50 Questions Only Grey’s Fans Can Answer

Grey's Anatomy is fourteen seasons in, and some would say it is still going strong. Other fans have said that the show should end because it is starting to get embarrassing... What do you think? Are you one of those fans who will stick it out all the way to the end - no matter how embarrassing this adventure may become? Or are you that fan who only watches the first few seasons but switches off after Derek dies?

There is no doubt though, that no matter which type of fan you are, once you are a Grey's fan, you will always be a Grey's fan. If you are a true fanatic, you will also know that there are some finer details that only the elite could answer, correctly! There are a few unforgettable details that we should all remember, such as what was Bailey's nickname? But there are also some smaller details which are important but not often mentioned in the seasons. This is also something a real fan will be able to understand and even be able to answer correctly in a matter of seconds. How long will it take you to finish this short and exciting Grey's Anatomy quiz?

Question 1

Which doctor was a model?

There once was a young doctor who modeled her way through her studies. Luckily for her, she was debt free when she started her internship. Alex finds out about Bethany Whisper and makes hundreds of copies from one of her photo shoots. Then he puts them up all over the hospital and that's when her secret is blown out of the water for good. George tries his best to protect her from what's coming next, but his attempts all fail.

Question 2

What kind of doctor was Preston Burke?

There is no doubt that it takes a special kind of person to become a doctor. That being said, each doctor believes that they have a special 'calling' to become a particular type of doctor. It's like a magnetic force that draws them to a specialty. Derek is drawn to neurosurgery while Meredith is into general surgery. Jackson has a strong desire to be the best plastic surgeon, along with Mark Sloan. Can you remember what kind of doctor Preston was?

Question 3

True or False: Derek dates a nurse named Violet

Derek is really a ladies man. Although he doesn't really want to, he ends up dating a few other woman, besides just Meredith. One of these woman is a nurse - this is a real change from the woman he usually pursues. Although Meredith pretends to not be very concerned about the situation, it actually bothers her way more than she would like it to. Can you remember the name of the gorgeous nurse McDreamy uses to rebound from Meredith?

Question 4

Who got stabbed by an icicle?

Of all the strange things Grey's anatomy doctors and patients get stabbed by, one of the strangest must be the icicle. Yip, that's right, an icicle. Thankfully though, when the doctor gets hurt there is another doctor, Owen Hunt, who comes to their rescue. He sweeps this patient up, just like a knight in shining armor, and takes them to get treated. The rest is kind of history since it's not long after that and they also fall in love...

Question 5

Which intern was not part of the original four friends?

If you can cast your mind back a few years, to the day the original interns started at Seattle Grace Hospital, you will recall that there were only four interns which were assigned to Bailey. One doctor only joined the group at a later stage. Was it blonde bombshell Izzie Stevens? Perhaps it was Meredith who slept with her boss? Was it maybe 007, aka George? Maybe it was wrestler Alex? Or could it have been the cardio queen, Cristina?

Question 6

What does George refuse to buy for Izzie?

Meredith moves in to her mother's house, while her mum is in hospital. She then decides that it's time for some roommates. Eventually, after a long process, she agrees to allow George and Izzie to move in with her. These kids just seem to move from bad to worse with their politics. Izzie asks George to buy a specific product for her, which she needs desperately, and it's George's turn to do the grocery shopping. What item does he refuse to buy?

Question 7

Who won the sparkle pager?

You'd think that grown doctors wouldn't be fighting about a sparkle pager, being adults and all - but then you'd be wrong! These doctors are all in for a treat when they finally get introduced to the sparkle pager. It's as though you have the trump card and can take any surgery you want, and by rights you should also be paged first when any kind of surgery comes in. If you should feel that the particular call is beneath you, then you can let the others have it.

Question 8

True or False: Cristina was nominated for a Harper Avery Award?

The Harper Avery Award is a very prestigious one and it is also very difficult to achieve. This was no big deal for Ellis Grey though, since she won it twice. But for a younger doctor, like Cristina, this could be a ground breaking experience to catapult her in to some even bigger adventures. A surgeon like Cristina really did deserve to be nominated and also win the award to. The question is - was she actually nominated in the first place?

Question 9

Which of these men were not Izzie's boyfriend?

Being a model you'd expect Izzie to have tons of boyfriends - it really just comes with the territory. There were a few which we were luckily enough to meet. One of them was a guy who played hockey, and apparently he was good at it. Another was a patient who needed a heart transplant but later passed away. There were even a few doctors that caught her eye. Can you remember which of these men she didn't actually date?

Question 10

What kind of doctor is Maggie?

Maggie is actually Meredith's half sister. Yes, we know, another one! She was the love child of Ellis Grey and Richard Weber. Poor Weber didn't even know that she existed until she was an adult. This is because Ellis gave her up for adoption from the moment that she was born. She actually seemed a little socially awkward when we first met her, but luckily she found her feet and her confidence too. She is going to need it to survive!

Question 11

Who is Molly?

Molly was a sweet young lady and although we didn't see all that much of her, she did leave an impact too. She actually seemed to come across as a little quiet and introverted - possibly even shy! She actually proposed to her husband before he went to the war. She was initially admitted to another hospital during her pregnancy but she was later transferred to Seattle Grace Hospital. Can you remember what her relationship is to Dr Meredith Grey?

Question 12

What is Callie's daughter's name?

Callie is an orthopedic doctor. She was once married to George O'Malley, but that Vegas wedding didn't last all that long. She then discovered romance with a lady friend. This led her to explore her sexual preferences. And she later fell pregnant with Mark Sloan's child. Together, they had a young girl who was also lucky enough to have Arizona as her other mother. In more recent episodes we know that this young girl moves to a new town with Callie.

Question 13

What is on Derek's scrub cap?

While we understand that it has been a while since you last saw Derek live in action, we bet you could never forget this handsome McDreamy. He even looked hot in his scrubs and scrub cap! Have you ever noticed that each one of our favorite doctors has their own unique scrub cap which shows a little about their personality and the things that they love most. That being said, even Derek had something special on his cap which Meredith wore after he passed.

Question 14

What color is Izzie's prom dress?

One day the Chief's niece comes in to the hospital for treatment. Sadly, she is an oncology patient. Richard does everything that he needs to, to get his little princess whatever her heart desires. One of the things that is planned for her is a prom night. The doctors are rallied in (against their will and better judgement) to throw the best prom night that the hospital has ever seen! To top it all off, Richard ordered every doctor to attend.

Question 15

True or False: Cristina had an ectopic pregnancy

One of the only ladies who we didn't see pregnant was Izzie Stevens... We did get to see many of the other female doctors travel down this road. You may recall that Meredith and Cristina went for a jog one morning. Later, Cristina fainted in the OR and ended up being rushed in to surgery herself. She was attended to by Addison, who was Derek's wife at the time. Meredith thought that she was to blame for Cristina's illness because they went jogging.

Question 16

How many siblings does Alex have?

Alex is really a special case. At first, there is no denying that we all thought that he was arrogant and boisterous too. He had an air about him that no one really enjoyed. Thankfully, he has grown in to a fine young man and is one of the few original doctors that we still get to see on our screens. Alex doesn't often talk about his family or history, but when he does you can tell that it's still a sore spot...

Question 17

Who proposed with a flash mob?

There once was a man who was crazy in love with a beautiful red headed doctor... So he arranged a flash mob to show just how much he loved her, and that they should get married too! April was just as shocked as the rest of us when this young man broke out in song and dance just outside the ER. With such an extravagant proposal, who could refuse the offer? So she said yes, and we thought that they'd live happily ever after...

Question 18

How did Reed die?

In order to answer this question, you actually need to know who Reed is to begin with. OK, we shall put you out of your misery and tell you who she was... Reed was the lady in the picture with the short hair. She joined when the merger happened, along with April, Jackson and Charlie. The doctors from Mercy West Hospital were not liked by the original Seattle Grace Hospital interns... Sadly, Reed died one day and we never heard of her again.

Question 19

Who is Meredith's mother?

There are some facts of life that no one can escape. And that is that, at some stage of our lives, we all had a mother and father. Two people who conceived us and a mother who gave birth to us. The same can be said for Meredith Grey as well. Although her mother wasn't much of a 'mom' she was still there. Her parents divorced when she was still very young and her dad had a drinking problem, so he often confused Meredith for her sisters.

Question 20

Who is Harper Avery's grandchild?

That's right, Harper Avery wasn't just a reward, but an actual human being who also had children and even a grandchild! It also goes without saying that Harper Avery was a phenomenal doctor who clearly left a legacy behind. Can you remember which of the doctors shown in this picture were actually related to the famous Harper Avery himself? We will give you a hint, his grandchild wasn't thrilled that they were actually family, but that's just how it is.

Question 21

Who did George marry?

George... What can we say about this young man? Well, he really gave his all with everything that he encountered Even his marriage, well kind of. It was all over though when he decided to sleep with Izzie. This is where his marriage turned in to a disaster, although we have a feeling that any marriage in Vegas may be doomed from the start... Can you remember which of these doctors George O'Malley decided to pursue and get married to?

Question 22

Who shot Derek?

That's right - Derek got shot once. He also survived a plane crash, a bomb and a few other disasters which we shall not mention at this stage. Getting back to the shooting though, there was an unhappy man who lost his wife and he believed that Derek was to blame. This man went way over board and he actually killed and wounded many other people too, including doctors! Can you remember what this poor sad man's name actually was?

Question 23

Who deflowered April?

Yip, when April first started in the merger she was a super innocent and her alpha and omega was her savior. She lived a difficult life, as most believers do, but she eventually fell of the wheel. She was going to save herself for marriage, for her someone special and her happy ever after... That didn't happen though as she ended up getting down and dirty with another man - before they even got married. In fact, they weren't even an item...

Question 24

What is a code black?

While listening to all the Grey's Anatomy and medical jargon, you may have picked up on a few words and phrases that seem to put people's hair on edge... Some of these include color codes which are used for various reasons in and around the hospital. Codes green, yellow and red are used to triage patients who need some kind of medical attention. Code blue is used when a patient is dying and needs to be resuscitated to avoid death.

Question 25

True or False: George decides to join the navy

George made a really good intern and doctor, even though he had to do his intern year twice. He was a sweet boy and was liked by many. He had resigned from being a doctor and was headed to joining a different profession. While doing this, he stepped in front of a bus to save a complete stranger. He, unfortunately, got the short end of the stick. George was on his way somewhere to do something, what was it he was doing?

Question 26

What is Derek's first wife's name?

If you were paying attention, you will know that Meredith wasn't always Derek's one and only. There was someone before her. A feisty red headed was the one who first had Derek's hand in marriage. Luckily for Meredith, and for us viewers, his first wife cheated on him and that's why he left and moved to Seattle in the first place. Meredith was the girl in the bar, and he was just a guys in a bar but they were a great love story too!

Question 27

Who does Alex Karev beat to a pulp?

Alex used to be a wrestler when he was still in school. He also seems to have some unresolved issues and a tremendous amount of anger deep inside. Sometimes he can't seem to control himself. He gets in to a few fights during the seasons. There is one fight that gets him in to a massive amount of trouble when he puts someone in hospital and practically in a coma! Do you know the name of the other young doctor he hurt?

Question 28

Where did Jo previously live in?

Jo is a bit of a weird one... She is secretive and prefers to not be the center of attention. We soon learn that Jo is actually living a double life. She was married to another doctor who seemed to be very abusive and she had run away from him for her own protection. She changed her name and identity too. Prior to this, she lived somewhere else. Can you remember where she lived or what she used to live in?

Question 29

Who is Nancy?

To help you with this question, we will give you a small hint... The lady in the picture is named Nancy and she is related to Derek. OK, so that doesn't really help much... But she is also a doctor, just like Addison. It must run in the family. One day, Meredith goes to see Derek in his trailer and she finds that Derek is just out of the shower and there is a woman on his bed. She doesn't give him time to explain.

Question 30

What is Derek's favorite color?

Believe it or not, doctors also have favorite things, just like the rest of us. For example, Meredith loves strawberry flavored ice cream, and tequila is her favorite drink. One of Derek's favorite phrases before surgery was, 'It's a beautiful day to save lives'. Can you remember the finer details about some of the favorite things these doctors also loved? Do you know what Cristina's favorite food was? Or can you remember what Derek's favorite color was? Select an answer below.

Question 31

Which doctor rides a motorbike?

We don't often see what vehicles the doctors like to drive but in the first season there is a clear scene with a doctor getting off a motorbike in the hospital parking. Can you remember which one it was? Derek also used to ride a motorbike in his younger days. However, he fell off it and got a scar and then he stopped riding it. Who can blame him? We wouldn't want him to mess up his perfect McDreamy face.

Question 32

Who is Doc?

Yes, we know that there are many docs on this show, but this particular 'Doc' was not a doctor at all... In fact, it wasn't even a human. It lived with Izzie, George and Meredith for some time and there's no doubt that he wreaked havoc wherever he went. Izzie and George were actually convinced that he was something completely different to what every one said he was. Sadly, Doc got very sick and he didn't live as long as he should've.

Question 33

Which resident was fired?

If you think the interns can get in to some sticky situations, you haven't seen what these residents can get up to as well! They get involved in all the wrong things and with all the wrong people, but somehow they managed to get themselves out of trouble too. There was one particular resident that got fired because it was found that they were not 'fit' to be a surgeon. Can you remember which of these residents was actually fired?

Question 34

True or False: Izzie got fired

On the note of being fired, Leah was not the only one who was fired - or was she? Izzie was a dedicated and hard core surgeon, although she was a softie at heart. After she was diagnosed with skin cancer she went through surgery and treatment to help save her life. She had a sympathy marriage to Alex. After a while she returned back to work with her super short blonde hair. Can you remember is she was fired?

Question 35

Who is Callie's first girlfriend?

Callie Torres didn't know that she was into the ladies until she was presented with the idea of it. Turns out that she was actually interested in both men and woman alike. She was married to George, but that didn't last very long. Then she discovered other interests which got her heart racing. Can you remember which of these adventurous women was first to introduce innocent Callie in to a new world of excitement and intimacy with the same gender?

Question 36

What do you call a patient whose name is unknown?

We often hear the names of these patients being said out loud since there are protocols in place where hand overs need to be done and you really just need to know who the heck they are talking about. But what happens when the person who comes in cannot speak for themselves to give you a name, or they have no form of identity on them? This was the case when a man came in after being hit by a bus...

Question 37

Which female intern died in a car crash?

There were so many tragic and unforgettable events which took place in the last fourteen seasons that we actually struggle to keep up with everything. You may recall that there were some scary plane crashes, ferry crashes, train wrecks, car accidents, mass serial killings and there was even a bomb exploding! Of all of these tragedies, can you remember which intern died in a car crash? Select the correct answer below, or take a guess if you are not really sure.

Question 38

Did Miranda ever lie about NOT being a doctor?

This is a tricky question... We know that Miranda is always so blatantly honest that it can actually hurt sometimes! She really doesn't hold back and speaks her mind no matter what the situation is. Have you ever known Bailey to adjust the truth? And if she has, why would she ever lie about being a doctor? This is an amazing achievement and something to be proud of - so would she actually lie about this? Select the answer below.

Question 39

How many children does Mark have?

Who would of thought that Mark Sloan would be a dad? This guy is a great plastic surgeon and he likes the ladies - especially the younger ones like Lexie Grey. But, surprisingly, it's usually the men you don't expect to be good dads that are actually amazing dads. Although Mark never married or settled down, he actually did father a daughter... Maybe he fathered more than one child after all? Can you remember? Select the answer from the options below.

Question 40

Who is Zola?

Zola is a beautiful little girl who can be seen in the picture shown here. This young girl came from Africa when Alex was running a program of some kind to help improve the lives of those who needed surgery but didn't have access to it at home. There was a young couple who fell madly in love with this precious girl and actually made arrangements to adopt her and raise her as their own. Can you guess whose daughter she is?

Question 41

True or False: A bookshelf falls on Bailey's son

This is really going to test your memory and attention to detail... Miranda has a son who we don't see too often, but there was a time when he came in to the hospital for something. He came in because he got hurt somehow and of course, the parents play the 'blame game'. This doesn't actually help the situation but it is human nature too. Can you remember what caused this little guy to come in to the hospital that day?

Question 42

Where did Derek live at the beginning of the series?

When we first meet Derek we can't imagine that he actually lives where he lives... You'd think that a neurosurgeon of his caliber would be living in a luxurious mansion in some up market suburb where only the rich and famous set their feet. That is not the case with this doctor. Maybe it's because he actually enjoys and embraces the simple things in life, and that's why he isn't too bothered about where he lays his head at night.

Question 43

Who marries Henry?

Our doctors seem to have a thing for getting involved with their patients... Izzie gets engaged to Denny, who ultimately dies and leaves her a small fortune. Alex falls in love with a crash victim who doesn't even know who she really is. Then there is this guy - Henry. There is a doctor who ends up marrying him so that he can get medical insurance through her policies. They do however all in love, but sadly he passes away.

Question 44

Whose underwear was on the bulletin board?

You know things have gotten a little out of hand when you have lost your underwear after a night out... Just ask the lady who actually owns these undies. Miranda just about had a fit when she noticed these up on the board. Naturally, she immediately assumed that it was her naughty interns who always seem to get themselves in to endless amounts of trouble. Eventually, someone steps up and claims the underwear. But who did they really belong to?

Question 45

What color is the post-it Derek and Meredith use for their vows?

Most people get married with an actual marriage certificate which is usually documented on a white piece of paper. But, not our crazy doctors, oh no! They like to do things a little differently, and out of the ordinary. This is what Meredith and Derek do. Since they gave their wedding to Izzie and Alex they needed to make another arrangement to get their marriage one paper. The best they could do under the circumstances was a little post*it note.

Question 46

Who walks around naked to get rid of an unwanted house guest?

There is nothing worse than a house guest who just seems to over stay their welcome.But how do you ask someone to leave if they don't really have any where else to go? No one with a heart could actually do that. Or so you'd think. There is however one person her reaches their wits end and goes to extreme measures to claim back their living space. Can you remember who this person is and what it was they did?

Question 47

What domino surgery did Bailey try to do?

By now we know that our favorite Grey's Anatomy doctors are always aiming to be the best, do the unthinkable and go to the extremes to save a life. This can be seen in a number of procedures and tests etc that they pursue in every single season. One of these amazing adventures was when Bailey decided to do a domino surgery with a number of patients being involved. Can you remember which organ it was that she planned to transplant?

Question 48

True or False: Meredith once dropped a liver

We could be wrong, but we believe that dropping human organs on the floor would probably be frowned upon by one's fellow surgeons. This is the case when Meredith drops an organ in the OR. Can you remember what organ it was? Was it someone's heart? Maybe it was a kidney that the patient needed? Or perhaps it was a liver - which is OK since the liver regenerates itself anyway... Maybe she didn't drop anything at all. Select the answer below.

Question 49

Which doctor becomes a fire fighter?

This may be a spoiler alert if you haven't watched some of the more recent episodes of season fourteen...There is one particular doctor who just can't seem to find rest for his soul. He was first an anesthetist and then he wanted to become a surgeon so he started the internship. He soon got a little board and he then decided to pursue a career in fire fighting. Can you remember (or try and guess) which doctor decided to do this?

Question 50

Which doctor has a heart attack?

Yes, doctors are actually humans too! We know it may seem hard to believe, but it is true. In the current season, there is one doctor who has a heart attack, and knows it. This doctor spends a fair amount of time arguing with other doctors in another hospital but they believe that the patient is perfectly fine and is not having a heart attack. Truth is though, they were very wrong, and the patient was one hundred percent correct!

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