60% Of Disney Fans Won't Pass The Hardest Beauty And The Beast Quiz Ever

Who thinks that they know their Disney movies?

No matter how much anybody loves Disney- and specifically love Beauty and the Beast, everyone will find this quiz to be a little bit on the difficult side. Why? We don't pull any punches with this one. Only true Disney fans will have a chance of passing it. In fact, we don't expect even the most hardcore Disney fans to get 100 percent! Who remembers the original animated film- with its amazing characters and the sing-along soundtrack? The animated Beauty and the Beast really set the gold standard for all of the Disney films that followed like Aladdin and The Lion King and transported us into a bold new world where anything was possible and love was eternal!

It's time to hop in the way-back machine and travel to the early 1990s where we'll revisit the epic Disney masterpiece that is Beauty and the Beast. Prove that somebody knows their Disney movies by acing this varsity level quiz. Who is up for the ultimate Beauty and the Beast challenge? It's time to show those Disney trivia smarts with this two-minute quiz that will separate the casual fans from the superfans. Let's get started!

Question 1

What is the name of this character?

This fan-favorite character is a major supporting character in the original animated Beauty and the Beast and one of Belle's first friends in the castle. Before the spell was cast, she was the head housekeeper and responsible for keeping things tidy around the Beast's castle. She plays a big role in the film and is often pictured with the kitchen staff and with her son Chip (another fan favorite character). Who remembers the name of this rotund and pleasant teapot who befriended Belle? Check out the four options listed here and let us know which one is correct. Pick now.

Question 2

What happened when Belle tried to escape Beast’s castle?

In the original story as well as both cinematic versions, Belle finds herself scared off by the Beast and decides to take her chances by fleeing the castle. Unfortunately for Belle, she runs into a small snag on her way back to her village- and needs to be rescued by the Beast. What happened to Belle when she tried to escape from Beast's castle? Remember- this was a turning point in the story where Belle started to see the softer side of Beast and their romance began! Who can recall what happened to Belle when she tried to leave the castle?

Question 3

What song do the servants of Beast’s castle sing to Belle over dinner?

In one of the most famous scenes in the movie, Belle is given a warm welcome by the castle servants, who prepare her a welcome feast full of several courses of dancing food. During the course of this extravaganza, we get to see all sorts of glorious dishes that have been prepared specifically for Belle. It's also a good way for the servants to show off their singing skills and put on a great show for their new guest. Who remembers the catchy and popular song that the servants sang during this scene. Check out the options listed and choose.

Question 4

What animal ate a page out of Belle’s book?

Long before Belle and the Beast meet, the is seen wandering through the streets of her "provincial town" and singing about life there. At one point she laments about being seen as odd in one of the movie's opening songs- and then talks about losing herself in books. During this scene, she is explaining the plot of one of her favorite books and an animal eats one of the pages of the book. Who remembers what animal decided that Belle's book would make the tastiest snack? think back to the beginning of the movie and give us your best guess.

Question 5

True or false: Beast was cursed by an ancient blue genie

One of the central elements of the story in Beauty and the Beast is when the Beast is transformed from a handsome man into the creature that he is for most of the movie. There is a back story to the Beast's downfall and a reason for his unpleasant transformation. Who remembers what caused the Beast to be changed from a man into a creature? Tell us if he was cursed by an ancient blue genie and forced to live as a Beast in his castle until Belle came along. Does that sound correct to you? Choose the correct option.

Question 6

What food pictured here prompted a real-life version at Disney World? According to Lumiere “try the ___ _____ it’s delicious!”

Some of the food in Beauty and the Beast is so popular that it made a debut in real life- like this delicious dessert creation that is mostly composed of Oreo and vanilla frosting but the recipe varies. Sometimes it is served on a shortbread cookie with raspberry filling. Other times it covers the top of a decadent cupcake. Anyone who visits Disney World can actually give it a try if they want and we recommend it because just like Lumiere says- it's delicious! Who remembers what the name of this incredible magic dessert is? Choose the right answer listed.

Question 7

True or false: Chip is Mrs. Potts son

The cute little character pictured here is a true fan favorite. Known as Chip, he was once a little boy before the curse transformed him into a talking teacup with a tiny chip on his head- making him just the cutest thing ever! He is friendly, sweet, charming and a little shy- and he definitely does not like when the Beast gets angry. The real question is, is Mrs. Potts his mother? They look like they were made in the same factory, but who knows the real answer to this question? Looks can be deceiving. Choose true or false here.

Question 8

What restored Beast to his human form?

At the end of the animated movie, the curse is lifted and the Beast becomes human again. It is one of the most important scenes in the entire film because Belle finally sees him for what he is- a handsome prince! What causes the curse to finally be lifted? How was the Beast turned back into his human form? Think about what immediately preceded the scene where he turns back into a human and that will give you a hint as to what turned him from a Beast to a handsome prince. Choose the right answer from the four listed.

Question 9

What did Belle’s father do for a living?

Belle was not the only peculiar one in her small village. Her father also had his share of quirks and was looked at as an oddity by the townspeople. There are a few reasons for this, but one of them is her father's profession. Who remembers what Belle's father did for a living? We have listed four possibilities here, so tell us if he was a professor, the mayor of the town, the owner of the local bookstore or an inventor. Who remembers Belle's father's profession? Choose the correct answer from the four listed here and prove some Disney smarts!

Question 10

Who was Gaston’s right-hand man (pictured here)?

This goofy little fellow was Gaston's right-hand man in both the animated movie and feature-length "real life" movie that came out recently. He is not the main character but his job was important- to prop up Gaston and his massive ego throughout the film. Known for his small stature and ability to be the ultimate "yes man", this minor antagonist causes big problems in the little village. He also sang one of the best songs in the movie about Gaston, again to prop up his ego a little more (as if he needed it). Who remembers the name of this character?

Question 11

What is the name is Maurice’s horse?

This is a question that only serious Beauty and the Beast fans will be able to answer. Maurice's horse is central to the plot because he winds up leading Belle to the castle and starting the wheels rolling on the entire love story. The horse is a Belgian draft horse and known for his enviable blond mane and his loyalty to both Maurice and Belle. Who remembers what the name of this horse was? We never promised to go easy on anyone with this quiz, so this question is a little bit on the hard side! Choose the correct name from those listed.

Question 12

Why was Beast transformed from a human into a Beast?

At the very beginning of the story- before we learn anything about Belle and her provincial life in the village, Maurice, Gaston or anything else, we learned about what happened to the Beast that turned him from a human prince into a creature. The backstory is told mostly through stained glass windows and provides a beautiful backdrop to the story. Who remembers what transpired that transformed the Beast into the creature that he is when Belle meets him? We've given you four possible options, so choose one and we'll let you know if you're a Disney superfan. Pick one now.

Question 13

True or False: Belle and Gaston were dating

We all know about one of the love stories in Beauty and the Beast, but who remembers the other one? We're talking, of course about Beauty and Gaston who were dating before she ventured into the woods to try to find her father. It's no surprise that Gaston and the Beast were bitter rivals- they both dated Belle at one time! Does this sound plausible to you? Who remembers this minor plot point that explained Gaston's infatuation with Belle and resentment towards the Beast... or are we simply just making it up? Choose true or false from the options listed.

Question 14

How did Maurice originally stumble upon Beast’s castle?

The reason that Belle and the Beast even meet up is because of a chance encounter between the Beast and Maurice. Maurice winds up stumbling upon the Beast's castle- prompting Belle to try to find him and setting the wheels of the story into motion. The question is, how did Maurice wind up finding the castle in the first place? Who remembers how this chance encounter happened? Did he see the castle glimmering in an enchanted mirror, get directions from Gaston, have a dream of the castle or perhaps find it while he was lost in the woods? Select the correct option.

Question 15

What was Belle’s favorite hobby?

Belle is often referred to as one of the brainiest Disney princesses. She certainly has one or two hobbies that set her apart from the others and was well ahead of her time in terms of independence. One could even say that she helped usher in the era of the independent and strong Disney princess! Jasmine or Elsa would never have existed without Belle for sure! Who remembers what Belle liked to do to occupy her time? There was a specific hobby that really enthralled her, so let us know what it was by selecting the right answer from those given.

Question 16

What invention did Belle’s father bring to the fair?

Belle's father getting lost in the woods and meeting the Beast was the catalyst for the entire story between Belle and the Beast- and the reason that he even ventured into the woods was to bring a certain invention to the fair. Belle's father, being an inventor, was always coming up with various ways to make things a little bit easier- including this invention that consisted of a bunch of different gadgets and an ax. It had a specific function. Who remembers what that function was? Check out the four options that we've listed and choose the one that is correct.

Question 17

Who led the mob to Beast’s castle?

During one of the most pivotal scenes of the movie, the Beast is set upon by a mob of people from the village. They saw his image in the enchanted mirror and decided to go to the castle to get rid of him. The mob itself is comprised of people who don't see the Beast as anything but a dangerous creature, but it was led by one person who had a personal vendetta against the Beast and wanted to see him erased. Which central character led the mob to the Beast's castle? Was it Gaston, Chip, Belle or maybe Maurice?

Question 18

Which wing of the castle was Belle forbidden to visit?

When Belle first arrived at the Beast's castle, she was told that she could go everywhere in the castle except for a certain section. The Beast was very clear that this section was forbidden- but of course, Belle didn't listen to him and visited the forbidden wing anyway. When she was there, she learned a little bit about the Beast and his past- giving her a window into the mind of her captor. Who remembers which wing the Belle was forbidden to visit in the Beast's castle? Check out the four options listed and give us your very best guess.

Question 19

How did Belle know that her father was missing?

The reason that Belle and the Beast meet in the first place is that she goes off after her missing father. Without Maurice's mishap in the woods, Belle and the Beast would never have encountered each other (and the curse would never have been lifted!). Belle gets a surefire sign that her father is in trouble and missing. Who remembers what that sign was? Did she get a text that let her know that Maurice was in trouble? Did she have a premonition or was she told by the Beast? Did his horse return without him, alerting Beauty to the dilemma?

Question 20

What is the name of this character?

This fan-favorite character is one of the most interesting in the entire movie! He is one of the Beast's servants that was transformed into a household item after the curse came down, and is also one of the first servants to reach out to Belle. Not to mention, we learned how great his singing voice was when he serenaded Belle during "Be Our Guest", which is arguably the best song of the entire movie. We love this character and bet that you do too! The question is... who remembers what his name is? Check out the options and let us know.

Question 21

True or false: Belle traded her voice to a witch in order to woo Beast

Beauty and the Beast has a lot of interesting plot elements and a romantic story. One of our favorites is when Belle traded her voice to a witch in order to woo the Beast. Fortunately, at the end of the movie her voice was restored and the two were able to share a beautiful serenade to commemorate their love. Does this plot point sound familiar, or are we talking about a different Disney classic film? Who knows if this is true or false? Show of some serious Disney smarts and select the correct choice. True or false? Let us know.

Question 22

What would have happened to the servants in Beast’s castle if the spell wasn’t removed?

Although Belle and the Beast are the two central characters in Beauty and the Beast, there are plenty of supporting characters, like the servants in the Beast's castle who were once human but got turned into objects when he was cursed. They are super cute as objects but we can't help but think that they would prefer to be back in their human state! At the end of the movie, all of the servants were turned back into their human selves, but what would have happened if the curse was not lifted? Tell us their fate from the options listed.

Question 23

What item was in the West Wing of the castle?

The West Wing was the strictly forbidden part of the castle. Of course, Belle had to go and check it out, which brought on the ire of the Beast and forced her to run away into the woods. What item was in the West Wing of the castle that the Beast did not want anyone to see? There are four options listed here, so choose the one that sounds the most familiar. Was there a special picture of Belle and Gaston in the West Wing? How about an enchanted rose, a secret library or the Beast's personal and private diary?

Question 24

What year was the original Disney Beauty and the Beast released?

According to IMDB the original animated Beauty and the Beast grossed $424,967,620 worldwide which made it one of the most successful Disney movies of that decade. People loved the original animated film for its engaging story, beautiful animation, and an incredible soundtrack. What year did audiences get to experience the true magic of Beauty and the Beast in theaters? Check out the options listed and let us know which year Beauty and the Beast debuted on the big screen. Who is a Beauty and the Beast superfan? Prove that you know your stuff by choosing the right answer. Pick one now.

Question 25

How long did Beast’s enchanted rose bloom in the movie?

The whole Beauty and the Beast movie hinges on an enchanted rose and a curse that plagued the Beast throughout most of the story. When the Beast was cursed he was told that as long as the rose bloomed he would have a chance to turn back into a human. If he did not find true love before the final petal of the rose fell, he would remain a beast forever. How long did the Beast have to find true love? Who remembers how long the enchanted rose would bloom? Tell us the right answer from the options listed here.

Question 26

Where is Beauty and the Beast set?

In the opening sequences of Beauty and the Beast, we learn that Belle lives in a provincial village where she is seen as an outcast and yearns for something more. We also see that the Beast lives in a castle far into the forest. The animated landscapes in this Disney movie are truly phenomenal, but who remembers what country the story is actually set in? Only true Disney fans will be able to get this question right. Think about the names of the characters, the settings and even some of the food and you'll have an idea of the particular country.

Question 27

What is the name of this character?

This character was one of the most interesting servants in the Beast's castle because of his demeanor. He was portrayed as being a total stickler for the rules and easily agitated. His expressions were often dictated by the hands on his clock face and he was often trying to rein in his best friend Lumiere. Who remembers the name of this comical and uptight grandfather clock? Only true Disney fans will have any hope of getting this one right because this character is in a secondary role. Do you? Prove that you know your Disney stuff by choosing correctly now.

Question 28

How did Belle save her father from Beast’s castle?

Belle and the Beast meet when she goes after her father after he gets lost in the woods. She finds the Beast's castle and her father imprisoned there. After locating him in the tower dungeon Belle makes a decision that will save her father and set into motion the whole rest of the story. Who remembers how she saved her father from the Beast's castle? Did she pay off the Beast with a hefty bribe in exchange for her father? Did she offer to take his place instead, or sneak him out in the middle of the night? Did she trick the Beast into locking himself in the dungeon?

Question 29

True or false: Beast saved Belle from the wolves during her escape attempt

After Belle visits the forbidden West Wing of the castle and stumbles upon the Beast's enchanted rose and mirror, she invokes the ire of her captor and decides to try to escape through the woods. Unfortunately for Belle, her escape plans were foiled by a bunch of hungry wolves in the woods. Fortunately for her, the Beast appeared and got rid of them for her, allowing her to see a softer side of him. Who remembers if this is something that happened in the movie, or if we are totally making it up? Choose true or false from the options provided.

Question 30

What device did Beast give to Belle so that she could see her father?

After the Beast and Beauty become good friends (and maybe a little bit more) she endears herself to him to the point where he allows her to check in on her father using a special magical device. After she sees that her father is in peril, the Beast allows her to leave the castle to go find him. What magical piece of equipment did the Beast give to Beauty to see her father? Hint- it was hidden in the forbidden West Wing of the castle. Choose the correct answer from the four options that we have provided. Pick one now.

Question 31

What was Belle’s father’s name?

We've talked a lot about how Belle's father was instrumental in getting her together with the Beast- and how he got lost in the woods while on the way to the fair with his invention. Clearly, Belle's father is an important part of the story. He is an oddball inventor in the village- and just like his beautiful but "strange" daughter, he is looked at with a little suspicion and scorn by the others who inhabit their tiny town- something that will cause problems later in the movie. Who remembers the name of Belle's father? Choose the right answer listed.

Question 32

What thoughtful gift did Beast surprise Belle with?

When Belle and the Beast first meet, they do not like one another. In fact- she is scared of the Beast and he thinks of her as an intruder. As time goes on, the two form an uneasy friendship and finally a romantic relationship that culminates in the Beast providing Beauty with a special surprise that he knows that she will love and appreciate it. What thoughtful gift did the Beast present to Beauty? Check out the four options listed and let us know if it was a grand feast, library, a special rose garden or a spa gift certificate.

Question 33

What character, pictured here, was vying for Belle’s love?

This brawny character lacked a little bit in the brains department but he had no shortage of ego. He is easily one of the most narcissistic Disney characters- and also feels totally entitled to Belle's affections. He does not take so kindly to her turning him down and eventually causes major problems for her and the Beast in one of the final scenes of the film. Otherwise, he provides a little comic relief and eye-rolling humor, as well as inspiration for one of the greatest songs in the movie which is based on his name. Which character is pictured here?

Question 34

Which place of business did Belle visit in the opening sequence?

Long before Belle and the Beast meet, she takes us around her little village in one of the film's opening songs. During this song, we see the details of village life and learn that Belle is unfulfilled in her life and yearns for more in the world. We also see her visit one of her favorite places in the world- a business that she frequents often as a way to escape from her mundane life. Think back to the beginning of the movie. Who remembers what business Belle visited in the opening musical number of the movie? Pick one now.

Question 35

True or false: The original movie was remade in 2017 featuring Emma Watson

Finally, let's end on a note that takes us a little way away from the original animated Disney classic and into the current day. We love the animated Beauty and the Beast but in 2017 there was a new contender for our hearts- a live action version featuring Emma Watson as Beauty. This movie had all of the elements of the classic version, plus the songs and storyline. We think that they're both incredible in their own unique ways. Is there a 2017 remake of the original animated Beauty and the Beast? Let us know by choosing true or false.

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