50 Original Pokemon Every Fan Should Be Able To Name

Ever since the original Pokemon games were released a generation ago, this nifty little franchise has managed to capture the undivided attention of a legion of fans from all over the world. Initial observers might have thought this was a fad that wasn't meant to last, but boy were they ever wrong. Today, the Pokemon universe seems to be stronger than it ever was. With the main series of games still maintaining their momentum, Pokemon Go attracting a whole new demographic, and the anime continuing its legendary run, it seems like we won't be seeing an end to Pokemon anytime soon.

The thing is, now that the fandom has become so over-saturated with so many newcomers, there are many self-proclaimed Pokemaniacs out there who aren't up to date with basic trivia. Specifically, we're referring to the OG Pokemon - the original roster that first appeared to the world in Pokemon Red and Blue all those years ago. These are the pioneers, the forefathers and mothers, and they deserve our respect.

So, what better way to pay respect to these legends than with a little quiz?  Here are 50 original Pokemon every fan should be able to name. Let's see who the real Pokemaniacs out there are.

1Who's that Pokemon?

The temperature suddenly spikes, and from the smokescreen emerges a powerful monster! Thankfully this one belongs to Ash Ketchum, and Ash is a friend, so we shouldn't be in any danger here. Though come to think of it, this Pokemon never really liked listening to Ash's commands, not until the kid earned himself a certain level of respect. At any rate, we should have a strong Water type ready just in case this thing decides to go haywire. What's its name, again?

2Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon might be a turtle, but don't make the mistake of thinking it'll let opponents run circles around it. The turtle is always ready for war, and it'll defend its trainer's honor under any circumstances. Though, if it happens to be facing a Grass or Electric type, those might be some dire circumstances. It'll one day evolve into a mighty tank, though for now, it's content with being the middle segment of a classic evolutionary chain. Who's this 'mon?

3Who's that Pokemon?

Many of us remember this little Pokemon as being one of the three starters offered to us by Professor Oak way back when. Little did we know at the time, but choosing this little creature meant a super easy pass for the first two Gyms, thanks to its offensive typing. Trainers looking to inflict a slow, draining offensive strategy upon their opponents should definitely look into this Pokemon and its evolved forms. Naming it should be easy - for a real trainer, anyway.

4Who's that Pokemon?

Swooping in from the clouds above is this next Pokemon, a beloved Normal and Flying type introduced to us back in the Red and Blue games. It might seem intimidating now, but wait until it reaches the final stage of its evolutionary chain - and then wait some more until that Pokemon reaches its Mega Evolution. At that point, all opposing teams are at risk. We're not there quite yet, though, and this bird is demanding our attention. Who is it?

5Who's that Pokemon?

It seems like this quiz might have a rodent problem, but let's not call any exterminators quite yet. Anyway, there aren't many exterminators who would mess with rodents that are over two feet tall. It's better for us to simply send out a Hippowdon and Whirlwind these pests away. Before we do that, let's go ahead and hit the button with this Pokemon's name on it. Again, this one shouldn't be too hard, since it happens to be one of the fabled original 'mons.

6Who's that Pokemon?

There's a snake in the grass! Hopefully someone brought an Antidote for today's journey. The Pokemon we're looking at loves to mess with its opponents, specifically by inflicting them with poison and watching their HP bars drain down. If we're caught with that status and there aren't any Antidotes around, we might just end up conking over before we can reach the Pokemon Center. As we attempt to evade this 'mon's initial strike, let's see if we can distract it by clicking its name.

7Who's that Pokemon?

A poisonous fume infiltrates this quiz, and a floating monster follows it. Seeing this Pokemon makes us think that Team Rocket isn't lurking too far behind, so we'd best clear this question as soon as possible. Pokemaniacs have likely seen a lot of this 'mon, through the Pokemon games as well as the anime. After all, this is one of Team Rocket's go-to combatants - or it was, until it reached its fully evolved form. Let's name the Pokemon once more.

8Who's that Pokemon?

This next question is another freebie for the true fans out there, since this is the evolved form of the very mascot of the series as a whole. In the anime, we were first introduced to this Electric type Pokemon through Lt. Surge, Kanto's third Gym Leader. As it turns out, we saw it fight against its fabled pre-evolved form, and true Pokemaniacs will surely remember which fighter fate favored that day. Of course, they'll also remember this Pokemon's name.

9Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon just sprung up from the ground! This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, since the 'mon we're looking at is a classic Ground type. Some say that it spends more time underground than it does on the surface world. One might imagine that it has a little cottage down there, maybe with a partner and some little pre-evolved forms of its own. Before it goes back down there, let's see if we can click the right button.

10Who's that Pokemon?

This is another classic Pokemon that can be acquired (through evolution) in the early stages of the first games. Better yet, trainers don't need to wait too long before presenting this Pokemon with a Moon Stone and evolving him to his full form. Those who do will likely experience a much easier playthrough of the rest of the game, since the 'mon in question is a true behemoth. Not to take anything away from this critter, though, since his Eviolite set has potential.

11Who's that Pokemon?

Similarly to her brother, this Poison type Pokemon has guided many a trainer through their first few Gym Battles. Somewhat surprisingly, her movepool is pretty vast - she can learn a variety of attacks like Bubblebeam, Thunderbolt and Fire Blast. When put in the party of the right trainer, only the most offensive of oppositions can stop this Pokemon and her evolved form from inflicting some serious damage. Everyone should definitely remember her name, as her legacy is a generation long now.

12Who's that Pokemon?

When trainers reach Gym Leader Koga, they'd better be ready to face this Pokemon's merciless aggression. It might look like a simple bug, but one look at its movepool is enough to instill an audible gulp. Koga might decide to use its dreaded Sleep Powder and Quiver Dance set, which allows it to send opponents snoozing while it gains enough speed and offensive power to sweep virtually any team. It's best to put it to sleep first with a strong Rock type move.

13Who's that Pokemon?

This infamous Pokemon has been the bane of many a trainer over the years. With its ability Arena Trap - which, by the way, is currently banned from standard play for how broken it is - it removes any exit option for an opposing 'mon. With its high Speed and respectable Attack stats, this means that it's perfectly suited for finishing off a weakened foe. Thankfully, we've entered this encounter with full HP, so there's nothing to worry about here.

14Who's that Pokemon?

That's right - it's the notorious Team Rocket mascot, and he's here to tell us a few jokes. Let's not lose ourselves too deeply in his performance here, since he's likely just biding some time so that Jessie and James can steal all our Pokemon. Little do they know that our party is immaculately trained and each member will only respond to our commands. While this cat continues his stand up routine, let's see if we can click his name.

15Who's that Pokemon?

Ouf - as soon as this little duckling came into this quiz, we've been hit with a huge headache. Maybe this is a taste of what this Pokemon feels every second of its waking life, in which case we feel for it. As we've seen in the anime, this Water type will not shy away from sharing its pain with its opponents through a debilitating Confusion attack. We've seen Misty snap at the duck so many times, forgetting its name would be impossible.

16Who's that Pokemon?

We've stumbled into a furious Fighting type Pokemon here, and it seems like he won't be leaving us without a fight. So be it - we didn't want to send out Mewtwo so early in the game, but we need to sit this wild critter down so we don't waste too much time. Don't worry, there's nothing to see here - just focus on getting the question right as we make that HP bar disappear with one move. Who's this 'mon?

17Who's that Pokemon?

If we were in Kanto and happened to be fishing with a Super or Ultra Rod, the Pokemon we're looking at is likely to appear out of the blue. At that point, adding it to the party would definitely be worth considering - it might seem average in its current form, but when presented with a Water Stone, its fully evolved form will definitely carry its own in a competitive team. There are lots of Water type 'mons out there, but none like this one.

18Who's that Pokemon?

Say the magic word, and this Psychic type Pokemon may very well appear out of the blue. Of course, it's able to perform this feat thanks to a little bit of telepathy along with its Teleport attack. Said attack proved to be quite annoying in-game, since this Pokemon would Teleport away before we'd have the chance to catch it. Trainers who did obtain it might have eventually found themselves with its evolved form, which probably spelled doom for the Elite Four.

19Who's that Pokemon?

If ever a champion of the original Pokemon roster existed, the title would definitely be held by this Fighting type right here. It boasts the physical features of every Fighting type's dreams - namely, an extra set of super ripped arms. With these additional limbs, this Pokemon can Cross Chop and Dynamic Punch its way through every team, provided they don't have a Ghost type. Let's take a close look at this Pokemon (especially its belt) and try clicking its name.

20Who's that Pokemon?

While its offensive stats might not be anything to write home about, this Pokemon is known as a super solid pivot in competitive play. With its great bulk - especially on the Specially Defensive side - it can absorb a great range of hits and set up Toxic Spikes on the opposing side of the field. On top of that, if the opponent decides to do the same, this Water and Poison type can simply Rapid Spin all hazards away.

21Who's that Pokemon?

It seems like a super heavy boulder is rolling right at us, and it looks like there are limbs and a head attached to it! Wait a second, this is no rock at all - it's actually a Rock type Pokemon, and a famous one from the first generation at that. This Pokemon might be 4x weak to Water and Grass type moves, but don't underestimate it. In the right hands, and perhaps with a Weakness Policy equipped, this rock becomes a real threat.

22Who's that Pokemon?

It might have been a trick of the light, but we thought we just saw a super fast stream of fire zip through this quiz. Wait, we did - it's actually a Fire type horse from Kanto, and it looks like it's possessed with a ton of energy. Catching this Pokemon is definitely a tiresome act - who can actually throw a Poke Ball at something moving that fast? Thankfully, there's no need for catching here - all we have to do is name the 'mon.

23Who's that Pokemon?

Although this Pokemon doesn't move very fast, it's capable of rendering entire teams null and void if it's allowed to set up. This Water and Psychic type Pokemon was always a viable threat and an opponent worth considering in team building, but it became even more problematic when it was given a Mega Evolution in Pokemon X and Y. This one looks like it's using Calm Mind, which means we need to clear this question now, before we get swept!

24Who's that Pokemon?

Hopefully we're not carrying any metallic objects on us, since that might pull us toward this Electric and Steel type Pokemon, which could then lead to a serious shock. Remember, this Pokemon boasts one of the highest Special Attack stats in the entire first gen, which means that a single Thunderbolt might mean lights out. We'll go ahead and send out our trusty Hippowdon to sponge any hits should they come out. Meanwhile, once again, let's name the 'mon.

25Who's that Pokemon?

Everything this Pokemon says is a little hard to believe - even its name, in fact. Of course, all it ever says is its name, so all true trainers are familiar with the content of its speech. In battle, this Flying and Normal type might look like a bit of a runt, but let's keep in mind that even runts can prove to be real nuisances if they're allowed to boost up with a Swords Dance attack or two. Who's this bird?

26Who's that Pokemon?

As we dive deeper into the depths of this quiz, we find ourselves confronted with a truly mysterious aquatic beast from the first generation of the games. With its considerable bulk, this Pokemon can sponge a hit or two before it goes down. Of course, savvy competitive battlers know to use this Pokemon in stall teams as a perish trapper, an application that allows it to take down literally any foe. Let's see who can name the 'mon we're looking at.

27Who's that Pokemon?

There's a messy goop of a Pokemon that just infiltrated our quiz, and it seems to be asking us for some change or something. No doubt this is a ploy by Team Rocket to help fund their global Pokemon takeover. If we don't do what this Poison type asks, it may very well start Cursing up, and soon after that it might be too much of a tank for us to take down. Let's avoid that by just clicking its name.

28Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon has a super hard shell that allows it to absorb a number of physical attacks without bearing much of a scratch. It's no slouch on the offensive side, either, with its Shell Smash ability that allows it to boost half of its stats in one go. Those who have been swept by this shell aren't likely to forget its name anytime soon, as they shouldn't. For all true trainers out there, this question should definitely be a breeze.

29Who's that Pokemon?

There's a mischievous Ghost type Pokemon haunting this quiz, and it seems like it won't go away unless we can correctly name it. Be careful - this Pokemon is known for being sneaky and dishonest, so clicking its name might be the equivalent of signing its contract on the dotted line. We all knew the risks we were taking by entering this tall grass, so we'll be ready to accept the consequences should they arise. Bravely now, let's name this Pokemon.

30Who's that Pokemon?

We can't stare at this Pokemon's pendulum for too long, otherwise we might end up falling under its spell. At that point, it can deploy any number of strategies upon our team - for instance, it can Belly Drum up, maximizing its physical attack, or it can boost its stats on the Special side. We might be curious as to what this 'mon might look like when fully powered up, but at that point, it might be too late to escape the Psychic type's wrath.

31Who's that Pokemon?

Either our eggs have spoiled, or we've run into a classic assortment of Pokemon from the first generation of the games. Granted, a ton of Pokemon out there are pretty bizarre, but just what exactly is going on with this one? Its consciousness seems to be split between six different heads, and we're not sure what any one of them is thinking. If we consider that too deeply, we might fall into a rabbit hole too intricate to escape, so let's just click its name.

32Who's that Pokemon?

Taking a look at this Ground type Pokemon's stats, nothing too special seems to stick out. However, it's important to look a little deeper in order to fully grasp this guy's potential - specifically, when it's equipped with the Thick Club, its Attack stat is wholly doubled, making it one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. When used on a Trick Room team, its low Speed is used at a heavy advantage, and the opponent may as well kiss their team goodbye.

33Who's that Pokemon?

We've stumbled upon yet another bizarre Pokemon, and not even the most seasoned biologist will be able to break its anatomy down upon first impression. Clearly, one of its body parts is drastically oversized, though this Pokemon somehow makes use of it. In battle, when it uses its Lick attack, opponents are liable to be stunned into total paralysis. Before it gets the chance to use Lick on us, let's go ahead and click its name. Careful - the tongue is out!

34Who's that Pokemon?

With its formidable horn and super sturdy build, this Pokemon can take down a variety of foes before they get the chance to respond. Of course, its power and bulk increase drastically when it reaches its two evolved forms. Despite that, if the opponent has access to a powerful Water or Grass type attack, it may very well go down before it gets the chance to do any damage. We have no such attacks on our team now, so let's quickly move on.

35Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon is a tangled mess, which may or may not be its namesake. Regardless, competitive players who specialize in the lower tiers have probably run into this 'mon and its stall, Eviolite-backed moveset. Although it's a far cry from its fully evolved form, this Pokemon can still put up a fantastic fight in tiers as high as RU, thanks in large part to its Regeneration ability. Let's go ahead and click its name before it uses Leech Seed on us.

36Who's that Pokemon?

There's a wild kangaroo stomping its way through this quiz, and this one looks super powerful! Someone must have left the front gate of the Safari Zone open, and now Fuschia Town is about to get hit hard. As veteran trainers, it's our responsibility to calm this beast down before someone gets hurt. Thankfully, we have a Compound Eyes Butterfree with Sleep Powder on the team, so this Normal type will be snoozing very soon. Meanwhile, let's click its name.

37Who's that Pokemon?

As our gazes relax into the perfect blue water of this quiz, we might notice an entity zipping and dashing through it. Look - it's none other than a classic Water type Pokemon from RBY, and it's showing off its worthy speed stat. Aside from being nimble, this Pokemon can dish out a fair amount of punishment, especially when trainers maximize its potential to strike a critical hit. It might use Smokescreen to hide itself soon, so let's click it name before it does.

38Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon always seems to be looking for something, and we can only imagine what the unofficial king of the Pokemon sea would ever want.. At any rate, being the fully evolved form of one of Misty's most prized -albeit somewhat useless - 'mons, we should all know what name this Pokemon goes by. In battle, it doesn't have much to pose a serious threat to some of the top tiers, though its Assault Vest set paired with its Lightning Rod ability is definitely worth considering.

39Who's that Pokemon?

It seems as though one of the great stars above has fallen into this quiz, and all we can do is help it get back home. It's a heck of a task, casting a fallen star back into the sky, but we're definitely up for the challenge? What's that? This is actually an original Water type Pokemon from earth? Well, good thing we didn't launch it, then! At any rate, now that it's here, let's just click on its name.

40Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon is made of pure magma, though that doesn't make much sense from a biological standpoint. Though of course, nothing makes much real world sense in the Pokemon universe, so we'll just go with it. Putting aside this Pokemon's internals, we're all familiar with how powerful its Fire Blast attack tends to be, especially on a Pokemon susceptible to it. We'll also remember when Ash set this one on its back, with the help of his trusted Charizard, of course.

41Who's that Pokemon?

This next Pokemon is known for being particularly merciless, so this is definitely not a question we should loiter in for too long. As a silver lining, its Bug type attacks don't exactly have the best offensive effectiveness spread, so one of the tanks on our team might have a chance of stopping it in its tracks. Still, we don't want to test that theory too deeply if we can avoid it. Let's be cautious about clicking this one's name.

42Who's that Pokemon?

This Pokemon just used Splash, and it had no effect. How dare it initiate a first strike against us - doesn't it know that we have an Electabuzz on our team that can take it out with a static sneeze? We may as well be merciful here, out of respect, since this little fish will one day evolve into a true behemoth. That day isn't here just yet, however, so while this little fish is still a little fish, let's name it.

43Who's that Pokemon?

In the distance, hovering over the still ocean, we can see a mystical Water and Ice type Pokemon, and it seems to be floating toward us super slowly. Although these Pokemon tend to be super kind and wise, there's always a chance that this one went rogue some ways back, so we'd better keep the Poke Ball with Electabuzz in it at the ready. We don't want to Thunderbolt this beautiful creature, but we will if necessary. Who's that Pokemon?

44Who's that Pokemon?

Although there's only one primary mascot of the Pokemon franchise, if ever there was a close second, this Pokemon would have the honor of being it. Aside from that, this 'mon is also known for being the start of the most varied evolutionary chain in the franchise, and Game Freak seems content on adding more evolutions to it as the generations of the games go by. Any true Pokemaniac will definitely know the answer to this one - who's that Pokemon?

45Who's that Pokemon?

It looks like we've lost our way and have stumbled deep into the nether realm of the internet. That's the only possible explanation, since that's the only place we'd find this pixelated mess in - aside from the Pokemon world, of course. As many trainers know, this Pokemon was given a number of evolved forms as the games have progressed, though it remains quite formidable in its current form. Before this Pokemon takes us to a bad website, let's click on its name.

46Who's that Pokemon?

Now we've done it - we've awoken this titanic Normal type Pokemon, and it's about to unleash its full wrath on us. Unfortunately for this 'mon, it currently only has access to Normal type attacks, which won't even be able to touch the Haunter we've brought along for the ride. While our Ghost type laughs at this Pokemon's attempt at an attack, let's see if we can click on its name correctly. Again, this shouldn't be too hard given that this is one of the most famous 'mons out there.

47Who's that Pokemon?

It's a bird, it's a plane - no, it's a Rock and Flying type Pokemon from ancient times! We're not sure what miracle has allowed it to be with us here today, though we suspect that an Old Amber might have something to do with it. We're not sure if this particular specimen is friend or foe, so let's tread softly here. Mind its Screech attack, specifically, since that'll sharply lower our physical Defense stat. Let's name this classic 'mon.

48Who's that Pokemon?

It looks like there's still more content to be discovered in the Pokemon sky above, and this time, a majestic Dragon type Pokemon chooses to grace this quiz. This is a rare specimen, for sure, so we might consider adding it to our party today. It doesn't like Ice type attacks, to say the least, but aside from that, this Pokemon can tank virtually any hit thanks to its Multiscale ability. Once again, let's go ahead and name this Pokemon.

49Who's that Pokemon?

True devotees to the Pokemon story will certainly recognize this test tube Pokemon, as it was the subject of Pokemon: The First Movie. In the film, its lore was honored appropriately, as it threatened to take over the Pokemon world with its sheer power. Thankfully, that story had a happy ending, though it definitely wasn't the last we saw of this classic Legendary. This is one species that demands out respect, so there's no excuse for any of us to forget its name.

50Who's that Pokemon?

Many Pokemon in the national 'dex are quite rare, though it might be safe to say that none are as elusive as the one we're looking at. Anyone who happens upon it miraculously will likely lose sight of it if they blink even once. Despite how hard - re: impossible - it is to find and catch, many trainers keep this Pokemon close at heart. Anyone who's considered a true fan will be able to get this one right with their eyes closed.

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