50 Questions That Every FRIENDS Fan Should Be Able To Answer

Friends is one of the most famous TV sitcoms that ran for ten years on NBC. The shows follows the group of six, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross, in their lives as twenty-somethings. The show is extremely relate able for people of every age. Each friend has a super different personality, one to connect with for every viewer. The show runs us through things like relationship problems, work, money, family, but most of all, strong friendships that can last a lifetime.

The growth of each character over the course of the show has us all rooting for each of them along the way! Each friend ends the show in a totally different place then they were in the pilot, but one thing stays the same, their love for each other! The group grows together, each of them overcoming their own battles, and making huge strides in their lives!

Whether you are 30 and remember watching the show when it was on prime time TV, or you are 20 and watch re-runs or binge it on Netflix, most people have seen this show. But, if you are a total FRIENDS superfan, you'll definitely be successful on this quiz! Prove to us that you are by getting each of these next 50 questions right!

Question 1

Which FRIENDS are siblings?

The Friend group consists of six different people, all leading similar but very different lives! We have Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. Ross and Phoebe live in their own apartments, while Rachel and Monica live together, and Joey and Chandler also live together. These four live across the hall from each other, in the apartment building that we all know in love. While everyone in the group has important memories with each other, one pair's memories go back to birth!

Question 2

Who did Rachel almost marry?

In the very first episode, the pilot, we meet Rachel. She has run away from her cushy life with her future dentist husband. She decided when she was about to walk down the aisle, that she could not marry him. Rachel felt that she didn't really love him, like you're supposed to love a husband. She didn't feel like that was where she belonged, as the wife of a rich dentist. She wanted to make something of herself, which is why she went to Monica!

Question 3

What is Joey's catchphrase?

Joey Tribbiani is one of the six Friends. He can definitely be considered a womanizer. Often times, his sole goal with women is to get them to sleep with him. He doesn't usually want a relationship, although there are a few women that he dates over the course of the show! Men like Joey often become comfortable picking up women, and he definitely is. He has signature moves that he makes, and has a specific catchphrase that he says, that helps him get the phone numbers of these women.

Question 4

What instrument does Phoebe play?

Phoebe is one of the more eccentric Friends in the group. She has so many quirks that makes her who she is, and makes her totally love-able to everyone watching the show. She spends much of her time working as a masseuse. She loves her job! She also finds that she loves music. She spends her free time writing songs, and performing them for tips at the coffee house. While she sings, she plays an instrument to create the music.

Question 5

Where are Ross, Rachel, and Monica from?

These three Friends all grew up together. Rachel and Monica had been friends for years before the show began. Ross and Monica are siblings, and grew up together too. He had a major crush on Rachel while they were all in school together, and has not seemed to get over it over the entire series. The three of them grew up together, in the same neighborhood. They go back home to visit occasionally, for celebrations held by their family members.

Question 6

What is the name of the coffee house the Friends hangout at?

The group of Friends spends most of their free time talking. They typically do this talking either at Monica and Rachel's apartment, or at the coffee shop that is downstairs. At this coffee shop, Phoebe will play music at night for extra money. Two of the Friends even work here at some point! While they are here, they get to see Gunther. He's one of the workers at the coffee house, and is completely and utterly in love with Rachel.

Question 7

Where do the Friends all live?

The Friends all live in the same city. They have all moved out there at some point, and connected by meeting each other various ways. Rachel and Monica move in together when Rachel finally moves to this city after leaving her fiance. Ross lived out there for work. Phoebe and Monica lived together, but she now lives with her grandmother a few blocks away. Joey lives there to break into his career industry. Chandler also lives there, and is the roommate of Joey.

Question 8

Who is the paleontologist?

The Friends all do have different career paths that they have taken over the few years of the show, or even prior to the show beginning. One of them works waiting tables, one works for a big business, another is trying to break himself into the professional acting world! One of the Friends though, is a paleontologist. This job entails looking at fossil records, and being able to analyze things that date back millions of years! This person works at the Museum of Natural History, until finding a professor job at NYU.

Question 9

Which Friend dates Janice first?

If you've seen Friends, you know who Janice Litman is. Definitely know by her iconic phrase, "Oh my god," and by her shrill laugh that goes along with it! She is definitely one of the more annoying supporting characters that seems to just come back into the show, when everyone forgot about her. She dates one of the Friends, pretty seriously. The two go on again, off again for years. Even though later she is married, but going through a rough patch slash divorce with her husband.

Question 10

What does Monica do for work?

Monica Geller is probably the biggest go-getter of the entire group. She will do absolutely anything to be successful, and isn't afraid to try. She is afraid of failing though, but rarely seems to do that with her confident nature, and ability to take control of situations. Over the series, she tries to break into a more professional side of the career path that she is on. She does succeed in this, landing her dream job around the time that her and Chandler make major decisions about where they are living.

Question 11

What does Joey do for work?

Joey Tribbiani is a fun loving character in the show. He is the Friend that you go to for everything, if you need someone to have your back in any situation, he'll be there no matter what. Unless, that situation has to do with money. It is no shock that over the course of the show, Joey tends to be struggling with money pretty often. He gets a huge influx for a short time, but it goes just as quick as it came.

Question 12

What show do Joey and Chandler love to watch?

Joey and Chandler are the best of Friends. They live together, and spend most of their time with each other. They have many things that they love to do together, but the biggest bonding experience has to do with TV. The two of them LOVE watching a particular show. This is mainly due to that fact that it involves women, running on a beach, in swimsuits. They love this show so much, that they will drop everything to sit down, and watch the latest episode, or a rerun.

Question 13

Which pets do Joey and Chandler have?

One day, after seeing a commercial that made him extremely upset, Joey brings home a pet. He misunderstood the purpose of the commercial, which was a warning about these animals, and brought one home. When Chandler realizes this, he insists that the two take it back. Joey refuses to go, and Chandler does it alone. While he is there, he finds out the the pet would be put down, along with another one. Unable to leave it there, he leaves with it, and brings ANOTHER animal home too.

Question 14

What is the neighbor's name that lives below Rachel and Monica?

This man, lives directly below the girls in the apartment building. He refers to them as the noisy girls upstairs. He is often annoyed by the noise that they make, and hits the ceiling with a broomstick. He eventually passes away, due to old age. The girls get notified from his attorney, and find out that he left everything in his apartment, to them. He had no family, and they were initially touched. This was until they realized that this was probably a punishment, because he was pretty much a hoarder.

Question 15

What is Ross' son's name?

After Ross and his wife Carol decide to split up, they find out that she is pregnant. In this confusing time, the two decide that they will have the baby, and co-parent as best that they can. With Carol having a new partner in her life, the major decisions are being decided between three people, including the babys name. This is something that they argued with for weeks before the birth. They finally decide on this, after the janitor suit that Phoebe was wearing when he was born.

Question 16

Who is Carol's partner?

Carol finds love in someone else, after realizing that she is not in love with Ross, but is actually a lesbian. This is the reason for the two getting a divorce. She meets her new partner at the gym, and we meet her as Carol is going through her pregnancy with Ross' son. The two plan to raise Ben together, in their apartment. Later, the two finally get married in a beautiful wedding, where Ross walks Carol down the aisle.

Question 17

What is Ross' monkey's name?

This is Ross' monkey, a white-headed Capuchin. Ross gets him during season one, and the two become close right away. Ross brings him around to Monica's apartment often, even having Rachel sit him one night. Eventually, Ross has to give him to a zoo when the monkey starts getting sexually mature, and too mischievous to be kept in the city. It wouldn't be fair to him, either. Later in the show, Ross is reunited with him, while he is acting in a movie in the city.

Question 18

What does Ross buy for Rachel's birthday?

During the season finale of season one, Ross is in China for work. Rachel, is celebrating her birthday during this episode. She opens his present while he is not there, and finds that it is something that she wanted for a while. The two were walking, and saw it in a window of a little shop. It was sentimental to Rachel, and Ross remembered this and bought it for her. Chandler makes the mistake of spilling that Ross is in love with Rachel, which she tries but fails to reciprocate due to bad timing.

Question 19

What do Ross and Rachel name their daughter?

Ross and Rachel have a one night stand, and she finds out that she is pregnant during Monica and Chandler's wedding week. She knows who the father is, but the Friends have no idea. When they all find out it is Ross, she is forced to talk to him about it. The two decide they will co-parent, while the baby lives with Rachel. They don't have many ideas on the name that they agree with, but end up taking Monica's baby name she had planned since she was a little girl.

Question 20

Who dates Richard?

Richard is the close family friend of the parents of one of the Friends. The two meet during a party that she is catering at, and hit it off. They find that there is some spark between them, despite the major age difference. Since Richard has just gone through a divorce, the two begin to go out. Things get pretty serious, but get broken off after realization that it probably wouldn't work out in the long run, because of the age gap.

Question 21

Who does Phoebe end up with?

During the show, we have a lot of empathy for Phoebe in terms of dating. She is a boss woman, and is doing amazing on her own! She definitely doesn't need a man, but she wants to get married, and have kids. This is something that she expresses more in the later seasons. When relationships failed that we were really rooting for, we were all sad for her. She finally though, meets the man of her dreams and marries him.

Question 22

Where do Chandler and Monica hook up for the first time?

During Ross' wedding party, Monica gets mistaken as being Ross' mother. She is coming down on herself pretty hard, thinking that she is never going to find someone, especially after things with Richard hadn't worked out as she wanted them to. Because of this, she looks to have a meaningless hook up with a man, and this man happens to be Chandler. The two agree it'll never happen again, but it does, a lot. We are more than excited when they finally reveal their true feelings for each other!

Question 23

Where do Ross and Rachel get married?

Ross and Rachel get married, in a drunken mistake. The two were so trashed, they forgot that it even happened. They remembered during brunch, the following morning. They try to get an annulment, but must file for divorce. Ross is desperately hoping that this marriage will work out for him, because he doesn't want to have three divorces. When Rachel finds out he didn't take care of things, she is absolutely furious with him, and takes care of it all herself.

Question 24

Which Friend used to be fat?

Through out the ten seasons of the show, we are often shown flashbacks from the past. The Friends look extremely different than they did when they were younger. Some of this is due to age, but for one Friend, it is due to an extreme amount of weight lost. This Friend used to be pretty overweight. They often refer to it, saying things along the lines of, if you let this person eat first, you didn't eat. Mostly mean things, but they look great now!

Question 25

Who have been friends since high school?

Two of the Friends have a much longer history than others. This is not the sibling relationship that we have between Ross and Monica, who have known each other since Monica was born. These two Friends have known each other since high school, where they were absolutely best friends. They lost touch for some time, but become super close again while they are both living in New York City. They have this deep history, that no one can break apart.

Question 26

Who have been friends since college?

Similar to the Friends that knew each other since high school, these two met while both in college. They had both gone to college together, and were roommates. The two had become total best friends. This friendship has continued into their adult lives, while living in New York City together. The relationship between them gets even more serious, when they become brother in laws, after a big marriage happens in the group! These two are inseparable, they love one another.

Question 27

Which Friend was once homeless?

The Friends definitely all grew up in different environments. One of them though, had a much rougher time growing up than the others. This Friend, had to deal with their mother committing suicide while they were young, and never having really gotten to know their father. Because of this, this Friend ended up living on the streets for a period of time. In many different episodes, they refer to different experiences that happened while growing up, that are not really relate able to anyone else.

Question 28

Which Friend has a twin?

One of the Friends in the group, has a twin. This Friend does not get along with this twin, because of experiences that had happened in their childhood. Said twin is selfish, and pretty standoffish, when confronted with any issues. They kept things from the Friend, that would make huge impacts on their life. This twin had been caught doing porn videos, using the pseudonym of the Friend's real name! The two never have a good relationship, and only see each other when absolutely necessary.

Question 29

Who introduced Phoebe and Mike?

Phoebe and Mike have some issues during their relationship. After a rough divorce, he does not want to get married again. Phoebe, definitely wants to get married, and become a mother. The two break it off, but eventually get back together when they realize what they have with each other! They do get married, and it is a totally beautiful ceremony. The way they met was different, during a blind date, that this Friend forgot to plan for. Mike was found in Central Perk, but was a total stranger to all of them.

Question 30

What song does Ross sing to Emma that makes her laugh?

While watching Emma, Ross wants to make her laugh and smile. He starts to sing for her, as one would do with babies. He sings something a little unconventional, not a regular nursery rhyme, or song for kids, but a popular song that was out on the radio at the time. He tells Rachel about this, who gets upset because she feels that the song is inappropriate for a young baby. She later, sings the song to Emma herself, just to see her laugh.

Question 31

Where is Rachel's first job after moving to the city?

When Rachel runs from the altar avoiding a marriage between herself and Barry, she needs to figure something out for work. She has never worked a day in her life before, because her father had money, and so did her fiance. She didn't ever have to worry about bills, or money before living in the city. She lands a pretty crummy job that does not pay very well, but it is a start in the rest of her life of earning for herself.

Question 32

What is the building superintendant's name?

The building superintendant is someone that we do not see very often. He is in charge of maintaining the building, regardless of the situation. In one episode, he almost kicks Monica and Rachel out, for living their illegally under Monica's grandmother's lease agreement, to avoid an increase in rent. To prevent this, Joey steps in and agrees to help him practice his ballroom dancing skills, to impress a woman. The two practice on the roof together, and Monica and Rachel get to stay in the building.

Question 33

What is the name of Chandler's crazy roommate?

After Joey gets a really great acting job, he is making enough money to move out of the apartment. Chandler in turn, must find someone new to move in. He finds this man, who initially seems pretty cool, but starts to go a little nuts. His girlfriend leaves him, and he begins to spiral. He accuses Chandler of sleeping with said girlfriend. When Chandler comes home from work one day, he finds him in the kitchen making dried fruit, for no reason.

Question 34

Which of Phoebe's songs gets made into a music video?

Phoebe is often found singing at Central Perk, to make some extra money on top of being a masesuse. Her songs are short, catchy, and sometimes a little weird. She gets a contract with a recording company, to make a music video out of one particular song. After all is said in done, Phoebe gets to act in the video. When she shows it to the Friends, they find that the record company used someone less attractive for her voice, but wanted Phoebe's look.

Question 35

What is Richard's job?

Richard and Monica get pretty serious during their relationship. After coming back in touch during a party that Monica catered, she decides to make an appointment with him in his doctors office. She genuinely just wants to see him, but Phoebe keeps insinuating that Monica has a crush on him, and is totally smitten. He has not always been her doctor, and she had just seen this particular type of doctor, recently, which Phoebe does not hesitate to call her out on.

Question 36

Which Friend gives birth to triplets?

Frank, a brother to one of the Friends, is in a relationship with Alice, an older woman who can no longer have kids. The two desperately want to have a baby, and persuade Frank's sister to be the surrogate for said pregnancy. The artificial insemination works, and three zygotes actually implant, leading to the birth of three babies! The birth mother, finds that it is really difficult to give them up, but finds solace in the fact that she gets to just be the fun aunt.

Question 37

Whose father has a show in Las Vegas?

One of the Friend's fathers has a show in Las Vegas, called Viva Las Gay-das. The two have a pretty estranged relationship, we don't hear much about him until later in the series, when this Friend is getting married. The couple do not initially invite this father, but go to Las Vegas to invite him in person, out of guilt, but also because they decide that it wouldn't be right to get married without their father being there to celebrate too.

Question 38

Where is Rachel planning to move in The Last One?

Rachel gets an amazing job offer, that is in a different city. After pondering the opportunity for a while, and a deep conversation with Ross about how amazing it would be for her, she decides to go. The main focus in The Last One (besides Monica and Chandler's babies), is about Rachel moving to this new city. Everyone is heartbroken, and the goodbyes are super hard to watch, even after having seen them before! We all wanted her to get off that plane!

Question 39

What did Janice's ex husband sell?

After dating Chandler the first time, Janice takes a shot at married life. The two have a really rough relationship, and are in the midst of a bad divorce. As they are going through this divorce, she is relying on Chandler to help her through it. She finds out that her husband, is making money on their divorce, by advertising it in commercials, to help sell him more product in his store. Joey catches the two getting involved again, and warns Chandler to take a step back.

Question 40

What did Rachel and Chandler eat off of the floor?

During this episode, a delivery of a certain food was sent to Monica and Chandler's apartment by mistake, when it was supposed to go to another apartment in the building. Chandler returns it, but then finds that no one takes in inside after a few hours. He brings it back to their apartment, and finds that it is something totally delicious. When Rachel also tries it, she finds it hard to stop eating. When they decide to split it evenly, they drop it on the floor, but still go for it.

Question 41

What does Phoebe get a tattoo of?

Phoebe decides that she is going to get a tattoo for her mother, whose name is Lily. She wants to get a large Lily flower on her shoulder. When she shares this with the Friends, Rachel decides to get a tattoo also. The two go to the shop, separate, and get tattoos done. Rachel follows through with hers, but Phoebe chickens out, and changes her plans. Rachel is obviously unhappy, but Phoebe is claiming her new tattoo, is actually this.

Question 42

Where does Phoebe's birth mom live?

After finding out that Lily was not actually her real mother, she finds out that this woman, named Phoebe, is. Phoebe, Lily, and Frank had a triple relationship, and Phoebe got pregnant. She decided to pass the girls along to Lily and Frank, who she thought would be the best parents for the two of them. Phoebe finally gets to meet her, and brings the rest of the group along to this place. She doesn't find out right away, and is just trying to get more information on her father.

Question 43

Which Friend gets thier identity stolen?

In the episode, The One With The Fake ___, we see this Friend having to deal with getting her identity stolen. Everything including her credit card numbers, were taken, and being used by this random woman, pretending to be her. When she finds out about a dance class, she befriends the woman. The two get along, and our Friend wants to be more like this woman! She wants to be more free and daring, despite the fact that this woman is actually not a great person.

Question 44

What is Chandler's Mom's job?

Chandler's mom is not mentioned much throughout the series, but when we do see her, she tends to make Chandler pretty uncomfortable. He had a lot of issues with his childhood, and with the divorce of his parents. His mother, is more than successful though. She is even a household name in many areas. She lands herself on TV, and even dedicates some things she says to Chandler while she is on there. So, what does she actually do for a living?

Question 45

What is Joey's favorite food?

Joey Friends

Joey is shown to be eating in nearly every episode of Friends. One of the lines that comes up a lot is "Joey doesn't share food!" This becomes a huge problem when he is dating, as girls tend to want to share deserts, or even entrees with their man. He has a lot of favorite foods, that he calls out for being amazing pretty often. There is one type of food though, that he went as far to protect it from what he thought was a gun shot (actually a car backfiring) during a police ride.

Question 46

What plastic surgery does Rachel have when she was a teenager?

While Rachel was growing up, she had money. Her father was a very successful cardiologist, and Rachel was spoiled. She could get anything that she wanted. This was something that she was insecure about, and had plastic surgery to feel better about it. She claims that the surgery was purely medical, but we can speculate. In flashback episodes, we see her in her original form. Her sister Ruth, asks her if she is worried that Emma will get her REAL genetics, and have the same physical insecurity that Rachel had.

Question 47

What does Phoebe change her name to?

After Phoebe and Mike get married, Phoebe takes her time going to the city hall to have her name legally changed. The two had talked about it, and she finally decided to go. When she got there, she found out that you could change your name to absolutely anything that you wanted. After hearing this, she spends a lot of time thinking about what her new name could be. When she comes home, and tells Mike about this, he convinces her to change it to something a little more sensible.

Question 48

Where do they all travel to when Ross is a key note speaker?

This episode is major for almost everyone. Ross is invited to be the key note speaker at a Paleontology conference, which is a huge deal. While there, Charlie comes, as a colleague, but also as Joey's girlfriend. Their relationship fall apart in this episode. Charlie finds romance with someone who she has more in common with, Joey does as well as him and Rachel try to start things up. Phoebe, is bombarded by BOTH David and Mike, who try to win her back.

Question 49

Who gave birth to Chandler and Monica's twins?

Monica and Chandler want to have kids so bad, but have trouble conceiving. They head down the route of adoption, and are chosen by a young girl. When she goes into labor, they are all prepared to take home a healthy baby. After it is born, the doctor announces that the next one is coming right after, which no one expected! Baby number two was a stressful surprise for Chandler, but Monica tells him that they are their babies, and will both be coming home with them!

Question 50

What game did Chandler make up to give Joey money?

When Chandler decides to move into Monica's apartment, he is worried about Joey, who tends to not be so good with money. Joey completely refuses to take any handouts from Chandler, who only has good intentions. Chandler ultimately decides that he has to trick Joey into making bets for money, and plots to give him all of the money. As they play the game, Chandler continues to make up rules, that lead to Joey's success. Later, Joey tries to replicate the game with Ross, and loses, giving him all of Chandler's money.

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