50 Questions You Need To Answer Before Calling Yourself A Total WWE Fan

Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment is an utter phenomenon. While there's some out there who question some of the decisions made by McMahon and Co. in recent years, there's no doubting that Vinny Mac has completely changed the wrestling landscape since purchasing the World Wrestling Federation from his father in the 1980s.

McMahon set about cherry picking the best talents from around the United States, taking his company to a national stage, and later making strides internationally. And so, whether you're still a fan to this day or not, everybody has experienced the WWE in some form or fashion over the decades.

Wrestling fans are famously an extremely passionate bunch, and they also tend to be quite the all-knowledgeable group, too. Many a wrestling fan will claim to the greatest mind when it comes to the ins and outs of the business, using their knowledge to baffle friends and wow naysayers.

What we've got here for you, though, is one of the most all-encompassing (and hopefully difficult!) WWE quizzes you've ever seen. With a whole range of topics, grapplers, and eras covered, this one really will separate the wrestling geniuses from the wrestling wannabes. So let's find out just which side of that fence you fall on!

Question 1

Which Of These Was Never A Member Of DX?

There have been several incarnations of D-Generation X over the decades, with the faction often fronted by Shawn Michaels and/or Triple H. The Heartbreak Kid and The Game weren't the only people to be a part of this most infamous stable, and it's DX's other members who we're interested in here. So, take a good look at the four options listed here, and then let's see if you can correctly identify which person was never once a member of the DX crew!

Question 2

Who Was The First Undisputed Champion?

Diamond Dallas Page was one of many a WCW superstar to hold the company's World Heavyweight Championship. When WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon, the championship soon became part of the main WWF TV at the time. Eventually, the WWF Heavyweight Championship and WCW World Heavyweight Championship were brought together as the first ever Undisputed Champion was crowned. Just which superstar was it, though, who had the honor and privilege of going down in history as the first Undisputed Champ?

Question 3

Did KO Or Balor Make Their Main Roster Debut First?

When it comes to talents who have gone through the NXT system, two of the most popular and impressive are Kevin Owens and Finn Balor. The pair both had the honor of holding the NXT Championship, and they have had multiple, multiple matches over the past several years - both in NXT and on Monday Night Raw. Out of this twosome, which superstar was the first to debut on the main roster, though - was it KO or was it Finn?

Question 4

Which Former Wrestler Is Bo And Bray's Dad?

Most of you may be well are aware of this, but if not, we've got a major revelation for you - Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt are actually real-life brothers. For those already in the know about this, they've often called for Bray to take his brother under his wing on WWE television. Whether that happens, we'll have to wait and see. As it happens, the pair's father was actually a wrestler who competed in the WWF in the '90s, but which grappler of yesteryear is it?

Question 5

Who Did John Cena Debut Against?

As John Cena continues to wind down his in-ring career, it seems crazy to think that the Leader of the Cenation made his main roster WWE debut a whopping 16 years ago now! That debut came back in 2002, and saw Cena interrupt a famed grappler before announcing his intentions of showcasing his "ruthless aggression". What we want to know, is which superstar was it that the future multiple-time World Champion interrupted upon making his very first main roster appearance?

Question 6

Is Stephanie Or Shane The Oldest?

WWE Shane Vince Stephanie

For the longest period of time, it feels as if there's barely been a moment of WWE television where we've not had at least one of the McMahon family on our screens. Right now, Stephanie McMahon is running the show on Raw, while brother Shane is heading up the SmackDown Live brand. Added to that, it doesn't look like either of these two will be off TV any time soon, but which of the McMahon siblings is the oldest of the two?

Question 7

In Which Season Of NXT Did Daniel Bryan Debut In?

The hands-down greatest wrestling story of 2018 so far is easily the return to in-ring action of Daniel Bryan. The real-life Bryan Danielson had been a longtime favorite of many a savvy wrestling fan way, way before he ever entered the WWE, and the American Dragon had managed to become one of the hottest stars on the planet despite not having the WWE machine behind. Bryan would, of course, sign the the WWE and compete in the initial incarnation of NXT, but which season of the show saw him debut?

Question 8

How many WWE Championships Did Hulk Hogan Win?

Yokozuna vs Hulk Hogan wwe

Hulk Hogan is as much of a household name in the wrestling world as anybody. In fact, some would argue that The Hulkster is THE biggest name that the business has ever known. Of course, that's open to debate, but Hogan is certainly in the discussion. Hulk famously won a whole boatload of championships during his time in the WWF and later the rebranded WWE, but are you able to remember just how many times Hogan became the WWF/WWE Champion?

Question 9

Who Was Mark Henry's First Official Match Against?

Mark Henry is one of the most recent Hall of Fame inductees, having been placed in the WWE's HoF this past WrestleMania season. The World's Strongest Man had the best speech of that particular induction ceremony, and he is a talent who improved time and time again as this years went on. Henry would ultimately make it to the top of the tree and become the WWE Champion, but back in 1996, who was Henry's very first WWF match against?

Question 10

Which Superstar Was Never Part Of The Ministry Of Darkness?

The Undertaker is an undisputed legend of the wrestling world, with him right up there when it comes to the true all-time greats. Over the past several decades, The Phenom has had many an image change. Back in the 1998, 'Taker led the infamous Ministry of Darkness, and that faction would cause all kinds of chaos and destruction over the next year or so. From the four names listed here though, which one was never a part of The Ministry?

Question 11

What Year Did Ric Flair Retire From WWE?

Another entry, another question based around an all-time legend. This time, it's the iconic Nature Boy, the one and only Ric Flair. Flair has seen and done it all in the wrestling world, and he has one of the greatest wrestling careers in the history of the game. Of course, Naitch had one of the greatest send-offs, retiring after losing to Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. Sadly, he'd come out of retirement in TNA, but in what year did his WWE in-ring retirement happen?

Question 12

How Many Times Did Jeff Jarrett Win The Intercontinental Title?

Having seemingly burned his bridges with the WWE and Vince McMahon a long time ago, it came as a huge surprise to see Jeff Jarrett announced for the 2018 Hall of Fame class. Double J was a good in-ring talent and on-screen character, but he'd left the then-WWF under a cloud and years later would even be publicly fired by Vince McMahon after he purchased WCW. Throughout his plentiful title reigns, can you tell us just how many times Jeff won the Intercontinental Championship?

Question 13

Which Of These Did Mr Fuji Never Manage?

These days, the use of managers within the WWE is kept to a minimum. There's basically just Paul Heyman - who is pegged as an 'advocate' - and Zelina Vega - who is likewise referred to as a 'business partner'. Vince McMahon reportedly sees managers as a dated element of the wrestling business, but there have been some great managers over the years. One such legendary managerial figure is Mr Fuji, but which of the four names listed here did Fuji never manage?

Question 14

How Many WrestleMania Matches Did Andre Have?

Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant wwe

In the accompanying image here, we have a shot of one of the most memorable matches in WrestleMania history - Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant. Those early WrestleMania years, of course, were so often synonymous with The Hulkster, with him being involved in some form or fashion in the main event of the first nine 'Manias. Don't get us wrong though, for Andre was still a big star at that point, but how many WrestleMania matches did Andre compete in?

Question 15

Who Was John Cena's First PPV Opponent?

2002's Vengeance PPV was headlined by The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle for the WWE Undisputed Championship. That trio of names are some of the biggest names to ever step foot in the squared circle. But at the same PPV, fans were given the PPV debut of a certain John Cena. Of course, Cena would go on to become the poster boy of the WWE over the following decade. Which superstar did Cena face at that Vengeance show, though?

Question 16

Which Of These Never Managed Shawn Michaels?


That right there is a snapshot of one of the most iconic moment of the '90s wrestling landscape, with Shawn Michaels attacking Marty Jannetty as The Rockers came to a shocking and brutal end. Shawn would embark on a hugely successful singles career, and the early days of that singles run often saw the Heartbreak Kid with a manager at his side to help get him some wins. Of the four names listed here, which of these talents never once managed the famed Showstopper?

Question 17

Which WrestleMania Saw The First Women's Championship Match?

Over the past few years, the various female-centric championships within the WWE have often been synonymous with Charlotte Flair. While her father is a legend of the business, The Queen is well on her way to cementing herself as an icon all of her own. The female wrestlers and the Women's Championship sadly haven't always been given the spotlight over the decades by the WWE, of course, but at which edition of WrestleMania was the Women's Championship first competed for?

Question 18

Who Was The Third LOD Member?

To many longtime fans, the Road Warriors are viewed as the very best tag team in the history of professional wrestling. As ever, that is a topic that could be debated long and hard, with names like The Steiner Brothers, The Dudley Boyz, The Hart Foundation, and The Brain Busters just a handful of the other names included in that particular conversation. When the Legion of Doom returned to the then-WWF in the late '90s, they added a third member - but who was it?

Question 19

What Was The Name Of Ken Shamrock's Sister?

Ken Shamrock was one of the most intense performers of the famed Attitude Era, and the legit touch World's Most Dangerous Man was placed in some pretty high profile feuds and angles during his stint in the then-WWF. At one point in time, the WWF introduced a sister for Shamrock, with her arrival leading to feuds between Shamrock and Billy Gunn, and Shamrock and Val Venis. Think back to the late '90s, what was the name of Ken Shamrock's sister?

Question 20

Which Nickname Did Owen Hart Never Use?

Owen Hart would tragically pass away in 1999, and many a longtime wrestling fan finds themselves missing Owen on a regular basis to this very day. Simply put, the youngest Hart brother was one of the very best; an in-ring master, a charismatic, engaging on-screen character, and an all-round good guy if the plentiful reports of him are to be believed. Throughout his career, Owen would take on several different nicknames at various times, but which of the listed nicknames did he never use?

Question 21

More World Championships - Batista Or The Rock?

These days, Batista and The Rock have both made the successful jump from the wrestling ring to the movie screen. Many a grappler has tried to make a go of it on the silver screen, yet the majority of those names have had little to no success. That's where The Animal and The Great One differ, for they have become huge household names thanks to their cinematic careers. Which of these two heavyweights has won the most World Championships, though?

Question 22

When Did Vince vs Trump Happen?

Donald Trump has been a name closely associated with the WWE over the decades, with him and Vince McMahon being good friends. The pair even had a battle of their own at one point in time, with Trump bringing in Bobby Lashley to represent him in a match against McMahon's hand-chosen competitor, Umaga. Also in place was Steve Austin as the special referee and a stipulation where the loser would have their head shaved. At which WrestleMania did all of this take place, though?

Question 23

How Many World Championships Has Kurt Angle Won?

Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is these days performing an on-air role as the General Manager of Raw. While he is often made to look like a bit of a fool, don't let that make you forget just how great of an in-ring performer the Olympic Hero was in his wrestling prime. Angle was an absolute beast between the ropes, and it's no surprise that he won pretty much everything that he could win. During his WWF/WWE tenure though, how many World Championships did Kurt win?

Question 24

What Was Eddie Guerrero's Final PPV?

The tragic passing of Eddie Guerrero in 2005 is one that rocked the wrestling world and truly crushed the hearts of many a wrestling fan. Simply put, there wasn't anyone out there who didn't love Eddie. Whether he was an on-screen good guy or bad guy, Latino Heat was one of the very best performers in the wrestling world and would more often than not steal the show of whichever card he was on. Which PPV was Guerrero's final PPV before his heartbreaking passing?

Question 25

How Many WrestleMania Matches Did Steve Austin Have?

Steve Austin was the hottest star of the hottest period that the wrestling has ever seen. Austin was a truly special talent and arguably the very greatest of all time. Of course, the Texas Rattlesnake competed at his fair share of WrestleManias, including several encounters with longtime rival The Rock. Looking back at the career of Stone Cold though, can you correctly remember just how many WrestleMania matches Steve Austin competed in by the time all was said and done?

Question 26

At What Event Did The Undertaker Debut?

It seems that for the past decade or so, there has been constant talk of this finally be it for The Undertaker; for his career to finally come to an end. But despite those rumours and rumblings, The Phenom continues to return to action and surprise us all. Sure, his iconic 'Mania 'streak' may have now ended, but 'Taker is still a mesmerizing presence whenever he resurfaces on WWE TV. At which event did The Undertaker may his WWE debut, though?

Question 27

How Many SummerSlam Matches Did Shawn Michaels Have?

Shawn Michaels is famously referred to as Mr WrestleMania, and some would also make a case for the Heartbreak Kid being Mr SummerSlam. For some longtime wrestling fans, Bret Hart is often deemed as the greatest SummerSlam performer, although HBK isn't far behind the iconic Hitman. Shawn actually competed at SummerSlam in three different decades by the time all was said and done, but how many SummerSlam matches did Shawn Michaels physically compete in throughout his Hall of Fame career?

Question 28

More Championships - Jeff Jarret or Owen Hart?

With Jeff Jarrett having recently been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Double J used that opportunity to dish out some classic Owen Hart stories. Jarrett and Hart were friends outside of the ring, and the duo even became Tag Team Champions when the decided to team up in the then-WWF. If you collect all of their WWF championships together though, was it Jeff Jarrett or Owen Hart who had more title reigns during their time with Vince McMahon's company?

Question 29

The First Ever Hardcore Champion Was...?

Rob Van Dam is officially recognized as the last ever WWE Hardcore Champion, with Van Dam defeating Tommy Dreamer in a match to unify both the Hardcore Title and the Intercontinental Championship. By the time all was said and done with the belt, there had been 240 title reigns in total, with a ridiculous amount of different people to have held the battered gold. While RVD was the last Hardcore Champ though, can you remember who was the very first Hardcore Champion?

Question 30

What Year Did Goldust Make His Debut?

Goldust is one of the hands-down greatest gimmicks in the history of the wrestling business. Dustin Runnels was a brilliant performer way before his transformation to the Bizarre One happened, of course, with him making a name for himself elsewhere as Dustin Rhodes. In fact, Dustin would even make some brief appearances alongside his legendary father Dusty in 1990 and 1991 for the WWF. Fast forward to the arrival of Goldust though, and can you remember what year the Goldust character debuted?

Question 31

Did The British Bulldogs Or The Hart Foundation Break Up First?

One of the greatest tag team match-ups to ever grace a wrestling ring was The British Bulldogs vs The Hart Foundation. Both teams are rightly revered as two of the absolute best tag tandems to ever compete in the business, and the chemistry between these two teams was utterly phenomenal. In fact, the matches between the two teams are still seen as the epitome of great tag team wrestling by many savvy sorts. Which of the teams was the first to officially break up, though?

Question 32

What Was The Rock's First PPV?

Yep, that right there is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. These days, Johnson is a chiselled monster of a man with a gnarly bald head. But back in the day, The Rock looked at whole lot different. Let's face it, the get-up here is pretty damn ridiculous, and Rocky's hair cut and whiter-than-white uber-smile isn't exactly helping matters. Rocky Maivia would eventually become The Rock and see his star begin to rise at a rapid rate, but at which PPV did Johnson debut?

Question 33

At What Show Did Macho Man Come Out Of Retirement?

"Reinstatement! That's the plan! Reinstate the Macho Man!". That was the rallying cry that Randy Savage was trying to get going at one point in time. That came, of course, after Savage had been forced in to retirement after being defeated by The Ultimate Warrior. When Jake Roberts began to mess with Savage and his wife Elizabeth, Macho Man did his best to convince Jack Tunney to reinstate him and let him battle Jake. At which show did Savage come out of retirement and finally get his hands on his rival?

Question 34

Which Title Has The Miz Never Defended At WrestleMania?

Love him or hate him, The Miz is one of the most successful wrestlers of the past decade. During that time, the WWE's resident A-lister has won a whole host of championships, accolades, and plaudits, and he's competed in several WrestleManias. In fact, he's actually defended several of those aforementioned championships at the WWE's annual Showcase of the Immortals show. Looking back at Miz's 'Mania history though, can you tell us which of these championships The Miz HASN'T defended at WrestleMania?

Question 35

Ric Flair Made His WWE Debut In Which Year?

The Nature Boy is one of the most legendary figures that the wrestling business has ever seen, and Ric Flair is someone who made a name for himself by competing absolutely everywhere over the globe. Despite making his name under the NWA banner, Flair would eventually make the jump to the then-WWF, famously turning up on WWF TV with WCW's 'big gold' around his waist and proclaiming himself to be the real World Champion. In what year was it, though, that Flair made his WWF debut?

Question 36

Which Of These Superstars Was Never Managed By The Brain?

While the wrestling business has seen some great managers over the decades, it's a fair claim to say that Bobby "The Brain" Heenan was the absolute best of the bunch. In fact, you could go as far as to make an argument claiming that Heenan is the very best all-round performer that the industry has ever seen - that's just how good The Brain was for so long and against a whole array of rivals. Which competitor did Heenan never manage, though?

Question 37

At Which Venue Did The First WrestleMania Take Place?

At the time of this writing, WrestleMania 34 has just happened. 'Mania is rightly referred to as The Showcase of the Immortals and The Grandest Stage of Them All for a reason. It's the show where the biggest names are all brought together, where the celebrities are shoehorned in, and where some of the industry's dream matches finally get to take place. Thinking back to the very first WrestleMania that took place in 1985, which venue hosted that huge show?

Question 38

What Was Vince McMahon's Father's Full Name?

The origins of what is known known as World Wrestling Entertainment can be traced back to 1952 when Roderick "Jess" McMahon and Toots Mondt created the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. Of course, these days it's Vince McMahon who heads up the company, and it's he who drove the expansion and success of the orginzation over the decades. Before that, Vince's father - Vince Snr. - handled proceedings before handing over control to his son. What was Vince Snr.'s full name, though?

Question 39

Which Title Has The Undertaker Never Won?

If you're looking at true icons of the wresting business, one name that always jumps at is The Undertaker. The Phenom really has had a career like no other, both in terms of longevity, in terms of gimmick, in terms of memorable moments, and in terms of the respect shown to him by his colleagues and fans alike. In his absolutely legendary career, The Dead Man has won plenty of championships, but which of these WWE straps has he never won?

Question 40

Who Holds The Record For Longest Single WWE Championship Reign?

Over the past few years, the WWE Championship has so often been associated with The Beast of the wrestling world, Brock Lesnar. The biggest prize in the WWE has a steeped history, of course, with the company's highest accolade having been active for decades in some form or fashion - that means as the WWWF, the WWF, the WWE, and in the guise of whatever name was given to the famed gold at various points. Who holds the record for the longest single reign?

Question 41

Regal Is Tied With Whom As The Most-Time European Champ?

WWE William Regal European Belt

While the WWE is often said to have too many championships in play these days, other fans regularly champion the idea of bringing back the European Title. When it comes to the person with the most reigns as the European Champ, William Regal is at the top of the pile. To be precise though, Regal is actually tied with another competitor as the wrestler who has held the belt the most in history. So, which talent is it who is tied with Regal?

Question 42

The First Royal Rumble Took Place In Which Year?

While WrestleMania is rightly cited as the biggest show in the wrestling calendar, many longtime wrestling fans often see the annual Royal Rumble match as the real highlight of the wrestling year. Whether it's surprise returns, cameos from legends, injury comebacks, or shock winners, the Rumble bout is the one that has the most anticipation around it. There have been great Rumbles, there have been awful Rumbles, but can you tell us when the very first Royal Rumble match took place?

Question 43

The Main Event Of The First WrestleMania Was Refereed By Whom?

These days, WrestleMania is a huge, huge deal, but back during its inception it was a massive financial risk for Vince McMahon; one that could have bankrupted him if the event had failed. That first show was headlined by Hulk Hogan and Mr T (with "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka) vs "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (with "Cowboy" Bob Orton Jr.) and Paul Orndroff, and famously had Muhammad Ali, Billy Martin, and Liberace at ringside. Who was the referee for this monumental match, though?

Question 44

The First Ever Women's Champion Was...?

Trish Status is viewed as one of the best female wrestlers to have competed in the WWE, and she's similarly viewed as one of the very best Women's Champions by many. The heyday of Trish is now in the rear view mirror, and she's just one of many legends to have held the title at some point in time. Officially, the WWE traces the origin of their Women's Championship back to 1956, but who was the first person to hold that title?

Question 45

Most World Titles - Randy Orton Or Edge?

While Randy Orton and Edge came together to ultimately become Tag Team Champions as the Rated RKO tandem at one point in time, the pair had hugely successful singles careers when out on their own. Both Orton and Edge were able to win several World Championships during their careers, with Orton still an active competitor to this day. If you look at which superstar has the most World Championship under their belt, is it The Rated-R Superstar or The Viper who gets the nod?

Question 46

Which Referee Was Gorilla Monsoon's Son?

To some of you reading this, Gorilla Monsoon may have been one of the voices of your youth. For so many of the WWF TV shows of the '80s and '90s, Monsoon would often be at the commentary table to oversee the action. Later on, Gorilla would become the on-air commissioner of the World Wrestling Federation. Monsoon's son was famously involved in the business, too, with him being a WWF referee until he tragically died in an automobile accident. Which ref was Gorilla's son?

Question 47

What Is The Name Of Vince McMahon's Brother?

In terms of on-screen WWE product, we've seen a whole host of McMahon family members take up some screen time over the years. Most notably, there's been, Vince, Shane, Stephanie, and even Linda McMahon, not to mention the sons of Shane and wife Melissa, and the daughters of Steph and Triple H. Vince himself has a brother who has kept himself out of the limelight, instead making a splash away from the wrestling world. What's the name of this brother, though?

Question 48

Which ECW Original Never Wrestled In The WWE?

Paul Heyman's Extreme Championship Wrestling is the stuff of wrestling legend, having played a huge part of the wrestling boom of the mid-late '90s. So influential was ECW's style and vibe, the WWF and WCW would take their lead and give their respective products a more extreme edge. Many an ECW performer would eventually end up in the WWF/WWE as the years went on, but which of the four ECW originals listed here never officially competed for Vince McMahon's company?

Question 49

Most Tag Titles - Dudley Boyz or E&C?

The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian were involved in some monumental matches over the years, most notably innovating the Tables, Ladders & Chairs match - the first two of which the E&C pairing were victorious in. Both tandems famously had plentiful successes in the tag tanks, and also in individual competition for both Edge and Christian. When it comes to Tag Team Title reigns as a pair together though, did The Dudley Boyz or Edge & Christian have the most?

Question 50

Which Of These Gimmicks Was Not Steve Lombardi?

Steve Lombardi must surely hold some sort of WWE record. Having first debuted with the company in 1983, Lombardi would remain with Vince McMahon's organization in some form or fashion up to 2016. That's a whopping 33 years, and it highlights just how important a figure he was for McMahon for so many years, whether that was in the ring or in a backstage capacity. Lombardi played a whole host of on-air characters during those years, but which of these gimmicks was NOT played by him?

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