have you had many women?" Johnny's first response was "What?", yet he did answer her question while explaining how women at the resort treated him. How many women had Johnny been sleeping with?

Question 24

Which of these songs was playing while Baby narrated the beginning of Dirty Dancing?

The song that was playing in the background is a classic from 1962. The song played well with the scene as Baby was narrating the beginning of her family's summer trip and describing herself. You could tell that she was a big daddy's girl. In fact, toward the end of her narration, she was just saying that it was a time that she thought she'd "never find a guy as great as my (her) dad". The song was by The Four Seasons. What song was playing during the opening scene of Dirty Dancing?

Question 25

Who sang "She's Like the Wind"?

"She's Like the Wind" was played during the scene when Johnny was leaving after being fired for seeing Baby. The song was written and sang by one of the actors from the movie. Its slow melody matched the mood of the scene as he was driving off while Baby watched. The words went along with the lead character's love story. It was also one of the songs to make it onto the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #3 and #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. Which actor sang it?

Question 26

How did Baby know that Johnny didn't steal the wallets?

Baby overheard Max Kellerman discussing his plans to fire Johnny after Moe Pressman's wallet was stolen. His wife, Vivian had mentioned Johnny's name to Max as the possible thief, only not because she actually thought he stole the wallet. Instead, it was because Johnny had turned down her husband's money for their private "dance lessons" and she'd put it all together after seeing Baby with Johnny. She thought hat she was getting over on Johnny, but Baby had proof that it wasn't him. What was her proof?

Question 27

What was the theme song for Dirty Dancing?

There were so many good songs in Dirty Dancing that it must've been hard for them to pick one for a theme song. However, the one that did become its theme song was one of the best. It was like having a description of Baby and Johnny's entire story put into music. This is probably because the song was actually written for the movie while it was being made. It has since become a popular song for weddings and funerals. Which song was the theme song for Dirty Dancing?

Question 28

Who was Baby named after?

In that iconic, intimate bedroom scene, when Johnny asked Baby what her real name was, she also explained where her real name came from. It following the first time Baby and Johnny slept together. Her daddy must've already known that she was going to be somebody special from the time he first saw her because he named her after a famous woman. However, not celebrity famous, but from political fame. 90's girls would remember who she was named after. Do you?

Question 29

What did Neil want to change the final dance of the year to?

Despite the fact that not many of the movie's fans noticed, Dirty Dancing was full of time, stereotypical, and political dramas. There were the references to women's rights and the attitudes that rich country club types had toward the people who worked at the clubs. Johnny was constantly dealing with his bosses and employers looking down on him and not getting to express his new-age ideas. In one of these scenes, Niel expressed his interest in changing things up for the final dance. Johnny had plans that would "shake things up a bit". Meanwhile, what did Neil have in mind?

Question 30

What was the one thing that Johnny didn't believe that Baby would ever do?

Just like her dad, Johnny believed that Baby was someone special. He felt like she could change the world. In one scene he insisted that she was the strongest person he knew and that she wasn't scared of anything. Meanwhile, there was one area that Johnny told Baby she hadn't surprised him with. She was trying to get him to stand up for himself, but he was claiming that she wasn't standing up for him, either. He claimed that she never had any intention of doing this one thing. What was it?

Question 31

Which song goes with this scene?

This scene was another one that had an iconic song to go with it. The scene is from when Penny helps Johnny and Baby practice for their mambo dance at the Sheldrake Hotel. This was before Penny had her procedure, and Baby and Johnny hadn't slept together yet. The song was perfect for the moment. it had an uplifting melody and the lyrics spoke of feelings that can't be disguised. Meanwhile, Johnny was watching Baby dancing with Penny. What song goes with this scene?

Question 32

How old was Baby supposed to be in Dirty Dancing?

There wasn't much talk about Baby's age in Dirty Dancing, although, it's evident that she's naive and a virgin. Meanwhile, Johnny appeared to be much older, more experienced, and wiser. You know that she was either in high school or had just recently graduated because there was the talk from Baby's father about her attending college in the fall. She was also still under that daddy's girl safety blanket that girls stay under until they find that first love. How old was Baby?

Question 33

How did Baby's dad finally find out that Robbie was the one who knocked Penny up?

In the beginning, the one thing that stood out about Johnny, was his kindness in taking the heat for Penny's pregnancy, even though he wasn't the culprit. He let Baby's dad talk to him like he was garbage because he thought that Johnny was the father. He was also quick to respond that he was the one responsible, although, he really wasn't. Meanwhile, it was wrong that so many people, including Baby and her dad, automatically assumed that it was him based on the way he looked. How did Baby's dad find out that it was Robbie and not Johnny?

Question 34

What iconic line did Johnny say to Baby when he showed up at the talent show?

The scene where Johnny came back to the resort for Baby (and to stand up for himself) was one of the most iconic moments. Baby thought that he was gone for good, yet there he was. He marched right up to Baby's parent's table and uttered an iconic line that's been quoted in songs, movies, and TV shows, ever since. It has been parodied in Family Guy, used as the title for an episode of Veronica Mars, and in a song by Fall Out Boy. What line was it?

Question 35

What move did Baby finally get in the final dance?

There was one dance move that Baby never got until the final dance at the end of Dirty Dancing. She was originally supposed to do it for the show at the Sheldrake Hotel, yet couldn't. In fact, she couldn't pull this move off, despite who knows how much time they spent practicing it at the lake. Who knows, maybe, it was Johnny's speech that gave her the confidence to finally pull it off. What move did Baby finally get at the end of Dirty Dancing?

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