50 Questions Every Dragon Ball Z Fan Should Be Able To Answer!

Through its lengthy run, fans of the Dragon Ball Z series have come across a lot of content - too much to keep in mind, perhaps. There's been trips to and from the afterlife; planets being destroyed with the effort required to form a thought; and our favorite characters realizing their limits and subsequently breaking them, time and time again. Of course, there's been far too many special occurrences throughout the Dragon Ball Z story for us to list them all in the intro of a quiz. So instead, we decided to list them in the quiz proper. That makes sense, doesn't it?

Stand right there for a second, and let's get a reading on your power level. Hmm, over 9000... maybe you actually have a chance at getting 100% on this quiz. If only our device measured IQ and not physical potential, right? Because you'll need a powerful mind in order to answer the following 50 questions correctly.

Though really, if you consider yourself a diehard DBZ fan, you shouldn't be scratching your head too often here. Should you perform poorly, it might be time for you to make another run through the series. Hopefully you have an extra 100 or so hours to spare. Otherwise, you might have to break your own limits in this quiz. Time to begin.

Question 1

During the Saiyan Saga, how does Goku reach King Kai's planet?

To start, let's think way back to the Saiyan Saga of the Dragon Ball Z series, where this whole adventure began. As you know, the arrival of Raditz on planet Earth meant the early death of our hero Goku, although things didn't end for him there. After he passed on, his mission was to receive training from King Kai in order to prepare for the arrival of two Saiyans even stronger than Raditz. What's the only way our hero can reach King Kai?

Question 2

What item is used to restore a wounded Z fighter to full health?

In the world of Dragon Ball Z, brave warriors must face insurmountable odds in battle in order to ensure the prevalence of the human race. With that kind of setup, it only makes sense that our heroes would find themselves injured time and time again - and they do, for sure. This is why the existence of a certain medicinal item in the series is so useful. Indeed, without it, planet Earth might have turned into space rubble a long time ago.

Question 3

What's the highest Super Saiyan level attained by Vegeta in DBZ?

Mind the "in DBZ" part of the question. We're not referring to Dragon Ball Super transformations - not in this quiz, anyway. Although there were still greater heights waiting for the Saiyan prince once Dragon Ball Z would wrap up, we're only interested in whether you know what level he achieved in the series. Was it as great as Goku's ultimate DBZ SSJ transformation, or was it even greater? If you're only a casual fan, you might have some trouble here.

Question 4

What's this device called?

This device is among the most iconic in the Dragon Ball Z series, and we'd even go as far as saying it's one of the most recognizable gadgets in the animation world at large. This is due to its simple, yet magical function, which we'll let you muse over in the next question. For now, take a good look at the device pictured here, and see if you remember what it's called. If not, you might need a DBZ Wiki refresher course before continuing.

Question 5

What does it do?

Knowing the name of that device is one thing - even the most casual of Dragon Ball Z fans can get that right. Admittedly, this question is another that even noob DBZ nerds will get right without thinking much, but we're still trying to weed out the casuals here. More challenging DBZ trivia awaits, you can be sure of that. For now, though, let's see if you can remember what the device does. It's super easy, so don't waste too much time here.

Question 6

What's Goku's wife's name?

It's safe to say that Goku only thinks about four or so things: fighting, training, eating and sleeping. In the midst of that, though, he also has a wife, though by all appearances she isn't one of Goku's main concerns. Still, he loves her whenever he remembers that she's around - especially when he's chowing down on one of her epic feasts. Since you haven't X'd your way out of this quiz yet, we're assuming you know enough to know Goku's wife's name.

Question 7

Who does Captain Ginyu serve?

Captain Ginyu, despite being one of the strongest fighters in his galaxy, will always have someone to answer to at the end of the day. Of course, this ceases to become the case after the series progresses past a certain point, though we won't say much more than that. If you're a real fan of Dragon Ball Z, you'll know what we're referring to without needing much of a hint. Let's see if you can figure out which character Ginyu serves.

Question 8

Where is Goku when he transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time?

As is prophesied in the opening sequence of the Dragon Ball Z series right from the first episode, an epic Super Saiyan transformation is in the cards for our hero Goku. He'll need it desperately in order to make it past a certain opponent, but we won't say much more than that. Anyone who watched this sequence of the series with open mouths like millions of others will definitely be able to get this question right. So what will it be?

Question 9

What are the names of King Kai's little buddies?

When Goku finally reaches King Kai's planet, he's quick to discover that his master isn't the only one living on his little planet. Indeed, since King Kai's two buddies are responsible for taking Goku through his first two phases of training, it's hard for our hero - and his fans, hopefully - to forget their names. They're adorable and funny, though it's best not to underestimate them, otherwise the training period might last much longer than it should. What are these guys' names?

Question 10

Why does Vegeta allow himself to be possessed by Babidi?

At a certain point in the Dragon Ball Z series - specifically its last leg, the Buu Saga - Vegeta undergoes a strange transformation that would definitely not have occurred naturally during training. As fans know, the evil wizard Babidi has the ability to possess fighters with inklings of darkness in their hearts, which is exactly what he did to Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince could have fought the magic off, but he instead allowed it - why did he do that?

Question 11

At what point in the series do the Z fighters encounter Saibamen?

These little green fellows are known as the Saibamen, and they are definitely not to be underestimated. Despite how small they are, each of these creatures has the potential to unleash a world of havoc upon the Z fighters, at least during the point in the series that they were introduced in. Our heroes would progress to greater power levels later on, but these green men were definitely a nuisance when they were introduced. When was that, anyway? Let's see if you remember.

Question 12

Who is Gohan about to attack here?

Just like his father, Gohan's power level and potential increases drastically when his back is up against the wall and he sees his friends being harmed. Except, in Gohan's case, the effect is amplified exponentially - the angrier and more desperate he gets, his power level grows exponentially. The scene pictured here is an early example of this, and we're interested in knowing if you could remember who Gohan is about to attack here. Can you manage it, or are you just a casual fan?

Question 13

How is Krillin able to recover so quickly after second form Frieza impales him?

Let's hope this question doesn't stretch your mind too thin, since greater challenges lie ahead. If you're a real DBZ fan, you'll remember the Frieza saga in detail, and this little tidbit will not have slipped you by. Before Goku woke up from his recovery chamber, the battle on Namek against Frieza was waged by Gohan, Krillin, Vegeta and Piccolo, which meant the odds were stacked against our Z fighters. At one point, Krillin got seriously impaled by Frieza, but he was back up in a moment - how did that happen?

Question 14

Which of the following attacks is Vegeta known to perform?

In Dragon Ball Z - and, let's face it, any Shonen anime - characters tend to enjoy declaring their attacks aloud before unleashing them upon their opponents. Undeniably, this gives the experience a much more energetic feel, so we won't complain. Of course, since DBZ warriors have a variety of signature moves, it's totally reasonable for us to expect die hard fans of the series to know the names of the most memorable ones. Vegeta has a few memorable moves, one of them listed below.

Question 15

Which DBZ character is Buu's best friend?

Buu isn't all bad, as we learn throughout the Buu saga. At least, one of his forms manages to locate his good side, and this is all thanks to a certain member of the Dragon Ball Z cast. The character in question might not have looked like he contributed much throughout the series, but acute observers note that the world may very well have been turned into space dust were it not for his involvement. So, which character is Buu's bestie?

Question 16

During the Namek Saga, which character did Bulma have a crush on?

The Namek Saga wasn't all serious business, you know - at least not for every character. There happened to be one... tourist, for lack of a better name, who accompanied Gohan and Krillin for the journey. Of course, we're referring to Bulma. While the other two were off getting their behinds handed to them, Bulma was busy gawking over a certain character she met on the distant planet. If you're a real fan of the series, you'll know who we're referring to.

Question 17

What planet does Vegeta come from?

It doesn't take much Dragon Ball Z knowledge to deduce the fact that Vegeta was not born on planet Earth. After all, with Earth's gravity, Vegeta's ego would likely have destroyed the planet upon his conception if he was born there. No - instead, Vegeta was born in a galaxy far, far away, on a certain planet you should know the name of. If this question seems a stretch for you, reread it carefully, and use some of that DBZ common sense.

Question 18

When Cell is in his first form, how does he slowly grow stronger?

Cell is a being designed to increase his power incrementally, using a certain method bestowed upon him by Dr. Gero. While the old Doctor might not have been smart enough to emerge victorious against the Z fighters, his creations certainly gave our heroes a run for their money. Of course, Cell's second and third forms could only be achieved by absorbing the androids, but that's not what we're asking here. When Cell is in his first form, how does he slowly grow stronger?

Question 19

When Frieza is in his second form, what's his power level?

Since we're talking about Dragon Ball Z villains and their various forms, let's focus on Frieza for a moment. As we all know by now, despite how tyrannical Frieza is in his first form, that's only a fraction of his true power. Indeed, the Z fighters learned the terror of this space tyrant as soon as his second transformation was revealed, when he declared his power level. If you're a true fan, this small detail will not have slipped you by.

Question 20

What's this evil wizard's name?

Every Dragon Ball Z fan should definitely know the answer to this one. After all, without this evil wizard, we would never have had a Buu Saga, and the series would not have been wrapped up quite as neatly as it was. For a while, it seemed as though this DBZ villain would have survived to see things through till the end, but circumstances steered things in a different direction. Let's see if you remember this classic wizard's true name.

Question 21

What about this god?

Of course, the Buu saga wasn't filled exclusively with newly introduced evil doers - to balance things out, we also had the chance of meeting this uber powerful god figure, and you should definitely remember his name. Despite his overwhelming strength, this character quickly learned that even he could never keep up with the Z fighters or Majin Buu, though he's apparently fine with that fact. Since you're such a fan, you should definitely know this god's name. Do you?

Question 22

What happens when Dabura spits on someone?

Dabura is another villain we were introduced to in the Buu Saga, although he's been at the center of things in the DBZ universe for a long time, albeit in the un-pictured demon realm. In the surface DBZ world, he's quite powerful, though Majin Buu was quick to teach him where his power limits lie. Before that, Dabura got to show off his spitting abilities, and you definitely don't want to be at the receiving end of them. What happens when he spits on someone?

Question 23

Was there any time in the series when Piccolo was the strongest Z fighter?

Piccolo, despite being a beloved classic character, isn't exactly known as the series' most powerful hero. Of course, that title goes to Goku, with the runner up being Vegeta, quite consistently. That said, though, amateur Dragon Ball Z fans might be unclear as to whether there was ever a point in the series where Piccolo was actually the strongest character. If that ever happened, we imagine it would stick quite firmly to mind. Wouldn't it? Let us know with your answer.

Question 24

What does Videl want Gohan to teach her?

Although Videl quite clearly has a crush on Gohan after they meet in the pre-Buu saga, she doesn't let her feelings show in the traditional sense. Instead, as a way of getting to spend time with Gohan and learning an impossible life skill, Videl demands that Gohan teach her something. It's something that nearly all of us would love to learn, though we lack the proper education, among maybe a few other things. What does Videl want Gohan to teach her?

Question 25

Who does Cell absorb in order to achieve his second transformation?

After Cell went around absorbing innocent Earthlings in order to maximize the potential of his first form, it was time for him to look toward the future and take the next step in the master plan Dr. Gero laid out for him. Of course, this involves absorbing a certain character in order to achieve his second form, which is something you should definitely remember if you claim to be a fan of the series. If a fan is really what you are, name the character.

Question 26

Which tyrant is responsible for destroying Planet Vegeta?

Although Planet Vegeta enjoyed a great run dominating weaker inhabitants of planets surrounding them, it wasn't meant to last forever. Just as they squashed weakling species like bugs, they were squished themselves by a much stronger entity. So it goes - it's Dragon Ball Z karma at its best. Since you're into Dragon Ball Z trivia, then a little flashback from the series should have come to mind as soon as you read the question. Here it is again: which tyrant is responsible for destroying Planet Vegeta?

Question 27

What's going on with Vegeta in this scene?

Here is Vegeta pictured in one of his most glorious moments, which is saying a lot since he had plenty of those throughout Dragon Ball Z's run. When this Saiyan faces off against a warrior far superior to him, his blood boils with the thrill of the challenge. Of course, if the power difference is too great, a true Saiyan will do whatever it takes to finish off their opponent. With that in mind, let's see if you know what's happening in this scene.

Question 28

How does Jeice meet his end?

During the short time Jeice appeared on screen in the Dragon Ball Z series, he exhibited his fair share of spunk, we'll definitely give him that. However, as we quickly learned, his feature on the show was not meant to last. He was introduced on Planet Namek, and Planet Namek was where he would eventually meet his end, although a member of the Ginyu Force would never have expected such a thing. So, how does Jeice meet his eventual end?

Question 29

Who's this frog?

We wouldn't have included this frog in this quiz if it was just an ordinary amphibian, you can be sure of that. Of course, one look at the animal is enough to see that it's clearly not from Earth, though that's not the only thing going on with it. Acute observers of the Dragon Ball Z universe will surely know that there's much more than meets the eyes when it comes to the little animal. Who is this frog, really?

Question 30

What technique does Goku use to get from one place to another instantly?

Goku collects a host of new techniques during his progression throughout the Dragon Ball Z series. There's everything he learned from King Kai of course, then the lessons he learned in the afterlife before the Buu saga, and so on. Somewhere between those two instances, Goku picked up a little technique while he was making his way back to Earth after the fight against Frieza. It's a useful trick Goku relies on when he needs to get from one place to another instantly.

Question 31

Why is Pui Pui so confident during his fight with Vegeta?

In Babidi's ship, when it was time for our Saiyan heroes to face against the evil wizard's pawns, the first fight was between Pui Pui and Vegeta. Of course, even if you don't remember this particular segment of the series, you probably already know that Vegeta emerges from the battle victorious. However, if you have forgotten about it, then you definitely won't remember the answer to this question. Why does Pui Pui appear so confident during his fight with Vegeta?

Question 32

What's this DBZ movie villain's name?

One of the earlier Dragon Ball Z movies featured a truly overwhelming villain, one that the Z fighters were definitely not prepared to take on. At first glance, he appears to be from Planet Namek. This isn't confirmed anywhere in the series, though his appearance speaks for himself. The same applies to his overwhelming power, though it ultimately wasn't enough to allow him safe passage out of the movie. If you're really into DBZ, you should know this movie villain's name.

Question 33

What's going on in this scene?

This scene is part of the most hectic, stressful segment of the Dragon Ball Z series - you know, the one where 5 minutes seemed to be compressed into a dozen or so episodes. As it turns out, this scene outlines the seconds before that 5 minute countdown started. If your memory is a little fuzzy, maybe that clue is enough to jolt it back. Regardless, no true DBZ fan should be stuck on this question. What's going on here?

Question 34

How has Dr. Gero been collecting data on the Z fighters after all these years?

Dr. Gero is a nefarious old genius, and he definitely should not be underestimated. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened in the Dragon Ball Z series - he was vastly underestimated, and this allowed him to collect data on the Saiyans and Z fighters from the middle of Dragon Ball to the middle of Dragon Ball Z. This information ended up proving extremely valuable to the doctor, though ultimately not quite valuable enough. How has Dr. Gero been collecting data on the Z fighters after all these years?

Question 35

How does Super Buu destroy the entire human race?

Super Buu is one of the most dangerous forms Majin Buu can take on, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why. After all, this is the villain who actually managed to take out the entire human race - that's right, every last living soul who belongs to the species. He did this in an incredible, horrifying manner, one that doesn't easily leave your mind even after all these years. How does Super Buu destroy the entire human race?

Question 36

How do Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Vegito?

Goku and Vegeta might be rivals, but they don't hate each other - at least, Vegeta's hatred toward Goku has softened considerably toward the years. Indeed, the two Saiyans happen to be so tight by the end of Dragon Ball Z, they even decide to fuse together in order to become one being who stands a good chance against Buu. They used a certain method in order to accomplish this fusion, of course. How do Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Vegito?

Question 37

Can Frieza survive in outer space?

Frieza is an incredibly capable villain with access to a wide array of powers and abilities. Mainly, he's great at achieving light speeds, blasting away large areas of matter with his ki, and being generally super duper strong. Frieza may also possess the ability to survive in the vacuum of outer space, though we can really only speculate on that. It's up to you to click the right button here, not us. So let's see if you know whether Frieza can survive in space.

Question 38

Which of these descriptions best suits Master Roshi?

Everyone who know Master Roshi loves him deeply, even though they might not be ready to admit it. After all, he's a Dragon Ball Z legend, having trained our hero Goku in more ways than the Saiyan will ever understand (fans of the original Dragon Ball series will know what we're referring to). Master Roshi is a... unique character, to say the least, though he does follow an archetype often visited in anime. Which of these descriptions is most applicable to him?

Question 39

How does Dabura meet his end?

Poor Dabura didn't think he'd end up meeting his match up on Earth. Of course, since he's so used to being king of the demon world, he's faced his share of adversity back home, so it's natural for him to believe he's more than ready to take on anything the human world has to offer. Well, as we all know, the Dragon Ball Z series is often anything but human. Think back to the Buu Saga - remember how Dabura dies?

Question 40

Is the Z Sword a perfectly invincible weapon?

The Z Sword is spoken about and built up at great length in the Buu Saga, and for good reason. In the Dragon Ball Z universe, the Z sword is the sword of legend, one that only a god can lift. Of course, the people who wrote that legend way back in the day probably knew nothing of Saiyans. Gohan was eventually able to lift the sword, and he even trained hard enough to use it. The Z Sword is a great weapon, but is it a perfectly invincible one? Maybe the legend is a load of baloney.

Question 41

How do Gotenks, Super Buu and Piccolo escape from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

Perhaps the greatest fight of the Buu saga occurred in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber between Gotenks and Super Buu, with Piccolo serving as sole spectator. As you might remember, our dear, wise Namekian ended up trapping the three of them inside the chamber forever when he began to think that Gotenks would not win the fight. Or, he thought it would be forever - as it turns out, there's a secondary exit to the chamber. How did they end up escaping?

Question 42

Are there any female Namekians?

Namekians are a fascinating race, there's no doubt about that. Seeing Namekians in the Dragon Ball Z story gives us some perspective on human beings and Saiyans as well, since they're so obviously different. There are a lot of things about Namekians that give them distinction - such as their appearance, way of life and the fact that they make friggin' Dragon Balls. Following this line of thought, a question comes to mind: is there such a thing as a female Namekian?

Question 43

How do Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Gogeta?

As any true fan of the Dragon Ball story will note, there's more than one way that two fighters can fuse to become one. There's also more than one Goku/Vegeta fusion shown in the series, the latter being the mighty Gogeta. Of course, Gogeta's first and only appearance in the Dragon Ball Z series was in the DBZ movie against Janemba, where the fight lasted all of a minute or two. Let's see if you can figure this one out.

Question 44

Why does Piccolo blow up the Moon?

It would be safe to assume that Piccolo never really wanted to destroy the Moon. First of all, the task takes up a lot of energy - second of all, it's the Moon for crying out loud, and the planet needs it! However, the Moon tends to come and go throughout the Dragon Ball story, which is fine we suppose. Early in the series, Piccolo had no choice but to destroy the Moon, otherwise the losses would have been much greater. Why did he have to do it?

Question 45

Who is the most powerful villain of the series?

Thinking back on the series as a whole, try remembering the various villains we were introduced to. They all came in various power levels, of course, mostly increasing incrementally as the series progressed. By that logic, the final villain shown in the last fight of the series should be the strongest, right? That might be the case, or perhaps this is a trick question. Are things so simple, or does the answer lie somewhere in the margin? Which of the following is the most powerful DBZ villain?

Question 46

What happens to someone if they fall down Snake Way?

Snake Way is a long, arduous journey, there's no doubt about that. However, there isn't much danger on its surface, at least none that's visible to the human eye. However, if someone is unlucky enough to fall off the side of Snake Way and plummet down into its depths, they'll likely run into a horrifying fate. This was shown to us in the series, so true DBZ fans will definitely remember. What happens to someone if they fall down Snake Way?

Question 47

How does Piccolo distract Super Buu while Goten and Trunks train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

During the Buu saga, the dastardly villain known as Majin Buu (in his Super form, specifically) was on his way to the Hyperbolic Chamber in order to fight Goten and Trunks. The planet was void of other Saiyans at the time, and Super Buu needed an entertaining way to pass the time. So, rather than clean Kami's lookout of its characters (yet), Buu followed Piccolo to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, though the wise Namek had a distraction ready for him.

Question 48

Including the original Dragon Ball, has Goku ever won the World Martial Arts Tournament?

Since we're near the end of our little adventure here, let's bring up the original Dragon Ball series to really test you out. Besides, despite DBZ being regarded as its own series, it's simply a story that picks up right where Dragon Ball left off. That should be a hint for you right there, since the original Dragon Ball ended with a World Martial Arts Tournament match. Including the original Dragon Ball, has Goku ever won the World Martial Arts Tournament?

Question 49

What character is Uub a reincarnation of?

Uub is among the most unique Dragon Ball Z characters introduced to us in the series, and it's a shame that we only got to see him for such a short period of time. During his brief fight with Goku at the World Martial Arts Tournament, he managed to make our hero sweat a little bit, which says a lot about his power level. This definitely has something to do with Uub's former life, so which character is he a reincarnation of?

Question 50

During the Saiyan Saga, what does the scouter say about Goku's power level?

Goku has a tremendous power level, one that defies comprehension - at the end of the Dragon Ball Z series, of course. However, his strength was built up gradually through several fights with the universe's greatest tyrants. At a certain point, back in the Saiyan Saga, his power level was entirely measurable, and the Scouter read it quite clearly. Since his power level during the Saiyan period has become a legendary meme, we're sure you'll have no trouble getting this last question right.

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